I’ve come to the conclusion that entropy is a right cunt.

Egghead types indicate that it’s all about the degree of disorder or randomness in a system; something to do with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Gradual but inevitable decline into disorder is the order of the day, and apparently, will result in the ‘heat death’ of the universe in about a zillion years.
Okay you’re thinking, this is all a bit esoteric to swallow with my cuppa and biscuit; what’s he on about? Well guys and gals, entropy affects us all, and grinds us down slowly but remorselessly.

Earlier I went to get an egg out of the fridge but dropped the fucker, which promptly splattered all over my foot and the floor. Things move from order to disorder; try putting that egg back together. You can’t, you just have to invest time and effort in cleaning the mess up.
Tidy up the living room and vacuum it. A couple of days later, and it’ll be untidy and dusty again. Same with the car. Tiles slide down the roof. Fences rot and fall over. Cracks and potholes appear on your driveway. Window panes crack.

Entropy batters us all constantly. The only way to restore order (temporarily) is put work in. Fix the fence, repair the path, clean the house, fix the tile back in place… It costs you in time and effort, and often cash as well. But no matter how hard you try, entropy always wins in the end.
That’s life, you might say, but I’m fucking sick of it. At my time of life, I want to put my feet up, have a drink, read a book, watch a film. I want to go down the Villa, and fool about with the wife while I still can. I emphatically do NOT want to spend what time is left to me painting, or unblocking a pipe, or washing the loo. As my daughter puts it, ‘life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’.

I hereby declare the Second Law of Thermodynamics to be a complete cunt. All in favour say ‘aye’.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

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  1. Yes, unfortunately, entropy will tend to increase until it reaches its maximum levels and leads to the heat death (really a big freeze) of the Universe.

    Trillions of years in the future, long after Earth is destroyed, the universe will drift apart until galaxy and star formation ceases. Slowly, the stars will fizzle out and die. The night sky will turn black. All remaining matter will be swallowed up by super massive black holes until there’s nothing left. Finally, the last traces of heat will disappear. The Universe will be cold, sterile, dead.

    There’s no point Cunting entropy. It’s part of the fabric of our Universe, an inviolable law written into its structure at the point of creation. It won’t even be a spectacular death. But don’t despair It won’t happen until at least a googol years from now — that’s a 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

    At least the Wokies will be happy. They will finally have what they want – total blackness.

    • Oh yeah! I completely forgot about black holes in the entire heat death thing. Makes sense I suppose, I can’t even see the damn things.

      Not to be a stickler but I notice that you used the word “creation”. I tend to avoid using that word as it implies a creator (well, Young Earth Creationists think it does). Surely “existence” or “the known universe” would be a better choice?

      • Not all cosmologists discount the idea of a creator. When you get back to the bizarre nature of a singularity all rational explanations break down as we are dealing with phenomena that our physics cannot understand and probably never will. But I was using the term “creation” colloquially.

      • Generally speaking, a “hypothesis” means a possible explanation for something we observe. In strictly scientific terms, however, a hypothesis also has to be testable. If you can’t run an experiment to prove or disprove the hypothesis, then as far as scientists are concerned, it’s not a hypothesis.

        There are, for better or worse, no scientific experiments that prove or disprove the existence of God. Scientific experiments have to be conducted on the natural, physical world around us. God, if he exists, is supernatural and transphysical: not part of the physical world in front of us.

        If there can’t be a scientific experiment to prove God’s existence, how can there be scientific evidence for God?

        As it turns out, you can have evidence for something even if you don’t have an experiment for it.

        For example, imagine someone asks you, “Do you believe that I love you?” You might believe them or you might not. Either way, your belief would not depend on an experiment that had proved that the person loved you. Your belief would depend, however, on your observations of that person, and those observations would serve as evidence on whether or not you should believe that person.

        In the same way, while science may not be able to design an experiment to prove the existence of God, it can provide numerous observations that point to His existence.

