Michael Foucault

Michael Foucault, post-modernism and critical theory.

Foucault was a trendy French philosopher, much admired on the campus and in Islington and Greenwich Village, NY. He’s probably one of the most influential philosophers ever and his thought, together with his person, are utterly contemptible.

Foucault is the godfather of woke post-modernism. Post-modernism gave birth to ‘critical theory’ which promoted the rejection of the individual, Western civilization and all objective reality. Instead, Foucault regarded society as comprised of identity groups locked in power struggles between the virtuous ‘oppressed’ and their demonic ‘oppressors’. This in turn gave rise to critical race theory and all the shite we have to put up with today, shoved down our throats by the BBC and the Labia Party.

Post-modernism and critical theory led to a new kind of scholarship, which ignores questions of truth and rationality. The result is that most establishment academics, politicians and journalists steeped in this viewpoint reject objective reality in favour of the current trendy liberal narrative.

Critical Theory, and postmodernism are viciously destructive philosophies. Which may be why the recent news that Foucault molested little boys while teaching in Tunisia in the late 1960s is as unsurprising as his fondness for legalizing paedophilia, his publicly expressed interest in sadomasochism and his death of AIDS in 1984.

Today Foucault’s woke offspring are just as elitist as he was, but they now use their control of media to promote moral degeneracy. And with equally poisonous results.

And it’s all thanks to a pernicious and false irrational brand of French pseudo-philosophy.

I always preferred Descartes. I cunt, therefore I am.


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38 thoughts on “Michael Foucault

  1. I fuckin knew it!!
    I didn’t know who Michelle Foulcat was,
    But with the picture above, sort of bulimic Eddy Hitler, his job as Philosopher,
    The fact hes french,
    His skinny little arms,
    And that he brought about critical race theory,
    Well good sirs,
    My knee jerk reaction was….sexcase.
    Pee do.
    10p mix predator.
    And I was right.
    Sometimes being a racist, xenophobic, gammon just means your one step ahead.

    • One step ahead, exactly Mis. What used to be regarded as acting on your instincts, i.e. if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. In our PC woke world though it is dismissed as “prejudice”. Someone said that the EU was invented by French, left wing, catholic intellectuals. Well I’ve got time for intellectuals….

  2. He had a little think and decided little boys bottoms gave him the horn, never heard of him until today and thankfully will have forgotten about him by tomorrow 😂

    • Actually more like, ‘Who luvs ya baby.’
      Either way, what a gargantuan, kiddy fiddly cunt.
      He was French though after all….

  3. Is the fact that I bother to roll my ass out of bed every morning to be productive make me an oppressor? I see. I should game the benefit system and become a serial baby daddy and “victim” of some sort? Planet of the Apes is our new fucking reality. Put me in a cage with Nova and be done with it then.

  4. Died of the AIDS after s and m in bathhouses, the dirty cunt. He also tried to legalise diddling in France.

    Rot in hell you fucking cunt!

    Still, don’t the woke have such lovely figureheads for their movement?

      • All Frenchmen are a danger to children.
        And you can name any philosopher and I’ll show you a sexual deviant.
        Notice Philosophers are always french or greeks?
        Haven’t you ever wondered why?
        Pee do philosophy is inherent in their DNA.
        Des cartes- hung round go cart tracks in France, hence the nickname.
        Socrates- while his countrymen were busy smashing crockery and oiling each others anus,
        He was in vineyards asking young boys to squeeze his grapes.
        Theyre all dodgy.
        Someone says their Phil Occifer fetch a noose.

      • He does look like Eddie Hitler though.

        “We don’t use gas, because we don’t know what it is.”

        Mind you, I can think of a good use for gas for cunts like him.

  5. Foucault also knew he had AIDS and he knowinglly GAVE AIDS to two men in the 1980s. He was a total amoral degenerate weirdo, but he has been one of the most cited authors in the past twenty years. Another know-it-all who actually knew FUCK ALL.

    • Foucault, Marcuse, Adorno, all those “postmodern” philosophers are now considered gods of thinking as if they were Plato, Democritus, Heraclitus, Aristotle, Kant, Schopenhauer, Alfred North Whitehead, etc.

      Those postmodern philosophers don’t have anything profound to say. Adorno maybe, but on the whole the philosophers of 1950 onward are not worth reading.

      Terence McKenna was the best philosopher of the last 70 years, I feel. But because he was talking about psychedelic substances 50-75% of the time in his lectures, he isn’t taken seriously by anyone outside of the mainstream. Had he lived, he would be one of the top podcasters of the past 10 years.

      Hundreds of hours of McKenna on YT these days…


      • Harris Tottle?
        Was a rag n bone man before becoming a philosophical dosser.

  6. Freud was a motherfucker
    I mean what the fuck was he talking about having sexual frustration because of your mother
    I don’t think those thoughts were in most people’s mind when that Fried fucker was around but he managed to put them there, the quare
    Be mindful of mind doctors unless you suffer from motherfucker syndrome of course

    • How many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he has not felt sexually attracted to his mother? I know I have.

      I mean, most normal adolescents are attracted by its very illegality. It’s like murder – make a thing illegal and it acquires a mystique. Look at arson – I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn’t set fire to some great public building? I know I have.

      The only way to bring the crime figures down is to reduce the number of offenses – get it out in the open – I know I have!

      Trust me. I’m a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment (D.O.P.E.)

  7. It’s Marxism rebranded. One of the architects of the Cambodian massacres went to university in Paris where he was taught by these closet marxists. One if their beliefs was that cities are full of parasites exploiting the country folk. This murderous wee fucker went back to Cambodia, emptied cities,drove them into the country and hey presto mass murder.
    Any cunt promoting CRT should be hanged.
    That is all.

  8. Not one of the philosophers i’m too familiar but then the real philosophers of the 20th century became logicians and mathematicians, such as Kurt Godel and John von Neumann.

    Foucault and his ilk are gormless frogs next to them.

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