BBC “Whales” (38)

Not another BBC cunting I hear you groan.

Well this time it has managed to squeeze an angle into a story about the furlough and hospitality in sunny Wales.

Story is about the number of employees leaving hospitality for other jobs using three examples.

First, we have a Ms Zadroga from Swansea who explained it is hard work standing on her feet for 14 hours a day and wearing a face mask all day. Seems reasonable I hear you say.

The we get to example number two, a Helen Smith who appreciated lockdown because no one was shouting at her or touching her up at work. She could also spend more time with her wife…yep, you read that right. Now, Ms. Smith (obviously a Ms.) wearing dungarees and what looks like Mr Blobby’s fat suit was touched by who exactly?

Are we talking by paralytic pissheads after 8 pints of Tennent’s Super? Was it by her rug munching sisterhood? The BBC leaves us wondering who and more importantly why?

The only thing I could think would be touching her would be the tip of a Japanese whaling boat’s harpoon should she decide to takes dip in the North Atlantic.

To me, this story should not be on BBC Wales, it should be on BBC Whales.

“Your BBC” guaranteed to slot in THEIR agenda with your money at any opportunity.

Nominated by: Cunt Two Three 

And speaking of the BBC, this from Everyonesacunt 

The continuation of Black immigrant none stories in the UK press especially Al Beeb. Immigrants B lacks Indians etc are so important to Britain so says Al beeb et al. “How six Indian friends found their feet in the UK”.. “Organising a Black Lives Matter protest changed my life”

Okay I know it’s been done before by myself and others. However, browsing through the b lack boisterous cunts site this evening back home in Lincolnshire after a W/bank holiday weekend at my daughters on the Yorkshire coast I feel my blood, piss and the rest of my bodily fluids boiling to eruption point once again.

I don’t give a flying fuck and neither does any other cunt including immigrants about a gang of immigrants who made Britain their home in 1965. You hear me b b cunts.

Stop creating none stories just to push your colour immigrant agenda bias for fuck sake.. Even the immigrants must be fed up by now. 2nd generation ones I know are pig fucking sick of it, you hear that you cunts.

And as for the Bugger all matters bastards. Stop. just stop. please it is making things worse. I played with Black kids when I was a kid. Colour never never ever came into any of our thoughts and I am now 60. Now this shit is turning my rational thoughts to irrational ones. For Peters sake stop.

This reporting of utter pointless uninteresting racial shit is just done to promote one section of society above another stop it you fucking fools before it’s too late. Cunts.

37 thoughts on “BBC “Whales” (38)

  1. The Blek Bashir Corporation up to its antics again. Only a blind man or an even bigger tub of lard would want to touch up Mz Smith. The cunt is probably making it up to pander to the usual Al-Beeb prejudice that all men are evil perverts. When it comes to the BBC everything has to be focused through the lens of dark-keys and illegal immicunts. Cupid stunts.

    • Ms Smith is suffering from that well known unfortunate looking ( I’m being polite) people’s disease “ Wishful thinking “ ………
      Talking about sexual harassment there’s a moderately attractive girl 20/25 who works in my local parks cafe I’ve had it on good authority she complains about “ older” men constantly being flirty or suggestive, so when she serves me I make no eye contact but I’m perfectly polite “ please and thank you” , apparently she told the owner ( who I’ve known for 10 years ) that I’m rude?
      There’s no pleasing some CUNTS …………

      (There’s a nomination due to be published in the next week or so regarding the issue of prick-teasing wimminz getting all empowered and offended when you even look at them the wrong way – DA)

  2. After looking at bob the builder in her dungarees I had to check what you wrote about the “touching her up at work” part.

    From the article, it was in fact being “unnecessarily touched at work”! Probably something as innocuous as someone innocently putting their arm on her arm whilst talking to her, however in today’s woke entitled world that is a complete crime of course!

    Still, a mile away from someone actully touching her up, thank heavens!

    Wales indeed. Lol.