        Fr Robert Spitzer.

      • That’s why I couldn’t finish A brief history of time. Can I call it pure speculation? Or am I supposed to call it theory?. I hate to harp on about ‘the situation’, but it’s another example of using a model to speculate a potential. Potentially our government could realistically avoid imminent disaster in our country. Realistically they are fucking cunts.

      • Spitzer is right. It’s not, technically speaking, anti-scientific to believe in God. It’s simply something that can be proven by science and which science has no business addressing in the first place.

      • Im agnostic and I feel it’s the best way to be. Don’t bother with church don’t fancy getting bummed. Now they are out and about the streets protesting their gayness and expecting everyone to accept it. I don’t accept it I tolerate it. It’s called being civil.

      • You can’t have time travel when you’ve never been. Don’t get me wrong I’m very religious. I don’t make a song and dance about it.

    • In the same way, while science may not be able to design an experiment to prove the existence of God, it can provide numerous observations that point to His existence.

      Miles, Miles. I’m sure that’s one of Schopenhauer’s 38 Stratagems…google them and have fun deciding which….

      H(0): Spitzer is/was (never heard of him) a Jesuit. He employs fraudulent logic to support a matter of mere faith.
      H(1): Spitzer is/was a scientist. He employs fraudulent logic to defeat God’s work for the world.

      Up to this point, I didn’t know which hypothesis was the better one. But both are eminently testable, as prescribed by Popper: Spitzer has a Wikipedia entry which I will now reveal:

      Jesuit or scientist? Scientist or Jesuit? Jesuit, scientist? Scientist, Jesuit? Hurry, hurry, place bets now….BONG!


      Yup, Jesuit. You can generally tell, when the reasoning goes round sharp corners, who’s driving.

  2. Aye.
    I just hope we’re not stuck in a time loop, and have to suffer the cuntishness that makes our piss boil over and over again.

  3. Cheer up Ron its only a egg!
    Jesus, if youd dropped a bacon butty we’d have to talk you off the 9th floor window ledge.
    I’ll pay for the egg if it helps?

    • Thanks Miserable!
      Of course I put this up in the attempt to be a bit tongue in cheek, after watching a fascinating documentary on the subject the other night.
      It’s one of those things that you never really take into account, until somebody points out that it is an utterly invioable law that doesn’t just affect little us in our everyday lives, but (as MMCM says above) is part of the essential fabric of everything.
      Part of life it may be, but it’s still a cunt when your fence falls over.

      • The key to Entropy and Fences Ron is a solid foundation and support.
        Some may think entropy is just a load of rot,
        But its real, its the nature of all things.

  4. It just goes to show we inhabit an earth within a fragile universe.

    Man, I’ve now got heat death anxiety!

    • Get it on a sick note and a benefit claim. It’s good for a least a year off. Better than the ubiquitous ‘Villa Knee’ in fact; an initial diagnosis of ‘slight knock’ usually ends in the player not being seen on the park for six months.

  5. Wheres Vernon Fox anyway?
    CS isnt filling in for him like he promised,
    Come on Foxy, work to be done!
    Conspiracy theories are spreading that the government have had you whacked!!

    He’s not banned, he just took umbrage to me asking for evidence. Usually he’ll be back in a week or so. – DA

    • They are picking us off one by one Miserable. Has Bertie wrote his last terrible pun or B&W tickled his last bum hole?

      Nobody has been banned since CFC during Euro 2020. Mainly because we can’t be arsed and he pissed the entire team off. – DA

      • LL/DA.

        Always someone missing in action isnt there?
        Hope Bertie is ok?
        BWC often dissapears for long periods, and as you say Foxy got upset.
        DA could you not issue care call alarms or something?😁

      • There is probably no loo roll at Bertie’s, his mobile is out of battery and his legs have seized up like Detective Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon when there was a bomb planted underneath the crapper and is surviving on tap water. Its the only explanation.

