Pride Month

Ladies, Gentlemen & non-existents.

For your cuntsideration:

Pride month.

It’s that time of the year that all good little boys and girls look forward too-degenerates on the march. Police forces out in rainbow cars and puffs & dykes in uniform, flouncing through towns.

I wonder if the marches will be as heavily policed as other recent protests 🤔
My phone, via google, informs me that it’s “Pride Month”.

Whilst perusing YouTube last night, an advert for “Dreamies” kitty-cat treats announced its support, with a rainbow coloured pack. Why👎

Roll on July…
Which will probably be Chiggun month👎

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

…and then there’s this from smugcunt

First up with lust,gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy along with pride are the 7 deadly sins.

I realise cunters arn’t bothered about the first one even though they all seem pretty good ways to temper your life , even if, like me you fail if you are human. I think the pride one means pride in yourself, so you can be proud of your son and daughter doing something. You could feel pride in your country and its servicemen. Why would someone be proud of themselves. For what? doing something they were trying to do? It make no sense.

I bet Barnes Wallis wasnt proud of himself. You always see those with medals for bravery saying it was a team effort and nothing to do with them. So why would you be proud for one month every year for being a poof. Virtually no one cares if you are or are not a bender. What is there to be proud about? Oooh you stick your cock up another mans arse. or your a lezza holding hands!. Big fucking deal.

Do something original and hold a “pride” march in Bradford and see how you get on. That would be brave and something you could be proud about.

And this might well be related to Pride Month, from Fuglyucker

Would it be possible to cunt, cunts trying to cash in on fa&&ots, p00fs,fruites, sausage jockeys, shit stabbers, shirt lifters, ass bandits, queers ,gays in general.

Driving to work today i noticed and insurance company flying the gay rainbow flag, Lloyds bank are now doing it as well as are various other companies, and it made me wonder when did we start celebrating these turd burgling cunts and why are people bending over[ figuratively ] to get these fuckers business.

Their money is the same as everyone elses and they had to take insurance out or bank somewhere anyway, and do they take the risk of alienating strait people who are not same sex perverts.

Not that long ago the only thing these guys attracted was a beating, wrong as that was its the way it was, then they were accepted and now the piss is being taken big time.
Same goes for Blm, and loads of other groups i cant be arsed to mention, give the fuckers an inch and 25 miles later we are flying fucking flags on their behalf, i dont get it

88 thoughts on “Pride Month

  1. Pride Month is a tremendous idea….it leaves the other 11 months of the year free from them to feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

  2. I used to be fascinated with this as a child. The bearded lady and the tall man were my favourites, along with the strong man and the man with lobster claw hands!

    Fuck off!

  3. We were taught pride was something you felt for others. Modesty and self deprecation used to be desirable qualities. Now it’s feeling proud of yourself because you’re a mincer.
    Just fuck off.

  4. I’ve 2 arse bandits over the road, pleasant, decent blokes, up to them what goes on behind closed doors. They wouldn’t be seen dead anywhere near a pride march, rainbow shit or anything else.

    • We have a similar couple living next door. Couldn’t wish for better neighbours.

  5. I wonder if our impartial, professional and non politicised police will be engaging in sex acts with the crowd again?

  6. Pride month – is an excuse to bring the fetish club to the street. It has been totally hijacked and has nothing to do with its origins. There must be many ay men and women (note not LGBT+CUNT just plain old gay) who must look at this lot with despair. The gay people I know (I’m not progressive enough to have a gay friend) are just normal people, they don’t want anything special, just the right to live a normal life like any citizen. The only difference between them and I is that like me they have a cock but unlike me they like other men’s cocks.

    The trouble with pride is that they blindside everyone who is straight into thinking that every gay person has exactly the same political views as them.

  7. Cheers for the heads up, chaps. The things I’d miss if it weren’t for ISAC!

  8. Ahhh yes this abomination that now comes every June. At first I thought I would boycott the businesses that promoted this faggotry but I quickly realized that meant I’d live in the woods on berries and rain water.
    I guess the destruction to society that gayness and other letters in the alphabet cause is no longer a concern for anyone.

  9. For the millions that gave their lives in wars we have a Remembrance Day.

    For the shit stabbers and carpet licker that live non productive and entitled lives there is now a whole month.

