Workplace Entrapment

A few days ago I was on customer-site, installing some tin and updating software.

All fairly routine and mundane, but while I was waiting for some Microsoft updates to complete I started chatting to one of the accountants there (an old friend and former work colleague from my time working at CSC), and how he was very much under pressure now that one of his colleagues had been suspended due to alleged homophobic comments in the office.

He said that the guy had been helping a new placement person get up to speed with the Sage accounting software. They both got on quite well for the first 2 or 3 months, but it all started to fall apart when she started asking him personal questions, mostly on his views of LGBTs.

This guy is in his early 60s and didn’t agree with any of it, and as a consequence some of his remarks were as you might expect rather offensive.

Nothing else was said for a couple of days until he was called into his manager’s office and told about his suspension due to a complaint by “a work colleague”.

Rather shocked by that he had to leave the premises more or less straight away. The guy who told me this also said that he was absolutely certain the “work colleague” was this new placement bint because she was very happy to see him suspended for his “old fashioned views”

Turns out she was recording the entire conversation between the suspended guy and herself on her phone, and that she was leading him on even though he was totally unaware he was being filmed – entrapment in other words.

This is only a small company of about 25 employees, and I don’t know anything about their HR policies. And neither do I know if the suspended guy will be able to defend himself and have his job reinstated. I don’t even know if any of what I was told by the accountant is true either. But it really is a fucking liberty to be coerced in that fashion by some calculating cunt who wants nothing better than to see someone fired for expressing a view.

I am so glad I am self-employed, and rarely get involved in any kind of personal conversations for precisely that reason. Say anything out of turn, and you could end up recorded on film, and ultimately on social media as the resident bad guy with your life ruined!

UPDATE – Seems that the suspended guy has got in touch with a lawyer and is going to challenge the decision,  suggesting that the alleged recording is a breach of trust and illegal (given that this happened on company premises without company approval or knowledge.).

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  1. Best business practice is to suspend both parties, her actions were questionable, at least, so I hope the treacherous little cunt is also sat at home, chewing her fingernails to rags while worrying about her future.

  2. I have it on good authority from an ex-employee that Sage are complete cunts and are riddled with woke knobheads and squealing tell teacher grasses. Said ex-employee got grassed on himself and it was for something totally ridiculous. But – as it fell into the woke category – he got the push. I think it was for telling a ‘sexist’ joke.

  3. What a fucking evil trick…I’ve never understood what people get out of doing things like that…presumably she hopes to get some “likes” and “Way to go,babes” on facebook for trapping the vile racist/sexist Gammon.

    Hope she gets clit-rot.

    • Lord Fiddler-I am a firm believer in Karma.
      In my years, I have witnessed sneaky cunts getting their just deserts-it may take months, it may take years.

      What goes around, comes around.

      • I fucking hope that you’re wrong,General .I’ve done some remarkably Cuntish things over the years….

      • They should use you in some workplace training video to highlight office practices that will not be tolerated and may cause harm and mental anguish to employees, Dick.

      • I do two jobs, run my own business as well as a part time job. Both are completely different one is hug a Muslim the other is you can’t enter a contract when they don’t know what they are signing up to! To say my mind is fucked is unreal.

      • Evening Fiddler, still fairly busy as its not been cold down here in Lincs yet, some pretty decent days actually. I might give the pub a go at the weekend for the first time this year, it has been besieged by cunts over the summer. You still keeping your hand in with forestry work?

      • I just go along occasionally…felled a big beech the other day that the climber had wanted to dismantle…would have taken 3 times as long to do it his way….mind,I fucked off before the clearing up..there was a hell of a heap of stuff to pull apart and chip.
        I’ll be glad when the frosty mornings start..I like that time of year.

  4. Th underworld has a term for such people. “Grass” People who “Grass” get “turfed”. This being the appropriate punishment for the offence.

    Perhaps we all ought to learn a lesson here, and deal with “snitches” who “grass” in a similar manner?

    Just thinking of course /

  5. I read this account whilst it was a nomination and was staggered by the treacherous behaviour of the woman. She must very uncomfortable in the workplace now as I cannot imagine her co workers having anything to do with her.