      • Should ban all northerners, useless scrounging twats 😂

        Just in case you are missing CFC, or whatever is new name was. 👍👍👍

      • He was the best of us…
        So he said😁😁
        Liked his thing to admin
        “Ive taken a screenshot” 😀

      • Right little bender, wasn’t wired up right was he?
        Luckily admin put him out of his misery😁👍

  6. The 2nd law of thermodynamics is something that Young Earth Creatards and Flerfs constantly rattle on about and get it perpetually wrong (I guess I have them to thank for the fact that I even know anything at all about it. From my layman’s understanding, entropy as it perstains to thermodynamics/universal heat death isn’t about choas and isn’t so much about energy but about energy gradients.

    I think it means that over time, the energy expended from the Big Bang expansion event will become evenly spread across the universe so that energy gradients in all systems will be reduced to zero resulting in life not being able to form, stars dying but never coalescing into new stars and as a result, no new super novae, no new larger elements released from super novae and all existing elements decaying to the point where the universe willl just be dark, cold and filled with static sub atomic particles and helium.

    But don’t hold me to that.

    PS. Dropping egss sucks because you can’t call “3 second rule” and you can’t make a floor omlette.

    • This is correct but there won’t be any helium. Protons will decay to radiation, electrons, positrons and neutrinos. All matter not in black holes will fall apart. Eventually, black holes will start evaporating by emitting particles and radiation. The Universe will then be nothing but a sea of photons and elemental particles.

      We used to think the Universe will end in a “Big Crunch”. It was assumed that the rate of expansion of the Universe was slowing down due to the braking effects of gravity and it would eventually coalesce together again into a fiery annihilating implosion. But then we found out that the rate f expansion of the Universe was not slowing down at all. It was in fact accelerating, due to Dark Energy. So the slow, boring death of entropy now seems the most likely.

  7. We still don’t know for certain what we are or what Earth/Cosmos is for. It seems like it is some sort of construct, and you hear people go on about it being a computer simulation, but that’s just meant as a speculative metaphor. We and our world are clearly far too complex to just be one and zeros in a server somewhere, that’s so dumb. Big Bang is dumb. YHWH creating everything is dumb. Our minds are not up to fully understanding all that was, is and ever will be. As the great mythologist Joseph Campbell said…


    Eat, drink and be merry! And fuck the government and media.

    • The idea of us being in a Matrix is indeed kind of dumb as it hasn’t been demonstrated to be true, the YHWH/God hyposthesis is indeed a little dumb as his/her/xee/xim/xir existence hasn’t been demonstrated.

      The Big Bang however was hypothesised by scientists through observations of natural phenomena in the universe, through advanced mathematics, then using these scientific processes, they predicted the existence of cosmic background radiation, tested it and found it……… thus rendering the Big Bang Theory the best current explanation for the beginning of the universe…… doesn’t sound very dumb to me.

      What does sound kind of dumb is when people ask “but what came before the Big Bang?” – as time itself is said to have come into existence at the moment of the big bang, asking what came before the big bang is kind of like asking what’s north of north.

      • I can assure you the Big Bang is not dumb. Its a theory, yes, but many observable facts support it. It’s observable by the fact that celestial objects are speeding away from each other. You see the static on your television? That’s Cosmic Microwave Background radiation from the Big Bang – the echo of the Big Bang.

        The Big Bang is still the best theory we have to explain the creation of the Universe.

      • You know, it’s not really dumb to ask “what came before the Big Bang”, Two in the Stink. In one sense, the sense you mean, it is perhaps futile because we can never know. But something doesn’t come from nothing. So it’s really the BIG question – the biggest there is.

        I have my own theory which of course it’s impossible to prove. The BB started from a singularity. The only other singularities we know of are in black holes. Could our Universe have been created from matter streaming into a black hole in another universe? And are other universes at the end of the black holes in our universe? Of course it begs the question of how the whole process started in the first place.