    • Absolutely.
      Embraced by the establishment to take another chunk out of the “Nuclear Family”.
      The indoctrination of children into this whole shiftiest is concerning.
      Deeply concerning.

  10. Black history month
    Ramadamaladingdong month
    Pride Month

    Hard to pick which is biggest load of shite, religious nutters, the history of savages or Mincing pansies flaunting gayness 😂😂😂

    • Yes Vernon, straight month where all the participants of ISAC hire an open top bus in Brighton and fuck willing young birds in full view of Joe public. How’s that for equality ?

  11. I’ll bet my employer will cover our company insignia with rainbow colours. They seem to have jumped on every other bandwagon over the last few years.

  12. The reason it started was to give equality to degenerates .
    It’s just an excuse now to indulge in Bummery and any other form of Bum Foolery.
    People take their kids here in Brighton to witness such degrading acts.
    Brighton and Hove should of been twinned with Sodom and Gomorrah years ago 👎🤮

  13. A load of corporate shit.
    Anyhow can’t we deport these funnies to somewhere far away?
    Botswana seems about right.

    • Or London, it seems…
      Bangor has elected a Mayor. Well, I say “elected”, as nothing stood against it/them. It said “Bangor has allowed me to become what I am/are) ie non-binary. It said it didn’t feel it could in its place of origin… Harrow.
      Something to do with stabby, carpet-sniffing neighbours??
      Odd, really… You wouldn’t think carpet-sniffing and rug-munching would be so mutually exclusive.
      It’s a fucked-up world.

  14. I cannot see the point of this. One presumed couple of homosexualists round here flies a rainbow flag year-round. (Only this year it became an NHS rainbow.)
    If you give a flying and biblically-prohibited fuck about gayness, fine, fly the bloody flag. But don’t, er, ram it down our throats.

    A month? I wonder what issues are deemed less urgent than friendship with Dorothy, and do not rate a whole bloody month of their own?
    Lessee… Climate change (all right, all right, climate change has only been isolated from cell cultures, whatever) gets a day; Earth Day.
    Sexual violence, elimination of – surely at least as immediate and arguably more deplorable than calling a bender a bender – one day.
    Conflict resolution: one day.
    Oh, and Armistice Day: millions dead and nations laid waste. One day.
    While we’re at it, Memorial Day, in honour of the US troops who saved our bacon in WW2. Largely uncelebrated here on the 28th May. For one day only.

    No doubt cunters can find other examples of memorable days which do not extend to a month?

    • It’s National Sewing Machine Day today. Not a lot of cunters know that.

      • No one told me that until you, RTC! I feel like I’ve been thoroughly stitched up 😀

      • Appropriately for Pride Month its also National Fudge Day next Wednesday.

        Afternoon Ruff.

      • Afternoon gentlemen 🤝

        All kicking off in the Freedom Day nom…a right ol brouhaha 🧐

  15. I have long accepted that queeritude was natural. Not normal, but natural. Just like being left handed or ginger. Natural, but not the norm.
    So, why are there not Ginger Pride marches? Left handed Pride?
    Just as deserving of having your fucking nose rubbed in.

    • Do you happen to know if there’s an Inappropriate Horn Pride march?

      • I’ve not found it so. Sorry, I mean someone I know hasn’t found it so. 😁

      • RTC, yes there is. A few dozen extreme deviants march through Portmeirion every year.
        As you well know.

      • I’m guessing you’re the fella carrying a rifle in his budgie smugglers?

    • The difference is gayness is a choice. An orientation due to a pattern of thinking. Ginger pubes and being wrong handed or even skin color is not a choice.

      • I believe it becomes an illness if it is indulged in. There was one before me at the counter in the shop. He was actually mincing on the spot waiting. Acting ike a girl. ‘Sooo Gay: you’d say. Acting Gay. Everything a ‘petulant’ gesture. From the quick turn of the head taking up in his arms what he’d bought.
        See the reason the old gays like Gielgud were ‘normal’ is because they didn’t indulge, lose themselves in it. It’s often white rightly said that if hour sexuality is is all you’ve got to talk about then youre…. can’t remember…of no real interest.
        Yes, he lost his footjng a few times, not in balance.

      • As RTCP says, and I thoroughly agree, bullshit. It’s not a ‘Choice’. Do you really think that they choose their sexuality??? Going through life facing prejudice?? I don’t know what causes it, but, the gays I know, and work with are all sound, without exception. I don’t agree with the ‘Pride’ crap, and think the term ‘Poofter’ is hilarious, but uneducated prejudice is wrong.

