Guto Harri (GB News)

Tedious former BBC cunt took the knee on live tv and may well have signalled the beginning of the end, of what seemed like a promising alternative channel.

Harri bends knee during news broadcast

Looks like I’ll just watch Sky Australia and TFI Global from now on.

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One month in and it’s gone woke

Best given a miss like the rest of the poxy MSM – total disappointment

And then there’s this courtesy of Cuntstable Cuntbubble.

It didnt take long did it? These metropolitan cunts cant help it. Some cunt took the knee on air. Fuck me we know that the St Marcus graffiti wasnt racist, just pointing out what a useless cunt he is.

Which, naturally hasnt been given any BBC coverage. But it must be emphasised that we are a nation of racist cunts. So some nonentity takes the fucking knee.

Seems to have gone down like Huge Grant’s pick up as GB News now records no measurable viewers.

I thought GB News was supposed to be a counter to the biased shite we get from the BBC. Apparently not. Fuck me drunk.

Viewing Figures Plummet for GBNews

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  1. The only reason to kneel down is to change a plug socket or to have your head chopped off. Unless your a poof or a wife/ hooker.

  2. Always worth repeating…

    “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” Emil Zapata

  3. Isn’t the problem with GB News that it was in fact rather evenhanded in terms of attitude and that from the start it was not intended specifically to be anti-woke? Hence viewers of all shades were put off by seeing the opposite opinion to their own stated…whether ‘left’ or ‘right’? And was Hari perhaps rewarded for doing his obeisance – though perhaps not by GBN?

    If GBN had been in reality unequivocally and explicitly anti-wokeness, its circulation would not have plummeted, but grown, probably to about 52% of the viewing population. That’s the basis on which it was sold, (by nudges and winks, never explicitly), and it is now revealed as a con; not even a very clever one.

    Neill should take the Mess Webley .38 and do the decent thing.

    • A wiser course would be to take said Webley and put a pair stright through your fucking TV set!

      “…and it is now revealed as a con; not even a very clever one.”

      Never watched the thing, no need, knew exactly what it would be before it was even screened!

  4. Who are these cunts trying to impress, you can sit on your fucking arse and say I support the three penalteers, what is the point of taking a symbolic pose, is it to have a feeling of self worth or a feeling if guilt.
    No it’s more to do with ‘look at me, I am so important that when I get down on one knee people will sit up and take notice’, well I don’t give a shit you wanker fuck off!

  5. This incident is why I stopped watching GB News. Just another OFCOM shill and money making opportunity for brillo.
    I made GB news “aware of my views” and they did some token gestures but, sorry, no.
    Fuck GB fake news, they are just the establishment with bad lighting.

    • So long as Tom Harwood is at GB, then GB is a pile of shilling dogshit. That brat is the most open shill I have ever seen, it’s quite incredible.

      Even if he left, it’s still dogshit.

      There will be no MSM that isn’t compromised. That’s why it’s mainstream.

      • “…There will be no MSM that isn’t compromised.”

        And that, dear cunters, is a fact you can take to the bank.

  6. David Baddiel said it’s like the shopping channel are trying their hand at current affairs.

    Also heard it called GBeebies….

    • Fuck me bandy, few can raise the hair on the back of my neck faster than David (princess) Baddiel, the despicable little, race-baiting, whining, chicken swinging tribist bitch boy that he is.

    • They seem to like regional stories but it all comes off as a bit twee and stale.

  7. A laughable excuse for a man.
    Probably used to kneeling to fellate tramps.
    Degenerate spineless cunt.

  8. The fact that they disciplined him straight away and then he flounced off in an Owen Jones like manner means GB News (in my opinion) is doing the right thing.

    • This flouncing must be a Welsh thing.

      Lechyd dar, what a lovely for you. And fuck off.

      Guto Harri looks like the kind of Jones-esque nasty deviant to receive meat in the poo-chute.

    • “…means GB News (in my opinion) is doing the right thing.”

      All of it is posturing, they are controlled opposition and thus cannot ‘do the right thing’, the presentation may vary BUT the narrative/messages/instructions will never veer from the sanctioned script.

  9. GB news is even handed-he acted like a cunt and he was fucked off.
    Farage’s show is a refreshing alternative, too.
    They need to get Carl Benjamin from the Lotus Eaters onboard next👍

    • A1! I’m not quite ready to give up on them quite yet – thev’ye fucked off that welsh prick Hari and if they get rid of that revolving Harwood cunt they may be on the right track.

