Shamima Begum (6)

(A emergency cunting for this duplicitous piece of shit – Day Admin)

The vile Isis whore is speaking on GMB now, about how sorry she is, for all of our misinterpretations of her actions and that she was forced into doing what she did.
She is calling the British secret service liars, and all the bad things are made up purely to paint her in a bad light.

She is begging for forgiveness and pleading that she should return to Britain to face trial, which is only fair, and is willing to give information relating to terrorism to smooth over any ill feeling.

You can tell by the interview that she has been schooled as to what to say in a last ditch attempt to return to the country she hated. She is losing her composure when the interview is not what she expected.
Probably told she could fool the British public by her lawyer, no doubt paid for by the British tax payer, by dressing in a western manner and wearing make-up. The disguise is so thin a blind man on a galloping horse could see through it.

The overwhelming majority of people getting in touch with the program are telling her to stay there and rot, and full marks to Susanna Reid and Richard “thieving” Madeley, who are having none of it.

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Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

(Not defending her but it seems ironic she’s barred from entering this country while 1000s of Afghan and Dinghy cunts get a free pass, allegedly – Day Admin)

And then there’s this from Fuglyucker

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Shammishitta Begum, Fucking hell I’ve just seen a video of this ISIS spunk receptacle asking for the British people to forgive her.

Now exactly what are we forgiving the cunt for, could it be running off to some fly blown shit hole to breed terrorists, or stealing a passport, or helping terrorism against the very country that carries her and her family of benefit scroungers, or trying to work the legal system to get back into a country filled with people who wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

Are we meant to forgive her for her treason and the fact that if she ever gets back here she could never be trusted not to incite terrorism and start chopping off infidel cocks.

The cunt should be banished forever in my opinion, she can never be forgiven, the same as all those other cunts who are already back here can never be forgiven, its a crying shame they didn’t all get blown up in an airstrike…..

Fuck off Shammishitta you gormless cunt…

(Never fear, the wokes will look after her:diversity is strength etc – Day Admin)

105 thoughts on “Shamima Begum (6)

  1. Ah, you mean the western style clothing she wore when trying to look all innocent as she left the airport to join ISIS?

    She should be thankful I’m not PM. I’d have the SAS take her head off before tea-time. Then, I’d get all those 20,000 or so on the watchlist rounded up (with their families and mosque leaders) and given the choice of being shot or deported to the third world dump of their origin.

  2. Fuck off, bitch, and die.
    We all know what will happen if you do turn up here again. No chance of prison, just 5 star hotels at taxpayers’ expense, the very best yuman rights lawyers, all working pro bono to virtue-signal and jockey up that greasy, faecal-mucus covered pole that is the legal system. An eternal get out of jail free card, and shitting out more baby-bombers, spreading your medievalist, fuck witted carpet-sniffing fairytales throughout the land.
    And if you have a problem with the way Slime treats its wimmin, that’s a religious problem.
    So no, you cannot come back. Here’s hoping you die, in agony, in some slime shitehole.

  3. Why doesn’t she just float in on a dinghy? If I was wanting back in the US I would just walk on through the southern border. Same thing in both cases- a systematic invasion being executed.

  4. She is demonstrating perfect Taqiyyah. Basically, “ taqiyyah “ is the Islamic concept of the obligation to lie to any non-Muslim if that lie furthers the interests of Islam.
    Fuck the thick as pig shit buck tooth cunt. Enjoy your hollybobs in the sun.

    • Or sell pins… What would the local mad mullah say when she gets home, hair all matted up with spunk?!

  5. I don’t support letting her come back but do wonder what she did that was so much worse than the (at least) 400 isis members who were allowed to quietly return ?

    Smacks of a Govt. desperate for some “tough” headlines.

    • Just what I was thinking. Let’s show how tough we are and the masses will believe we are hard on the dinghy riders. To be honest there are so many cunts much worse than her on benefits in nice little or large social housing that I cannot see any reason not to let her back in doubt if one iota of difference would be made. Makes me feel a bit sick when I know that there are bastards living the good life here who should have been shot or banged up for life or both, filthy hateful bastards literally taking the piss and living anonymous lives funded by us the people they want to kill and believe me they have not changed one little bit. Government let the girl back and do something constructive with the real threat and if lucky you may restore some of that long lost credibility (my arse)

  6. It’s just as well the BBC weren’t conducting the interview. The terrorist bitch would already be on the plane back.

  7. Why is she dressing in western clothing, jeans, tee shirt and trainers doesn’t change the ideology.

    ‘A Muslim is allowed to lie to deceive the infidel’

    • She looks like a Jew… Sir Philip Green’s bit-on-the-side.

