The Conservative party (2)

What the fuck happened them?

We have a Tory revolt over cutting foreign aid. Which is in effect pissing tax payers money up against a wall in Pakistan, fucking India and anywhere you like in Africa.
We have all this green bollocks – gas boilers banned, electric cars – with no notion of how we are going to power it all.
Drax power station is still getting a £billion or so pa subsidy to burn wood pellets which increases CO2, pollution and particulates.
Woke bullshit is tolerated and in some cases taken on board. (we had a fucking tory minister who was prepared to allow the trannies to chose thier sex on a whim, although she has fucked off. For now)
The race baiters havent been told to fuck off – surely we have a Tory MP, particularly outside the M25 prepared to call the fuckers out?
Dinghy cunts are arriving in their hundreds.
They cave in to a fucking tax avoiding footballer.
Twitter seems to matter more than the dull cunts (like me) that put them in power.

This is not what I voted for.

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I’ll second that. Its not the conservative party though Its the Tory party. Two completely different things. The Tory party is the most successful political party in history. It doesn’t give a shit about anything ,including Conservatism, if its not in its interest of gaining and keeping power for its donors. Hence Eton has gone woke and HS2.

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  1. The Conservative party aka new new Labour. Weaker than a woke herbal tea. Cunts

  2. I spent five minutes spoiling my ballot paper at the last General election, with some choice words for both major parties.

    I would however have voted Conservative had I thought the Labour candidate might win. Same with everyone else I know, they vote for the lesser of the two evils.

      • To be fair, the Tories are still considerably less evil than Labour. But the current Tory administration takes some beating for its lack of vision.

  3. They love trotting out the 0.7 of GDP as if that has anything to do with tax. 15 billion isnt pocket change. Its £1,000,000,000 x 15. I know the Tory party likes to shell out £1,000,000,000 x 100 to their donors for the corrupt and pointless HS2 scheme when they could spend about a £1,000,000,000. Stopping the invaders crossing English channel. The answer is they dont want to. They are just another left wing party bringing ruin on the normal people with their insane Carbon nuetral bullshit which will cost £1,000,000,000,000 x ? They havnt got any fucking money. Its ours and our great,great grand childrens money. CUNTS.

  4. Bunch of cunts, weak as fuck. With that kind of majority The Jellyfish should be kicking wokie arse left, right and centre. Let’s face it , if you gave him a choice between chocolate digestives and Penguins the cunt would be dithering and blabbering, taking advice from every cunt under the sun. I reckon it’s Gove and Carrie Antoinette who are running this country.
    I’d like to see someone give him a dig like that Macron maggot yesterday. Cunt.

  5. The conservatives can almost do what they want at the moment. A proper democracy requires an effective opposition and we don’t have one. The problem for us is that rather than leaning to the right, they’re lurching to the left. It’s a god awful state of affairs when a conservative prime minister panders to the left and minority groups.
    They’ll still win the next election though. What’s the alternative? And they fucking well know this. All they’re worried about is how much they win by.

  6. The only leader of the Conservative Party since Winston Churchill who had any balls was the Great Lady.

    Cameron is a cuck and John Major is a fucking eunuch.

  7. Anything but Labour. I hate myself every time I vote for the conservatives, it’s like a case of bad wankers’ guilt. Like the time I busted a nut over a tranny. To be fair, the big reveal wasn’t till the end of the vid and he sucked like a nannygoat so I just went with it. Anyway, that’s a bit like how I felt after voting conservative.

    The end.

  8. On the subject of 0.7% for foreign aid, Andrew Mitchell has been a fucking cunt when he went native as Secretary of State at DfID. He looks and behaves like one of those middle-class snobs from the Home Counties who thinks he is superior to everyone else and feels the urge to lecture anyone who doesn’t share his woke opinions. His feet should be shod in concrete boots and he should be tied to the bottom of one of those dinghies that are being paddled across the English Channel.

  9. £71 million to the rinkies, £6 billion to India, who have a space programme, and a submarine fleet.
    Why the fuck?? Needless to say, the hopeless old hunchback is one of the guilty…

    The world of politics again/still proving that it’s the least bad (NOT the best) who get voted in. Mind you, I don’t think I have EVER seen Liebore look so hopeless. Wokery has given them a lower bar to trip over.

  10. The Tory Party has been steadily going to the dogs since the resignation of Thatch the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. It’s still the best of a bad bunch, but only just. Most Tory’s haven’t got the guts to do what’s right if it’s unpopular. Thatcher, quite rightly, didn’t give a fuck if what she did was unpopular and was happy to be judged by results when the election came around. And she was usually right.