      • The Big Bang theory is going out of fashion, apparently…


        Something will replace it, hopefully something that isn’t dumb or nihilistic. Big Bang theory was proposed by Georges Lemaître, a Vatican Jesuit, for fuck’s sake.

        The trouble is that scientists are hamstrung by not being to come up with theories that involve even a whiff of the supernatural in this age of nihilism, so whatever yarn is spun about reality, it is going to… incomplete?

      • I know about Barnes and Lewis’s theory. And their book is well written and though provoking.

        But I disagree with them and so do most astronomers and cosmologists. It seems to me that what Barnes and Lewis are saying is that the BB theory needs to be supplemented in some way because it doesn’t explain what happened in the first nano-seconds of creation. But that’s because we are dealing with a singularity, which we can never properly understand.

        Of course the BB defies common sense. But common sense has nothing to do with astrophysics. Much of physics defies common sense, particularly quantum mechanics.

        The BB is still the best explanation we have.

      • Lemaitre was a Catholic priest, yes. He was also an astrophysicist and cosmologist, one of the most brilliant of his generation.

      • I’m just not trusting anything that a Jesuit comes out with! It seems weird that a devout Catholic would come up with a theory that deposed YHWH as the Creator! That other Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was an agenda-driven fraud, too.

        Everything in Nature has a purpose so any theory that says any given phenomena of the Cosmos has no purpose is suspect to me. Like stars just being balls of hydrogen with barren rocky balls hurtling around them with no life on them just seems like a way of shutting down any prospect of there being a grand purpose and meaning to the Cosmos. I get why certain people wanted to shut down Christianity but they have threw many babies out with the bathwater over the last 150 years.

      • I can’t debate with you Cunty, because the question you’re asking is unscientific.

        The Universe has no purpose because it does nothing more than determine how matter and energy behave. Biological phenomena on Earth (and other planets if life exists on them) have only one purpose – to survive.

        Outside of this it’s rash to import a purpose to anything. Unless you believe in a higher power, such as God?

      • I just take flight from the nihilistic philosophies of despair of the modern world, no matter who is selling it. There’s clearly more to what we are and what our world is than what the high priests of $cience tell us. Anything supernatural or ‘woo-woo’ as they call it that comes up just gets chucked in the bin. Even the great questions of what consciousness is gets a rough ride by sanctimonious bellends like Daniel Dennett who needs to do mushrooms and DMT before he shuffles off thinking he figured himself out. Dawkins is at least an open-minded guy, has a sense of humour, but a lot of the God-destroyers are cunts on many levels. Sam Harris, he’s a good one. Even Einstein was a deist who admitted that the world is weird as fuck we don’t really know shit. He’d be appalled by the “big name” scientists these days. Seeing the shuckin’ and jivin’ Neil deGrasse Tyson in action would make old Albert piss himself! “Who’s the schvartzer? Oy vey!”

  8. Blodody hell Ron I thought I was the one for depressing Noms.

    I get mixed up with entropy and atrophy.
    Similiar meaning. Decline. ‘Wasting away’.

    ‘Withering on the vine’. Our English culture.

  9. Priorities Ron, getting your leg over as much as possible for as long as possible, then put your feet up and let the lady of the house attend to entropy.

    You can beat it but you can ignore it 😂

    • I have no dealings with existential dread.
      No worries about the cosmos or whether theres a god or not
      I don’t wake covered in chilling sweat anxious about the death of the solar system.
      Why im happy.
      All that need concern a man
      Is his family and work.
      And whats for tea.
      Otherwise youll have a nervous breakdown or a twitch an a stutter.
      God could learn a lot from me.
      Dont sweat the big stuff.
      Crack on,
      Have a nice pie,
      Good nights rest.
      Secret to a happy life and the answer to all lifes questions that is.
      Your bills in the post.
      Miserable N.Cunt
      Guru and philosophy academic

      • There’s so much to be said for this approach to life. I reckon these guys at places like Oxford and MIT must drive themselves nuts looking for answers to questions about time and gravity etc.
        It’s all a can of worms; whatever ‘answer’ they come up with will only lead to more questions; ‘we’re gonna need a bigger collider…’.