      Get yersel stuck in there,Miles.

      • She’s definitely got it going on Mr Fiddler. I wonder has she had her teeth done? Beautiful skin she looks to have.

      • They killed Christ, Miles, you can’t just turn the other cheek (not the Begums obviously, the other lot of fanatics)

  8. Holy fucking shit, I can’t believe I just witnessed what I did!

    I see some cunt has advised her to dress like a westerner. Baseball cap, t-shirt and showing flesh to demonstrate she is one of us. She’ll be getting her tits out next for page 3 of the Sun newspaper to show how “English” she really is.

    When will this roach just get the message and fuck off. We weren’t good enough for you when you decided to fuck off and now that ISIS has been disbanded (for now) you want back in so cunts like me can pay for you to have a nice house and benefits.

    What happens when the ISIS cunts return, as I suspect may happen! With the Taliban back and probably Al-Quada waiting in the wings it is only a matter of time. Bet you’ll change your fucking tune when that happens then you dog bint.

    I appreciate we are taking in a lot of Afghans and I am sure out of that number there is probably a small amount who should not be even allowed into the UK, but this dirty slag decided, on her own to leave the country – then by all accounts slogged us all off. Only when she was in trouble that she changed her tune.

    A leopard never changes it’s spots and we should all be very wary of this. However, I am also absolutely convinced that some WOKEY BAME bunch of labour cunts are going to fight this in Parliament and this cunt will be allowed back in.

  9. Once again the solution is at your hands.
    Refill the tower moat (as previously suggested it should be heated).
    Chuck Shambo biggums in
    Release Prince George’s crocodile, George.
    Proceeds from ticket sales to the British legion.

  10. She’s a fucking idiot trying to do it legally. The bitch could easily come in on a dinghy or fly in with a fake passport. Once her feet are on British soil she ain’t going nowhere. There’ll be plenty of wokies showering her with money to out virtue signal each other. One way or the other the bitch will be here with 6 months in Butlins the worst thing that can happen to her. This country is awash with dangerous Peacefuls with more arriving every day, courtesy of our Frenchie pals. I ain’t gonna get worked up about one more.
    It’s party conference season soon. We can only hope the Peacefuls do the decent thing and blow the fucking lot of them to the pits of hell.

  11. English men and women who joined the Nazis in WW2 were hanged if caught and convicted in a Court. Why is her case and many others any different? I know we never declared war on ISIS but a traitor is a traitor. No death penalty now but why should the working British taxpayer fund the nearly £200,000 a year bill to house dangerous prisoners like her? The absolute cheek and front of this twat. By the way a Mr Tony Blair abolished the death penalty for treason in his first couple of weeks in office. Says everything about him, his wife and cronies.

  12. Tie the cunt in a compostable jute sack, then beat it with a pick shaft, until it stops screaming.
    Then stuff it in the green bin.
    Wash hands.
    Have a lovely afternoon tea, in the garden.

  13. We had a stroke of luck when its last sprog carked out there. Can you imagine what it would have become had it lived?

  14. Where is she? Pakistan. Mmm…well dressing as she is and saying what she is about ‘helpnig’ fight terrorism I think she’s taking a bit of a risk.

    I could be wrong. It may be just a disguise. But I doubt it.

    • No, Miles, she’s not in Pakistan. Since 2019, she’s been in al-Roj refugee camp¹, located at the northeastern tip of Syria, hard by the border with Turkey.

      You could easily (and safely) be with her tomorrow evening via İstanbul and Gaziantep with THY² tomorrow evening. The region is famous for its excellent pistachio nuts (antep fıstığı), which together with some rosewater lokum from the airport would make a nice little gift.

      Al-Roj camp is just a few miles away from the ancient city of Mardin and I would recommend a visit before you return home. It is steeped in your kind of history (ie the Catholic Church), the locals are friendly & welcoming – and there are some very good hotels and restaurants. You’d enjoy it.

      ¹ at least that’s been the story in the press and I have no reason to doubt the truth of it

      ² THY = Türk Hava Yolları, the Turkish national carrier – or as it was colloquially known in the Embassy in Ankara: “They Hate You”. Plenty of UK flights available.

  15. The complete eradication of this evil rabble should be a national priority.

    As for this particular filthy cunt,it needs a bath in white phosphorus.

    On the news.

  16. Make up? A Nike baseball cap? – she’s trying every trick in the fucking book ain’t she.
    Has the cunt had her teeth fixed to do I see?
    Fuck right off!

