The Olympics – Sky’s the Limit (7)

Fuck the Olympics and fuck the names of these kids? Sky and Bombette? Surely the parents were pissed when choosing these names. Why do sports events take priority over COVID? It’s a piss take.

Does anybody really give a fuck about the Olympics and why is Sky news hammering this story? Is it because one of the kids is called Sky? The majority of people could not give a flying monkey about the Olympics. The games should have been cancelled months ago.

Fuck off.

13 year old skateboarder set to make history

Nominated by: Cock Blanket

Seconded of a sort by – Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

Has anyone seen the trailer for The Raspberry Games on Channel 4 ?….like a 3 minute promo for “The Abominable Dr Phibes’ Carnival Tent of Terrors”…all that seems to be missing is a bearded lady…he’s probably too busy strapping his cock and balls to his thigh before competing in the women’s weightlifting event..although,tbf. if mental illness can be considered a disability perhaps The Special Olympics is just the place for The Tranny Brigade…at least they’re genuine Nutters and not just some Cunt with a bong-eye or Jeremy Beadle-style withered hand.

” To be a Paralympian you have to have something wrong with you” indeed

“Tokyo Olympics: Team GB women’s football take the knee”….and so it starts..a bunch of Cunts managing to combine virtue-signalling with a standard of football that would shame the Byker Grove Special-Needs second Eleven to produce a truly unwatchable pile of utter shite.

I hope their dildos wilt.

60 thoughts on “The Olympics – Sky’s the Limit (7)

  1. No gives a flying fuck about the Olysimplics bar who’s the fastest man on the planet
    Flo Jo was interesting though for a women’s event

  2. Looking forward to the wheelchair high-diving.

    p.s. that Sky kid is also a fucking yank – in team GB. Says it all about this country really.

    • Technically she is British due to her father’s nationality. She also has dual citizenship with Japan. Living in America does not make her American.

      • And yet, strangely, living in the UK means you’re eligible for all the benefits even if you’re here illegally.

      • Her Dad looks like a gay and talks like a gay, ergo he probably is. How the fuck he sired two kids I’ll never know.

    • I’m sure they do wheelchair high diving in Benghazi, except gays are the wheelchairs and the street is the pool!!!

  3. Fucking Olympics what a waste of time and money, zero fucks given, its just an exercise in one upmanship, and an excuse but only if they win to find out where all those tax payers pounds went sponsoring kids on skateboards,bmx,s, tranny wieghtlifters, runners ,cyclists all up in arms cuz the general public feel they should be in the mens catagories fairness is irrelevant,, Gay swimmers/divers and as many different shades as humanly possible, all these fuckers will go on to advertise Aldi or yogurt.
    Then of course its the paralytics as if the first wave of athletes are not enough, we have to go through it all again, the saving grace here is these guys tend to be mentally strong and dont throw a hissy fit when they dont win.
    Then you have the chinks who have supplied shag proof cardboard beds and will be expecting some sort of cash back deal….mark my words this is going to be a towering inferno of a cunt fest, at least we wont have a zip lining Boris thank god….;

    • I had the idiot box on this morning whilst supping my tea and munching my nut clusters (very painful, to be avoided in future) Al Beeb were showing synchronised gayness in the form of diving. I flipped over quickly to Ambulance Code Red.

      • Men’s synchronised diving is an abomination.

        The ladies though.. some nice arses on display in some rather revealing swimming costumes.

        Or so I believe, as I wouldn’t be so sexist as to watch such a thing (for hours).

  4. Women’s football is hilarious. Boink. The Chinese are bigger cheats than the GDR and if I was competing against the cheating man id give him a kick in the bollocks as HE was lifting HIS weights.

    • You can do that in the women’s weightlifting as well this time around as they literally let men compete in it now

    • Surely we should absolutely make a clean sweep of the sailing by simply deploying the skilled fighting age sailors that turn up on these shores daily.

  5. You have to feel sorry for those who fail, though – or are prevented from taking part – Andy Murray is a bit off-colour again (he really enjoys ill health – his old hag of a other never fed him up properly as a bairn with porridge).

    We have also just heard that Kim Leadbetter has been forced to pull out of the wimminz weightlifting heats as she has forgotten to put on her jockstrap.

  6. Running, jumping, throwing …. Fine

    Golf? Football? Hockey? Tennis? Basketball? Wtf, I am sure there are others that have no place in the Olympics…. And fucking Skateboarding, maybe if they had a competition to see who could knock the cunts off as they clatter along high streets it may be worth watching.

