Malala Yousafzai (2) “Open Your Borders to Afghans Now!”

It is with a degree of sadness that I nominate that Malala lass who was shot in the head a while back .

She was repaired in a U.K. NHS hospital at great expense to U.K. taxpayers. Likewise she enjoyed education at our expense and went to Oxford; not quite sure who picked up the bill for the last bit but suspect that it wasn’t her home government.

Now she is asking for ‘open doors’ for Afghans to enter the countries of civilised nations.

Well, sorry pet but the West has done its bit and has come up short. Once again, sorry but tough titty. The U.K. has spent 500 of its finest young men and fuck knows how much money on a lost cause. Enough is enough.

Afghanistan is somewhere where civilisation is a foreign concept and will never be imposed. No more resources should go to a place and Afghanistan is the place where Afghans should be.

I do not want even more human waste dumped here.

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Nominated by: Guzziguy

And on the subject of a full-to-bursting country, here’s this from CuntyMort

Labour Urges Open Borders Policy

Fuck me with the rough end of a pineapple. How many fucking more can this country hold. Let them in? Where the fuck are we going to house the cunts? Are the dinghy pilots going to get their arses kicked back to France?

It’s about time this government grew a spine and told the world WE ARE FULL NOW FUCK OFF

The way it is going I wonder how long before the English Hitler comes along? According to the MSN we are already racist ..

And here’s a reason to keep the borders closed, from Jeezum Priest

How many women and children do you see?

How many older people?

Or, as a neighbour commented are they all

” Fit young men of fighting age”

We’re supposed to let 20,000 into the UK?

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124 thoughts on “Malala Yousafzai (2) “Open Your Borders to Afghans Now!”

  1. To be honest, I can’t imagine the Taliban are that far off from taking control of Luton and Bradford anyway.

  2. If the U.K. had never deployed troops under Blair then we’d not be on this position. Once again Blair is fucking up this country through his legacy, and gets paid thousands to talk about it at dinners to other total cunts. Personally, I view Blair as the worst thing that has ever happened to this country due to him and his New Labour Party dismantling our culture, which has been continued by successive governments following his style. He needs his grave dancing on once he goes, the cunt.

    • Fuck waiting, bury the cunt immediately and build a big memorial on top of the grave so people know what to piss on. Plus it’ll stop him digging his way out.

      • While he is full criminal lawyer (if a bit camp) mode today, wouldn’t it be great if Dame Keir insulted the new Afghanistan leader (there must be a handful of votes in it) and they take out a Fatwah on him and Blair – two heads detached from the bodies, eyes gazing motionlessly at the sky, on two spikes on the gates of their respective houses.

        Such things are the stuff of dreams made of. I’d pay to see it.

    • Welcome to the vast and expanding group which realises what a galactic and unsurpassable cunt Blair was and is. In every dimension. A conscienceless fraud and impostor whose greasy hide allows him to slither at will in and out of actual criminality.

      No cunting would be too harsh, though many have tried. One of the select band of cunts for whom any conceivable painful death would be too good – but is urgently required.

      • And don’t forget the monumental fuck-up that is devolution.

        Another Blair legacy.

        It was Jesus that made him do it!

      • The big question there is how much piss it would need to wash the rotting cunt away completely. Would probably get a healthy return at 1p per pee.

  3. The Gurkhas who fought for Britain were originally refused permission to live here and now they are fighting for the same pensions as everyone else. We refuse them and then allow thousands of potential terrorists and child rapists into the cuntry, give them a house and benefits. What the fuck is this? Only give to the undeserving? It’s easy to understand why other countries are voting for extreme right wing governments. Cunts!

      • Dick, I wish you’d taken that shot at Malala rather than some short sighted raghead taliban.
        At least youd of finished her off with the rifle butt if still breathing.

      • She’d do well not to come on a pushbiking/rambling holiday to rural Northumberland.


      • Morning,
        Yep, and if looking for a removal van in the Northwest and I turn up she’ll get the Sutcliffe treatment.
        A sharp rap on the nut with a hammer,
        And a Yorkie bar up her fanny.