      Getting Farage on there with his show was a good move, getting Carl Benjamin on there would be epic, but baby steps, an’ all that.

      • UKIP were a state sponsored safety valve and a device to split up those dissenting voices to the political right of the conservative party, Farago was a tool and he remains that.

        Sargon (Benjamin) is just a grandstanding, gaslighting, right-lite multiculturalist who can also go fuck himself.

    • Sargon of Arcade Games hasnt been relevant or offered much insight in a few years. He seems a bit behind on a lot of the subjects he discusses plus i dont think GB news wpuld want him after his rape joke to Jess Phillips. Tory boy Tom Harwood can fuck off.

  10. He should have turned to the black lady presenter and knelt before her and done it properly.-‘my liege’.

  11. GB News is now in Intensive Care and is clinging on for dear life.

    I really can’t see this el-cheapo effort of a news farrago limping on for much longer. Time to think about switching off the life support, Brillo. It would have had a short but interesting life.

  12. GB news needs to go full on Fox News to survive. That’s what people are looking for – a different narrative to Al-Beeb and Sky. The appointment of Farage is a good sign. And they need to work on the technical issues.

    As for Harribo, he’s just a cunt.

    • “…needs to go full on Fox News to survive.”

      No salvation in Fox News I’m afraid Miles, same thing applies, still controlled media therefore same shit – different wrapper. Notice that cunt Greenblatt and the hate baiting Anti Defamation League screaming for Tucker Carlson to be sacked… and his skeleton to be pecked clean by crows if he had his way.

  13. He’s a typical welsh “politico type, like most of the Cardiff Bay set, dressed like Geography teacher, with the charisma of a piss soaked car seat, they are the ones who live in rural areas or suburbs, away from enriching types of whom they love so much, calls anyone who disagrees with them “racist” or “facist”, the more these cunts like Guto say this slanderous Marxist cuntjuice, the more to the right people will get, stupid fucking cunt needs a sjamboking now!!!!

  14. Fuck it. No one gives a shit. Just another failed media crapshoot.

  15. GBN is still better than nothing. Unlike the BBC and Sky. And they did eject Harri pdq, though what he was doing there in the first place is somewhat of a mystery. Hopefully they’ve now got the message and it will improve.

    Would like to see Alastair Stewart gone next.

    • He knew that kneeling to the BLM kneegrows and later knocking one out with his knackered knob was knitting a knife for his job.

      What a cuknt.

    • “GBN is still better than nothing.”
      Have to disagree there Ruffers, I think it’s existence is actually harmful. But then I’m of the opinion that whatever twisted ‘factlet’ comes out of that one-eyed Bolshevik in the corner then it will de facto be partial, decontextualised, inverted and skewed to our detriment or, if they can’t spin that, an outright fucking lie. The only reason to watch that shit is to “know how the enemy is thinking” and let’s make no bones about it; they ARE an enemy, an immediate and present danger to me and mine. Whitey has had a target painted on his back and the fucking mass media are directing where the cross-hairs land.

      Swear to dog – give me control of the mass schedules for 24hrs and I can bring this whole cuntfest to a grinding halt overnight. Despite the ruthless censorship sweeping through the internet the facts are out there (just a matter of time) but unless this media stranglehold is broken it will never become known to numbers sufficient to make a difference in the rapidly closing window of opportunity that remains.

  16. You look a CUNT mate, I would have more respect for you if you had a Wank in your town centre.!

    • Guts Harry or whatever the ducky fucker is called was just virtue signalling to that black bird.
      Thought itd impress her.
      GB news needs to firstly sack the sound engineers,
      Useless cunts.
      Like a tannoy at a country show.
      Its very amateurish,
      And still lots of wokey types,
      But as Ruff said better than Sly news.

      • If anything the black bird looked rather embarrassed, certainly not impressed.

      • Shes got the measure of him,
        And isnt impressed.
        Don’t know the black birds name,
        But saw her saying BLM and taking the knee doesn’t help race relations.

  17. The guys a needy attention seeking twat.

    Really disappointed with GB News- can’t really put my finger on it but have already given up watching despite waiting with anticipation for many months.

    Neil is by miles the best thing on it. Farage will improve it but I have even given up with him. Never thought so would ever say that. In my opinion needed someone Piers Morgan who whether you like or hate him, has strong opinions and not afraid to call it for what it is.

