Shamima Begum (6)

(A emergency cunting for this duplicitous piece of shit – Day Admin)

The vile Isis whore is speaking on GMB now, about how sorry she is, for all of our misinterpretations of her actions and that she was forced into doing what she did.
She is calling the British secret service liars, and all the bad things are made up purely to paint her in a bad light.

She is begging for forgiveness and pleading that she should return to Britain to face trial, which is only fair, and is willing to give information relating to terrorism to smooth over any ill feeling.

You can tell by the interview that she has been schooled as to what to say in a last ditch attempt to return to the country she hated. She is losing her composure when the interview is not what she expected.
Probably told she could fool the British public by her lawyer, no doubt paid for by the British tax payer, by dressing in a western manner and wearing make-up. The disguise is so thin a blind man on a galloping horse could see through it.

The overwhelming majority of people getting in touch with the program are telling her to stay there and rot, and full marks to Susanna Reid and Richard “thieving” Madeley, who are having none of it.

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Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

(Not defending her but it seems ironic she’s barred from entering this country while 1000s of Afghan and Dinghy cunts get a free pass, allegedly – Day Admin)

And then there’s this from Fuglyucker

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Shammishitta Begum, Fucking hell I’ve just seen a video of this ISIS spunk receptacle asking for the British people to forgive her.

Now exactly what are we forgiving the cunt for, could it be running off to some fly blown shit hole to breed terrorists, or stealing a passport, or helping terrorism against the very country that carries her and her family of benefit scroungers, or trying to work the legal system to get back into a country filled with people who wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

Are we meant to forgive her for her treason and the fact that if she ever gets back here she could never be trusted not to incite terrorism and start chopping off infidel cocks.

The cunt should be banished forever in my opinion, she can never be forgiven, the same as all those other cunts who are already back here can never be forgiven, its a crying shame they didn’t all get blown up in an airstrike…..

Fuck off Shammishitta you gormless cunt…

(Never fear, the wokes will look after her:diversity is strength etc – Day Admin)

105 thoughts on “Shamima Begum (6)

  1. Fuck off you peice of shit and take your crocodile tears with you.
    I can’t see a single bit of sincerety in your Westernised looking speech.
    Go and stick your ugly face in a bin full of heads.

  2. I’m just as annoyed that a BRITISH tv channel has given this lying bitch 1 second of publicly
    They are just as much a cunt as she is……fucking do gooders

  3. Dickie Madeley is alright. Met him a couple of times in Manchester over the years and he seems a sound bloke. Nothing flash about him and doesn’t act the cunt. Judy Finnigan is a bit of a cunt though, it has to be said.

    Shamima Bigbum should be dead. Stone fucking dead. It’s as simple as that.

    • Every time we go through Parrs wood in Didsbury in the van we always point out where he got caught shoplifting!
      The quick fingered fucker!😀

  4. The only reason she should be allowed back here is a trial for war crimes and treason, and like we did to traitors after WW2 be hanged for it. Fucking heap of shit. If anyone buys what she’s saying they’re morons too.

  5. Her cunt of a dad actually had the brass bollocks to blame the British police for letting her go and suck ISIS cock for a living.

    This would be the same dad who was pictured with some hate preaching goat bothered in chief, screaming ‘Death to the west, death to the infidel!’.

    Send the father and the rest of her family to keep her company.

    Do not pass go, do not collect a council house and bennies and simply fuck off, never to return.

    • Now shes all westernised.
      He best bet is to form a all girl band.
      Spice girls is already taken
      How about ‘girls abroad’?
      Or go solo?
      Bomber summer.

    • Her loving pops used to take her flag burning on the weekends, so that cunt is to blame.
      We don’t have the time or the manpower to follow all these cunts, so there should be an ultimatum. Either fuck off to a country where you can be yourself, or jail.
      Even when they are being watched they can still murder people, as was seen in New Zealous lately.

  6. Want to keep this raddled, traitorous trollop out of Blighty? Text: FUCKOFF to 666 to register your disaproval.

  7. A long time ago, I’d have said, yes, let Begum come back. That, I would have said, will demonstrate to countries with poor human rights records, what a tolerant and forgiving nation we are, and how worthy of emulation. How superior are our morals. How Christian our values. What an example we are to all.

    I have belatedly come to the realisation that countries with poor human rights take not a blind bit of notice of such virtue signalling, and further that the message actually being sent is that the UK is a wimp-run soft touch and ripe for mass immigration. That if Begum were to meet a Boojum* and softly and suddenly vanish away, this would be by far the best outcome, and show the world, deniably, that you don’t accept our hospitality and then bugger off to be a jihadi without swift and appropriate consequences.

    If the law says otherwise, the law is an impractical ass.

    * Lewis Carroll: The Hunting of the Snark.

    • I’d be happy to see her back if our justice system were fit for purpose, but it isn’t. At best she’d get a slap on the wrist and a council house plus benefits for life. Sociopaths don’t change their spots. File under: Anjem Choudary.

      • I’d agree if it were not that the cost per (female, closed) prisoner is currently £37,124 annually. Comparable at any rate with the house + benefit. No, just let one of her IS former (?) chums get a bead on her and bish, bosh, job done.

      • Yes… not to mention the £££ tens of thousands that would inevitably be spent providing her with a new identity.

  8. @Mickey Blue Eyes

    This is the interview she gave GMB. I think a reasonable person would come away from it thinking she was a dumb 15 year old who made a catastrophic life choice and is now full of regret for her actions.

    • This is the second attemt I think to rehabilitate her. The first time she had jeans on. This time more Westernised with her hair done, lipstick, dark glasses on.
      I fully expect the next time we see her she will be dressed as a cheerleader and come cartwhheeling into view. Then a rendition of ‘God Bless America’ before she sits down

      • The proper way to deal with her is to send the SAS to Syria, chop her head off and send it to her family in a box marked “Who Dares Wins”….without correct postage so they need to go and collect it from their local Royal Mail Sorting Office. Fuck them all.

  9. It’s a trope, BUT

    You made your bed, now lie in it!

    Lie being the operative word. I don’t believe a word you say, Madam. Stay in that cesspit, you are So not welcome here.

  10. Why is she so keen to come back here?
    So many people rightly hate her ; I presume she’d like to stick the muslim garb on again and melt back into her ‘community’ and never her to mingle with us.

  11. Just watching Johnson, Biden & Morrison (referred to by Biden as “that fella from down under” 😂) all spouting platitudinous bollocks live (sic) on the telly.

    The Axis of Idiocy.

  12. Glad I’m not the only one who saw through her attempt to appear western, strange how she managed to get her hands on western garb, designer shades and makeup in a Syrian refugee camp, almost as if her cunting lawyer and PR team are trying a new tactic.

    Just a shame she’s the exception rather than the rule, a bone thrown to the British public as if to say look we are tough on these cunts! Just ignore the 20,000 suspected terrorists that are living amongst you!

    • Shell have all the human rights mob and their PR machine in full operation.
      All on the house of course.
      Those fuckers are as guilty as her.

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