Speakers’ Corner

Speakers Cornner used to be a haven for free speech. It was established as such by Parliament in the 19th century. This world famous corner of Hyde Park was a place where a variety of individuals, from harmless eccentrics through to suffragettes and serious politicians could mount the stump and make their case. They would either be ignored, politely listened to, applauded or heckled – but usually in the good natured way that was a mark of British tolerance.

Speakers Corner said something about us as a nation. That you were free to speak your mind on no matter what topic. Political debate, conspiracy theories, religious debate were all permitted. It was long a favourite haunt of enthusiastic, but harmless, Christian preachers.

Over the past couple of years I have passed Speakers Corner a number of times. Every time I have passed it there has been a huge gathering of Peacefuls standing around looking shifty and glaring at passers by in a hostile way. There is always some Peaceful delievering a harangue in their gibberish language.

The Peacefuls look agitated, standing around and gobbing on the ground. Speakers Corner has in fact been entirely taken over by Mudslime extremists and any Christian brave enough to preach there is heckled in an insulting and aggressive way and will be lucky to escape without having GBH committed upon his person. One Christian preacher that used to go there regularly has been warned to stay away by the Police as the Peacefuls have threatened to kill her.

Speakers Corner is now a Mudslime enclave where the Police protect the Mudslimes and remove anyone who might be critical of them. Another great British tradition destroyed by Mudslime cunts.


Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

74 thoughts on “Speakers’ Corner

  1. Typical Fatso force behaviour, MMCM. Probably instigated by the Khan Cunt in cahoots with the Dick. Pick on women and pretend that the terrorists are not a problem. And we are fucking intolerant raycists for pointing it out. Cunts.

    • Twenty@ – Well said.
      Islam is a cancer and needs cutting out before it destroys humankind.
      Time we elected people to power who will deal with this growing menace.

      • Yeah but who would that be Vernon? I would love to vote for someone that would actually stand up for British people and British values but I can’t see anyone on the horizon.

    • Thank the UN for this debacle, we’re all signed up to this bollocks since 2008. Irony was it was found out by a previous wokey that all the UN countries have to adhere to this doctrine of never slighting peacefuls even when you’re correct.

      eg gays off roofs, stoning slappers etc.

  2. It was always full of crackpots, weirdos, conspiracy theorists, Remainers, and cunts of every colour. Now muzlîms frequent it to gibber insanely about a magic Ally Baba in the sky in their jabberwock lingo which sounds like a cross between somebody speaking underwater and coughing up some stubborn phlegm.

    Same same.

  3. I could live with it if it was just Speaker’s Corner, after all London is now a foreign capital, but it’s happening all over the country. I foresee the mudslimes running the place within 25 years.

    • They fucked up their own cultures so it’s no surprise they have turned to fucking up other countries’ cultures.

  4. I went there once, many years ago. Didn’t hang about, moved on, bunch of fucking nutters.
    But at least they were British nutters. Remind me again why this trash are here……oh yeah, the ageing population, essential NHS workers blah blah woof woof.
    Just fuck off. How many corner shops do we need? How many taxi drivers? How many fucking kiddy fiddlers? We’ve got our own religious soft in the head nutters, why are we importing the cunts?
    There is a reason, the rich cunts have an end game….i’m just not sure what it is. I’m not convinced they know either.

    • “There is a reason, the rich cunts have an end game”
      Believe it Moggs, of course they do.

      “….I’m just not sure what it is.”
      I am.

      ” I’m not convinced they know either.”
      They have no idea how they’re being used/deployed. “Ishmael is the broom of Israel that will sweep Europe clean.”

  5. We need a change of government. Something more radical to deal with this shite and restore order. I’d vote for it as all the main parties today are the same. Let’s face it democracy is already dead here so what fucking difference would it make? Parliament is full of hand wringing weeds all too ready to protect or apologise for the peacefuls. Oven them or deport them.
    I’m designing a snappy new uniform but feel free to chip in with ideas.
    Anyone know where we can get some cattle carts going cheap?

