Megan Rapinoe (2) She takes the knee, but not the D.

sPunks not dead

(Is she taking a shit in the header pic, or is she riding a strap-on cowboy style? – Day Admin)

Even in this country everyone knows about this purple haired, libtard, wokie, mouth almighty, know it all lezza fucking bitch.

In America she has managed to whip up a shitload of hatred with her constant whining about the terrible country she comes from and her disrespect for the American anthem and flag.

But it gets better. Apparently before Wokyo Arapaho appeared in an advert for Subway, kicking a football and knocking a burrito out of the hand of some cunt. Nobody thought it was raaaay-sist at the time but now she’s a fucking loser cunts are starting to ask questions.

Subway franchisees pay 4.5 % of their income to the corporation, some of which is spent on advertising. They ain’t happy with the Arapaho advertising and their customers are giving them stick about it. America is a harsh society……if you don’t come up with the money you are fucked. That’s just the way it is.

Nominated by – Freddie the Frog

Link helpfully supplied by – Dickie Dribbler (seriously do he post anything but links?)


54 thoughts on “Megan Rapinoe (2) She takes the knee, but not the D.

  1. Ironic that this muff diver would be advertising 6 inchers and footlongs. I love watching the left eat their own when one of them strays from the tightly confined and controlled woke reservation. I wonder what her favorite sandwich is.

  2. After clicking the link I also found the report on the shit left by the cunts attending some festival near Newquay, fucking hilarious, how about the hypocrisy of the youth wanting to ‘save the planet’ while shitting all over it.

    The Rapinoe thing is a fucking disgrace, even more so the silly woke cunts who think that using her to sell shit sandwiches to fat arse Yanks is a good idea.

    The youth of today won’t be able to wipe their arse holes unless there is an App for that.

    • The youth of today won’t be able to wipe their arse holes unless there is an App for that.

      Trouble is, you won’t be able to either. “Smart toilet paper” – direct-debit, monthly billing, password, GPS locator and Spire-sponsored diagnostics. Coming soon, just a couple of months before the MSM tell us all about the old-school-toilet-paper virus…

      • I have seen adverts for Bamboo toilet paper, probably sharpened for the most accurate (and satisfying) wipe

  3. Another rancid, grifting, “bright haired Troggly-Puff”.

    Uncle Terry knows the recipe for her “sort”😉

  4. She plays women’s professional football (don’t laugh) for OL Reign in the U.S.
    Apparently not picked for tomorrows match as she’s out with period pains….

  5. I have a theory that these lesbian ladies SAY they are lezzas out of pride. They know that no man, however desperate would want to fuck them, and rather than face rejection, they like to look at photos of Kim Leadbetter wrestling in her jockstrap, while strumming themselves. I have a theory that those “borderline” cases find themselves the most effette soy-boy possible – Mr. Phillips one Xmas present is probably his annual trip up Jess’ chocolate escalator.

  6. She should ditch Subway and get signed up for Walkers. Then like St Lineker, she can talk whatever batshit wokery pokery she likes and still trouser millions with no blowback from customers.

    • She could advertise the Walkers Prawn No-Cock(tail) flavour as Lesbian Pot Pourri.

  7. These doughnut-bumping, Ellen Degenerates are riding the crest of a wave at the moment. I wrote a cunting for that chippy, lezza mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot but it hasn’t apoeared yet.

    This mouthy bluehair wants equal pay but is as skilful as an 11-year-old boy so let her have the wages of an 11-year-old boy’s paper round. Even I could take the ball around her, which would be the only bit of dribbling she’d see from this magnanimous captain.

  8. Subway butties are expensive as fuck!
    And are shite.
    How fuckin hard is it to make yourself a butty?
    For lazy cunts, mitmots, an flids.
    As for using this trawler breath stands up to piss fish supper,
    They must have lost their fuckin marbles?!!
    Shes toxic.
    Thinks its a boy or something?

    • And MNC,it doesn’t qualify as bread because of the high sugar content , a Court ruling
      I don’t do links sadly
      Subway is for lazy bastards who think it’s healthy because it had lettuce in it

      • Mecuntry@
        Well I never!
        Ive had a subway,
        Wife brought one home for me.
        When I found out how much it cost I lost my appetite.😁
        Overpriced rubbish.
        You irish lads well?
        Looking forward to being enriched by the Afghan horde?