    The Olympics is without doubt the biggest shit show on Earth, the only saving grace is that it’s in Japan and not here.

    • Remember a few years back when some cunts were trying to get ballroom dancing and snooker introduced at the Olympics? What about fucking darts?
      Mind you, I’d be all in favour of women’s nude volleyball.

    • “And fucking Skateboarding, maybe if they had a competition to see who could knock the cunts off”

      A thought occurs – do you think the shooting events are a bit humdrum, popping at pennies and tin cans and the like? perhaps the two pursuits could be combined somehow?

  7. Can’t really understand what the problem is, and struggle to think of anything better than sport on TV.

    Mrs Stroker and I absolutely love watching the Olympic and most sport in general.

    Not sure about the inclusion of skate boarding though.

    • I’d watch waterboarding….
      AC Grayling’s sodden corpse gets a gold pinned on it.

  8. Proud to say that I have not watched a second of that shite. Live from Fucktard’s Island somewhere in the Pacific. No chance the attention seeking cunts will stay there forever, I suppose? Ah-so? Fuck off.

  9. Apparently there is breakdancing this time.
    I do hope that involves competing countries trying to break each other’s bones. 5 points for a finger 10 for a hand 100 for a neck ….

  10. I only ever bothered with the Olympics during my teen years in the 70s and 80s, usually letching at the Russian/Romanian gymnasts like Olga Korbut or Nadia Comenchi.

    But there was also great BBC commentators like David Coleman, David Vine and Ron Pickering; along with some great British athletes like Allan Wells, Daly Thompson, David Bedford, Mary Peters, Coe, Ovett, Cram, Sonia Lannaman, David Wilkie, Precious McKenzie, Brendan Foster and David Moorcroft

    Fuck knows what’s going on these days. Couldn’t give a toss

    • I was always an Ovett man myself. Seb Coe always came across as a Partridge-esque smug cunt. And I hated Torvill and Dean. Mainly because of Christopher Dean, a typically obnoxious ex-cozzer who bullied Jane Torvill. He really was a cunt. Peter Kay’s cuntish Marc Park character was a cross between Mick Hucknall and Christopher Dean, both premium special brew cunts.

      • What about Peter Elliot, the forgotten man (literally) of middle distance, top athlete and got there while working full time, I remember him praising his employer for allowing him ‘time off’ to go to the Olympics.

    • Yes, TC that was the golden age of BBC sports commentators. I used to work with a bloke who proudly boasted that he once had a blowjob off B****** F*****’* daughter when he went backpacking to Australia.

  11. Get modern, realistic sports into the Olympics;

    1500 metre Walking and Texting
    Hurdling back garden-fences after burglary
    Two-minute Food Bank grab
    Triathlon Benefits (Housing, Bills, Dole)
    Synchronised Drug-selling

    • Don’t forget the:-

      Long distance dinghy relay
      The pretending to be “Working From Home” but not doing very much marathon
      Synchronised throwing litter out of car window
      The It’s Not Fair that I always lose, therefore its whitey to blame hurdles

      • Long Distance Ten-year Remoaning
        5000-metre Ethnic whining
        Heavyweight Book-burning
        Pentathlon Looting

      • Techo@ – I like it – we could have put the Ogimpics on at a fraction of the cost – 100 metres with a shoplifted case of Stella, synchronised stabbins init blud, hypodermic syringe javelin etc – and to save messing about just award all the black competitors a medal each!
        Not watching the woke shitfest personally, hadn’t missed one prior to this.
        Another thing ruined.

  12. Several paralympians due to take part in the wheelchair races have already been disqualified and told to leave the Olympic village after testing positive for WD40….

    • As any old shit can be entered as an Olympic “sport” nowadays (with regards to the Thalidomide Olympics), I’d love to see Joey Jousting, where the two rasberries rumble toward each other in their spaz chariots, each sporting a lance with a poo-smeared dildo stuck to the end.
      Almost as amusing as that time in Calgary in 1988 where, in the winter Special Olympics, one of the competitors cheated in the ski jump and swapped his wheelchair for an Invacar, comfortably winning the event and beating Eddie “the Eagle”s pathetic attempt by some 21 metres.

  13. It will be interesting how the Olympics will look in future years should the Woke, the Greens and the Globalists get their way.

    There will be no men’s/women’s events, just events for one universal gender for all.
    Moreover, there will be no individual nations, no flags, no anthems, no borders. Instead there will be just one global nation with one global flag (Chicken George bending the knee) for all.
    And there will no longer be medals for finishing in the top 3. Instead all competitors will get a Net Zero Carbon recyclable badge with the Olympic logo on one side, and a portrait of St Greta on the other.