  6. “Speakers’ Corner” will probably come with a few caveats in the near future:-

    * No White Supremacists
    * No Right Wingers
    * No Hate Speech (unless its about hetero WASP men)
    * No one over 40
    * Must bend the knee before talking

  7. Haven’t you heard MMCM, “Diversity is our Strength”.

    Our elected leaders have fucked us and this great country over for all eternity and have been complicit in the invasion, preferring fucking scum and those who do not belong here ahead of the indigenous population.

    I hope they all rot in hell.

    • Why aren’t our world leaders and woke-warriors pushing the “Diversity is Our Strength” slogan in places such as the Middle East, China, North Korea and Africa?

      Any “Speakers’ Corners” in any of those countries? No, thought not.

      These cunts are quick enough to force slogans in relatively safe wokey countries like the UK, but don’t seem all that bothered doing the same in those slightly less-forgiving countries mentioned above.

      So much for Globalism, inclusion and freedom from tyranny and hate!

  8. Very sad to be told this. I often went to Speaker’s Corner and listened in awe to :
    1. The last Red Clydesider. Who could effortlessly defeat any heckler in short order and was a tireless champion of Stalinism, without any interference from the authorities.
    2. A Saffi, tattooed all over – this was a rarity then- who claimed to have been Al Capone’s driver and also something to do with King Hussein of Jordan. Excellent speaker, can’t remember what his angle was, though.
    3. Bl**ck Jack – as I called him. Big guy who had had leprosy and who thumped the notice in front of his stand with frightening violence, as he had no feeling in what was left of his hands. Theme: The Africans were the real Europeans and had been oppressed and deprived of their birthright. Familiar, no? He was a raving lunatic then, but he’d be mainstream woke now.

    And now it’s fucked, is it? That’s the problem with freedom of speech. It operates on consensus and once some cunts decide not to respect that, there’s very little anyone can do about it without shutting the freedom down. Maybe a plod with a working knowledge of Arabic could pick up some incitement to terrorism or hatespeech if he listened for a bit? Or is that too much initiative to ask for? Tragic. Heartfelt agreement with this cunting.

    • This mention of the Last Red Clydesider is very apt, Komodo. A revolutionary and a Stalinist. I bet very few people agreed with him but he was free to speak his mind and I bet no one who disagreed with him was removed by the Police.

      • If you had felt the cutting edge of his eloquence once, you didn’t disagree again. He was self-policing!

      • Stalin used any means available. As did Marx….

        “Capital” and his collaborations with Engels were, of course a response to the appalling condition of the working class under unrestrained capitalism. England provided particularly good examples of this.

        But, strangely, the subsequent revolutions in Russia and (partially) Germany didn’t really infect us. Freedom of speech, maybe?

      • It’s always linked in my mind with Lord Soper. Or Lord Soapy he was nicknamed because if his wishywashiness. In his huge cassock and hobnail boots…just off to Aldermaston.

        Why it that low church liberals always have a mop of white fluffy hair? Like their heads are in as cloud.

        I liked him. Very English.
        And lament what is has become.

  9. Don’t worry lardarse Patel will soon be coming up with another security plan, yet more “patrols” to keep the sewer rats out. I could “patrol” my back garden 24/7 but it’s not much good when I help the burglar over the fence, open the door and invite the cunt to help himself. Would anyone be surprised if half a dozen more cunts turned up the next night?
    Now if I had kicked the shit out of the first cunt I wouldn’t have that problem in the first place would I?

  10. Let’s be honest, whilst ever the Tories or, god forbid, the Labour scum are in power we’ve lost the UK to this shower of unwashed perverts, peado’s and carpet lickers. We need a revolution.

  11. A bit of a drift but that slack jawed, bogey munching wanker Gordon Clown was on the news this morning. Apparently the cunt has told the government to support the England football team’s decision to take the knee before matches and stop fighting culture wars over “unimportant” gestures.