  4. Malala Shillington gets the best healthcare in the world, millions in security (word is “she fkin stinks, apparently) and a free education, all courtesy of the UK taxpayer – pie eating champion Carole Malone on GBBC “News” screeching “she owes nothing” – well actually you clueless bitch – YES SHE DOES – she owes the respect of speaking out against islam and the taliban, but she has said sweet fuck all as she counted her dirty money – shill rat and traitor, should rename her Priti Patel.
    Spends years collecting cash and saying fuck all about the horrific way islime treats Women, then reverts to type and blames whitey.
    20,000 “refugees” on the way thanks to Bastard Johnson – but “lessons will be learned” when the next islamic atrocity is committed – I do not believe in the death sentence but I strongly believe in justifiable execution for terrorists and those who commit treason.
    Muslims should not be in non Muslim Countries, and where are all the bleeding hearts and politicians demanding that UK nationals trapped in hellistan be repatriated? Current policy seems to be “hide from the taliban and fill out a form”.
    Dump this filth (they are NOT refugees) in muslim Countries and if Afghanistan causes any more terrorist shit (as they will) bomb the place into hot fucking dust – appeasement and playing nice does not work with savages, they have to be so terrified of your vengeance they dare not step out of line. (See “the entire African continent” as a useful guide).
    Afghanistan did not “fall”, it was all pre-arranged for the chocolate “army” to do one and leave all the weapons and hardware and Ghani was scouting out places to live and transport for his fleet of cars weeks ago – fraudulent elections and puppet Presidents have consequences, wherever in the world they occur.
    Nearly 500 UK military dead, 2 trillion utterly wasted and now we – YET A FUCKING GAIN have to house the invader shit as our veterans sleep rough.
    For all those lost, and my friend Jeanette whose Son went and did not come back I have no words – lions murdered by donkeys, fuck all more I can say on that without getting angry.
    RIP, you deserved better.

  5. Its so sad Afghan women can’t have brainwashing feminism in arab goatherding country oh well better just send them here…

    Libtards and cuckservative warmongers both agree on that now that the war was a massive failure

  6. I hear Fatarse Patel wants to build a centre for asylum seekers to accommodate 8,000 of the filthy covid ridden cunts.
    Fuck me, that’s the world’s biggest 4 star hotel. That doesn’t sound to me like a government that intends to do anything to stop this tide of sewage coming across the Channel every day.

    • Priti Patel has done absolutely zero to stop this bollocks.
      Oh she talks a good fight!
      Says all the right things.
      Does jackshit.
      Im more racist now than I ever was.
      Our country is poisoned.
      Never be able to fix it.

      • MNC@ – In her defence, Piggy Patel now weighs the same as 7 Afghans so she is doing her bit..
        What a fucking joke of a “Home Secretary” – can’t wait until I storm to power and Unkle Terry gets the job😀💪☠
        Time to draw the lines and get ready to fight or be eliminated.
        Made my choice a while ago.

      • Yeah, packed on the pounds hasnt she?!!!
        No chapatti is safe in 20mile!
        Wonder if shes eating food full of steroids meant for farm animals?
        She doesn’t have a plate
        Has a fuckin nosebag the fat little cunt.

      • She’s just like her predecessors, Javcunt, Rudd the Dud, Traitor May and all the Al-Laboor cunts that occupied the home office under BLiar… Full of shit and contempt for chalky tax payers.

  7. I think China have got it right with the muzzies. If they come to the west, at the very least they should be forced to denounce their murderous religion. Not unreasonable. Cunts!

    • Fuck me! So they’ve brought 2,000 of the cunts (plus their families so multiply by at least 10) since June. They kept that fucking quiet didn’t they?
      We are being fucked day in day out.

    • Lewis Goodall is an absolute cunt, just as biased and agenda driven as cunts like O’Brien.

      Patel has got well fat. Face is fucking gorgeous and would have loved to have fucked her all over years ago. I still would, actually. She’s a useless cunt though.

