Toyah Willcox (3)

Toyah Suckcocks again for this weird ear fucking that she seems to want to torture everyone with that voice and the new tit job, I reckon it’s time for this talentless loon to seek professional help.

Fuck off Toyah you tuneless twat, no one wants to see or hear you anymore, bollocks in the 80,s and much worse now, it’s a bit late in the day for a midlife crisis, but do us all a favour, buy a Harly or a Porsches, fuck guy a quarter of your age and leave those with ears and eyes to enjoy life…..

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

68 thoughts on “Toyah Willcox (3)

  1. Toyah is a thomewhat (see what I did there?😀) harmless creature, not a fan of her music myself but each to their own.
    Right, time for a bike ride

    • This lisping attention seeking old cunt sets my teeth to grinding and curdles my shite.
      Demanding, showbiz fake punk,
      Teamed up with her long suffering fella, just enjoy your dotage you had your 15minutes, now sling your hook.
      She thinks she’ll get offers to revive her career,
      Probably be on that ‘im a celebrity get me out of here’.
      Get the cunt sectioned and gives us some peace.

      Can leave her tits though!
      Ill have them as earmuffs.

      • “Probably be on that ‘im a celebrity get me out of here’”

        Always thought it should called …
        ” I’m a cunt, get me in there! “

  2. Still attention whoring after all these years, must be drawing her pension by now. I remember her as a fat slag in that dreadful film Jubilee. Turned out most punks just liked dressing up.

    • Well shes pleased as fuck with them!!
      Like Roy Castle with his fucking trumpet or Lionel Blair tapdancing,
      Slightest excuse.

    • Some confused old duffer that she found wandering outside the Secure Home for Geriatric Sex-Pests probably.

      Good Morning,Lord C.
      Good Morning,All.

    • That’s Robert Fripp of King Crimson My Lord.
      who’s looking more like the type of old cunt that gets caught wanking near the play area in the Park. Very creepy bloke indeed.

      • Old Fripp now looks like the tortoise from Creature Comforts. Hugely talented man, all the same.

      • I agree Paul. King Crimsons first 4 albums were brilliant. He is a musical genius.

      • And he collaborated brilliantly with Bowie in his Berlin period, notably that signature guitar on Heroes” and “Fashion”. Toyah though, isn’t she Desmond Wilcox’s daughter? Hop aborad the nepotism express darlin’. That was before Wilcox married the evil witch Esther Rancid btw.

    • The ghoulish guitarist is actually dead and is propped up for effect.

    • The cunt with the guitar is her husband, Robert Fripp. He’s only a guitarist in one of the most successful rock bands of all time, so not worth whining about.

  3. Toyah Wilcox….encouraging other tedious old trouts to imagine that anyone still gives a fuck about them.

    That fucking Sinitta’ll be next,shaking her saggy old arse while demanding that a “Macho” man service her…try Simon Cowell again,love….He is,of course, a real “woman-pleaser” and not one of the Philip Scofield Section.

    • I reckon Cowell had ‘One Direction’ lining up like little chickies, mouths gaping open for the worm.

    • Same here, Terrence! I’d still have a go on it, and, ‘Thunder In The Mountains’ is a guilty pleasure…

      One arm in my coat, already.

      • You two will have to get in the queue behind me.

        A clip from my favourite movie


  4. Joe and Jill Biden pottering about in the kitchen with a clothes dryer over her head. Is that their close protection c3po in the back? Daft cunt.

      • Don’t know why this Bonnie Langford of rock annoys me so much?
        I honestly think if I spent a week in her company id make a attempt on her life.
        Even writing this im getting angrier.
        I know I should be ashamed and slightly worried but I fantasize about putting a carrier bag over her head and throttling her till she soils her knickers .
        They can put any of this on the review page or her tombstone.

        The lisping twat.

      • I’d arranged a foursome for Tuesday next, with her and Shania.
        I’ll cross your name off the list.
        I’ll muddle through.
        Morning, MNC.
        Morning, all.

      • you should take a leaf out of my book MNC; I have absolutely no fucking idea who she is.

      • Unfortunately Mickey I haven’t the luxury of being unaware of her.
        You even watch the Pink Panther films?
        Where the brilliant Herbert Lom’s chief inspector Dreyfuss is slowly driven into a mental breakdown by the bumbling antics of Peter Sellers Closeau?
        Hysterical manic laughter,
        A severe nervous tic and squint,
        Weeping uncontrollably.
        Well Toyah does that to me.

  5. Toyah and Robert are growing old disgracefully. Fair play to them, I’d rather watch these two than Katie Price and her King Kong son, or yet another effnik singing shit at me that I can’t understand. Mrs K is of an excellent standard so I don’t need to go sniffing around, but if Toyah offered I’d let her wank me off. 😁

  6. Tuneless Tick
    Talentless Tick
    Tasteless Tick
    Tardy Tick
    Tort twat Tick
    Tits Tick, tick tick tick tick etc
    The old slapper maybe all of the above but she is forgiven in my eyes for those (don’t care if they’re fake tits)…Off to the bathroom now.