      • Until it bites them in the arse. The hierarchy of victimhood is ever changing with new oppression and thought crimes being dreamed up almost weekly.

    • Occurs to me that the most constructive thing to do is to put her name round amongst businesses in the region in which she lives and works. Potential employers will simply steer clear of her just to avoid the hassle.

      • Just to add dear, I’ve no time for homosexuals, trannies and the rest of the freaks and deviants. And I’m retired so if you don’t like you can just fuck off.

      • Her current employer could wrap up criticism of her very neatly by proclaiming to the press how she had helped to eradicate dinosaur thinking within the business.
        A couple of weeks later an equally trivial matter could lead to her demise and a career stacking shelves amongst colleagues who tell her to fuck off or get punched.
        Welcome to the real world Bitch!

  6. Needless to say, my views are kept between myself and my crewmate, at work. If they ever film ‘Ambulance’ in our truck, we’re fucking doomed.

    • I thought that a recording of one’s conversation cannot be admitted as court evidence unless the person recording says to the other party that you are aware that I’m recording this conversation

      So he should see a solicitor and fuck you’re one right up ,for rowing him up the swanny

      • You will be outcasts, Gene, and sent for re-education at the nearest NHS diversity and inclusion workshop.

      • It’d make funny telly, though! They only seem to use the younger ones, not cynical, world-weary old dinosaurs like me and my crewemate!

    • Your confession just proves that you’re human DCI. I’m sure the ambulance programmes we see on the TV must be heavily edited.

    • What do you think of wimminz ambulance crews, DCI?

      I once offered to help carry a large (6’3″ 18 stone) patient down a set of 15 steps-the 2 wimminz waved me away, then dropped the poor old bugger.
      Silly bitches👎

      • The VAST majority are excellent and certainly pull (and lift) their weight, but, a few, whilst being good clinicians, still need dinosaurs like me to carry someone out. But, surprisingly few.

      • DCI: I see a lot of same sex crews-is this to stop mixed crews from testing the matters in the back?

      • Don’t think so. Just who you get on with. I have some right laughs with women when matey’s on holiday.

  7. I had an intense job interview today.
    After being questioned for more than an hour, the head of HR said, “One final question, can you describe yourself in three words.?”
    I said, “Violent when disappointed.”….

  8. It’s the fucking Gestapo all over again. People were often grassed up by neighbours etc who had some kind of grudge against them. People would say “this is a two year joke” or “this is a five year joke” meaning how long you could expect to spend in Dachau according to how good it was.
    This wokie fucking nonsense has got to stop.

    • What a cunt.
      Years ago before working for myself,
      I worked nights unloading lorries for a large supermarket.
      They brought in a new manager from down south,
      Cunt thought he was Reggie kray or something.
      Anyway we clashed,
      And he tried to get rid of me.
      One night I got into his office and searched his desk,
      Not nice but youve got to watch your back.
      I found statements from a couple of colleagues grassing me up for one thing or another.
      I photocopied them.
      One of these colleagues was a woman who was a ‘mate’ of my missus.
      Wed been to family parties at her home,
      Shed been to our house.
      The cunt pretended to sympathise to my face.
      Then I got suspended from work.
      During the disciplinary investigation I had a answer for everything, and it fell apart with no further action.
      I was paid off to resign which paid for me to go self employed.
      The grassing cunt who was my missus mate to this day denies she did it.
      Although all her workmates still dont trust her to this day.

      Watch what you say in the workplace.
      Who you say it too.
      And always cover your back.

      • Pleased to hear you stitched them up Mis. When I left school in ’68 I had three jobs in three years which were on fixed sites and I really didn’t get on with it. I never went self-employed but in spring ’71 I got into field service in IT. It was great, out on the road, the boss miles away not looking over your shoulder, visiting places from Aberdeen to Penzance and meeting all these different folks with their different accents and life experiences. I stayed in the business with eight successive companies until I retired last year by which time I reckon on a conservative estimate I had driven well over a million miles. I’m starting to ramble now; I’ll shut up. A very good evening to you and yours.

