18th Century Wokeness

Do you cunts ever think that the woke mob out there are actually taking the piss?
Hogarth, the 18th century satirist and artist is being all but cancelled. You may know him for savage satires on 18th century morals and society but apparently he is racist, sexist and xenophobic. Nothing about trannies yet, but give them time.

”While Hogarth’s work often expressed a critical view of 18th century society, the curators said, “they also reveal the entrenchment of racist, sexist and xenophobic stereotypes”.

Then there is this comment: About a chair for fucksake:–

“The chair is made from timbers shipped from the colonies, via routes which also shipped enslaved people. Could the chair also stand in for all those unnamed black and brown people enabling the society that supports his vigorous creativity?”

That has to be a pisstake. Surely no sane person could seriously come up with such woke gibberish? About an 18th century satirist.
Anyway, look at the link and ask ‘ You cannot be serious. You are taking the piss.’


Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

36 thoughts on “18th Century Wokeness

  1. Fuck me sideways. I think that if I ever got cancer, or something as serious, I’d seriously give consideration to having no treatment and let nature take it’s course. I’m slowly losing the will to live. I think I’ll get a RESPECT form done saying ‘Not for fuck-all, stick the kettle on a certify me when it’s over’

  2. Race Grifting at its finest.

    *i have just expunged a mahogany log, that Chippendale would have coveted.
    I then flushed it down the u-bend of my white water-closet.

    From my gloriously alibastor white anus.

    Now, let us break down this act of overt racism:

    The mahogany log, so obviously represents a black slave, who has perished in the bowels of a slave ship, now close to death, he is worthless to his captives and discarded overboard.

    The horrifically white, water closet, so obviously representative of colonial Britain and its murderous empire, built on the backs of African slaves.

    The alibastor white anus, one feels, is representative of the continual exploitation of persons-of-colour, by the white race.

    It’s fucking obvious, when you thing about it.

    • CG you are brilliant. I never read such an excellent satire on the incredibly warped and convoluted thinking of the woke.

    • An admirable critique, my good sir!

      Let’s face it, if the article prompting this nom isn’t a piss-take, it bloody well should be treated as one.
      How is any normal individual expected to take such sententious waffle seriously?

  3. As the wokeness creeps ever closer to destroying the Western World, what do we the the unbelievers do? What chance is logic and reason against pure unadulterated bollocks. Diversity is good, men have babies, this women has a cock, Immigration is good for the economy, every culture is equal, white is of the devil and so on. Over 1000 dingy riders arrived on the 11th. Some fucktard charidee prat is upset cos they had to sleep on the floor of the reception centre. The bosses of the lifeboat men are questioning why the men are missing so much work. Well the government is using them as a cheap taxi service because the government is shitting it’s self in case a bunch of human rights lawyers get their filthy fingers even deeper in the immigration disaster if we have a few capsizes. The cunts expect us to vote for them!!!

    • “As the wokeness creeps ever closer to destroying the Western World, what do we the the unbelievers do? ”

      Ridicule and take the piss relentlessly. Ridicule is a powerful force, that’s why I’m on ISAC. ISAC – the saviour of western civilization.

  4. They think this is bad, should spend a few minutes with me. Total cunts I would really piss them off. Quicker the apocalypse arrives a wipes out all the colonialist and racist trains the better. Whatashowerof shit.

  5. If somebody painted a modern-day Gin Lane, the wretches would be depicted similarly in rags and missing teeth but they’d be clutching mcBurgers, mobile phones, and shitty Lidl gin.

  6. “The chair is made from timbers shipped from the colonies, via routes which also shipped enslaved people. Could the chair also stand in for all those unnamed black and brown people enabling the society that supports his vigorous creativity?”

    Reminds me of that brilliant spoof woke site, The United Wildlife Union, which has since been taken down. It very cleverly took the piss out of SJWs while at the same time suckering woke cunts into parting with cash that would otherwise have found its way into the coffers of XR, BLM etc. Fucking genius!

    As the Cuntstable wrote in the previous nom:

    “It’s a pisstake. Surprised Titania McGrath isn’t a columnist. Transgender rights for seahorses was a bit of a clue.”


    • It’s actually a brilliant piece of writing, I loved it, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the Wokerati are indeed casting their insidious net back into history to find things to condemn in the guise of being supporters of one agenda or another, be it BLM, LGBTP, or any other bit of alphabet spaghetti you care to name.
      There are all cunts and need ” kickin’ in a fork” whilst wearing wooden clogs or steel toecapped shit kickers.

  7. The chair came over on the same route as the slave ships, it is therefore bad.

    The MV Empire Windrush also arrived via the same route.

