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What a shower of shite this organisation is. Fucking dreadful and seemingly unaccountable, unless you go through a long long winded process that saps not only your strength but will to live.

Now they posted a new phone a couple of years ago to the wrong address, left it in my green house. I don’t have a green house. After months of wrangling I got a sorry claim off the senders insurance.

Last Saturday they couldn’t be bothered to post my parcel very small guitar gadget but left the collect from the depot next working day shite. This morning I go down arrive at 9am to read that it was open 7am-9am and will not open until 8am-10am Tuesday. What the fuck!!

Open for 2 hours just after dawn. Do these cunts think we are all postmen/milkmen. See the link for times verified.

Utter cunts.

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  1. This is standard- same deal round here, on the other side of the country
    Lots of times I’d get a parcel Monday , but due to having to go to work I wouldn’t get to pick it up until the following Saturday
    They are surly, unhelpful cunts who act like you are inconveniencing them with impertinent questions when you make an enquiry
    No wonder all those polish people are delivering parcels in collaboration with corner shops
    Really sad when you see what the Royal Mail used to be like in old literature or films

  2. What worries me, is the number of Post Offices now run /managed by those of a fondness for carpet kissing, “Free Return” means “Free Return” and the £5 handling charge is plain daylight robbery.

  3. Royal Mail workers have a talent of knowing how much money is inside your grandson’s birthday card, pilfering cunts!!!!

    • Fuck me, how true that is. Having received letters and parcels all my life, the only ones that became ‘accidently’ open were the very same ones containing kids birthday money. How fucking coincidental.
      I took the matter up once with the P.O. and after weeks of letter exchanges I received a postman pat moneybox for one of the kids.
      How fucking ironic I wrote you send me a moneybox.

    • Back in the old days some staff in my local office had a scam going when you could mail your bets to the bookmakers. They waited until the result then put a postmark on the envelope dated the previous day. Worked great until they were caught and sacked on the spot. Devious unhelpful cunts and nothing has changed, seen many drop the red card through the door then bolt down my fucking path.

  4. Our local post office is ace and so is our postman. No problems sending or receiving mail nationwide either. I’ll get my coat.

    • Ruff tuff please read link opening times 7 9 am. Who the fuck gets up then to go into town to main depot just to collect a parcel. Oh that’s right a fucking postman. Apparently it’s happening a national level. Even the fella at the depot said it was madness. Staff are in there till 5 pm everyday. Cunts

      • 7am-9am Opening time to collect a parcel and it is on a national level.

        My story is a little worse though as after finding out that is the opening time I went up there on at 7am Wednesday to collect a parcel and found on Wednesday it doesn’t open at all!

        Lesson learned, I just rebooked online and since then have had no problems.

  5. Years ago you got two deliveries a day now it’s one and it’s at 4 pm. Too many Hamilton’s in the post office.

  6. A lot of the posties around here are wimminz.
    The depot staff are surly bastards.

    I have also noticed that more and more peacefuls are buying post offices-the last time I used a post office was to send a fairly large/heavy item-the peaceful running it overcharged me.
    The cunt👎

    I only really went in to purchase tax discs-taxing online does have some benefits👍

    • My local is manned by Sikhs. Have to say they give excellent service. Mudslimes should be banned from being Sub Postmasters. The temptation to slip a bomb into a parcel is too great for them.

      • When I was living in Brum my local PO was run by a Sikh family, and they were extremely helpful, polite and hard-working.

        Compare and contrast to the Mudslimes, and to a lesser extent some British cunts who run Post Offices. Shifty, unhelpful arrogant cunts to a man.

      • We used to have a young postwoman in our area who delivered the mail at 10.25am every morning. You could set your watch by her. Since she left it’s been chaos. I got a delivery the other evening at ten to six. As long as it arrives, I suppose.

      • Slightly off topic but must say my experience of working with sikhs matches yours, MMCM. In the nineties I worked alongside a young sikh guy whose family came here after being expelled by Idi Amin. His father died shortly after their arrival. Rav was conspicuously sikh with the turban, the beard and the iron bracelets. He was quite clear that working hard was the only way to live and any form of dishonesty appeared to be a foreign concept to him. Hope you’re keeping well Rav.

      • I don’t want to sound prejudiced or nuffin but I think Sikhs are great.

    • Seemed to recall at the time that doing away with the paper tax discs saved DVLA around £10m.

      The downside for DVLA was that in the first year they reported £100m fall in revenue.

      Useless cunts.

  7. It annoys me no end when the leave one of their stupid “sorry we missed you” notes and the direct you to attend a collection centre 30 miles away which is only open between 3 and 4 am on the second Thursday of every month. indeed. Cunts.

  8. The RM pissed me off when they started charging for letters and parcels based on weight and size.

    Weighing a letter/parcel at home was no big deal as a guide. But when it comes to the dimensions, well its anyone’s guess because on the RM website it has to be measured down the last centimetre (ie. a letter has to be less than 100g, no longer than 24cm long, no greater than 16.5cm wide and no greater than 5mm thick)

    Who the fuck has got the time or patience for that bollocks? So you have to trek down to the local PO (assuming you can still find one locally), and stand inline and be prepared to be ripped off by Abdul behind the counter and his “calibrated” weighing machine.

    And then the RM have the affront to increase prices because fewer people are using them!

  9. My local posties are spot on – reliable, friendly and helpful.
    After working perfectly well for a long time and returning good profit to the State Royal Mail got split into various sub divisions to make privatisation more financially attractive – Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Post Office Counters etc, and then the Post Office Counters bit has been farmed out to WH Smith so when I go to the local Post Office it is in the back part of WH Smiths, usually has one WH Smiths employee working and a queue of people as the three other counters are unmanned – a wholly unnecessary and frustrating waste of my working time, and as plenty of WH Smith staff are PO counter trained I do not know why they they just don’t get more people on the counters – anyone who has been to any WH Smiths will know they are overpriced ghost towns where the staff spend most of their time doing little or nothing as there are so few customers.
    Royal Mail and Parcelforce have managed to “lose” or break quite a number of my items, the compensation bit is hard work as the website is unreliable so now if I have a problem I just bounce it to the CEO’s office of Royal Mail with a request to pay up – that may sound a bit OTT but business is business and it is the only guaranteed way someone will get off their butt and sort it with any degree of speed and efficiency.
    Service has deteriorated significantly since Royal Mail began to get chopped up for profit – as with most of our national assets.

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