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Saying ‘Sorry’ All The Time

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Not any more it’s the easiest. A lorry load of sorrys every morning on Twitter and Facbook. Sorry for ‘fat shaming’ sorry for ‘blackfishing’. Sorry for this, sorry sorry for that.

How refreshing to hear Jim Davidson show utter contempt for it all in this video.

I love that bit ‘Who do I apologise TO?’. He is asked to apologise for his ‘Chalky White’ character. I mean when was Chalky around? Maybe 40 years ago now. But no the Woke still want an apology.

That’s it. What is an apology? Can you really apologise to a ‘generation’ of people.
He is to asked apologise for making a joke about fat women on the dole. Once again should he apologise to all fat women on the dole or some individual that complained. But as shown in the video these individual complainers might be just made up for the Agenda.

What is that Agenda? Pure prigism in my opinion. Richard Bacon is the definition of a Prig. He’s more of a prig than Malvolio in Twelfth Night.

You know there is another older meaning to the word Apology. And that is to defend your position. What we need is an ‘Apology for the Seventies’ where we wouldn’t on the defensive but on the attack’. Yes a great thick tome telling all that was great about the 70s. How great the music was, how great the fashion (well maybe not). Defending the 70s when there was a laugh to be had, and people were relaxed and understood that race and sexuality are the very essence of humour. And people knew (like they instinctively know now) when a line was crossed.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

63 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry

  1. Some people cant say sorry.
    Some say nothing else.
    If in the wrong,
    I’ll say sorry.
    Luckily im never wrong.

    That kids disgustingly fat isnt he?
    He got in my way whilst pushbiking?
    Id hoof the little blob out of my way .

    • That is exactly right. I’ve stopped apologising for things (mostly) because it gets on my tripe so much. I pissed someone off today because I said if there was another lockdown, I would not be going along with it. This apparently is socially irresponsible and selfish. Hey ho. I would consider saying ” kindly piss off ” or ” do piss off at your own inconvenience” instead of just piss off, though, if it will help.

  2. I confess I did like his Chalky White character at the time. I seem to recall there was another character called Bovril?

    The uber-trendy and virtue signalling wokemasters of light entertainment such as Jonathan Ross and Jo Brand would have Davidson apologising non-stop if they could claim capital from it. The cunts.

    • I was not a fan of the Jim Davidson /Bernard Manning style of humour. But did much enjoy sitcoms like “Till Death” “Love Thy Neighbour” “Mind Your Language” and “Rising Damp”, where the bigots were always the butt of the joke.

      But the modern Left and the wokes don’t understand that. They don’t get English irony, or humour of any kind, it seems. These people are dangerous.

      Morning Paul, morning all.

    • Indeed RTC. John Cleese made this point in defence of the Major in Fawlty Towers, explaining to the wokerati that he was the joke.

      Anyone who needed that explained to them should probably not be allowed to watch TV.

  3. With hundreds of our dead and thousands injured it is quite clear they didnt want our help. I thought they were sitting on billions of dollars of lithium that the Chinese want to plunder a flog us for our ridiculous electric cars. So we will be paying for them indirectly anyway. As long as they cannot get here im really not interested.

  4. I don’t like Jim Davidson but I do like good defense against blinkered wokery.
    His last line is a line people should have as a mantra
    ‘get a life and get your shoulders back’

    A translation of that might be ‘man-up.’ but he would no doubt have to apologist for that.

  5. Give it a couple more years and the Woke will have fact-checked/cancelled/reinterpreted/revised nearly everything and everyone associated to the past and their “hate crimes against humanity”

    It will be like a modern day Geneva Convention – anything the Woke don’t like and you’ll be charged, belittled and probably imprisoned and/or their minds cleansed in what is now called “Correct Think”

    And then the woke will have run out of offending cunts and will probably look inward at themselves, forcing particular groups to apologise to other groups, until you end up with just one person who won’t have to apologise to anyone – probably Owen Jones or Sam Smith

  6. Fucking good nom! Sums up my day, to be honest. I spend half of it having to apologize to someone. As I always say, if someone is GENUINELY offended, then I will sincerely apologize. Unless of course it was my intention to offend them. That being the case, they can fucking apologize to me!

  7. Apologies are worthless if coerced….I only apologise if I think that it’ll get me out of a scrape.

    Off topic…I’d like to take this opportunity to say “I’m soooo,soooo very,very sorrrry” to that boat-load of potential Doctors,Engineers and Midwives that I was seen harpooning in The Channel the other night.

    • No doubt Doris will be forced to apologise for not doing enough for those Dinghy chancers.

      You just know the Twitterarti and the Guardian will be blaming Boris, Brexit and the working classes for this catastrophe and we’ll all have to hang our heads in shame and beg forgiveness

  8. Great nom, Miles.

    Apologising all the time, a sign of submission. Just like wearing the mask, or taking the knee, or even being out of work and having to ask for state support from some sneering public sector know-nothing twat. It is how the vile politicians want us all to be. It fits their filthy marxist agenda for the whole population to be biddable.

