Mike Lindell’s US Election Pillow Talk

Mike Lindell is the CEO of mypillow and nobody knew who he was until he declared the results of the 2020 US election to be fake.

He’s being sued for making such claims but has been grifting the right wing for money. He’s had evidence the election was hacked since last year, but has a 72 hour CYBER SYMPOSIUM to reveal it.

The guy is so confident he’s offered up $5,000,000 to anyone who attends who can prove him wrong. You can only attend if Mike invites you.

His evidence is random hex data a sixth former could create, but don’t worry President Trump will be back in office by the end of the week! Just like people have said every month since November.

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Nominated by: LazyBiscuits

(I actually saw some of this and it was interesting. One woman is going to get arrested for admitting to stealing data illegally, Mike appeared to be on drugs and when experts asked for the data they were told ‘no’. I also liked Ron Watkins being unable to use Windows Explorer – DA).

23 thoughts on “Mike Lindell’s US Election Pillow Talk

  1. I honestly believe there is enough evidence that proves the election was stolen. If the media hates you, mocks you and soshul medja censors you, you must be on to something. Mike Lindell has been made a joke by the media but he hasn’t done himself many favors with his wacky ways.

  2. The “Election” in the US was clearly a communist coup, more and more evidence is coming out all the time and the US Constitution is clear – “Fraud Vitiates Every Thing”, Mike Pence signed off the Election knowing it was fraudulent so the Election result can be legally decertified but this won’t happen because so many politicians and agencies are complicit and compromised.
    This was an outrageous theft of democracy, and there is a bedwetting thief in chief in the White House.
    China emboldened with their people in power in the USA, Taiwan will be invaded within six months, if the USA falls the rest follow.
    Didn’t watch the Lindell symposium, like all the rest more shout than substance – but fraud is obvious and provable.

  3. Biden won by the simple fact MSM hates Trump. The plugged Biden and keep any issues with him or the cunt of a son under wraps. Nobody went to his election rallies, Trumps were mobbed. It was all covered up apart form Fox. Joe public was told he was a real nice guy, not a communist imbecile puppet. The only rigging wS by the leftwing press.

    • HtB@ – Biden did not win.
      Trump won by a landslide and was cheated.
      As were the record numbers of Americans who voted for him.

  4. If Biden won then we would have conclude conclusively that Americans are thick suicidal cunts.

  5. Hair Sniffin’ Joe won fair and square? Fuck off. The man is a fucking imbecile. The Donald had to go. By comparison to the senile China lover, he is an intellectual giant who called it right on Covid and the WHO, created millions of jobs and drove the snowflakes nuts.

    Still, it takes a real statesman to sort Afghanistan, so we are lucky to have dead head Joe. Oh, wait….

  6. How anyone could believe that such an old, senile, weak and ”hand on” freak who barely campaigned, received more than 81 million votes, the most of any presidential candidate in US history, is beyond me!

    • Not many people voted positively for Biden. A vote for Biden was a vote to eject Trump, nothing more.

  7. If Mike says it’s true then it must be true. After all, he’s sold over 50 million MyPillows worldwide, not to mention all those face masks of his promoted by Trump at the White House during Coronavirus Task Force briefings!

    And now, when you buy one MyPillow you’ll get a second one ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    • RTC@ – FREE?
      Well why didn’t you say?
      Never trust a Man with a moustache unless he is Magnum, PI or Windsor Davies..

      • My dad had a moustache. I definitely didn’t trust him.

        But did he look like old wrestling manager Paul Bearer? He bears an uncanny resemblence to Mike. – DA

  8. There was so much evidence at the time that a lot of election shenanigans went on in several US swing states that I reckon there’s a distinct possibility that if audits had been taken, followed by recounts then Orange Man could still be in the White House.

    This cunt though seems like a massive grifter (he advertises on Infowars…….. nuff said).

    • TiTS@ – Yep – lots of grifters and shills getting in on the “Biden bad” thing in the US – “We’ll sort out this corruption by shouting and finger wagging, never any real action – now give us your money, even though we are multi millionaires”..
      Laura Loomer and her constant (paid) promotion of “the patriots Freedom Phone” being one classic example.

  9. I’ve heard a lot about how the election was rigged, and how there’s evidence to prove it, but where is it? Surely if there was this damning evidence, Trumps team would have been all over it. Instead he is readying himself for another pop at the job when it next comes around. Hardly the behaviour of someone who had cast iron evidence of electoral fraud and can prove that he won.
    Was he shat on by the media? Undoubtedly, they were on his case from day one, and when Biden was picked to run against him, they held their noses and supported him, along with his celebrity endorsers.
    Trump is the epitome of marmite, a love or hate cunt, and Biden’s biggest(only) selling point was that he wasn’t Trump, and that love hate factor is how Americans voted in record numbers, for and against. And trump lost.
    As much as I hate Trump I’d have voted for him, for the same reasons I vote every time, not to get a cunt in, but to keep another cunt out, a view shared by many a Biden voter without doubt.
    Who knows, he might have thrown the election himself, knowing that Biden would have to carry the can for the shitshow withdrawal from Afghanistan, a spectre that will haunt US politics in an almost Vietnam level of hate, betrayal and mistrust that will engulf the man, and the party.

  10. You’re right, LazyBiscuits, he is a cunt, just one of the many who thought hanging onto Trump’s coattails would bring them fame and fortune. Now he’s desperately trying to save face because he realizes he backed the wrong horse.

    But he’s an irrelevance because he carries no political influence, unlike the Republican rabble who shamelessly continue to claim election fraud. These include the rabid power-crazed lying bastards like Cruz, Hawley, Johnson and Greene, and the snivelling arse-licking lying bastards like McConnell, McCarthy, Graham and Pence. No morals, no principles, no virtue, no integrity.

    There must be cunts amongst the Democrats too, they’re politicians after all, but they don’t come close to competing with this bunch.

    • Allan@ – Your hatred of Trump is clouding your judgement – there is overwhelming proof of fraud.
      The politicians will do nothing as they are in the most part complicit (as are all the Government agencies and the MSM) and the minority left do not care who gets in as long as they keep their seat on the gravy train.

  11. Never heard of this cunt although I am familiar with the My Pillow adverts on American radio.
    That election had all the integrity of a Barrymore Pool Party. Last time I looked that lanky cunt was still walking about, a free man.
    Just because you can’t prove something to a bent judiciary doesn’t mean it ain’t true.

  12. America hasn’t had a decent President since good time John.

    Mind you, I did smile when Obama got in. Imagine all those redneck moose fucking throwback faces! Those that have stickers on the bumpers of their gas guzzling Canyonaros ” You can take my gun, etc”

    Inbreds, I bet several hundreds had apoplexy!

    • Pity he bombed Libya and Syria, facilitated the rise of Isis and ruined the Mid east for another generation.

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