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The Darkest Knight. Near impossible to spot.

DC Comics are cunts.

Hot on the heels of Marvel/Disney, DC have gone completely woke. Bruce Wayne is getting ‘eased out and the next Batman is now going to be (wait for it!) black.

12 Years A Slave writer, John Ridley is ‘re-imagining’ the Caped Crusader, and he will now be a ‘person of colour’.

For a start, a film script writer doesn’t make a good comic book writer. The hubris of this arrogant anti-white cunt taking it for granted, and saying it’s a ‘step up’ for the Batman to be black simply shows what he thinks about white popular culture and a comic books icon that has lasted over 80 years and it also stinks of no regard for fans or readers.

Like the BBC and Doctor Who before it, DC and this Ridley cunt just want to change and destroy an institution simply because they want it that way and they think white male heroes (of any kind) are now ‘wrong’.

Entertainment and fictional heroes should never be used for political purposes or as propaganda. This new ‘Bat Brutha’ even has no mask on the front cover, just to let every fucker know he’s now black. What a surprise, eh?

And as for DC’s blatant ‘Pride’ celebrations, flogging Pride merchandise and all that? What the fuck has that got to do with fictional super heroes either? Does every bit of escapism and once childhood favourites now have to be part of apolitically correct lecture? It would appear so. Fuck off DC, you cunts.


Nominated by: Norman

Think that’s bad?


The Astonishing superheroes Snowflake and Safespace!


A black Superman film!


Thor’s now apparently female!


Fatty from the Bash Street Kids now renamed Freddy to not upset kids!

Judge Dredd has yet to move to Brighton to settle down and start a vegan restaurant with his life partner Clive.

88 thoughts on “DC Comics

  1. Comics are for kids, so this is blatant propaganda to poison the minds of the worlds youth, if this is what the decent folk of the land have to resist, it must be done immediately or the Marxist venom will penetrate every crevice of decency left in our offspring, the cunts are currently winning!!!

    • I thought Judge Dredd was a reggae singer from the 70s DA?

      🎶 the men all stood on the burning deck, playing a game of cricket, the ball rolled up his trouser leg and stumped his middle wicket🎶

      I think they just stole his name. Old School 2000ad writers like Wagner, Mills and Grant used to use a lot of musical references in their names/stories – DA

      • Quimsons right Norman.
        I remember Judge Dredd.
        He did reggae and ska, and was a big hit with skinheads.
        The BBC banded his tunes, he was big inn Jamaica too.
        He was a big fella,
        Think he was a wrestler or something,
        Dead now I think.

      • There were some brilliant Wagner and Mills parodies in Dredd. Like the Fatties – people that were so obese they were bred like racehorses for fatty tournaments and had to carry their stomachs on a kind of wheelbarrow. Just like the contemporary USA.

      • 2000ad – that was a proper comic, and Dredd was up their with their best, imho. British > Yank.

        Oh to be that young in that era again 🙁

      • I liked 2000 ad.
        Particularly Slaine!
        About a celtic warrior.
        Kiss my axe!👍

  2. Years back I used to read a few DC comics. Although I always found Batman dull as fuck. They had a character called Guy Gardner who was about as anti-woke as you can get and some of the stories in the early 90’s were funny and above all DC seemed to never take itself too seriously. I couldn’t care less about Batman but DC as a whole going woke is sad. Another thing to enjoy taken away from us. Ok, I’m too old myself for superhero stuff but I would like my lad who is 12 to have the option.

    Even worse then that – I picked up a couple of issues of 2000AD last year to see how the art style and writing was these days and fuck me ragged. The wokery was off the scale! In 2000 fucking AD, which used to have properly subversive and anti-establishment themes.

    Get fucked you cartoon cunts.

    • Vintage 200AD was brilliant. Subversive and fun. It’s predecessor, Action, was so subversive that questions were raised in the House, and it was banned.

      I still have the first 200 or so issues of 2000AD, bought when I was a kid. I had it delivered to the house. Worth a pretty penny I’m told.

      As for DC – what do you expect. I haven’t read comics since I was 16, but like everything else it’s going down the woke oblivion tube.

    • Claw Carver in Flesh, Artie Gruber in the rollerball type story, I even liked that cunt Tharg…..

  3. How the buggering bollocks can that Hollyweird gobshite Natalie Portman be Thor? She’s about six stone and there is more meat on a wishbone. A tough super hero? She looks like Roadrunner with lipstick. And she couldn’t lift a chip shop fork, never mind a giant hammer. Absolutely laughable. She’d be better playing Olive Oyl.

    The Beano is finished. Dennis is no longer allowed to be called a Menace, Walter can’t be referred to as ‘Softy’ any more, and the Fatty name change is the latest nail in its coffin.

    And now a black Batman and Superman. They won’t be satisfied until all white males have been entirely wiped from popular culture in all its forms. It’s cultural ethinc cleansing and absolute madness.

