Sparkletits & Fuckwit Harry (10)

So Megan Sparkle and Harry the ginger cheque signer have announced the birth of Megan’s leverage for maintenance payments in court, they have called this future gold digger/fuckwit/cunt Lillibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor, just so there is no mistaking she, s royalty, just in case the ginger fuck monkey is banished from the family.

So it can’t be long now before grand master plan kicks in, sparkle tits has suffered the white pork sword with special sauce, so if there no more to be screwed out of monkey boy, it’s going to be divorce time, followed as many books as she can publish about how difficult it is being a single black mother and all the hardships she has had to endure at the hands of the royals and the scummy British public…

Betts please fellow cunters I’m going with a year from now

Nominated by: Fuglyucker 

63 thoughts on “Sparkletits & Fuckwit Harry (10)

    • One of the best columnists around. Not afraid to say it as it is. Great shame but I expect she’ll find a new home. As for the Torygraph it’s becoming staid and boring and increasingly restricting comments (particularly on articles about Mad Meg and the Hostage) because it’s afraid to hear what it’s readership really thinks. Cunts.

    • Only sensible thing I’ve heard in the media for weeks – they didn’t ought to have sacked her she should have been promoted to head of strategy!

  1. More accurate naming would be:

    Lil’-bitch Dis’ Mouthfulla Chiggun


    Lil’ chance o’being a Windsor


    Lil’ bit o dis’ Hewitt

    A curse on the house of Saxe-Coburg Gotha.
    These two cunts are🤔

    • Lillibet is a very strange name but apparently it was a nickname for queen Elizabeth II by royal family

      Its attention seeking thats forsure and the middlename Diana come on now ffs

      • This afternoon Royal sources at Buck House are saying that HMTQ didn’t give permission to use the name Lillibet in direct contravention of what Megain and Half-Wit have said.

    • I don’t believe that’s the kids real name either
      Remember this was a cunt who went on Oprah and claimed to have been officially married secretly before the televised pish we saw in our screens. This then apparently was a lie as well and there was no prior official / legal wedding. More like it was a rehearsal but the dumb bitch didn’t realise that’s what it was. Not that they s roastie needed a rehearsal as it wasn’t her first rodeo.

      Harry could have netted Pippa Middleton before this vulture swooped in and also there was a royal correspondent who was in the fringes who had shadowed Harry around the world for years prior to him meeting markle. After she got her claws in, Harry strangely turned on this correspondent in public. Me-again probably ordered him to do it…

  2. Oh the joy of another round of ‘we want our privacy’ closely followed by yet another gold digging spread of the new ginger baby.

    Where is Oprah Kerching.

    Pair of cunts!

  3. Once and for all – this cunt is not a Royal. He is Halfwit Hewitt. The queen should demand a blood /DNA test. The cunt is an impostor, an imposterio,an imposterino. The dozy twat has ruined his life because this gold digging harpy will take him for every penny even after their marriage is dead in the dust.
    All we, that’s us, can do is hope these two useless articles and their offspring stay 8000 miles away in California. They’re no loss to Britain or the real Royal family. In fact it’s a blessing the hopeless cunt has stormed off in the huff and married a plastic cunt and is now residing in the most plastic insincere state in the USA. Hollywood luvvies, illegals, woke blm/antifa loving retards, yip they will fit in beautifully .

    • He is cuntstruck we have all been there, at least the blokes on this site have, apart from one or two of course.

  4. If the cunts think they are currying the favour of Her Maj and the British public by naming the baby after the Queen, they can think again. A pair of cunts so self obsessed they are in danger of disappearing up their own assholes.

    • Apparently the Queen is not amused. It has been reported today that the Hewitts failed to consult her before appropriating her childhood nickname.

      • The pair of them seem unable to make any sensible decision. Calling the sprog Lilibet is possibly the most crass of all their dubious decisions. A more blatant attempt to rejoin The Firm is hard to imagine yet it has not be received with enthusiasm by anyone.

      • Her Majesty the queen: “Orrrrff with their heads”.

        I’m sure like most things, Harold and Megatron rent props for publicity photos, then give them back.