    The former prime minister made the remarks in response to Downing Street’s failure to back the players, instead only issuing a statement urging fans to be “respectful”. It added that Boris Johnson “wants the whole country to get behind” the England team.

    The bogey gobbler was a useless fucking Chancellor and an even more hopeless PM. He should just fuck off to his beloved ‘Afreeka’ and donate his lardy carcass to one of the cannibal tribes in the Congo.

    Fuck off.

  12. Who is the cunt in the photo in the top hat? That’s not that Bray cunt is it, that remoaner wanker? No, he wouldn’t turn up there without his personal bodyguards provided by Cressida and Suckdick.

    • Don’t think it’s Bray. It looks like one of those doormen from a posh West End Hotel. But why is he blowing his nose and holding the arm of a peaceful?

      Time for a caption competition, perhaps?

  13. No need to be alarmed.
    The invasion has taken place.
    There was virtually nil resistance.
    It’s over and done with.

    A dreadful shame but nobody gives a fuck.
    If they did we would have kept the vermin out.
    A country transformed on less than one lifetime.
    Doesn’t bode well.

  14. I had a peaceful friend once. He was also a camp nugget nudger. Prayed five times a day to an imaginary sky fairy and then bummed any old master of the marmite motorway. Nice guy really. The fucking filthy deviant backward smelly arse bandit. Cunt.

    • Fucking hell, you should have grassed him to the Imam, the dirty bastard. Either that or flogged him a couple goats at triple the market price.

      • Who do you think taught him the pleasures of the Turkish handshake if not his own Imam?

  15. Good old free speech. You are free to speak your mind if it fits in with the government/globalist agenda. So favoured groups like BLM, Antifa, those of a peaceful persuasion, darkies, les p00fs, trannies, commies etc can say what they like. Then the British Brainwashing Corp along with the MSM muppets and the likes of Twatter, Fakebook and the rest will promote it all in the name of tolerance and diversity. Except diversity of thought… that’s been banned.

    Now if you’re a little bit skeptical or doubtful of the agenda then you’re a bigoted,razzzist fascist who is a danger to society and should be taken off to the re-education camp for reprogramming or extermination. This message has been approved by Georgy Schwartz, Billy Goats, Barry O’bummer, Joe Brib’em and the Eton Mess and fact checked by the BBC and the Ministry of Truth. Now stop whining and get back to breaking those rocks.

  16. BBC Euro 2020: Johnson must back Rashford taking the knee – Gordon Brown

    Boris Johnson should “publicly support” England footballer Marcus Rashford and his team mates in “taking the knee”, former PM Gordon Brown has said.

    He told the BBC that players were “bringing the whole country together” by adopting the pre-match gesture, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.
    Mr Rashford said taking the knee – set to continue through England’s Euro 2020 campaign – was the “right thing to do”.

    “Bringing the whole country together”?

    Is he having a laugh?

    To him and all those other woke virtue signalling left wing bigots “who want to educate the rest of us”, nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

    You had your 15 minutes of fame Gordon, and you blew it big time. Now just fuck off and shut the fuck up.

    Cunt. Of the one eyed Scottish variety.

      • Quite so. The Scotland team will be standing up against racism while the England team are grovelling at the feet of BLM, a Marxist organisation intent on destroying everything that is good about this country.

    • Free speech does exist for everyone in the UK but not for whitey, particularly if not a woke, snowflake, non PC, critical of our overseas friends Eastern European’s or Mud slimes, not pro gay/transgender, not anti royal or politically a millimetre right of centre.

      Everything else must be shut down with insults and threats.

    • Wait until you get kidnapped into the wilds and botty bashed, just like the mussy’s do in the Arab states, with white boys under fear of death. The Arab rag heads have dictated to the UK gov, that we have to be welcoming to all the islamic arseholes and build them temples and turn a blind eye to their dodgy shit, or they won’t invest their oil money into our country or buy our military shit. THAT IS WHY WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY TO THESE TWATS AND NO GOV OFFICIAL IS STOPPING IT!, THE UK IS BOUGHT AND PAID…..