    • Aren’t comic enthusiasts quite traditional and fiercely loyal? I’m sure they won’t be buying this shite.

    • Norman@
      Just to cheer you up more Spiderman is now a little Mexican kid named Miles Morales.
      Handy for getting over Trumps wall though!
      Ay yay ay, arriba ariba..

      • His spidey sense can detect a minimum wage cash only job job on the black market from half a mile and roving immigration enforcement officers.

      • The ghost of dame Thora Herd makes an appearance on her magic stairlift. 🙂
        Dog bless her.

    • Comics, and especially their clichéd, turgid films with CGI, are for spotty teenage lads too ugly to chat up girls. They’ll be endless crap forever rolled out for them from the Superhero factory. There’s even one out starring that lovely-looking but no-trick-pony Scarlet Johanson, all leathered-up for the zitty adolescents.

      • Wouldn’t mind her leathering up for me either. And Gal Gadot in her WW costume.

        I remember having sly wanks over WW comics when I was 13.

      • There’s only one WW, and she got me through pubity very nicely thanks, LINDA CARTER!

    • I used to have loads of comics when I was younger.
      I remember there was one called Spider-Woman and the artist that drew her must have been obsessed with her arse.

      Every issue there was either a picture of her down on all fours with her bum in the air or doing certain poses with her bum sticking out.

      No wonder I’m a perv.

  4. Will the black batman be gay as Bruce Wayne and his “ward” Robin, the Boy Wonder, obviously were?

  5. Dan Dare should make a return. Surely that can’t be offensive, mind you I know a few slap heads that look like Mekons.

  6. Anyone read EERIE? Great stuff! Nudity, bloody, expletives. No woke shit.

  7. Why don’t the cunts invent new superheroes and make them black, then see how popular they are with the comic reading nerds.

    Base one on St George of Floyd, drug addict by night, petty criminal by day.

    Batman is Bruce Wayne, white man with no tinge of black, yellow or any other colour.

    • You beat me to it. Indeed, they should just fucking make their own superheroes.

      But they won’t because nobody will give a fucking toss about ‘Chiggunman”. Put a dark key playing ‘Superman’ though and the franchise instantly generates media attention.

      And the media will say it’s fucking great, of course. They said the lezza version of Ghostbusters was good, remember? Fucking worst film I’ve seen in years.

      With these woke remakes, they make out you’re an Adolf if you don’t like the film.

      Make something original instead, you fucking cunts. Nobody will give a fuck though, will they?

  8. I dont get it. Kids films have taken over. They obviously have all the stories of Shakespeare and Westerns but with the tragedy of some twat elevated over everything else. Its embarrassing twaddle even if wasername johnson is in a tight suit. Meanwhile in China its all historical action bringing a 5000 year old bunch of bollocks as the way forward in the 21st century. Well done Hollywood, you could almost be accused of destroying America for the Chinese dollar, just like the NFL and the Premier league.

  9. Why can’t Batman be a P@kî or perhaps have their own superhero?

    Dr. Shi-ite
    Captain Urdu
    Binder Blewitup
    The Amazing Smelly

    I’m sure it would be a blast.

    Seriously it’s like a bad Dead Or Alive song at this point. Read the rules. WP won’t pick up everything, but I will. Believe me, the more I have to randomly edit posts for racial slurs the more pissed off I get. – DA

    • Admin, you seem to be focussing your anger on my posts so could you elucidate? How do we refer to a person from Pakistan? You have changed P a k î into P@ki which lexically is the same. Can we say P@ki stani in one word? You don’t seem to object to Parking Stanley yet that seems more offensive. Is it the letter change, which many on here use, that’s annoying, i.e. pîkēy?

      I’ve literally no idea who you are. I’m trying to not get us banned from WP for hate speech, changing a letter or using a different word enables plausible deniability. – DA

      • I’ve no idea who you are either though that’s all immaterial.

        The rules are still opaque as to iwhat’s allowed. Thanks anyway.

        Hi, allow me to introduce myself, I’m DA. In accordance to the rules we don’t allow blatant racial slurs here. – DA

  10. Why not miss out the middleman, cut to the chase, and make them all fucking Chinese? Bluce Way Nee, slanty eyed, short-arsed billionaire – living in Wuhan with a secret lab full of bats.

    • Comics often have a message,
      “With great power comes great responsibility” (Spiderman)
      Or a warning
      (Dont make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when im angry) the Hulk.
      A moral line to impart to the young readers.
      But not that cunt Batman!
      One law for the rich one for ordinary people!
      If I dressed in black rubber and a mask , and adopted a young lad dressed him in green undercrackers and a cape and invited him to a cavern,
      Social services would be all over me!
      But billionaire Bruce Wayne?
      Commissioner Gordon turns a blind eye.