        Megatron: On the phone. “Hello, is that Rent-A-Baby? Money is drying up. We need a baby to boost publicity.”

      • All too predictably it has been reported that the cunts have run to their lawyers who have written to ABBC complaining the story that Brenda wasn’t consulted to be ‘defamatory’.

        Which of course adds further fuel to the fire. The stupid cunts really should stick to the ages old mantra of “Never Complain / Never Explain”

    • They want nothing from the Royal Family other than:-

      the titles
      the prestige
      the entitlement
      the money
      the connections

      Apart from that, what have the Royal Family ever done for them?

  5. What a sad debacle, no wonder this country is becoming a laughing stock. This endless shite from the no publicity tickers. Taking the fucking knee in honour of some drugged up eejit in America. Having an immigration policy that is equal to none and worse than all. Cannot understand why anyone would find any inspiration in a two bit actress and a person who almost failed an art A level. All that’s needed now is an outbreak of interstellar anal probing of z list slebs dutifully reported by MSM and the deed is done, the seals will open and the horsemen will ride except they won’t because they are breaking equality legislation.

    • They ought to have their own “sticky” so we can ignore it and them – what a pair of cunts, just when you thought they couldn’t actually sink any lower, they open up a hole new basement.

  6. It’s a good job they’ve got all those nannies, servants and assorted flunkies because you shouldn’t have children left in the care of two cunts with such extreme, self declared mental elf problems, bordering on suicide. That’s, of course, if you believe a single fucking word that emerges from the cake holes of this lying, self centred, money grabbing pair of revolting fakes.
    They disgust me and the Royals and this country are well shot of the cunts. I give it eighteen months, tops, before she gets rid of the boring little cuckold.
    He can fucking stay over there with his new wokie friends, we don’t want the prick back here.

    • Ron, my man!!

      Great to hear from you at long last and looking forward very much to your now essential Scoop on what’s really going on.

      Cheers mate 👍🏻

      • Hello Isaac.
        I’m afraid that I’ve been hammered by a variety of very unpleasant and painful ailments these last few months, which have either kept me pretty much flat on my back or getting hospital treatment.
        I’m still waiting on the results of various tests so fingers crossed, but I’m just starting to feel like my old self.

      • Ron, I am heartened by your return but dismayed to learn that you’re under the weather. I trust that you’ll soon be as ashen faced and tight lipped as you were the 1970s.
        Great to hear from you.

  7. What is the difference between the Duchess of Hewitt and Diana, Princess of Wales?

    The Duchess of Hewitt’s children have the same father.

  8. Such a blatant ploy to assure continuation of the munificent avalanche of cash from their association with the Royal Family.

    Why didn’t they put in any names from Sparkletits side? Lilibet Honey-Child Megain ColSanders CrispyChiggun Windsor would be a more balanced moniker.

    • I suggest we arrange a collection and send the baby a chiggin-stick mobile to entertain it in its cot.

  9. Apparently there will be beacons lit in UK for the regal festivities next year.
    I would suggest that the first beacon should be a quadruple burning at the stake, of Halfwit, Sparkletits and their offspring.

  10. What a coffee coloured pukefest.
    Mad Me Gain has her hard glittering little eyes on the US Presidency and is consolidating a social media presence, back story, money and support in preparation and the way America and the world in general is falling into madness the mental self serving narcissist skank might even do it.
    A truly divisive and potentially dangerous individual IMO.
    “2028, and President Markle takes office as the first ever mixed race XYZ gender single birthing and nurture they – declares being white and Male a criminal offence”..
    Cunning, self serving, ambitious and will stop at nothing.

    • Hi Vernon,

      2028 is going to be interesting. If Sleepy Jo lasts until February 2023 then Camel Toe Harris only gets one go at running for President viz 2024. If he goes before then she can stand again in 2028. Can you imagine the bitch fight between the 2 of them?

      • Wanksock@ – I can well imagine mattress back Harris and Queen Me Gain tearing pieces out of each other – it would be most excellent sport! 😀👍

  11. So, Meghan Locust has named her spawn after someone she accused of being racist? And what happened to the parasite and her pet Orangutan being black and proud? I thought the brat would be named Georgina Floydette Grenfell Oprah Rastas Chiggen. Obvious why the Locust (Hewitt will have no say whatsoever in this marriage. Never has done) named her Lillibet, titles, status and money. A divorce bonanza and a meal ticket. Simple as that.