      • too right LL, but at Villa Pk it all comes down to ‘we’re gonna need a bigger DCM’…
        Villa’s search for an answer to determine the ‘Theory of Everything’.
        Speaking of searching for answers to perplexing questions, just where in the cosmos are those two Argentinians Buendia and Martinez at the moment? Heisenberg probably has something to say on the subject re. the difficulties of pinning them down…

      • You know, thinking about this stuff is what keeps me sane. Believe me gentlemen, the enquiring life is what keeps me on the tracks.

      • … Dont sweat the big stuff.
        Crack on…

        Richard Carlson’s eponymous 1997 book produced a new set phrase, MNC: “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

        I haven’t read it, but assume he may well believe “big stuff” is nevertheless worth “sweating” (over).

      • Evening CS.
        I wouldn’t know about Ricks book but bet hes bald, wets the bed, and stutters.
        See, life is to borrow a yank phrase ‘the pursuit of happiness’.
        Thats what everyone wants.
        No matter race, creed, religion, whatever.
        Some think its in material wealth
        Some in knowing secrets,
        Some by power over others.
        Its not.
        Crack happiness youve solved the riddle of the universe!!
        Do what makes you happy and ignore the rest.

        What did you have for your tea?

      • We’re having prawn vindaloo, with Hyphaloma Cyanescens mushrooms sourced from the local park. Looking forward to a nice chinwag with God later.

      • And you’ll be happy right?
        I had cheese and onion pie and chips (gravy obviously)
        And now im happy.
        Just a matter of knowing what you want in life!
        These eggheads get themselves in a terrible state.
        Because they don’t know what they want for tea.
        Its all mathematical,
        Have a slice of Pye.

        Its not rocket science!!

      • According to Wikipedia, he’s dead. Apparently, Carlson died on December 13, 2006 from a pulmonary embolism.

        He was 45 and appeared to have a full head of hair, although I cannot attest his status vis à vis nocturnal enuresis or dysphemia.

        I had grilled bream, dan dan mien, jie lan, and suan la tang delivered to the office for a late lunch/early dinner. The fish was excellent – just cooked and moistly pearlescent, albeit a bit heavy on the szechuan pepper. The noodles rather lacked spice but I perked them up with some la jiao jiang I had to hand. The soup was indifferently gloopy and the bits of char siu pork, which had a faint hint of boar taint, were most unwelcome. The greens were nice & garlicky and superbly cooked, though.

      • Grilled bream? Nice!
        Dunno what thàt other shite is but the bream? ✔️
        So that Rick who wrote the book contradicting me is dead?
        Sad, but if hed taken my advice hed still be ok.
        He sweated on the big things,
        Didnt know what he wanted for tea,
        And his heart gave up.
        Me? Dont arse about the big stuff, know Exactly what I want.
        I thrive .
        Bet he wishes he’d listened now?

      • Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a Chinese takeaway MNC, but you’ve clearly grokked the “broad brush”.

        A couple of Oriental¹ ladies run a “cottage² industry” from their own domestic kitchens. Takeaway isn’t an option, as far as I’m aware. They’ll cook anything you like within reason, but are best at Thai, Szechuan and Vietnamese.

        I’ll not be having their hot and sour soup again though, or anything containing pork. I’m very sensitive to boar taint. Exceptional value all the same: that little lot was about £25 delivered and I took half of it home. Most restaurants I know would want more than that for the rather large bream alone.

        ¹ I think they are probably Vietnamese, but they may be from Cambodia or Laos. Definitely not Chinese, Thai or Korean.