      • “Holy Wisdom, Batman! Are these crotchless studded leather hot pants really necessary for crimefighting?”.

      • I agree Miles.
        All dicky bow and clipped accent on the surface,
        Pierced nipples and butt plug.

  11. Couldn’t we get a Batperson with huge norks in a VERY tight batcostume? I could relate to that.

  12. Seriously, the next person today who tries to get around the word filter will annoy me – DA
    I thought they had their own woke version in Wakanda?
    Will all the villains suddenly turn into YT? Ertha Kitt was a very good Catwoman, as was Halle Berry in the movie. Woke “culture” wants to change everything to hide the fact there is more Culture in a Yoghurt.

  13. I wasn’t allowed comics as a kid, except for the terminally tedious Eagle. Which appears to have morphed into the even more tedious Aquila, for some reason aimed at the customers of Private Eye – full page ad, fortnightly.

    The Eagle’s sole action hero was Dan Dare. Who would nowadays be Obungalungo Olabango, Nigerian, trans, homonormative unmale with regendered cunt, pronouns zit, zits, but was then a splendid chap, reworked from Biggles. Though his ugly, green disabled foe, the Mekon, and his army of Treens, would today be the heroes as they were visibly underprivileged, in which case Dare would have to remain a white colonial enslaver and imperialist.

    What was I wanting to say before I went off on that tack? Oh, yes. Being deprived of interesting comics has made me comically challenged. I am looking for compo and recognition of us marginalised and oppressed victims of tiger parents. Please contribute to my crowdfunded appeal.

      • Nah. Digby was a comic OopNorth stereotype, and in those days one didn’t bugger plebs from Bolton. Appen.

  14. Fuck me, there’ll be making Biffa Bacon, Eight Ace, Mrs Brady (Old Lady, and Finbarr Saunders black next.

    • Ive still got a Tarzan annual somewhere in the wardrobe,
      From the early 70s.
      The cover depicts Tarzan an some ape mates fighting wolves.
      Tarzan is stabbing one with a big knife and one of the apes is snapping a wolfs neck!!
      Imagine that now?
      Kids would piss the bed and go into therapy.
      Parents too.

    • Viz was turning into The Grauniad with Tourettes when I last read one.
      And to think that John Fardell predicted the rise of middle class snowflakes with The Modern Parents…

      • Look around Wembley Stadium tonight and you’ll see Malcolms and Cressidas all over the shop.

  15. It’s right he should be Black as bats are black and non to pretty, also why not create a new Hero for the majority of the U.K population according to adverts.
    “Munkey Boy” and who should play him? Non other than Jamaica’s best striker, Raheem Sterling.!

  16. The only comics worth reading are “The Fabulous Fury Frwak Brothers”-their “Idiots Abroad” trilogy is a masterpiece, “Nard n’ Pat” by Jay Lynch and anything by the genius Robert “Mr Sketch-um” Crumb👍

      • Absolutely Norm👍
        Early(ish) Viz-favourite stories of mine were:

        Balsa Boy
        The thieving Gypsy Bastards
        Modern Parents

        Now horrendously woke☹️

      • Brown Bottle was always my favourite cape-crusading crime fighter.


        Fucking legend.

  17. Getting very close to just driving off a cliff edge and ending it all. Honestly, is nothing to be left alone?

  18. Haven’t seen a comic or superhero film/programme since I was eight or nine. Happy to keep it that way.
    However, I am happy to quote Homer Simpson, who said.
    “ If the ‘Flintstones’ taught us anything; it is that- you can stir a tin of paint with a pelican”.

  19. Dunna dunna dunna dunna
    Dunna dunna dunna dunna


    • After a good bashing a criminal asks, “who are you?”

      The DC MARVEL character says in a menacing voice, “I’m OVER APPROPRIATED BLACK/WOMEN/TRANS/BI/GAY/NON BINARY, MAN!”

      Criminal replys, “I wondered why, only my arse hurts”.

  20. Not the same genre, but the Beano is going very woke to the extent of feeling like a different comic, with boring black and wheelchair bound characters, and wimpy walter now having a backbone by not being soft anymore. The Dandy seems relatively untouched, but the character art is being fucked with, now and again.

    SAD TIMES…..

  21. RIP DC comics and go fuck yourself

    The soyboys will eat this up like a shit sandwich and smile. Gotham city is a white city always has been. I knew this was next after making a black batwoman tv show and a half black jim Gordon in the new shitty looking batman film

    Its horrible decision but whatever cunts at WB/DC can eat shit and die for all I care

  22. I remember collecting Iron Man and Fantastic Four comics in the noneties as a hopeless dork. I grew out them in my early twenties. I know the business has gone woke as fuck through various nerds i know but they’ve been shit for years; kill off characters then bring them back in stupid contrived re-tellings to bump up sales.
    It’s lame childish bollocks, isn’t it.

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