    • Well MNC , we are currently going to take 150 as an official statement by Government
      When that was announced the woke lobbyists demanded we take thousands of refugees, it’s like a bandwagon of shite listening to fucktards ( usually soft jobs by the state) who have no idea what the people in there own country has to contend with on a daily basis for survival
      It’s like the Afghanistan people are playing us on this one , knowing they’ll have sympathy all over the Left of the West
      No state nation seems to be able to play poker anymore
      There laughing at us

      • There was a man from Afghan
        Who liked to shit in a pan.
        They sent him to Dublin
        His guts were bubblin
        And he sprayed his bile on the isle.

        In Limerick 😂

    • MBEyes, I would to if I could house them in certain parts as I think After a settling in period Afghanistan might have been not to bad after all😏

    • MNC you’ll have to study the Isle to understand LImericks😇
      My anonymity is now compromised
      I will be vilified for talking to an Englander 🤫🤫

      • Just to add on a serious note
        The reason Ireland has not been attacked by terrorists is the fact that Ireland has supported Palestine independence from Israel on the political scene for a very very long time
        This is known by the Arab world and all fanatics

      • yes, all our terrorists are good boyos, I know their mammys.

        I’m over in the UK now but the west coast is full of ‘Syrians’ now from what I saw last time I was over.

        For what’s done is done and what’s won is won
        And what’s lost is lost and gone forever
        I can only pray for a bright, brand new day
        In the town I loved so well

      • The reason Ireland has not been attacked by terrorists is the fact that Ireland is irrelevant on the world stage.

    • Well RTC , I would be the first to say we are minnows internationally so I agree on that score
      However having visited Muslim countries on 9 occasions in the past I can safely stand by what I have said
      We as in Ireland would have been a particularly easy target to all the various fanatical ideological fanatics.
      Ireland would have received the same level of media attention as any other nation during the height of the terror attacks across the West

  9. Good nom

    The ultimate poster girl/boy/person of 21st century woke, fucktard, TDS cuntitide.

    The only thing more annoying than this rug muncher is that celebration/gesture with the arms out and smug expression that he/she/they do.
    Usually after beating some absolute no hopers who have never laid eyes on a football before, 15-0

  10. The epitome of arrogant wokism, purple haired, lezza traitor. I have seen photos of her standing on the Stars and Stripes making out she’s shitting on it and wearing her shirt inside out so you can’t see the badge. If she hates her country so much why does she play for them? Oh yeah…, lots of it. Whoever thought this bitch could sell Subways for them must be some sort of cunt. One of the most hated slags in America, right up there with Hillary and Crazy Nancy.

  11. This fuckin twat boils my piss. Kicks a fuckin ball around in a team and at a standard that most under 13 boys teams would shit all over. Wish she would shut the fuck up. And by the way I wouldn’t fuck it with any of you fellow cunters Cocks.

  12. Never heard of it.
    Just an observation, based on my own experience, but most of the gay men I’ve met have displayed all the negative qualities of a woman, bitchy, shallow, obsessed with fashion and their appearance, without any of the positives, and lesbians display all the negative qualities of men, aggressive, sullen, and competitive, without the positives.
    I worked with quite a few lesbians, they would always get their mates jobs on the lines at a manufacturing plant I was at, and every works do there would be fighting, and it would inevitably be the lesbians, and fuck me, they show no mercy.

    • They outperform straight and gay men in the domestic violence stats, at least in America.

  13. Did you know that this bitch has a twin sister, Rachael, also a Sakka player who’s career was ended by injury? I don’t know if she’s a wokie or a lezza but she looks even more of a geezer than her sister.
    Fucking weirdos.

    • FtF@ – you mean poor Rachael was robbed of her chance to play professional soccerball and “earn” up to $10,000 a year and play in front of an audience in the tens, of, tens?
      Aww 😢

  14. My under 11’s football team would beat chippy rat Megan Rapinoe and the other 10 Sister fisters off the fkin park.
    Shut it, skank.

  15. You can tell by the smell that she isn’t very well.

    You can tell by the taste that it isn’t Salmon paste.

    Fuck off you woke, rug munching cunt.

  16. I thought she was a performer in a grunge band.

    That’s how much fucking impact you have on my world, and practically the rest of the planet.

    Silly cunt! What a waste of a skin.

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