      • Assuming that gayness is genetic

        Applying Mendelian genetics (and it’s true he fiddled his numbers), if The Gayness is a single gene and recessive, matings between:

        (1) homozygous dominant and heterozygous;will produce all straight offspring,

        (2) heterozygous both parents (who must present as straight); 1/4 of offspring will be homozygous recessive eg gay.

        (3) If both parents were homozygous recessive (and presenting as gay);then all the offspring would be gay. However the parents being bean flickers and shirtlifters respectively should be completely uninterested in each other, although very occasionally genetic lezzies and bumfoolers may identify as straight and thereby deny their genetic makeup and get it in in which case the offspring will be 100% gay. So how does a genetic Gay identifying as straight match the theory?

        So the gayness is usually based on the matings of parents heterozygous for The Gayness, with the 1/4 pure gay offspring genetically unfit (e.g. incapable of reproducing.

        Explosive field of study but would take a brave student to “write a grant” for it

  16. Top drawer cunting, General. Pride month is just a euphemism for mental illness month.

    That was a highly offensive remark. I apologise to everyone at the BBC, and the NHS, and all immigrants. I will take the knee. I will also have the jab and start wearing a mask.

    Fuck right off. Cunts.

  17. It’s all about money for the corporates. The pink pound and the wokie pound are very valuable to those cunts. There’s also the fact that you are reaching a large section of the under 35s who are the most valuable demographic…….partly because they have the largest disposable income but also to build brand association and brand loyalty. I have also noticed the Dreamies adverts mentioned above. I presume they have done their market research and found that a high proportion of pillowbiters are cat owners. If the corporates love you they love you for a reason……. how much dough they can screw out of you. It’s as simple as that.

    • Now you’re getting to the heart of the matter. As usual, follow the money. Notably, your gay stereotype works in a creative nonjob drawing a high salary for generating bullshit. He is probably not a machine minder in a Nissan plant.
      The arriviste Nigerian immo is another lucrative target, which is why there is no such thing as a Caucasian family in an ad any more.

      • Add to that the fact that most of these companies already have the white heterosexual 2.2 kids, money anyway. No great need to keep on plugging adverts towards them, time to think ahead to the new customer base.

      • @TBRILW
        Further still, those execs’ kids will get a university Arts degree, and be pretty well unemployable.

      • That ad is from 2015, which in advertising terms might as well be 100 years ago, RTC, and ironically a payday loan ad, which I believe are mostly banned now!

      • I think Ruff just fancied a mid-afternoon ‘orn with the mother, TBRILW.

      • Sorry RTC.
        Read – “a Caucasian family living within its means…”
        Idiocy is international.

      • Funeral plans for the over 50s? Hardly going to be aimed at the next generation customer base is it, RTC?

        Have another go 😈

      • So what? It’s a 2021 ad featuring a Caucasian family and that’s all that counts.

      • Well I did originally say “most” of these companies, so not all, RTC. Add to that the fact that the ad you found is not going to be aimed at the customer base i am referring to anyway.

        However, there is no denying you have found an advert with a Caucasian family in it, which I believe contradicts Komodo’s original claim, not mine, but still, if that is all that counts credit where credit is due, kudos.

      • My original post @ 3:12 was meant for Komodo and his claim:

        “there is no such thing as a Caucasian family in an ad any more.”

        I subsequently posted the 2021 advert @ 3:38pm cos you complained the first ad from 2015 was too old.

        That’s all. Apologies for any confusion caused. 🙂

      • I wondered what was going on. I thought it was in reply to my “no need to keep plugging ads/new customer base”, That’s why I asked for another ad.

        Just a misunderstanding then. Apologies back for the confusion.

  18. I expect it is an entire month long to get up the noses of gay haters and put out a positive inclusivity message. Good, time some people were more accepting. For most people in the UK nobody is outraged by the prospect of homosexuality but then there is a minority who go round beating up gay people and/or are brought up with despicable attitudes towards gay people. Don’t think Pride Month is going to make much impact but probably better than not having it at all.

    As for companies who claim to be celebrating Pride Month; I think they’re completely disingenuous and are just after money. They would tell young people that they support alien life forms and put up an ET flag if that’s what they thought was the big trend.