      I’m sick to death of this shit with Afghanistan, Isis, Al Qaeda, fucking refugees, Abedi, grooming gangs, the benefits cheating. Fuck this!

      • In years to come, I forsee an old wrinkly decrepit cunt OBrains hosting his morning show with the topic of conversation focused on the ‘Kabul generation’ and how we must sell off any remaining UK assets to pay repatriations for destroying the country of these poor people and dragging them here to UK to work for TFL and solve our ‘HGV driver crisis’.

        The old excuse about ‘driver shortages’ fooled the British people before and had the masses closing their curtains, staying home and biting their tongues. These government pricks think they can pull it on us twice.

      • Hahaha. I actually could imagine that, yeah. With a still straggly , but much longer beard.

        There’s the occasional time where I can listen to him but too many times he’s just going over the same old themes and the beeline he always makes to put ROP as the victim after any peaceful terror attack is just weird. Id imagine he’ll do it with New Zealand this week (I suppose that Tarrant cunt has made that easy for him, though).

  8. I think China could make arrangements to take a few and place them in their excellent boarding schools. Cunts!

    • No chance. East Asian countries have nothing to do with Peacefuls, at least not to the extent of letting many of them in. They can’t comprehend why European countries do it. China will be in Afghanistan only for what they can get. They might regret that though, as all you get is a hiding there.

  9. Admin@

    This noms making me depressed.
    No offense to GG, well written, needed cunting etc
    But the idea of this effluence living in my country has soured my tripe.☹️
    Please tell me the next nom is about big tits, hairy fannies or something?
    Something a bit more cheerful!!
    An a bit sexy.

    (Sorry, dude. Nothing in the pipeline just yet. But if someone wants to create a pervery nom involving young women, short skirts, sex toys, a tin of KY Jelly and gimp suits, they’re more than welcome – Day Admin)

    • Litha is in the House of Commons wearing a short skirt, keeps crossing her legs, dirty little bitch, fucking camera should just stay on her to make sure we don’t miss anything 👍

    • DA@ – “Young Women, short skirts, sex toys, KY jelly and gimp outfits”? – What are you doing following me around on Saturday nights?
      Gone too far, off now! 😀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  10. Nobody seems to find it strange that fuck all was heard from Afghanistan then all of a sudden as if someone flicked a switch, the MSM instantly fill our screens with ‘scenes from Kabul airport’?
    Watch this video if you have the time as it debunks the lies that they are feeding us all in the name of ‘conditioning us to accept those poor people fleeing persecution from nasty Taliban’. I’ve since watched some UK footage such as the BBC and similar laughing actors can be seen

    We spend 20 years in a country allegedly trying to make the cunts ‘get along’ and all its f a sudden have decided it isn’t working? So what does Mophead the Useless decide we do? Bring them all fucking here where they also won’t ‘get along’. Same cunts in a different country? How could it possibly work?

    These cunts once settled here will stamp their feet and demand everything from nasty western government who destroyed their homeland. Meanwhile, they will fight like cats in a sack with each other then start demanding your local council gift them another building to transform into a house of worship in order feuding families can worship peacefully.

    The media are lying to destroy the fabric of our culture & society at every opportunity…

    • It’s not clear if that plane was going out, it could have just landed and be taxiing to a pick up spot.

      Those two idiots waving and laughing, ‘look at me mum, I am going to America’ 😂

      • SOI@ – I did not notice any Women and children on these “refugee flights”, just fighting age Men.
        As Britons are abandoned to be butchered.

      • Noticed that Vernon. The same that I notice a lot of these south coast ‘refugees’ are mostly working age men who failed to apply for refugee status in the several European countries that they travelled through. Cunts!

  11. The whole piece pisses me off – and all the while there’s press releases about denying pensioners a paltry £60/month pension increase which would still leave quite a few living in abject poverty on an income equivalent to 50% of the UK “minimum wage”. Also, said pensioners had to have a long history of paying into National Insurance to get anything at all. How come similar rules don’t apply to the flotsam and jetsam that washes up on our shores?