    • “The pulpit is, and has been for hundreds of years, the only true bastion of free speech.”

      What’s the word I’m looking for? … oh yeah… bollocks!

      • You’re going to Hell….Repent while there is still time to save your Soul.

      • PS…Contact your local Parish Priest for instruction on how to lead a Godly and Worthy life.

  17. If the coppers, MI5 etc had clamped down on the extremists spouting anti British hate in full view of everybody on streets over the past twenty years, then maybe Lee Rigby, and many others may have been alive today. Too late now, this is what the softly approach gets you.

    • Good point BF, only problem is uman rights, ethnics, woke police
      More chance of winning the fucking euro millions than anything being done about peaceful cunts spouting treason. Just have to treat it as part of the background to these trying times.

    • You mean if the politicians had let them. I can tell you that the coppers I know would love to be let off the leash to sort the cunts out.

      • Of course did not mean to offend the men and women who get it in the neck everyday. Police are not encouraged to express their feelings publicly. That has always been the domain of the higher ranks. Who of course mainly toe the woke. I find the lack of respect for the emergency services appalling. I am of the opinion that single crew police vehicles are bloody dangerous and show a disregard for the safety of the officers all ambulance crews should be given stab vests and any cunt who causes injury or interference to an emergency worker police fire etc should get a minimum of one year inside rising depending on severity of incident. Imho all police should be armed even Sweden arms it’s police. Give the police the resources to do their job. Cut the woke/uman rights crap and our corner off the World willl be a better place.

  18. Haven’t seen Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson at Speakers Corner recently.
    I fucking hate our politicians, and will make it my lifes work to get rid.
    Bad situations call for hard action, and if we do not do something I foresee “rivers of blood”.

    • Enoch Powell was the first victim of the pc backlash with his “rivers of blood” speech back in the 70’s. Powell was a very erudite man, a former professor of Greek, a philologist, poet, linguist and soldier. A very gifted man. He was 100% correct and was vilified for it.

      • He also obtained a double starred first in Latin and Greek at Cambridge. An exceptional man.

      • Are we still allowed to buy his books, or will that get you a visit from a P.C. PC?

        Half joking, half asking as I believe some freely-available books can incriminate you as a r1ght-wing extremi$t.

      • Fucking hell, can you imagine if you bought Mein Kampf on Amazon?? The coppers would be on you like shit on an army blanket.

      • A bit like ‘play it again Sam’ or ,’you dirty rat’ he didn’t actually say ‘rivers of blood’.

        ‘The expression “rivers of blood” did not appear in the speech but is an allusion to a line from Virgil’s Aeneid which he quoted: “as I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

      • Well spotted Miles. I suspect his classical education led him to the quote from Virgil. It was then misrepresented in the media.

  19. Make no bones about it, speakers corner was always classed as cunt land when I was a kid. Hope the peacefuls enjoy their tenure ain’t gonna last much longer.

  20. At every election, we get to vote for a political party. And there is the problem. It is a political party. Not a “common sense party, not a peoples party, but a party the will govern you in line with what they ( not you ) believe.

    I cannot believe that ( given a choice ) we would choose to have our country taken from us, to be replaced by brown and black skinned people who ( quite frankly ) deserve no better than the shithole they crawled from.

    I see no future for this country other than a continuum of what we see today. It would take something/someone exceptional to bring sense once more to these shores.

    An excellent nom, and one ( sadly ) that rams home the reality of our demise.

  21. It just needs to be shut down now, the peacefuls are using it as a terrorist recruitment centre. Then you have the likes of Ali Dawah there openly advocating for pedophilia. Sick sick cunts, at least one well known raghead there (cameraman for Adnan Rashid and others) has been subsequently convicted of terrorist offences, there are others there who are known associates of Anjem Choudary and other terrorists (Adnan Rashid himself has links to at least one convicted terrorist).
    The police are too wet to keep the violent pedo-worshippers in line so the best thing, sadly, is that they close it.

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