Don’t fear the Reaper

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A rather short cunting for The Grim Reaper.

In the last week the following all round good eggs have died:
Sir Clive Sinclair (81), Jimmy Greaves (81) and John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses) (79).

Of course I didn’t know them personally and they might have been right swines on occasion but they were all good at what they did.

Many years ago Spectrum programming legend Jonathan Smith and Frank Sidebottom died within a week of each other. 2 of my teenage heroes gone. Dead.

It isn’t fair and it isn’t right that good people die too early. I wish I had a cloak of invisibility so I can evade this cunt for as long as possible.

Nominated by: Anton Pillar

81 thoughts on “Don’t fear the Reaper

  1. I am therefore I think
    I know fuck nothing

    I revisited a place on the outskirts of urbanism (work related)
    There used to live a widower ,who had a beautiful house and gardens with apple trees, vegetable plots, trees , birds feeding stations and such , it was a narrow road with only a couple of houses but he owned around 3acres of the land where his house stood , then he died.
    When I visited I was shocked, there wasn’t a trace left of his existence left on this planet
    The house gone , no apple trees or birds ,even the road had been widened.
    Nothing just trendy expensive 4 and 5 bedroom detached houses with electric gates.
    All the time and energy he put into the oasis he created was now like it never existed .
    A cruel blow to his worth.

  2. Sir CLive had a ferocious temper, but he was a brilliant man – he was making sub-miniature radio sets back in 1958 when transistors were big, and less “pure” – the silicon used, not their morals. I have a magazine article that was published in November of that year, and he went on to write books about sub-miniature components and for three or four years was the editor in chief at Babani Publications. Sinclair Radionics came in the early 60s – and when you realise he was only born in July 1940 that gives food for thought about today’s boffins.

    There are certain people I wish they could live for ever – Ken Dodd, Churchill, Mrs. Thatcher and Stan Getz for example.

    Knowing my luck I can just imagine the news headlines years ahead:

    “The comedian, Keir Starmer, has died at the age of 97”

    “Dame Jess Phillips, the pioneer in wimminz rights has died. She was 105”

    “Lady Andrew Adonis, the first peer to undergo a gender realignment, was congratulated by King William yesterday on the eve of his 100th birthday”

    It’s the old cunts that go last – Mandy won’t succombe to AIDs until the relatively late age of 98.

    • I remember the subminiature radios – I was working at Lasky’s when they came out. 3-transistor TRF, as I remember , as opposed to the almost miraculous Japanese ~12-transistor superhets which were by then well established; more sensitive than those, but noisier and harder to tune. Had one hooked up to a Joystick (fnaarrr) antenna, to the fury of the shop manager.

      Neither used silicon transistors, btw, but germanium, which would go phut if you soldered them without a heatsink. Ah, esoteric memories.

      • I lied, slightly. The Micromatic, late in the model’s history, around 1967, had two silicon transistors (very early ones) The one I knew was the Micro 6.

        We now return you to Radio Nerd.

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