    Send this lot to America instead – after all it’s Creepy Joe who gave the Taliban a super heads-up in it all!

    • MP cunts will get / take their pay rise though. According to talk radio, the cunts are all back in the house of commons (full house as per 2019) deciding how best look after people of a foreign land while fucking it into us and making us fund their shitshow.

      Given our government failure to identify the true identity of any cunt who has been washed up on our shores over last two decades, I hope the Taliban somehow infiltrate the group of cunts coming to UK and on arrival, they start going door to door looking for every Afghan cunt who fled from Taliban and defected here over last 20 years.

      More chance of the Taliban coming here reducing the immigration numbers than our own fucking government. Also, if Taliban set up here, then the non Taliban cunts won’t want to come here… Will they? 🤔

  12. If the Taliban have cottoned onto The Great Reset: Build Back Better

    In other words, take over a country, kill as many cunts as possible, and let the remainder flee into the West, some of which will be infiltrators, anarchists and terrorists so that they can impregnate soft-as-shite countries like France and the UK, dupe the Woke, and come 10 years time, job done, Sharia Law has arrived!

  13. The Russians have had a go, the Yanks have had a go, now I reckon it’s China’s turn. They’ve got a common border with Afghanistan forty seven miles long, they can just move in there and take over, get rid of the Taliban, show the world how it’s done. They’re not supposed to like Muslims anyway, and think of the prestige they’d gain. They could also claim to be giving something back to the world after infecting everyone with covid.

    • I’d love to see how that nasty Taliban soldier the whole of Afghanistan frightened from would deal with Chinese invasion.

      Do you think he would still sit in the back of his Toyota Hilux pick up beside his gun while quietly smoking a cigarette posing for MSM footage to feed to dumb western countries? Nobody finds it strange he sits there a simple target for non Taliban cunts to easily overpower and capture yet they are allegedly so scared that they all walk on past them without even a glance?

  14. Why do our cunts go overboard.

    Rescuing the bint (who still dresses like she lives in a 6ty century desert by the way) was one thing.

    Fix up in our coin too? Well erm…ok.

    How about a free house and a place at fucking Oxford. Oxford!

    Overkill again.

    Just make her PM for life and open the borders to unlimited 3rd world filth then. And give her a fucking Blue Peter badge while you’re at it.

    Should never have let the cheeky cunt in, obviously. Who do these cunts think they are, telling us how to fucking live?

    Fuck off!

    • There is a link in the article in the nominiation. Pay attention to item 6 listed. I’m actually surprised Al-Laboor didn’t put her up for St Jo’s old ‘stituency of Batley & Spen? I bet that the only thing missing was a tick in an alternative gender box. Maybe by the next election, she will have hooked up with an ex chum from the girls school she probably attended thanks to UK tax payer.

  15. China isn’t into the old Peacefuls. Think they wouldn’t mind more coming over to Europe though. I can see them doing a lot to help that along.

  16. It’s amazing how the Government can magic up flats, houses, mansions out of their arses for anybody who comes into the country. No wonder young ones can’t get on the housing ladder.

  17. We owe them fuck all. The Afghans must ‘like’ the Taliban to allow them into power 5 minutes after the Yanks leave. They’ve kept their rifles under their beds for about 10 years and now they’re back. The worst comeback since The Bee Gees.

  18. And why exactly is she famous and given the earth?

    Because she got shot. And then recovered and wanted to carry on with her education.

    Sorry, but so fucking what? Why does that give her some kind of hero status and platform to tell us all what cunts we are for saving her life. What cunts for giving her refuge , a fantastic education and a great (and well off) future, eh?

    If a country did the same for me, the last thing on my mind, would be telling the natives how to run their fucking country or call them racist cunts.

    Send the fucker back, sick of this shit.

      • This Malala slag is fucking hilarious. She yaps on about how western women are ‘objectified’ and how they shouldn’t be glamorous and wear bikinis and the like for men. But, while she is talking all this shit, she has a stupid headscarf on her napper, because of a religion where men tell women what to do.