    Notice how the term ‘citizen’ has almost totally disappeared from public discourse? That is because a citizenry has a genuine and worthwhile stake in society, a pride in everyday life and their contribution to it.

    Well guess what? Fuck the lot of them. I hope they die miserable and alone, just like all those old ladies and gentlemen who were not allowed visits from their family and friends.

    Good morning, everyone.

  9. “ I’d like to personally take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of”
    “ we would like to apologise for any distress caused”
    “ we unreservedly apologise for”

    That’s all you see in woke world but the one you would actually respect you’re never gonna get

    “ we apologise for being CUNTS! “

    that’s the holly grail …….. 🤣

    Talking about Jim Davidson I saw an old you tube clip of him with that BBC wank puffin Richard bacon who was trying to get Davidson to apologise for absolutely everything he’s ever said or even thought, Davidson asked why didn’t the BBC constantly apologise for the black and white minstrel show ? Nice on Jim

  10. I’m sorry that the people who stream pron at this time of year choose to adorn the wonderful actresses in Xmas hats etc and perform under a Christmas tree.
    Sacrilege is what it is.
    Whatever next? Plumber, Pizza delivery, schoolteacher.

  11. The most ridiculous apologist ever is Blair – saying sorry for slavery and the Irish famine, for fucks sake. What he should have apologised for was for existing.

    By the way, Admin, what species is that creature in the photo?

  12. I have, on several occasions, used the classic response to such cuntishness:

    “I really am so genuinely sorry, that you possess, absolutely no sense of humour, whatsoever!”

  13. You’ll all be fucking sorry, when the GCHQ Goon Squad come a calling.
    That kid is just big boned.
    Got a gland problem too.
    Growth spurt.
    He’s Bonny.
    Give him another pork chop.
    Looks hungry.
    Good morning.

  14. ‘Fuck off’.
    ‘You’ve offended me, and I demand that you apologise!’.
    ‘Oh gosh yes, I’m very sorry that I gave offence. Will you accept my apology?’.
    ‘Yes, alright’.
    ‘Good. NOW will you fuck off?’.

    Great nom, sir!
    Morning all.

  15. Wokism is just a religion. And a primitive one. People used to be religous to signal their virtue – ‘i’m a good person because i am christian’. For example Hitler was a christian. Now people are woke. They practice their religion 24 hours a day on twitter and anywhere they can in society. Facts and reason are meaningless in the face of ideology. Its a religion that believes in anything. They like to bash the heretics and non believers.

    The problem is that their policies are regressive. Watched a pathetic program last night where they are witchunting teenage boys for stroking a girls leg. These incidents are now ‘rapes’. Their solution is to try and get porn banned. Except its already proven rape is astronomical in countries where porn is banned as compared to where it is allowed. Their attempt to be ‘progressive’ will actually be quite the opposite.

    Their attempt to include trans people will mean that no one will be able to question a convicted sex offender who will legitimately be allowed to walk into a womens toilet to do his nasties and anyone who questions him will be the big bad transphobe, they will be the criminal, not him.

    You could go on and on about it. These braindead cunts dont realise they have been roped into a game run by marxists and anarchists. The endgame isnt this unachievable utopia they have dreamed up, its the downfall of western civilization.

    ‘Lets end racism by making jim davidson apologise for a 40 year old caricature’. Fuck me, dont set your targets too high. Kudos to Jim, hes right. Who the fuck is offended? Who do i apologise to? Its a fucking mythical group of people who dont exist.

    • “For example Hitler was a christian.”

      He was completely ambivalent towards christianity/religions verging on despairing contemptuous annoyance. Famous for saying that he would “…ban duelling… except between lawyers and members of the clergy!”

      • He expresses himself as Christian in Mein kampf. His religous views changed a lot over his life. By the end He was anti jewish, anti christian, and anti atheist.

    • “Famous for saying that he would “…ban duelling… except between lawyers and members of the clergy!””

      I find myself warming to him.

  16. I do or do not do, if I am in the wrong I apologise. Amusing to hear a string of terrified apologies from HMRC yesterday after the Offices of Sir Graham Brady demanded to know why they have fucked up my tax self assessment and not responded to my formal complaints – from February!
    I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone in the UK about our “politicians” but rest assured – their tenure is limited..

  17. He was not one of my favourite comics of the 70s but poor old Jim doesn’t stand much chance with the woke mob.

    I always thought he was a mimic rather than racist with the mic to his neck. And his over-eager nick-nick character was a dig at the police of the time.

    To this day I still do a West Hindian accent pronouncing words like “arks” instead of “ask” and “lickle” rather than “little” because I find it amusing but it is just mimicry. And it is really a reflection of the way many young white folk speak which I find ridiculous. Are they being racist by copying their black brethren?

    • And what about that twat Lenny Henry attempting his Frank Spencer impersonation? Where does that sit on the wokerati’s hit list…?

      • Maybe the twat Richard Bacon would care to have Sir Lenny on and challenge him about taking the piss out of the Chinese –
        Keep up the good work Jim, you have massive support in the country …
        And anyway, who the fuck is Richard Bacon to get on his high horse? Fuck off.

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