        ² not as far as I know, before you ask

      • I like boar CS, eaten it a few times, usually at country shows.
        All that Asterix and Obelix as a kid had a effect.
        To be fair your lunch sounded good, although id probably just eat the bream.

  10. Bloody hell Ron, your house sounds like a pile of shit. If I were you I’d move somewhere that isn’t falling to pieces.

  11. It’s all to big for us ,the space that’s outside
    We live in a three dimensional world , were not blessed with the equipment to perceive anything more.
    Scientists can come up with theories but that’s all they will ever be
    Existing is all that matters
    Even our memories of past events are not true to the actual event that happened in that exact time
    Time is the fluid one

  12. Supermassive black holes ? Are there any supermassive Paki holes ? Need something to swallow the fuckers up.

      • There are some great Pakistani astrophysicists, like Nergis Mavalvala and Raziuddin Siddiqui was a student of Einstein.

      • Nergis Mavalvala is a woman, a lesbian in fact! And not a Muslim, she was raised in Zoroastrianism like Freddie Mercury. Don’t think the Zoros use their hand to wipe their pipe. Cool stuff in that Zoroastrianism.

  13. I can’t endorse this cunting. Without entropy there is no change, without change no measurement or knowledge of time having passed, and without those no means of knowing if tea is reaady or if i can have another pint before it’s too late to grab a table down the local Bengali restaurant.

    Selfish but honest.

  14. Light bends , proved by the atomic clocks they sent to space and back.

    Light is time, as we understand it presently
    If it bends then we simply do not understand the dynamics of the universe we are aware of not to mind the parallel ones we think that might be there
    We need Q to visit us and confuse us more
    I know as all of us do at some points in our lives that shit happens that we foretold in our mind and as crystal clear as a morning dew, but kept it to ourselves
    This leads me to believe that events and outcomes are solely to do with the bending of time
    I’m bullshiting of course but so is Science and Religion

  15. It’s all a bit beyond me, and fucking boring to boot.
    Where’s a Steven Hawkins facsimile m when you need one?
    Also, can anyone explain why the font on my Android phone has changed to macro on Messages, but micro on WhatsApp? FFS, I’m too blee. So old for this shit.

  16. I’ll let you into a secret, we are all shit microbes up the arse of a giant extra terrestrial, we have no higher purpose but to eat, reproduce and die, god is the toilet attendant hired to clean the shitters out of our mess that we produce.

    Science is our way of understanding things that we will never understand and in turn allows us to make shit up to suit, very much like the left wing.

    I’m looking to start a cunt, sorry I mean a cult based on this theory any volunteers, my children?

  17. Entropy is a cunt for sure. Trying to explain entropy to my wife is impossible. So long as everything works for as long as I am around I don’t mind. Fred Hoyle proposed a steady state universe until as recently as the 1950s however cosmic background radiation proved that the universe is expanding. I sometimes wonder if after the big crunch if everything will start again and we might be in a time loop. Like a random number generator being seeded with the same value every time. That would be fine for most people but imagine being killed in a war or something endlessly. Only living a maximum of say 80 years every 22 billion years. What a fucking rip off.

    Flanders and Swann have a song about it:

  18. No point in asking scientists about any of this. They hail the theory of relativity which states there’s no such thing as gravity, next thing they’re talking about the graviton being an elementary particle. They’ll tell you all the galaxies are flying apart, then they say that Andromeda is on a collision course with the Milky Way.
    Scientists are like politicians, they’ll keep on talking as long as they’re being paid, but most of it is bollocks because they simply don’t know.

    • Relativity does not say there is no such thing as gravity. It simply explains gravity as an effect of the curvature of space time. Neither is there a complete quantum field theory of the graviton. It’s hypothetical at present and part of the quest to unify relativity and quantum mechanics as quantum mechanics cant explain gravity. So in a sense you are correct Alan – Relativity and Quantum Mechanics don’t go together and we are looking for a way to unify them. Doesn’t mean they are wrong, though.