    But now the Tories have to be liked. So the Party has been taken over by Liberal Democrat’s, the worse examples of which were May, Cameron and Osborne. They became rabid Europhiles happy to sign away our sovereignty and to call the Eurosceptics in the party (who have kept the old flame of Conservativism alive) loons and fruitcakes. Then we get abominations like gay marriage, high spending and a war on landlords with unfair punitive taxes and now the Overseas Aid Budget. The modern Tory is Princess Nut Nuts, worrying over the environment and effniks.

    If there were a sensible alternative to these fake conservatives then I would vote for them. But there isn’t – just the useless UKIP who have become a bunch of nuts since Sir Nigel left.

    • With respect its “not the best of a bad bunch”. Its a party that has been in power for three hundred years that smells where money and power is going. Thats why Eton is woke.

      • I do agree. But it’s not just the Tories. All parties smell money, particularly when in power and they are able to dispense patronage. It was just as chronic under Blair as Cameron -the cunt who gave his hairdresser a gong. The only redeeming factor in the Conservatives is there are still some politician in it that are “old school” and want to push back against the Lib Dem’s in the Party – the “wets” as Thatcher witheringly called them. Let’s hope the better sort of Conservative will prevail.

      • Indeed – the entire West has been sucking CCP cock for a decade. Now the Chinks are going for the money shot and it’s making everyone sick.

    • TBH what is the point of voting any more? Whichever party of cunts is in power they’ll be pushing this green shit, immigration, etc, etc.

      The country voted for Brexit but got BRINO. Still got the cookie laws? Check. Still got unbridled immigration? Check. Still got foreign cunts hoovering up fish from our territorial waters? Check. Still dancing to the EU tune? Check.

      And then: Magic money tree borrowed from Labour Party? Check. Mega inflation and devaluation of Sterling on the way? Check. Historical values of the country flushed down the shitter? Check. Bend over backwards and open your ring piece for every woke cause that presents itself? Check.

      Someone, please tell me, just how the actual fuck could the Labour Party be any worse than the charlatans that call themselves the Conservative Party?

      Spot on nomination BTW👍

  11. “I think the puppet on the left shares my beliefs.” “I think the puppet on the right is more to my liking!” “Hey, there’s one guy holding up both puppets!”

    The so-called conservative party, the oldest political party in history, is nothing but the landed gentry of the past or the upper crust of current. It simply doesn’t give a fuck about you, the peasant.

    Political parties are nothing but buffers between us and the ruling class. Cunts paid to lie and obfuscate. Give us the illusion of choice.

    When it boils down to it, knowing them by their fruits, how do they perform? Abysmally. Every time. Dodgy deals, donors, corruption, and more besides.

    Democracy is a sham.

    • I’ll never vote for any of the current political parties ever again.
      Im not a natural tory anyway just anything but Corbynist Marxism.
      The conservatives are led by a liberal, and most have liberal outlooks.
      Whatever you vote its all the same,
      Pigs at the trough.
      Im without a party to represent me, they all say they will but they are just cock teasing.
      Privateers, snakeoil salesmen, and quacks to a man.

      • Indeed, MNC. This is the issue. And even if a bunch of upstanding fine gentleman, such as ISAC members, formed a new party.. how long until we got corrupted? I imagine our price would be quite low!

      • Im easily bought Chunky.
        And corrupt as any south American mayor.
        Politics isnt for me, makes me feel queasy.
        Think you have to be a sociapath for the that line of work?
        And while having my faults thats not one of them.
        Do you think you could do it?

      • Couldn’t do any worse. I’m as qualified as Bojo is, and have better hair.

        My first act would be to put out an emergency broadcast where I proceed to tell everyone why they’re cunts and why they should never ever vote again.

        Democracy solved.

    • Democracy not to your taste?

      What would be your preferred system of government – Fascist dictatorship, Commie totalitarianism, Theocracy, kleptocracy…. a gangster state of some description?

      “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” (Winston Churchill)

  12. I have listened to all sorts of shit spewed out about the cut in overseas aid, according to the woke half the world will die, at 0.5% the UK has moved for 2nd to 3rd on the league table of spaffing money into shitholes
    I don’t care if it was in the manifesto, people don’t vote for a party based on every single promise in a manifesto.

    At least some MPs are pissed off with the channel crossings, Edward Leigh in the commons ‘border force is now a taxi service for illegal immigrants’

    Most people voted to take back control of our money, laws and borders, this government is failing miserably on all three.


    • Agreed Sicky.
      Sometimes its just a single policy that makes or breaks a party.
      I wanted to be a country thats self governing not taking orders from some euro bandit in Brussels.
      A country that could salvage some semblance of England from the rubble.
      But thats a chance passed.
      Sold out by traitors.