  17. I wonder what Diane Abbott has to say on this?

    Does she support her or not? Or will she look at Twitter and see which way the wind blows before saying anything!

  18. I thought it was settled that she lives out her fucking life as a whore for the Peacefuls . Why oh why do the MSM give her air time ?
    Fuck off you murdering piece of shit

  19. Off topic, for a mo.
    On this gloriously sunny Battle of Britain Day.
    Cunters may wish to gaze into that wonderful vault of blue and give a few moments thought for those brave pilots, who, along with all their fellow servicemen and women, saved this country from tyranny.
    If only we had politicians as worthy as they.
    We wouldn’t be in the sorry mess that is modern day Britain.
    Good afternoon. 🇬🇧

    • Exactly.If I was in charge of the RAF I would use those dinghies for target practice.Scum.No use to us at all.

  20. I can only hope the local Salafists can get to her before she gets to us, the impious and immodest whore.

    بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيْم

    No nation or religion has ever permitted or allowed its followers to indulge in acts of immorality and immodesty. Islam has also laid down rules which act as precautions against Muslims falling into this path of immorality and immodesty. For this reason, Islam orders Muslim women to observe the Hijab in order to safeguard a woman’s modesty as well as safeguarding the gaze of men.

    Hijab is fardh upon every woman who is close to the age of puberty or has reached it. Hijab means a screen or a curtain. In Shariah, it means to completely cover one’s self from the view of the non-mahram (those with whom marriage is permissible).

    In the Holy Quran Allah has said:

    “They should draw their veils over their bosoms”

    (Al-Noor V.31)

    • Thanks for the link Komodo. I realised many years ago that every religion/cult has problems dealing with women and reading some of the other drivel on that site just adds to the evidence. Time was when I thought perhaps the jews did not have quite so much difficulty as the other followers of the sky fairies, since they had female rabbis when the idea of a female vicar for instance was unthinkable. Then I discovered the ancient jewish prayer with the line; “thank you god, for not making me a woman.”…..

      • LOL. To be fair, quite a lot of Islam, like quite a lot of Christianity, is rehashed Judaism, and when I were a CofE lad, it was mandatory for women to cover their heads in church. Lest the beauty of their flowing locks distract the lechers sitting behind them, I suppose.

  21. Tbh, I don’t why this woman was made an example of when there are plenty of other terrorists who returned.

    • Good point, but if she gets back, that sets a high-profile precedent and opens the fucking floodgates.

      • Maybe it’s my belief in Redemption but Ive got to say I am having some sympaghy withher now. She said she did nothing except be a mother in IS. She was just 15. She has said she was ‘groomed’.
        She’s still in Syria. To wear Western Clothes and say she can help the fight against Terrorism is something. That bit also sounds real (to Boris) ‘you dont know what you’re doing’. I can help she says. We call her a traitor. Well all that would be considered traitorous by IS. And they are in the vicinity…if not the camp.

      • I’ve seen and heard nothing to think it isn’t a charade.

        You weren’t on Colin Pitchfork’s parole board, perchance?

      • C’mon, poor old Colin only flashed over a thousand women and sexually assaulted some at knifepoint, before moving onto raping and killing kids, the little rascal.

        He says he’s ok now and likes painting ‘n’ sheet nowadays, instead of raping and killing kids, so that’s good enough for me, you old cynic.

      • Miles, the ISIS women are some of the most hardline and sadistic creatures to ever walk the face of the earth. They are literally training their kids in these refugee camps to murder.

        Begum is a buck-toothed cunt who deserves nothing more than a bullet between those too-close-together boss-eyes

    • I think it’s because she was married to one of the ‘top’ executioners. She made a comment about seeing heads in bins and not being phased by it. And that she enjoyed her time as an Isis bride. Those executed by those savages deserved it, according to her first interview.

      She’s fucking thick and probably could’ve creeped her way back if she hadn’t been so honest. She tried clawing it all back in a further interview, but there’s no coming back from comments like the ones she made.

      Fuck her to be honest. She’s only sad because Isis got fucked over. I hope she rots.

      But yes, others who have done similar things should not be allowed in to the UK either, but not many went as far and as high profile as she did. All her kids seem to die too, not enough food according to one interview. She’s well fed though, right?

      Let the cunt die out there.

      • @whiskey Despite your long winded way, I appreciate the points you made. With all inputs considered this is my understanding:

        Begum’s case in the public view = lynching/rot/burn

        Begum’s case in law= treatment unfair compared to others who committed the same crime, case to return questionable/outstanding.