      As for the collision with Andromeda, that’s very real and there is no contradiction. The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy are part of the Local Supercluster of Galaxies and there are local gravitational effects within the Local Supercluster that are pulling some galaxies in that group together. In the Local Cluster, mutual gravity controls the motions of its member galaxies relative to each other, not the Universal expansion. Also, remember the Universal expansion is space expanding. The collision between us and Andromeda is caused by the gravitational attraction of mass. Both are different.

      • Don’t you just love theoretical science, and astrophysics, i still can’t get a mobile signal inside the shitter though, why with all this knowledge flowing around, maybe it’s the density of my turd polarising the digital wave band in relation to the earths magnectic rotational field, just a theory, but could be made up bollocks.

      • Use CB or marine band VHF, be grateful there’s one place on earth where you don’t have to listen to someone chattering, or relieve yourself in the garden. Always happy to help!

      • MCMM@
        Relativity is disgusting.
        With his own sister?!!
        No wonder the kid they had was backward.

  19. Fuck me Ron. We are all falling apart. Entropy fucks us up. Embrace it as you piss your kecks. I know I do.

  20. Trouble is, ‘ entropy’ is a term which has leaked out of pure thermodynamics and acquired subsidiary and often disputed connotations.

    For the benefit of some who, like me, had difficulty finding out, from their elitist physics teacher at school, why entropy is held to increase when the temperature decreases, this at any rate is a clear summary, and I hope it helps someone:


  21. A worthy counting, but no, you didn’t happen to drop egg on your foot inspiring this intellectual post. You just happened to have watched ‘The passage of time and the meaning of life’ (see 14m30s in) by Sean Carroll.


    I’ve been incommunicado lately; great to be back but bloody hell the standard of intellectual discourse on here has ballooned exponentially in my absence.

      • Thank you for that Komodo.

        I read your reply above and tbh I couldnt understand what you were trying to say.

        Same with TITS’s stuff.

        MMCM is much easier to understand. I wonder why?

        Its simple enough. Science has nothing to say on the God question-because it’s beyond the bounds of science.

        TBH when I hear Dawkins or some such other pronouncing on God I think to myself ‘oh keep your nose out its got nothing to do with you’.

      • Sorry you don’t understand me Miles. I can only say it’s often mutual. But do take a look at old Schopenhauer, anyway. Perhaps #15 is the one?

        In the same way, while science may not be able to design an experiment to prove the existence of God
        True. And more: read ‘is’ for ‘may’. Agreed.

        it can provide numerous observations that point to His existence.

        False. If you accept that the Bible is the Word of God (and you must, as a defender of Catholicism) science has consistently shown, with proof, reproducibly and from hard data, that it is mostly bollocks as regards the divine origin of anything, ( and deeply suspect as to its impartial account of Jewish history).

        For the faithful, ‘observation’ of any phenomenon is proof of a creator, a priori. No matter who makes the observation, it was God wot dun it.

        The scientist isn’t interested in God. His job is to reconcile observations of phenomena with each other, in a scheme which is based on mathematics. When he provides observations – possibly by means of elaborate instrumentation in which God had no hand in designing – while you are at liberty to say it was God wot dun it, arbitrarily and without logical support, he isn’t. For him God is a get-out clause, and other than at the bleeding edge of research, where new phenomena can be inexplicable until they are better understood, is not even a frivolous option.

      • Schopenhauer #18 there, adroitly played!
        Exercise for the fat/n/phosphate slurry filling my head. Whose mechanisms we are at last beginning to understand. And if your lot think that science has got it so horribly wrong, why bother to dispute, etc?

      • Is this some sort of tribute to Monty Python but without the gags?

        Knobby Knowles
        KW17 2LN

        (please include an SAE if a further response is required)

  23. If entropy is the tendency for things to go from order to disorder, Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at ‘the end of the universe’ should be in Glasgow on a bank holiday weekend.

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