  7. I would still like to Bagpipe her while she fingers my arse and talks dirty with a lisp.
    She would bring me off in a matter of seconds , all over Roberts guitar. We could make him clear up afterwards, The fucking old Cuckold.

    • Dear Bertie

      Q. Hi! I’ve got a big problem: when I start playing guitar everything is alright but a few minutes later my fingers get sticky and their movement across the fretboard becomes more difficult. my sweat is corrosive and the strings of my guitar get rusty in only a few sessions.
      Does anybody have the same problem or know any solution?
      A: Dear Dave, The answer is to simply save your wank until the end of each session.You’re attempting too much all in one go.

  8. Fucking hell, combo of spellchecker and whisky I think when I put up this nom, but honestly why doesn’t someone stop her, is this going to become a constant problem, I assumed she was bored due to lock down.
    Now I’m starting to fear this may become a regular ear fucking and now to join them there is a yodelling pizza and an add that’s even worse, they are all going oooh, fuck knows what it’s for but it boils my piss to the point where I want to throw my whisky glass at the telly…..

    • Once the gates of hell are open
      Theres no closing them Fugly .

      Old Fripp should heed the advice of the ghostly bartender in The Shining.

      ‘her behaviour is making a fool of you mr Fripp if I may be so bold.
      She needs to be…dealt with.’
      RED RUM

      • MNC@ – Once a thousand years Toyah has to visit the realm of the living to feed, luckily she left Gomez and Morticia behind and just brought Uncle Fester! 😀👍

      • Morning Foxy
        Ive got to say, if I was a judge and old Fripp stood trembling in the dock before me,
        Having administered ‘natural justice’ to Toyah,
        Id see it for what it was .
        A mercy killing.
        Id take pity and give him a weeks community service.
        But probably fine her heavily.

  9. Nah, Toyah is in fine shape for a woman her age. I would love to do those plastic titties and leave her with Freddie’s special pearl necklace. I don’t know why but she strikes me as a bird who would appreciate that sort of thing. It’s not all about me.

    • Freddie, you’re the epitome of a considerate gentleman; something of a rarity outside of IsAC.

    • Yes Freddie. I bet poor old Robert has to bring a never ending supply of homeless men and dingy peacefuls to service her insatiable appetite.
      I can see him now at Dover looking in their mouths and checking their bodies out like some kind of slave market. The sort of things that wealthy perverts indulge in.

  10. Sorry, I can’t agree, Mr Fugly.

    Toyah used to be a talent less media whore back in the day. Now, however, she has blossomed into a magnificent and exotic creature. There is a genuine timelessness about her. Nothing to do with her tits, obviously.

    Good morning, everyone.

  11. Am I the only one on this site that would fuck her rigid given the chance ?

    Oh….I am

    • No, you’re not. Get in the queue behind Unkle Terry, Freddie and myself for starters and wait your fucking turn.

  12. Became a punk thtraight out of thtage thcool. No talent whatsoever. She would fit seeemlessly into today’s pop scene.
    The bloated shite of the likes of King Crimson is what stirred the shitshow of plastic punk into life in the first place.
    The picture has given me half a teacake though.

  13. That lisp always did it for me. With or without the tits (I have watched closely and they seem to be natural? Unless medical science has finally progressed to the point of bionic titties? It’s a shame Hawking didn’t live to see them…)

  14. She’s been shit from her first so called song. Why do silly old tarts like this insist on embarrassing themselves, and us, with this sort of shameless shit? Just fuck off and have some dignity. At least Kim Wilde has taken up gardening and hasn’t debased herself…..yet.
    And she was better looking.

  15. Toyah is a fairly harmless eccentric. She wants to pretend it’s still the 80’s and she’s still a star. Good luck to her. Great pair of plasti-titties.

  16. Mad old bint, and I’m reliably informed quite nice in person.

    I rather like her, although not her music I hasten to add.

  17. I’d knock the granny out of it and her husband is welcome to play the accompanying music. It would have to be a short tune mind.

  18. She never was any good. Middle clarse art school/drama school crap masquerading as punk and then that new romantic twaddle. File alongside Joe ‘Trust Fund’ Strummer and those ‘Bromley Contingent’cunts.

  19. She and that japanese car manufacturer are missing a trick. They should honour her with naming their next vehicle.
    The new Toyota Willcox.

    A Greatest Hits CD free with every purchase. 🙂

  20. As a cunt in the U.S. I’ve never heard of her but as far as I can tell from the Is-a-cunt noms and comments she is desperately trying to prove to the World that she is something more than a pair of tits.

    But she’s not.

  21. Toyah cannot sing for toffee. Her music is not to my taste either.

    Regardless, I admire her for doing her own thing and not really giving a fuck what people think.

    A true individualist and eccentric. Such traits should be applauded.

    Therefore, I cannot condone this cunting in its entirety.

  22. I think that her name should be pronounced
    “Toyah-paper” ,preferably used and encrusted with shit
    Why is the ugly gonk so famous ?
    It’s a mystery to me,the boring ugly untalented jamrag.

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