    Following Brexit and Covid, have realised beyond all doubt that the government and shadow government must be the worst this country has ever had, spineless, clueless, lacking common sense, and bringing incompetence to the table with absolutely everything they say and do, Take Priti Patel and immigration for example. £55m for what exactly? Or the Northern Ireland situation, where Boris day (glass in hand) that there won’t be a problem. Fucking, fucking, fucking CUNT. Or the trade deal where the major part of the UK’s revenue (financial sector 60% of UK economy) wasn’t discussed or included within the £40b already coughed up. Doubtless more money required yet the German car industry has already been negotiated and included. What fucking muppets would agree to that?

    The EU and France are not our friends and want to see this country FAIL, yet we enter negotiations smiling, very polite, incredibly naive and hand over billions of pounds of taxpayers money for absolutely FUCK ALL in return.

    Should have just walked away.

    People in this country will remain both lazy, stupid, selfish and this channel despite the intention is never going to change anything.

    Those in charge of the country have lost every battle on absolutely every front and the country is now past the point of no return.

    I suppose thinking about it, apathy and the sense of being part of the sad decline of this country and too little too late is why I simply can’t be bothered to tune in.

    • All good points.

      As for the Northern Ireland thing had we had a real Brexit we could just have made it the EU’s problem. EG you put a border in if you want and let’s hope the IRA bomb Brussels next time around and not London.

      BRINO and Net Zero are the biggest disappointments ever from a newly elected government whom the proles expected to have “conservative values”. The scales lifted from my eyes when Gummidge (that Jonson cunt really does look like Worzel doesn’t he?!) refused to ring Big Ben to celebrate Brexit. I felt sick and robbed of my vote. Since then he’s continually slipped in my estimation having started from a piss poor base.

      What’s the alternative? “None of the above” probably.

      This country is well and truly FUBR’d😠

  18. I do get engrossed in some of the debates on GB NEWS.
    But what really puts me off watching it is the poor sound quality and how it’s filmed in semi darkness. You get the impression it’s produced in a nuclear silo a mile underground in a windowless room.

    • It probably is filmed in a nuclear bunker to keep out the howling woke masses

    • “…what really puts me off watching it is the poor sound quality and how it’s filmed in semi darkness.”

      D’you know what, I couldn’t give a monkeys about the production values, it’s the content that matters. I can sit through 3hr streamed discourses on RFK or whatever from two blokes in a front room with all the camera flare, dodgy mics, burping & farting, mugs with no handles, buffering to fuck, Yewtube cutting the feed in real time on shit they don’t like the sound of, constantly hopping from platform to platform as they get sequentially banned… I can deal with that and causes me far less irritation than having to suffer the banal horseshite from the lying uninformed mouths of be-wigged, primped and powdered MSM studio anchors.

  19. Made himself look like a right twat, but I’d say that isn’t hard in his case. Love the submissive ‘open hand’ gesture that went with it. Fucking creepy plank.

  20. I hoped GB News would offer something different – but it is just an endless stream of boring, monotonous automatons filling in dead air between adverts.
    And awful twee childwoman Alex Phillips just makes my skin crawl.
    And I think the studio “technicians” need some professional advice from B&WC!
    Lisa Nandy and JHB presenting topless I say! 😀

    • Some blonde bird with big knockers sometimes on it,
      She pouts all the time,
      Does my head it.
      Shes not nearly as fit as she thinks she is!
      Maybe 20yrs ago but now just mutton.
      Stop pouting you daft bitch!!
      Your meant to be a journalist.

      • Nice tits but the rest of her is a mess. Fat arse, gunt and not a looker really.

        But the tits? Those are indeed, magnificent.

      • Afternoon RTC

        Watched her several times when sitting next to Michael Portillo alongside Andrew Neil.

        Eye candy, that’s really about all she is good for, talks complete bollocks, like many MP’s do.

        As you do rightly say, this country’s finished.

      • Afternoon Willie, Cuntybollocks.

        How do we know they’re magnificent tits? Has anyone actually seen them? Could be shapeless blobs of fat covered in veins with hairy nipples and stuff.

        Mind you, I believe some men like that sort of thing. Each to his own…

      • RTC@ – It was not for me I put the request in – it’s just that I know some of our fellow contributors find these gals appealing! 😀👍

      • Its the lisp.
        Lisp, big tits, and that air of ‘Im not sure whats going on? and might cry’.
        All combined, speech impediment being simple and big jugs is irresistible!!
        The idea of her screaming

        “You dasthardly monsther ith too big an ith hurth!!’