        Fucking daft raghead slag….

  19. I think we’re all concerned by;
    a) the rubber dingy rapids washing up on our shores.
    b) the ethnic origin of the child grooming gangs that were allowed to flourish under Labour.
    c) lack of room and housing and money to accommodate yet more refugees.
    d) the fact that no foreigner seems to want to integrate anymore.
    e) the fact that our children will be considerable poorer than us due to the strain of paying for thousands who’ve never and will probably never contribute.
    e) this bizarre notion that they were ‘helping the UK’ – if anything they were helping us to help themselves, but mostly just helping themselves.

    I feel that all that clouded my judgement somewhat when I last wrote and none of the above is the fault of any family waiting to get out of Kabul. There is (sadly) a genuine humanitarian crisis evolving but we’ve got deaf ears on here, and that’s almost entirely thanks to the absolute shower of cunts in the House of Commons.

    Never has so much shite been spouted by so many; they’re all quivering lips for the best optics possible. So much compassion for those poor brown bastards but if you are a white child who has been raped or blown up then you can go fuck yourselves.

    Kweer Starmer called it ‘unconscionable’ that we can’t evacuate every Afghan that ever worked for us. Sorry, but are we expected to hire a coach to pick them up from Helmand? We don’t control the ground, there is nothing more to be said.

    The 20,000 figure alarms us but it is piss in the ocean compared to the numbers that arrive legally or illegally each year. If cunts like Starmer and co. didn’t sweat blood to stop us deporting those immigrants that rape and kill the natives I don’t think 20,000 would be too much to ask.

    I’ve probably only mellowed because I got to thinking about some of the terps I knew during my time there and wonder if they are even alive. Nobody deserves the Taliban but neither do they deserve to live at our children’s expense. I don’t know.

    Lots of things going around my head.

    • D) Integration
      Is a bloody good point.
      I had an exchange of views on pootube with someone who claimed to be a university history lecturer.
      When I made a point about integration, his sole response was to repeat the word, with a question mark added…
      Are university lecturers REALLY so pigshit thick? He couldn’t even manage a simple argument.

      • How was he on differentiation? I’m guessing he couldn’t do that, either. Arts grads, eh?


  20. It seems prudent to now invest in a rug factory. At least we won’t have Christmas anymore, I fucking hate it.

  21. Are we still going to house the HK Chinese, too?
    We are the repository for the world’s fuckups, and that is completely natural, because we’re the daddies of fucked up.

    • Then process them into ready meals and drop pallets full of them out a Hercules plane over Afghanistan to solve the famine problem. Oops, the media haven’t got to that part of the storyline yet have they? It will come once the weather gets cold here and the dumb people get their heart strings tugged by believing media lies that people are also freezing & hungry in Ka- bullshit.

  22. Heard a bit of the debate from the H of C this afternoon. Jellyfish waffling on followed by virtue signaller after virtue signaller crying and weeping about the poor Peacefuls. Fucking cunts. I had to switch it off before I lobbed the radio out the fucking window.
    A pity they don’t care as much about British people as they do about a bunch of savages. We’re just here to be fleeced and fucked over and don’t you forget it.

  23. Apart from getting shot in the head, what the fuck did this girlie ever do to warrent media attention?

    She need to shut up and fuck off IMHO..

  24. I believe 87% of Afghans polled said that suicide bombing in the name of Islam was justified, bacha bazi (fucking underage boys) has actually grown in popularity with plenty of our allies in the Afghan military keeping kids as sex slaves….

    On top of that it’s a backwards stinking shithole that’s corrupt from top to bottom, we spent 20 years pumping lives and money into the place, forced the wonders of the west on them (10% women in government, total failure given the men mugged them off) and LGBT flag raising sessions. The end result? A country that collapsed in weeks because it never had any intention of succeeding in the form we hoped for, it was all nods and smiles to get cash out of the west, the story will be the same with these 20,000 chancers.

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