      • Apparently the Home Office estimated 900 fucked off to Syria and 360 returned, so did all of them get prosecuted? No, apparently about 40 did, so my research shows. Sajid Javid said the rest were not a security threat. Is Begum deemed a security threat then? How is she a security threat but the others aren’t?

        Sajid Javid seems to be guilty of making himself look good with low hanging fruit like Begum, although you could argue his actions do send a message to the ones who haven’t come back. I think overall the law should be applied equally; that is what my moral compass tells me. The law hasn’t been applied equally and that doesn’t seem right.

        Anyway, now the govt are letting in hundreds each day and putting them up in hotels; I expect the answer is ‘they’re not a security threat’ until one of them kills somebody and then it will be swept under the carpet.

      • 23000 were on a watch list with around 3000 of particular interest, I wonder how many there are now. The media always like to throw in the ‘far right’ among this 23000 but you can bet your life that they are a minority in comparison to the Muslim/Islam numbers.
        Every single one that comes in from the shores of Morocco to the Khyber Pass is a potential threat, how can you spot them, you can’t so the only answer is turf the fucking lot out.
        Lessons will be learned 😂

      • In response to your remarks at 3.11 (Cuntologist) and further, I am apt to agree with you and Mr Fiddler about the equal application of the law being an unavoidably necessity. The cost of running with that ball (ie a simple trial, long imprisonment and a spot of short-lived public outrage), which Javid and others continue to kick into the long grass, is far lower than the price of maintaining the legal charade that HMG and the Supreme Court currently endorse.

        Repugnant as the grasping that particular nettle is to the “court of public opinion”, it is silly and unrealistic to maintain that Begum can remain stateless in al-Roj and other refugee camp¹ indefinitely. Short of a Suez-esque approach by HMG to the problem involving “the funnies” (ie “all strobes bright and beautiful, white Puntos saw it all”) – or divine intervention of another kind, this issue will not simply evaporate.

        Mr Tasnime Akunjee, who has represented her, is quite aware of this and continues to have little difficulty keeping her profile high in public consciousness. Like Madeleine McCann’s big blue eyes, the “girl in the wimple²” is now indelible. The price of maintaining HMG’s current legal position, and worse still attempting to score Brownie points by “talking tough” as Javid seems hellbent, will be an ongoing erosion of credibility and trust in the rule of law in UK.

        That is an incalculably more valuable commodity and one more easily lost or damaged than many realise. The longer this foolishness goes on, the higher that price will become.

        ¹ although Miles’ visit may make it more bearable for her in the short term

        ² Portrait of a Woman by Robert Campin, qv

      • What an odd reply, Mickey Blue Eyes. Had you read more carefully what I’d expect to happen if she were allowed back into UK, specifically:

        a simple trial, long imprisonment and a spot of short-lived public outrage

        you might have noticed I wasn’t expecting any (more) children to be an issue (ahem!)

        By “long imprisonment” I would expect around 30 years’ jail time for treason/terrorism (take your pick) might well preclude such an eventuality – and I suspect she may be largely nulliparous in any case! Such a stretch would be most likely in order to somewhat placate public outrage. The fact is that Begum has become such a cause celèbre a lesser sentence would be intolerable and therefore highly improbable.

        Quite why she is so keen to return through “official channels” to certain, probably very lengthy incarceration is actually a bit of a mystery to me. She appears to be doing OK in al-Roj at the moment and there are many other places she could go to live a reasonable life unnoticed (but not the UK, or the West more broadly, admittedly).

        A very strange comment indeed, MBE.

      • The internment camps in Syria appear to be hell on earth and knowing the bleeding hearts that would rally around the Begum cunt I would say, yes, she wouldn’t spend too much time incarcerated in the UK.

        She, along with the other Jihadi bride fucks are as hardline as they come. Is the risk to any of our children worth having any these Islamic spunk receptacles making it back to blighty?

        Breeding the next generation of ‘cubs’ is the only thing they seem to be good at.

        I don’t want my kids to be killed whilst walking Westminster Bridge in 20 years time just because this buck-toothed fucker cons the right people into getting a pardon. Leave no white child behind.

  22. Shamima Ebygum, our own home grown terror-girl, will never be allowed back. The public would not accept it. And good job.

    I bet she’s carrying a severed head in that trendy handbag.

  23. Reminiscent of Freddie Mercury in drag in the “I Want to Break Free” video of the 80s.

    Perhaps someone should have given her a wig and a vacuum cleaner to push around for comic effect.


    • She’s not even shagable, she’s an ugly bitch, so there’s no reason to let her come back. A while ago I said she should be taken out and shot, and my post was moderated, let’s see what happens this time.

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