    • The trouble is, they no longer see the windrush generation as pioneers, but victims.

  8. I wonder how many smartphones and items of fast fashion produced in Chinese sweatshops and the slave like conditions of electronics factories these woke cry bullies own or the cobalt mined in Africa by kids for the batteries to power their electric cars? At least this shit is happening this century and not 250 fucking years ago.

    • The facts themselves wouldn’t present a problem for these hypocritical arseholes but pointing them out would be racist.

  9. I don’t really understand how a minority of arseholes terrify and exert such power over a majority? I prefer the old days. Upset me, I knock your fucking teeth out.
    If faceless fuckers raise caine on a keyboard so fuckin what ? My amazement is, that 3 people complain against a massive multinational, and in the following meltdown every fucker prepares for the insolvency practitioner being called.

    A couple of knuckle butties always had the desired effect, and there were never any witnesses.
    Perhaps the dark alley and a naughty surprise would serve an object lesson

  10. What a world we now live in: black is white and white is black, good is bad and bad is good, perversion is a virtue, minority opinions are the only ones that matter, words hurt but bullets don’t, celebrities are the new gods, history hasn’t been decided yet, and fuck knows what else.

  11. I treasure my Framed Photo of Nelson Mandela. When I need to express my angst in this crazy fucked up world. I take my picture to the garden shed, and enjoy a good dump on his mush.

    • i couldn’t care less if a transformer is fuckin offended, hope it feels suicidal. A massive one nudged up against me in morrison veg isle really touching me, it was huge and had a ton of out of date make-up on like the 70s, i had to bend my neck back to look up at its ugly mooey, i must have given it the filthiest look ever because it recoiled away from me and headed back towards the entrance.

  12. So now they’re reaching back to the 18th century to find things to condemn?
    Where in the fuck do they stop, eh? The Egyptian pyramids? Petra ( I bet they used slaves)? Maybe cave paintings?
    You can put any kind of interpretation on practically anything if you really put your mind to it!
    Maybe road signs, I bet the ” No Entry” one will be roundly condemned by supporters of illegal immigration!

    • I doubt they’ll condemn the pyramid builders. After all, they were African slavers not white people, so the woke gobshites will want to be aware of ‘cultural sensibilities’.
      It’s the same reason they’re insensitive to the massive problem of slavery in the third world today, or the dark age practices of Islam.
      Woke = cunt.

    • Well they have already attacked all the 17thc slavers that took them to america, you’d think they’d be grateful because without them they’d still be hunting their dinner with a stick in the congo and ironically none of them have ever wanted to go back there.

  13. I don’t really listen to any woke crap now. I’ve filtered it out so effectively that it barely reaches me. The main issue with the media now is climate hysteria.

    Transmissions from Planet Gayblack are fading. Let’s see what Dr Carl Sagan can bring up on his encyclopedia Galatica.

    ‘Sso, there it is; yooman civilisation has annihilated itself in a paroxysm of hysteria, self-flagellation, anti-scientific gender politics and simply no longer breeding. because they were taught sex no longer exists, if it does it’s rape and there’s no point raising children if the earth warms up by 1 degree. No nuclear power, just broken windmills turning over to dribble a few kilowatts here and there to an infrastructure in tatters. I’m glad I died in 1996.’

  14. Tedious woke shit. We should just get a Twitter account and tell the woke cunts to stop bothering us with this as we know they are eventually going to cancel everyone who doesn’t agree with them or whose cousin three times removed 300 years ago had slaves.

    • One thing I’ve learnt in life is the lefties don’t like history. They cannot accept truth.

      • That’s true. I would only add that not only do they not like history they have a different take on reality. Weirdos.

    • Had about 6 twitter accounts, got banned on all of them and gave up, last account ban was because a black woman was screaming that all whites should be murdered and thousands were agreeing with it so, i uploaded a vid of a black kid having a massive tantrum on the floor, never said a single word, but instantly banned…twitter is a shithole

  15. It’s all a creation of social media. Divide and conquer. The original trolls were the left spreading Bullshit in the first place. When people fought back about anything, they were originally called right wing. Comments got deleted to make the left wing trolls look like they were telling the truth.
    Selecting comments to push your own agenda is a blatant form of Marxism. A bit like all MSM.

    • Astute observation C. That insidious drip drip drip percolating down from above spreading like a disease. What a bloody awful end for this country.

  16. The woketards are getting worse, kameltoe harris now reckons TREES are racist or rather she asked NASA if there is a racist reason why trees are growing in more white areas than black areas and so deliberately leaving blacks to suffer from lack of trees…I can’t even begin to understand the logic of a cunt

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