Image Recommendation Software (IRS)

IRS is a bit of a cunt because usually the recommendations are way off beam.

For instance, Facebook uses some type of image recognition software on its site. It recognises faces on videos that users are watching and somehow makes recommendations for other videos based on what the software thinks they are watching. Unfortunately it spectacularly backfired on Facebook when users who watched a video featuring black men were shown an auto-generated prompt asking if they would like to “keep seeing videos about primates”.

In 2015, Google’s image recognition software also classified photos of Black people as “gorillas.”

Oh dear !

The problem with this type of artificial intelligence software is that it’s not very intelligent. Unless it knows something we don’t ?

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Nominated by: MMCM

42 thoughts on “Image Recommendation Software (IRS)

  1. The fact is, that some blacks do look a bit like monkeys.

    Computers don’t make mistakes very often.

    I remember reading about an advanced AI program which tried to find the ‘best’ political and socially minded point of view. It ended up being full Adolf after a few weeks of ingesting data and forums.

    Now maybe there was a mistake in the programming there, but it was funny as fuck.

  2. AI definition of person on left:
    Probably not a criminal.
    AI definition of person on right:
    Probably a criminal.
    But the joke’s on the AI…she’s merely the 𝘮𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 of a criminal.

  3. Brilliant – they got the “intelligence” bit right but forgot to add a “woke override”😁

    I hope cancel culture pulls the plug on their servers👍

    • Its just honest thats all.
      MMCM, I dont think you realise quite how funny this nom is?
      I just laughed so hard sat on the bed I cut a loud fart in front of missus Miserable 😂

      Bananas all round boys!👍

      • Ho ho yes indeed, MNC!
        I mean, you can’t look at a picture of M̶i̶c̶h̶a̶e̶l̶ Michelle Obama and think “not a male Silverback”, can you?
        Did Mrs MNC enjoy the bouquet of your parpy aroma?

      • To be honest she looked a bit alarmed!
        When I told her the Ai had called blacks gorillas and the chinese president mr shithole,
        She relaxed.
        Said Me and the AI would get on well!
        Hahahaha 😂👍

      • I used to laugh at the ‘Michael Obama’ shite and say it was ridiculous.

        Until I saw Barack actually call ‘her’ Michael in public. Next, I saw a very disturbing video of her running, with what looked like Linford Christie’s tackle jiggling about in her loose trousers.

        Then, Joan Rivers said on TV that ‘Everyone in our business knows that Michelle Obama is really a man and that Barack is gay.’

        Then, not long after, she’s dead.

        Could all be bollocks, but that video, which I never want to see again, was fucking weird.

        One excuse I heard was that she must have a big clit/large beef curtains.

        Well, she must have a clit like a bag of pork chops then.

        All allegedly, of course.

      • There just needs to be a news leak of the Obamas Alexa device recording Michael…er Michelle, taking a massive elephant piss followed by a thunderclap of a fart before drilling Barack.

      • I knew it was funny, MNC. Or at least I hoped you would find it as funny as I did. I was going for dramatic understatement.

  4. IRS is incredibly dangerous as it is used quite often by criminal gangs masking other people’s facial images and using it for identity theft for nefarious means.

    Same with voice recognition software, which again is used by cyber gangs.

    Add data-grabbing your PI (passports, driving licence, employment, tax details, home addresses etc), and criminals and shady security groups can mimic you quite easily.

  5. Surely you can programme the thing to recognise a touch of the tar brush and gay looking faces as superior citizens and given preferential treatment? Just like a government in fact.
    Which reminds me, the Chinese government have banned “sissy and effiminate” men from their TV screens. Oh dear……when are the wokies going to be attacking Chinkie embassies all over Europe I wonder?

  6. Off topic sorry Admin, but wireless news tells me Lewis Hamilcunt has just escaped serious injury in a F1 crash this afternoon.

    apparently another car ended up going over the top of his but something called the ‘halo’ probably saved him?

    Bloody technology.

  7. Would it work the ither way round? Could the Police enter a zoo and arrest a gorilla because of face recognition?

    Police: Come on Guy, you’re wanted for rape of six white women last week.

    Guy: Ah was here in ma cage, fam. I been throwin’ na shit at peepul all week.

    Police: You south Londoners disgust me.

    Guy: Gorillas Lives Ma’er, bro.

    • It always makes me chuckle when newsreaders are on about ‘geurilla fighters’…I like to imagine Mighty Joe Young lookalikes tooled up with AK’s and bandoliers full of ammo.
      Kinda like current Tower Hamlets.

      • “Guerilla Warfare” sounds like a bunch of rudeboys on mopeds having a stabfest over drug territory.

      • Come to my house, we could spend hours watching the local pond life.

        It seems supplies are unavailable atm, as it’s very, very qwiet.

        Nothing to do with the massive police presence, then.

      • He sounded like a nasty piece of wirk, Marvellous (Guy, not your father).

        I just looked Guy the Gorilla up on duckduckgo. He had a massive head. Looks like a calmer, less violent version of Katie Price’s one.

      • Fortunately CM, there was a glass plate in the way when he spat at my dad. My father, never one to forgive insults, hated Gorillas for the rest of his life 😅

      • I once witnessed a Tiger piss through the fence all over a group of camera clad chinks😀👍
        Worth the extortionate entry fee to the wildlife park👍

      • I felt like watching a bit of porn and googled ‘cunts’ but was directed sign up and join the Labour Party.

  8. This facial recognition bollocks ain’t gonna work if every cunt is wearing a covid mask, which every government in the world seems to be very keen on. The cunts haven’t thought this through.

  9. amazes me that mugs will still pay good money to gawp at a troop of monkey’s in a zoo, when these days you can do it for free on a daily basis
    Its when they get agitated that you really see it, the arm gestures especially.
    They fookin know it as well, that’s why they despise whitey so much.

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