      • I expect you made a slight error when filling in your email address. Or used a different email address altogether.

      • @RTC, you are probably right, I may have made a typing error…. not unusual for me 👍

  13. Really are a bunch of cunts, Pakistan gets a lot of British foreign aid, has done for years. Trying very very hard to see the benefit of all the money they have already trousered let alone what they are expecting. Becoming more and more obvious that the opinions of us who elect these shits are of no importance once the name is on the expense sheet. Hopefully the day will come when the bastards will feel the consequences of their traitorous behaviour, and all the other take a knee cunts as well

  14. “Foreign aid” is usually just a sweetener to some dodgy dictator or chancer or to to grease the wheels of an arms or business deal – and why the hell are we handing foreign aid to India and China?
    Corrupt and rotten to the core, and we should be spending NOTHING on foreign aid until our Country is sorted and have the attitude going forward of “where there’s a will there’s a way – crack on Johnny foreigner, no more racist whitey money for you”!
    Anyone voting against a reduction in foreign bribes, sorry, “aid” should be removed at the next GE – they can fuck off to one of the recipient Countries of our naive generosity and see if they can con their way into a well paid position there.

  15. Fuck foreign aid.
    Fuck Europe.
    Fuck the Tories.
    Fuck political bullshit.
    Fuck liars.
    Fuck the grasping foreign cunts.
    Fuck Doris.

    I wish Hitler had won the war.
    Fuck Off.

      • A manifesto I can get behind. Apart from the last bit about Hitler.

      • My parents believed it was worth fighting to preserve our nation’s freedom, and so do I. You don’t know you’re born.

      • Indeed. You thing things are bad now. There not. It would be Very, very bad if the Nazi’s had won.

      • Western Europe peopled with white, Western European’s.

        Engineering and industry thriving.

        Efficient nationalised services.

        A health service for the benefit of the populace, not foreign nationals.

        Etc, etc, etc….

        What’s not to like?

    • Putin’s the only hope now – never thought I’d say that but compared to these cunts he looks like Mr Sensible on steroids😁

      • At least Putin isn’t a declinist for his nation – unlike our politicians for the last 60 years, except Thatcher. He does the best he can to project his county and takes nothing lying down. The last time I checked the entire Russian economy was about the size of London’s economy. If Putin can act big why can’t our leaders develop some guts. Putin is a cunt though. So is Russia.

      • That’s all we need, a murderous kleptocratic, democracy denying mega-CUNT who’s been grinding (even pre-Covid) the Russian economy (now smaller than that of Italy or South Korea, ffs!) into the dirt.

        He cares for nothing but himself and the billions he has stolen from the Russian people who deserve him.

        The (not remotely gay) narcissist embodies the very antithesis of British values.

      • All politicians line their own pockets to a lesser, or greater, extent but Putin believes in his country and takes no shit. “Immigrants need Russia more than Russia needs immigrants so if they don’t like our culture and values we don’t want them here” [or words to that effect]. I wouldn’t care if Doris was creaming off millions to pay for solid gold plasterboard in his apartments if he took a similar stand.

      • I agree. Putin has been helped by the huge stockpile of nuclear weapons and armaments he inherited from the Soviet Union. But much of it is old, decaying technology now.

      • Thank you for agreeing to buy our submarine – would you like the nuclear middles left in it? 😁

      • I have had strong business dealings with people from Russia and people from Belarus, believe me you would not want to live in either country I can assure you.

  16. The Tory party have always touted themselves as the unflinching guardians of Britain’s history, heritage and culture.

    Not anymore obviously…

  17. With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue
    The only thing I ever got from you
    Was sorrow

    So sang David Bowie about Boris.
    If Ziggy stardust saw through him then so should we.

  18. The Labour Party
    The LibDumbs
    The Tories

    … and to a lesser extent, The Greens

    40+ years ago you more or less knew where each party stood on the political spectrum, even if you disagreed with their particular leaders/policies.

    But these days they’ve all shifted to the Left, with the Tories scared to be associated with anything remotely right of centre. In fact even been a centrist party is seen as a big no-no by the spin doctors. So the party has shifted to just left of centre, while trying to hold onto its party base.

    So given that the main parties have moved to the Left by various degrees it comes as no surprise that Boris has pissed off the very people who put him in a position of overwhelming power back in 2019. To the point where those very same hardcore voters might think again come the next election.

    Trouble is, other than spoiling your ballot paper, there’s fuck all else to vote for who could realistically form a government most of us want.

    Democracy in action

    Yeah, whatever

    • The left/right veneer is a tribalism we have to get over. Who cares what it says on the tin when the contents is still the same processed turd!