        Then being all gentlemanly and cutting her free and letting her out the back of the van?!!
        Oh Aye, id fuck Litha till she wepth.

      • You appear to have given the whole scenario quite a lot of reflective thought, MNC.

        Although I am not a psychiatrist¹, I’d wager you have some significant quantities of cable ties deftly secreted around your bhouse for “when the mood takes you”.

        Joseph Fritzl would doubtless recommend stainless steel cable ties for durability, not forgetting the felt padding to avoid breaking the epidermis.

        ¹ although I’ve been working very closely with quite a few lately, for a change as a prosecution barrister; it’s a largish case not yet in the news). Some old school weirdos still working into their 70s with some extremely “progressive” ideas. Upsetting

      • Evening CS.
        Like most champagne socialists I doubt lisping Litha would give a poor white working class lad like me a second look.
        But thats ok.
        All subjective anyway,
        As a faithful married man its all just fantasist scenario.
        So you could say I spurned her?!!😁

        Lee Majors!!
        My hero as a young kid,
        But 6million dollars nowadays wouldn’t get you a bionic man.
        More that bloke from Pimlico plumbers.

    • I’d like to see Gloria presenting topless.

      My next door neighbour has told me he thinks I will be disappointed but not so sure.

      Apparently she did some topless modelling when 15 years old but despite much money being offered for Amy photos, they remain under wraps.

    • That Inaya lass is babe and with a brain too. That wooton is a bit limp, mercy is like a rabbit in headlamps. I like Doyle and brazier, if only Gloria wasn’t so … Great milf otherwise. My only real criticism is where’s the news? Too much rabbit. Maybe topless/oil wrestling and that South American weather girl. Otherwise it’s fucked.

  21. I’d watch the channel half an hour or so a day until this happened.

    Not been back since. Knee taking for BLM cunts is a fucking disgrace. It’ll take a lot to bring me back now. If they sack him and spend a entire day’s broadcasting with a picture of him constantly in the background with the word ‘Cunt’ over it, I may reconsider.

    Until then, they can get fucked.

    • “Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

      Same here, as with voting; if it actually made any difference they would not permit it.
      The hammer is coming down hard an ALL dissenting voices, this should not need to be pointed out. That anyone believed this stillborn GBNews thing would bring enlightenment to the people or act as a ‘wake up call’ in the midst of the biggest financial/digital/media power grab ever pulled was niaive to an almost childish degree. Can you not see what’s going on ffs? how much more evidence do you need? Will it actually take a 4am boot through the door?

  22. GB News is a bit shit and unwatchable. It is cinematically challenged (bad photography) and the sound is crap. The sound has gone from fuzzy to stupidly loud. I’ve tried to watch it; caught a few episodes of the Pints with Farage (meh) and a bit of Dan Wootton (unchallenged monologues). Sky News Australia are more polished imho and when they do monologues they tend to back up their statements.

    Talk Radio on YT still working for me; especially Mike Graham.

      • Ian is actually rather pleasant, which is nice, whereas Mike is more to the point. Like Mark Dolan too but I’m usually busy doing something and don’t see him as much. Don’t mind Julia either but sometimes if I’m hungover I can’t take her seemingly endless sentences when formulating what could be a simple question.

      • Julia’s fine, but tends to mumble, not so good for those of us with damaged hearing…

      • And you’re right, some of her sentences are way too long, combined with the mumbling.

      • Forgot you had impaired hearing. Loud music was the cause? Buggering awful and not fair.

  23. I had been excitedly awaiting the arrival of GB news.

    From its inception however it’s been a complete crock of shite.

    Looks like it’s being filmed inside a 1970’s Jazz club. Dull and dingy. I Keep expecting someone to get the ashtrays out and spark a fag up.

    When GB news fails, (and it is definitely not a question of if it fails), what will become of its presenters?

    GB news on your CV isn’t going to do your career any favours surely?

    Gutto is a cunt,- that goes without saying. Another nail in GB news’ coffin.

  24. Boil Guto Harri in piss and then 2hrs in Tetty’s oven, gas Mark 12;

  25. GB news is too middle-class and tory friendly and calls supermarket workers ‘the bottom of society’.

    Not worth my fucking time.

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