    Everyone will be winner because there can not be any losers due to mental ‘elf.

  14. Fucking Tom Daly has won a gold medal, first ever diving gold for GB. How many judges did he have to suck off for that I wonder? Dirty little knobgobbler.

    • He’ll be even more unbearable now and he pretty fucking smug before. Also bets on how long until he cries about hateful tweets against him to milk it a bit more? I reckon within 24 hours.

      • I am still waiting for the Daly ‘divorce’. It will make the bitchfights on ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Prisoner Cell Block H ‘ look like the Interlude.

    • Heard the twat banging on about lgbt etc etc as if the cunts a victim of something or other. What a wanker.

      • Yeah, just heard the little fa**ot on the radio ranting on about the LGBT “community” blah, blah woof woof. What has you taking cock up the bum got to do with sport you disgusting cunt?
        Just fuck off.

    • His “husband” should present him with a “Lance Fixed it for me” square gold medal.

      • He will probably get another signed copy of “The Bench”, from Me-again👎

      • His lifestyle got him a medal, that’s his message. You too can be a success. Take it for England.

      • Just like Marcus Rashcunt and those other two useless cunts who missed them penalties, Daly’s woke credentials got him the gig and any plaudits he gets. Even if Daly didn’t win any medals, the MSM and social media would still be all over the little slippery cunt.

  15. I thought the X Games were for shit like skateboarding, BMX Freestyle, etc. I bet any sport that is dominated by “minorities” gets to become an Olympic event. Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the IOC.

  16. The olympics is just another vanity project for the politicians. Also they think it’s a vote-winner because all the plebs are obsessed with sport. Like fuck they are. This is another manifestation of the politicians view that they know better than you how to spend your money. I think it was Peter Hitchens who said that the government takes half of what you earn and “chuck it over a wall”. The evidence is the olympics, sport, regional “governments”, the BBC, the dome, the arts council, foreign aid…..
    I am sure you can all add to the list.

    As I type Daley and Lee are hugging each other on the tele. Oh , please!

  17. My favourite was the Berlin Olympics – Grandad Adolf and all the Family looked ever so smart in their uniforms! 😀

  18. Japs must be gutted. They’ve only managed to vaccinate around 30% so they’ve got all these fancy stadiums and sports complexes empty.

    They’d have been best calling it off, until they’d vaccinated 60-70% and then they could’ve had spectators. Although the Japs are so paranoid about shit like this, I think they’d have empty stadiums with 100% vaccinated and no deaths or serious illness for a year, and just a handful of cases anyway.

    As it is with no spectators though, it’s a fucking washout. The 100m final is usually a great spectacle. It’s going to be shite this year.

    No atmosphere. Just dull.

    Billions down the shitter.

  19. I dare say the Japs are far from happy, but it’s also pretty funny. Because the likes of the BBC and the Grauniad were hoping for a huge wokefest and to revel in what they would unofficially term the BAME and Trans Olympics. But, now there’s hardly any fucker who’s turned up, their woke knee taking and BLM arselicking has been largely scuppered. And that’s fucking hilarious.🤣 After all, we’ve had a gut full of that woke is wonderful shit already. What, with three of the Four Tops fucking up their penalties against Italy.

  20. Well, I won’t be wasting my time watching two weeks of the dullest ”sports” ever know to man.

  21. The Olympics? Never heard of it. If a sport doesn’t involve kicking a ball or beating each other up I don’t really watch it. I put it down to my toxic masculinity.

    • As for bearded ladies, they qualify for the regular olympics nowadays. They’ve been promoted.

  22. I watched about 10 minutes of the street skateboarding and it was the most boring peice of shit I have ever watched. It mostly comprised of people falling over after trying to slide down a hand rail. Fuck me, I’ve seen better cunning stunts on Youtube!

    • They had it on for fucking hours too. Probably thought it appealed to da effniks innit?

      Absolutel dross, agreed. Pretty much everyone was shit. Lots of annoying ‘gangsta’ handshakes by posh/middle class kids, whose parents paid for them to fly around the world/stay in hotels to compete in this non sport.

      But in the next Olympics we will have…breakdancing. What next, ‘Feeding the cat’ and giving marks for not spilling any and for the cat not getting under your feet too much?

      I’d best not give them any more ideas.

  23. Have you seen some of those wimminz footbal scores? I think I saw one that was 10-3.

    The shouldn’t bother having ‘goalkeepers’ either.

    Fucking hilarious. And they want to be taken seriously lol? Fuck off!

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