      • Evening Arfur,
        How are you finding retirement?
        Some people it doesn’t suit,
        Some are glad to retire.
        I don’t think I was particularly suited to working for other people, im not shy of graft and like to work,
        But not great with having a boss.
        Much happier self employed.
        Like yourself I get to travel around the UK a bit,
        Torquay in a few weeks time!
        Not been there before.
        Meant to be nice.
        Basil Fawlty territory!😁👍

      • I bet you have lots of interesting stories to tell.
        All that life experience!
        Plus all the lovely places you must have visited, and sights you saw on your travels.
        I know it won’t have all been easy, as travelling distance can take its toll.
        Still, a marvelous experience.

      • I’m getting on well with retirement thanks Mis. I can live with this new freedom to do what I like when I like after the years of being under constant time pressure and it’s nice to know when I go to bed I’m not going to be called out in the early hours. My wife is still working, she’s self-employed, so I’ve taken over pretty well all the domestic chores which is a complete reversal of roles. The neighbours are pleased with the new regime as well ‘cos I’m their go to Mr fixit when any machine stops working.
        Torquay I know well. It was a regular 400 mile round trip for me in the eighties when I was doing hotel systems. I still go there occasionally because by coincidence our elder daughter lives and works there; she’s a doctor. It’s suffered a bit in recent times like so many coastal towns but it’s not bad; I know plenty of far poorer places, some not far from here. And Fawlty Towers of course was made in Buckinghamshire where we now are!

  9. Its the world we live in.

    When my brother lost his job near the start of the pandemic He was struggling to find a new one.

    I advised him to put he was a transsexual, homosexual, bisexual, any of that irrelevant twot onto his equal opportunities section on his next round of applications.

    After he did that, the interviews and offers came flooding in. The workplace is not a safe space any longer.

    I try to avoid talking about politics altogether now, apart from on anonymous internet forums as you are hounded to death for not holding the prescribed left wing opinion. They actually think their politics is progressive. They dont understand freedom of speech.

    My ‘hopefully the engagement is called off and he wont be my’ brother in law was talking about the newcastle takeover the other day. Almost in tears about the ‘Saudi human rights record’. Seemed flabbergasted that My response was I dont really care. I dont like politics in football. Its not Newcastle fans fault, they couldnt control who their club was bought by. They have suffered under Mike Ashley for years so probably wont care when the signings and investment arrive. Good for them. I dont like unlimited money from oil states in the PL as it kills the competition. Thats the only real thing I have against it. We all know Saudi Arabia is a shithole run by cunts but I dont really care. I care about things like my mortage and my next promotion and my car. Whats the point when you are white and british of ruining Sunday lunch x thousand miles away in Britain about it when it doesnt affect you and then going home to cry about it underneath your bed?

    Things like the OP make me realise, shit, glad I didnt have that conversation in the office. Society is full of little melt cunts now.

  10. What do you think about Muslims ‘they are cunts’
    What do you think about blacks ‘they are cunts’
    What do you think about women ‘they all have real cunts’

    Oooops, that would look good on a t-shirt (last line obviously)

  11. Make no mistake this will be the norm in a Starmer world – the world of black and white harridans screaming “racism” and “sexism” pansy students going on about “ableism” and old men in equally old frocks and dodgy white wigs going on about “transphobia”- things we saw quite openly on those You Tubes of the Labour Conference last week – all no doubt with Starmer nodding in agreement

    • Its already the norm without Starmer.
      In a Tory government with a massive majority.

      Its the road we travel no matter the club shirt they wear.

  12. From experience, it is best keeping all such opinions mum if you work in a Plc or limited company with wimminz or soyboys in there.

    We had a dark-key woman working for us years ago and she played a card in the end – not the race one as we had expected, but one of hurt feelings as none of us asked how she was when she returned to work from a prolonged skive. She tried to claim £10K from us for this. Our Solicitor told her to get to fuck and if she wasted our time again then she would be receiving a claim from the company.

    A Cunt’s trick, no mistake.