      Starmer is a globalist cunt.
      Boris is a globalist cunt, whose father has a minor eugenicist streak.
      Clegg, the last real Lib Dum leader, is a globalist cunt working with censorship silicon valley giants.
      Blair, globalist cunt and cunt commander.

      What are the real motives of these people. Who funds them. Who pulls their strings. What groups do they belong to and associate with.

      • Money and influence is what these cunts want.

        Look at Blair, Heseltine, Major, Lawson, May et al – all useless cunts from a bygone era. All of them tried to change the country with their fucked up ideology that would linger beyond their tenures in government.

        And we are left to pick up the pieces and face the consequences while they continue to pontificate from a safe but influential distance.

        Divide and Conquer

      • Never not vote. Our forbears fought, suffered and died for our right to vote, which includes spoiling our ballot papers.

        I know for a fact that the politicians read what is written on spoilt papers.

  19. Apart from our local Ipswich Tory MP Tom Hunt- all Tories are cunts.

    Especially the biggest Tory cunt of them all- Boris Johnson.

    Fucking liar and morally bankrupt.


  20. In the words of Michael Malice, ”Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.”

  21. The Tory party has circa 200,000 members. Sorry, 200,000 cunts.

    • Hey! I’m one of those members!

      I’m deeply offended, and i find your comments abhorrent.😭

      Admin…..can you please cancel this
      Cunter, and his life in its entirety?

      Or at very least I want a through investigation. 🙂

      (I’ll be right on it…. just having a few beers and this Chinese takeaway while watching some midget porn – DA)

  22. And who is leading this Tory crusade to give our money to stinking, thieving foreigners?
    Why none other than Treeza the Appeaser, friend of the EU .
    Well, there’s a surprise!

  23. We could have voted for UKIP or the Brexit Party but that would have been a wasted vote due to the 2-party system guaranteed by FPTP and the scaremongering tactics of polling companies!

    In theory the Lib Dem/Tory coalition had it right when they had a referendum on AV back in 2011. Nobody cared because nobody wanted or needed it back then…… well we not only WANT it now: we fuck-well NEED it now!

    What’s the point of voting if you are told that voting for anything but 1 of 2 parties is pointless?

    I say this as a former member of UKIP but fuck FPTP!

    PR for the win!

    • And Farage stood down half his BP candidates in order to give the Boris a free run.

      Agree that we need a genuine system of Proportional Representation (not STV).

      • I was pissed off when Farage did that but it seemed logical at the time………… then Covid happened and I defo regret that decision now.

      • Boris fucked up Brexit regardless of Covid. You only have to look at the Northern Ireland Protocol and selling out of the fishing industry to see that.

        Always a mystery to me why anyone would ever trust Boris about anything.

      • @Ruff Tuff

        I believe the fishing thing is meant to have a 4 or 5 year lock-in. The reason for that is because the British fishing industry can’t simply go from impoverished to uber-awesome just by the stroke of a pen! It has to be regrown organically.

        Even though I am a Brexiteer through-and-through, there does need to be a transition in the fishing industryy to minimise instability so I am okay with what you call Boris’ Johnson’s “fishing industry sellout”.

  24. We had 8 years of the cunt, as Mayor, in Stabistan so we knew the lying piece of shit we were getting. However, in the meantime, no wokie, immo, poof, lezzie, trannie voted for the wanker. Therefore, on behalf of REAL FUCKING LONDONERS…….it’s not our fault! We are the poor, the dispossessed, the minority.
    Who is fighting our corner?

  25. Then you have cunts like this (and many more doing the same) who to be quite honest should be trading under name Priti Patel’s Cruise Company (formerly known as Javcunts, Rudd the Duds & Maybe Mays) as she and her predecessors have Priti much gave them a loicence to operate freely. Then the media rub our noses in it and send piss temperature rising with opening paragraph to the report….

    “A Kent man is accused of masterminding a plot to smuggle 69 Albanians into the UK aboard a fishing boat”

    Yeah, a fucking Kent man indeed. How many more fucking ‘kent men’ are we letting in each day? You let cunts like this in and they sink the fucking country further …

  26. Tory is better than kneeling Starmer but he is a cunt and they are all too scared of Twitter to do the right thing.
    Fuck the Dinghys Off
    Shoot S Begum
    Arm the Police
    Cut foreign aid to Disaster Relief only
    Go to war with govt waste / civil service / fraudulent benefits
    Abolish beer tax in Pubs only
    Call Biden a Hair Sniffing Paedo
    Cram prisons 20 to a fucking cell

    Get re elected in 4 years – done.

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