    • “I expect it is an entire month long to get up the noses of gay haters”

      Absolutely the finest way known to mankind of converting people to your cause….getting up their noses.
      I’d guarantee that the numbers of gay haters* have greatly increased directly as a result of this incessant propaganda.

      *as you put it. As I’d put it people who have a perfect right to their opinion of other people.

  19. My cats love Dreamies, but what the fuck has poofery or transbenders got to to do with cat food?!! Here’s a mad idea: why don’t the cunts that make Dreamies actually do something for a cat’s charity, like Cats Protection or PDSA? A manufacturer of cat biscuits working with a cat related charity? Whatever next, eh?

    We can’t get away from this shit. Rainbow hearts stuck on buses (bloody buses for fuck’s sake), Rainbow ‘Che’ T-Shirts (somebody should tell the thick fucks who wear them that their radical chic poster boy murdered gays for kicks), chocolate commercials (creme eggs as jizz), and now frigging cat treats?!! To quote Tony Newley ‘Stop the world! I fucking want to get off!’

  20. Can you have imagined Ronnie Kray on a gay pride march? I’ve nothing against the gays, if they’re happy and content good for them but don’t rub it in my face (not literally).

    • No gays I know would go on a pride march either.

      Any more than they would nail a person’s head to a coffee table.

  21. There’s this Yank called Michael Knowles on YouTube who does these little films analysing Wokie adverts. There’s one advert for Starbucks I find extremely disturbing. It’s about a “girl” who is “transforming”. It climaxes with some cunt mishearing her name and writing a boys name on the coffee cup which pleases her no end. The actor looks about 14 and I presume is a real girl. I think it would cause a storm over here although I could be wrong.

  22. They even had the cunting rainbow flags in fucking Tesco. Is nowhere safe from their deviant practices? What next? BLM year. Fuck off cunts, I’ve had enough. I’m going to move to Hungary or Russia.

  23. I see supermarkets keep promoting this with their rainbow flags everywhere.

    They’re missing a trick or two though. They should have a promotion on 2 for 1 hamsters. Maybe a display of jumbo sausages with potatoes at their base? Perhaps some mayonnaise squirted on the top of the sausage? A special on French fancies too.

    I’ve never managed a supermarket, but the fools are missing a trick or two here, surely?

    • Two for one hamsters?
      OK but they MUST be the same sex. Next thing, you’ll still have 37 hamsters

  24. The way they are going after the innocent minds of our kids is alarming, however they upped the ante at Blues Clues where they have incorporated BLM into pride month. Check out the fist on the singers microphone and the logo appears in the centre of pride flags at different parts of the animation. They even have a Muslim woman at the end / No10 to portray their participation. See how many other things you can find hiding for the kids to find. The cunts need the rope for shit like this…

    • Jesus crucified Christ, that’s pure brainwashing, isn’t it? Yup, fist on mike – coyly camouflaged newthink for the tinies. Makes Goebbels look like an amateur. And the animation really sucks too.

      • Didn’t see the rainbow flag incorporating the BLM logo in the centre that crops up. They incorporated some disabled participants in wheelchairs in the shape of dolphins. The more times you watch it, the more things stand out. Kind regards will be drawing them logos here there and everywhere. Won’t know what 12 X 12 is when they leave school but will know all the binaries and what is offensive and non offensive to each one. Crazy clown world.

  25. Fast forward ten years and we will all be enjoying “Pedo Pride Month” where we ‘celebrate’ men lovingly sticking their dicks into young boys. (Can you even imagine it, but as recently as ten years ago we were putting men in prison just for loving young boys. Thank heavens we have moved on past that bigotry and hate…)

    • There pretty much preparing kids for it at school right now. You should see the Scottish education curriculum covering sex education, it’s a fucking disgrace. It’s hiding in plain sight though I’ve yet to meet a parent who knew about it before I tell them. Here is a link to site, their is a drop down menu where if you click on levels you can see the shit they are feeding children in Scotland. This is honestly & genuinely the curriculum approved by the SNP / Green coalition. It will curl your toes…

  26. I met Gary Glitter in Cambodia a few years ago, and he told me that he had just fucked a bird of 16. I said ‘16! That’s fucking disgusting’.
    He said ‘No it’s OK, she looked 12’.

    • Must have been bordering on being too old for him. Surprised he’s still alive.

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