Brexit = No Fried Chicken?

One vision?

Brexit blamers and doleies are cunts,, these are the fuckers who blame absolutely everything thats negative on Brexit, now it appears there a shortage of chicken and strawberries and its down to Brexit, so perish the thought KFC have to adjust their menu.

This is not because we dont have chickens or strawberries, its because we dont have the cheap, foreign labour to pick fruit and veg, process chicken carcases and many other things your average Brit wont do.

There is an easy solution here, as many jobs that can be filled with long term dole claimers, people out of work due to Covid, immigrants who are already here and this 20,000 Afgans due to land,boat jumpers from France or even the Hong Kong rinky dinks that are also due to be landing here at some point.

No benefits without a job and it looks like we have jobs a plenty for all these sponging cunts to do, i wonder how many will be so interested in coming here then…..its our own fault, and its not difficult to fix either, also Boris the idiot is a cunt for not thinking of this himself…….Great Britain would be great again i reckon….

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(Nandos are out of chicken too, no great loss)

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