  13. Where i work their is a very small group of us who share our thoughts ,we are ultra cautious who we discuss matters of pooofery, peacefuls etc with.
    Their are 2 women here who are fucking race baiting cocks in frocks supporters and we NEVER have anything to do with them.
    What a shame you have to watch your P’s & Q’s and look behind you because some cunt wants to destroy your life.
    What goes around will certainly come round for them very shortly .

  14. The safe space loving, microaggression triggered cuntwipes of our universities are now entering the workforce and are probably driving a lot of this shit.

    Having spunked £30K up the wall on a degree in lesbian dance theory to be an office monkey staring at screen all day with people you hate, they must be pissed to pull a cunt move like this.

  15. It certainly helps if you can find a job where what the owner says goes and he can’t stand non-whites and sexual degenerates…the amount of unpleasant shit I say every day would cause me to get sacked from any large company.
    We only ever employed one person of an all-year-tan persuasion and she only lasted a few weeks.
    She, apparently, cried when she overheard me use the phrase “darkıe” and then cried again when, upon being told I’d “upset a colleague with my filth” was heard to laugh heartily at her offense.
    Then I proved that she was shit at her job so we sacked the bitch.
    Cunters may be pleased to know that she wasn’t at all pretty (despite only being 20) and was rather fat.
    I hope she’s dead in a pile of fast food wrappers.

    • She wouldn’t fare too well on a site where every cunt is self-employed.
      I was once told by a co-worker to pull on a rope guiding a concrete chute like I was pulling ‘a black man off your mum’.

  16. A story to warm your hearts, fellow cunters:

    About 15 years ago, an acquaintance of mine was recorded in a similar fashion, by a sneaky fucking trade union, lefty gobshite, resulting in him being suspended and investigated.
    Both were drivers on the London Underground.
    This acquaintance suffered a breakdown, because of the underhand fucker.

    Now this fat, sneaky wanker had pulled similar stunts on others-turns out he had done it in his previous employment as a London Bus-driver.

    What goes around, comes around.

    Turns out the cunt had an unhealthy interest in young boys. The fucking nonce had various “hobbies”, where he could mingle with youngsters.
    By sheer coincidence, another acquaintance of the victim described above, was a member of one of the clubs, fat cunt frequented.
    Armed with the knowledge of his behaviour a “sting” to out him was carried out-recording him on a micro-dictaphone, where he was making very “inappropriate” comments about children.
    This led to the Police becoming involved.
    Net result:

    Lost his job
    Lost his wife and kids
    Lost his “mates”
    Lost his home.

    Karma is a bitch👍

  17. A lawyer will be expensive and your friend will always be under suspicion even if he is reinstated.

    What a cunt that woman is.
    Prepared to ruin a guy because he disagrees with her views.

    The best defence would have been the Shaggy defence.
    ‘It wasn’t me’

    He would still have been kicked out eventually, but the company would have had to pay for voice analysis.

  18. He should offer to take early retirement, with a massive golden handshake and his full company pension.
    I did, not for any kind of ” transgression in the workplace, I hasten to add”, but because I was needed at home to look after my ailing partner & newborn granddaughter.
    Best decision ever.

  19. How I miss the days when the local job centre used to call me about possible applicants.

    I could ask if the candidate’s favourite food was curry.
    Those that fitted that description were happily weeded out by the job centre staff and not sent for to me for an interview.

    We would all lose our jobs now.

  20. He should set up a crowd funding page for his legal expenses.
    Heard on Graham Linehan’s show The Mess We Are In, on YouTube that a guy got thrown of a degree therapy course because he asked a question about tranni@s. He got crowd funding to take the Uni to court. I gave him a tenner.
    Also a legal graduate called Mia Forstata, got sacked for something similar and sued her legal firm as beliefs are protected under law. Hopefully your guy sues the shit out of this bitch and his employer and retires with a massive nest egg. Put a crowd fund page on here, I’m sure many of us would support your old mate.

  21. Getting the inside track on your adversaries political and social secrets via confession. That is the methodology of nõncy Catholic priests.

    Fuck them.

    • I read recently that contactless cash machines were to be introduced in Catholic churches and some wag had wrote ….Just need contactless priests now.