    The woke dribblers will bleat ‘But… But… Not her own daughter! She wouldn’t do that!’ Wanna fucking bet? The phantom ‘miscarriage’ and the Oprah mudslinging have shown how dirty she can play. When the time comes, the Locust will make Heather Mills McCartney look like a saint and little Lillibet will be cash cow number one. Guaranteed.

  12. Baby Damage Control – how utterly shameless.

    I did laugh about the review of Megpain’s book – a semi-literate vanity project that contains 37 words. How do you call that a book? Its already on offer at WH Smith.

  13. Harry Hewett the half blood prince and the Princess of spades.
    I hope King Charles the Third orders his step son to be banished from our fair Kingdom and sends HMS Elizabeth to take Meghan back to her people in Africa.
    The children can be given to a remote Catholic orphanage on the west coast of Ireland..

  14. I hear this silly ginger cockwombles is taking 5 months paternity leave WTF does this useless cunt do that Warrants fucking paternity leave, maybe its because cafe ole has demanded he puts down his X Box controller to look after the brats as no fucking nannies will go near this pair of retards.
    Anyway 5 month is probably how long it take to get the list of demands for the divorce sorted.
    Normally I would feel. Sorry for and ball less wonder in this predicament, but not this silly twat, I just hope once he, s been wrung out like an orange sponge he doesn’t intend coming back here, how fucking embarrassing would that be for him….. Silly soppy wanker

  15. I gave the whole spectacle 2 and a half years from marriage to separation with 2 kids so I’m not doing too badly. How long have I got left or have they been married longer now?

      • Oh dear, the ‘Beeb’ going to war with one of their sacred BAME pets? There’s a thing, eh? Woke shite being sued by woke shite. Hope it all ends horribly for both of them.

  16. I switched off to this pair of lying cunts long time ago. Things really went in a dark & downward spiral once Me-again got the claws in and took on of killary Clinton’s mates PR companies in a bid to allegedly repair their broken image but really it was to sack off royals own PR people and gain more control. This was way back before they left UK and two months before Archie was born. My opinion is that markle is a Clinton deepstate plant (either aware or played by them as a useful idiot the way she’s playing Harry) participating in a mission destroying the fabric of the royal family from within and poor Harry couldn’t smell the cunt for the smell of pussy. Where were his wingmen mates who should have alerted the cunt to the wrong direction he was taking?

    Do you think had she not kidnapped Harry and went stateside that she would have had Oprah come over and do that interview at Frogmore Cottage? She needed the distance of the Atlantic between her & Buckingham palace as she was too cowardly to even try. The UK media also fell hook, line & sinker for this cunt and I spotted the signs way back when she went out on tour meeting the whoree and giving them out bananas with messages of inspiration written on them in Sharpie pen. Wonder woman f her and Garry have been visiting the whores on the streets of California with some bananas?

    The Clinton’s have always fucking hated the royals and more so since Liz hosted trump not just once but two state visits. Hilary was so pissed that you may recall she jumped on a plane to get here just weeks before Trump did and try her best at a smear campaign on him and aggravate hatred and mobilise lefty snow flakes in time for the trump visit and our media were all compliant giving her airtime galore especially the BBC. One of the worst ones was where she was on that leprechaun cunt Norton’s show. Not surprising seeing this unfunny cunt opened every show for months with an unfunny gag about Brexit, Theresa May and Trump in varied order since the referendum result and when May & Trump were confirmed as country government leaders. I noticed a pattern developed over the recent years of the kind of guest / cunt his show generally attracted. Even on occasion there was ever a guest of interest, the little leprechaun fucking ruined it so I actually gave up watching it regardless of guests.. Should have stuck to being a talk / guest show host and cut out the attempts at comedy.

    I predicted years ago on twitter she would need two little cheque books for cash to keep her in her choice of lifestyle after she ditches Hewitt. The royals should just get Jeremy Kyle to do a talkshow for them where DNA unveils the truth and the royal family cut both of these cunts loose for good.

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