Rainbow Police Cars

(Imagine Jack “The Sweeney” Regan driving around in one of these! – Day Admin)

Rainbow police cars.
From being terrified of doing their job in case they get accused of racism, to this new low-point in British policing.

Deputy Police Commissioner Julie Cooke said:
The cars are on the normal police patrol in the communities to show them in turn that we encourage you to report yourselves. They should encourage our LGBT + community, but also other underrepresented groups.”

Bound to frighten and subdue the most hardened thug or jihadi.

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82 thoughts on “Rainbow Police Cars

  1. An old mate of mine was once fitted up by the Rozzers, way back when they were still a force to be reckoned with.
    In a fit of pique, he went to the coppers only car park and put every windscreen through, with a pick shaft.
    I can imagine that he’d have lots of fun with these rainbow hued monstrosities.
    I must stress that I don’t associate with the chap in question any more. As I have a respectable image to keep up now.
    Get To Fuck.

  2. If our planes in WW2 had been flying virtue signals like this…
    I’m ever so thankful that war happened in pre-woke times.

  3. Part of the problem is the promotion of dozy fucking splitarses to the upper echelons of the police force.

    That Nev Kemp in the newslink is a fucking grinning bellend who would probably shit his pants if faced by a schizophrenic silvery moon with a carving knife or some mad, poovery-hating mudslide.

    Rainbow patrol cars my fucking hairy arse.


  4. I hear that certain African countries are following this trend in policing. Of course they can’t afford these expensive respray jobs so they just smear their cars with da poo 💩 poo.

  5. When I was a little lad in Newton Heath, we lived right opposite a police sergeant. Mike was a top bloke (he once got my little sister’s head out of some gate railings), he was also a known ladies man (although he was married), a drinker, a shit hot card player (my dad told me that), and no cunt ever gave him any shit as he was a right handy bugger. He was just like the coppers were on the telly at the time. But he’s probably dead now, and turning in his grave at this woke bottybasher arse licknig.

    • Geoff Capes was a policeman in my hometown of Peterborough, when coppers looked like coppers not the clown patrol they have become. Its unbelievable to think he would ever have been bending knees to BLM Marxists or skateboarding with eco mentalists and driving around in this fucking thing.

  6. The crimes of old are disappearing. PC McGarry Number 452 these days has to deal with online hate crime. He also has to “help” trannies, Jihadis and dykes hence the rainbow cars instead of his old mobility scooter.

  7. Well this gay rainbow shit obviously isn’t going to stop anytime soon, the police will be playing showtunes instead of sirens and jazz hands instead of handcuffs, unless they are pink and fluffy of course.
    So after countless budget cuts now the five oh have to put up with this shit, next it will be pink uniforms, rainbow coloured road ones and vegan gender neitral guard dogs.
    This is undermining what little power the police have left, George Micheal disco toilet video springs to mind….

  8. If I was inclined to take it in the arse I can’t see how seeing coppers driving this mincemobile would be any good to me. I’d be thinking…

    1. Why don’t you focus on real crime?
    2. Why do you assume gay people are all obsessed with rainbows etc?
    3. Is this going to increase my chances of getting some homophobic abuse, or a battering? (Lots of Peacefuls battering Jews and Gays these days)
    4. Why am I paying taxes for this nonsense?

  9. Fuck driving that thing around any social housing estate. Can you imagine pulling up outside some place were the husband had been on the wreck the house juice trashed the kitchen and slapped the wife. You and your partner pull up in the buggery mobile.
    Interesting video opportunity for caught red handed or such like.

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