Miles Routledge – The World’s most dangerous tourist.

Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?

A Cunting please for millennial tourist, Miles Routledge, who is now stuck in Afghanistan and fearing for his life after boasting of his tour to visit the ten most dangerous countries in the World.

Routledge is a 21 year old student and, according to his friends, an obsessive attention seeker. He has been boasting online, and gathering quite a following in the process, of his intention to “goof off and soak the sun” in what he has determined, after careful research, to be the most dangerous countries in the World – the ones the Foreign Office tell you not to visit under any circumstances.

He has already “soaked up the sun” (and quite a bit of radiation) in Chernobyl. He is currently “goofing off and soaking up the sun” in Afghanistan, where he has already had a brush with the Taliban. He has also posted pictures of himself posing next to an Afghan military checkpoint where he said “ I kind of just thought, I’m going to be killed by the Taliban, fair enough.” Duh!

Routledge has recently posted other updates on his Facebook page where he spoke about the “anarchy” unfolding in Kabul and the psychological toll it had taken on him. He said he was in a “bit of a pickle” after flights were cancelled. Clearly reality is beginning to set in.

Routledge has now posted that he will be part of an “emergency evacuation” after apparently finding refuge with Western forces. A since-deleted picture showed him posing in a flak jacket with a British flag on it, while holding a rifle. I’m sure the British Forces need this numpty clinging around their necks like a Taliban induced hole in the head.

He’s now complaining that he has been abandoned by the British Embassy as they did not respond to his calls to get him urgently out of Afghanistan.

Mr Routledge is sadly typical of the type of Millennial moron obsessed with social media up ticks. In the process he’s quite prepared to make a nuisance of himself and put others at risk. The only thing this goof is likely to soak up is Taliban bullets.

The most dangerous cunt in the World.


Nominated by – MMCM

63 thoughts on “Miles Routledge – The World’s most dangerous tourist.

  1. Miles Routledge? The name alone screams ‘Cunt’. As for what will happen to him? Well, as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV said, ‘If he dies, he dies.’

    And I hope he does, the pathetic narcissistic cunt.

  2. Hopefully the Taliban will hang him by his heels,skin the cunt alive,cut off his nuts and stuff them in his so he cant scream, they do shit like that on a regular basis apparently, i wouldndt want to be stuck there with those nutters, he,s going to be the only white man left there so not exactly inconfuckingspicuous, then they can post it of facebook for some likes.
    Good luck Miles you pompous cunt, enjoy your holiday, it looks like covid will be the least of your worries…..ttttttwat

  3. Do you have to be a monumental cunt to be on Facebook and Instagram, or do people just mutate into one after a certain time?

    It’s been a good 4 years since I was there and it always seemed like a stream of digital junk mail.

  4. He’s definately the most “stupid cunt in the world”, who if he’s still in that shit hole will most probably be shitting and pissing his pants. Brainless little fucker. Reap what you sow you cunt, the Taliban are coming for you.

  5. ISIS are going to make his head match his passport photo. Rich boy spending mummy and daddy’s money. Cunt

  6. Unfortunately this cunt got out of Afghanistan about 4-5 days ago. Sitting in an airforce transporter sitting g and passing his pants he was that scared. A gap year noone will forget….cunt.

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