  22. I have to endure the vile and hateful views of a large number of my middle aged and elderly, right wing extremist customers.
    Whilst munching on lovely cake and delicious coffee.
    It’s awful.
    Good evening.

  23. I reckon the worst job for this bollocks is the police. I’m reading about coppers being in the shit all the time for wrongthought. There was one a few months ago where five detectives , sharing an office, were grassed up by some little weasel for racist and homophobic attitudes. They bugged the office, got the evidence and sacked the lot of them. That’s five experienced coppers…..they don’t grow on trees.
    But if you’re a Peaceful you can shout “free Palestine” at a demo you’re supposed to be policing and that’s ok. That one gets swept under the lumpy carpet in Inspector Strapons luxurious office. Bunch of cunts.

  24. Just to update my nomination further.
    I spoke to my accountant mate over the phone at the weekend asking for any info on his colleague and his “threat” of going to his solicitors.
    He is still going ahead, and is encouraged by his employment contract that is about 6 years old and he’s received no updates since, probably because the company’s HR department consists of 2 people!
    The contract makes no mention of the latest inclusion & diversity language; and other than theft, negligence, physical violence, drunken behaviour, selling trade secrets, drug taking, sexual activity and repeated absence, there is no mention about entrapment, recorded conversations etc.
    The guy has been on suspension now for 5 weeks, and still no feedback from his manager or HR dept probably because some of them are working from home

    Total shitshow really, but no big surprise for a small business trying to comply with the latest HR policies of inclusion, diversity and offensive language. etc. and falling way short.

    • What a shit show. And being a small company is no excuse. I know really small companies who have less than 6 people, there is a Government run thing you can ring, to advise you about employment laws, etc. No fucking excuse for laziness.

      • Agreed, and according to my accountant mate there the place is run like a chimp’s tea party, not least through management not having a real clue what they’re doing other than the boss and his son.

        He also said that he would leave the place in an instant if he could due to the pressure to keep the accounts up to date now that there’s just him, the bint and some other person in the dept. But because he is in his 50s he would probably find it difficult to find a similar job elsewhere at his age!

    • He can simply claim the company failed in its duty to ‘train’ him on a this lgbtxyz diversity shite and that it was illegal to record him like that. Particularly if he was ‘led’ into saying an honest opinion and the ‘leading’ was omitted from the recording (because I bet it was).

      He can take them to the fucking cleaners I think. And if this gaylord had done this to me, I would be watching him very closely from now waiting for my opportunity to get revenge.

      He’d be going out buying some rope by the time I was through with the cunt.

      • Sorry, I forgot it was a lezza doing the nasty shit. Doesn’t change anything though.

  25. The events related in this nom and in the responses to it are absolutely appalling. People are losing their jobs and worse due to nasty little creeps who consider they hold incorrect thoughts and express incorrect opinions. This is intolerable. On here recently Cuntologist said people should be allowed to say what they please. I agree 100% with the proviso only that whatever you say does not amount to threats, intimidation or incitement to violence. How did we get into this mess? As an American acquaintance used to say; “Where are we going and why am I in this hand basket?”

    • I don’t even care if I don’t agree with other peoples diatribes, quips, statements, jokes, vents, or even if they just bore me to death with blithering and nattering.

      A job without uninhibited banter and chatter is dull as fuck. It’s like having Data, Spock, and a Borg from Star Trek all in a room. Two cyborg spastoids and a jug ear emotional retařd.

  26. Cuntoligist, you’ve a provisional awaiting response
    Arfurrbrain. America created most of the mess

    I wish the America never involved it’s self in ww11
    They haven’t left since

  27. It will come to a point where you don’t dare utter a word to anyone in the workplace for fear of some made-up hate crime!

    Even light-hearted banter, or failing to recognise some “Special Day” such as “Gay Pride Day”, “Mental Health Day”, “Diversity Day” etc.

    And can you imagine trying to train some young cunt up on some company software but having to explain it so that it doesn’t across as being patronising. And if you grow a little impatient with them they cry about it.

    Or the boss wants to know why certain things haven’t been done on time, and then issues a ban on people using their phones during work hours. Imagine that!

    All of that and more, are things that employers have to gear up for in this age of the Woke!

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