  3. A Gatling gun would sort out the issues at the BBC in pretty quick time!
    Gatling guns are very useful things! 😀👍

  4. Christ, the size of that.

    It’d be like a Robin Reliant travelling lonesome up the Dartford Tunnel.

  5. Cardiff is full of these blobs.
    I have it on excellent authority that it is a term used by local NHS!

    • Nearly all young women are fat blobs, bleating on about their repression when they live in what was the most free country on earth before they came along. Do they have skin in the game? No. Childless harpies poisoning womens minds

      • It’s all another carousel scam that goes round & round but never ends just like many charidees.

        If the government & NHS were to truly tackle obesity through educating children about healthy eating at school and holding parents of mega obese kids to account under the child abuse that it is, just think how many slimming clubs would go out of business?

        You take like when white saviours tour Africa and try helping clean up water by drilling wells & putting fences round watering holes to stop animals being able to go into water & piss in it. Days after the saviours leave, the fence gets burnt and pipework gets stolen / sold for scrap after they run wells dry by leaving water spewing out as they all dance underneath the waterfall.

        If this water pressure blend ever got resolved across Africa, charidees would lose a fortune and wouldn’t be able to pay the 1/4 million pound salaries no more. That’s why you keep seeing lies on TV to keep the wheels of greed turning.

        Does anyone actually watch these adverts and get suckered?
        Here is a link to one similar to one I see on TV now but can’t find a link. The format is the same though, a young single girl makes 5 am trip to watering hole miles away that serves over 1300 people. Why are s it the girls who always make these early morning trips? Are the boys all too busy at the homestead doing dick exercises?

        Then notice they go to watering hole alone? Is only one girl going from the settlement? Why not more walking safely together? Is the likes of Boko Haram really a big hoax / lie?

        You will notice they also either don’t pass anyone on the trip to the hole and the one that is shown where they do, look at the other girls she passed? They’ve came from the watering hole with fuck all water on their backs and are in a group. No wonder she don’t speak to them. Watering hole is also empty aside Billy Bison having his 10 gallon morning piss thanks to the missing fence the saviours put up last week.

        Slimming clubs are cunts just like charidees. They give hundreds of thousands of women across the UK and millions globally a false hope of becoming thin. All these different clubs & diets yet most woman go round them all and the only pounds they lose faithfully every week is the £5 they pay to a cunt who tries to gently humiliate I mean help them lose weight by putting them on scales and recording weight on the ‘card of hope’. If any changes f these diets were so successful, their would only be one. Don’t these women have scales at home? Men need to buy scaleless women a set for Christmas and weigh them every Thursday night in exchange for £5. I told my wife I was going to do it and she shrieked how paying me to weigh her wouldn’t be the same. Guess who got duped for £5 as she ran late out the door every Thursday night? Yep, me. I paid the cunts to weigh her £260 a year.

  6. What is that in the header? Is that a bloke,a wummin …wtf is it???? What has happened to women in this country? It’s fucking tragic.

  7. Ms Zadroga what a lovely “Welsh” name that is!!!!
    Yep save the whales bass the beeb and it’s freak show news. Cunts.

  8. I recognise her from that party in Fiddlers barn?!!
    Didn’t realise she was a tuppence bumper though!
    Was hoping for a nosh.
    Nowt sexy though about dungarees,
    Only people who get a pass
    1) oliver Hardy
    2) Stan Laurel
    3) members of Dexys midnight runners
    4) Rod Jane&Freddy
    5) the Clampits.
    Otherwise your just a poseur.

    • How about Super Mario?

      On second thoughts, a computerised cunt.

    • Id touch Helen up in the workplace just to annoy her.
      Id talk to her like shes a child, call her luv, and generally interfere with her,
      Sit leering at her.
      But before she could lodge a complaint id get in first, with witnesses to say she called me a ‘fuckin ni99er’.
      As I identify as Idi Amin mine trumps hers.
      Shed be clearing out her locker as I photocopied by love eggs at the works do.

      Play em at their own game.

  9. The only thing that cunt wants touching up with is a ball peen hammer around the head. Disgusting old bag.

    • The hammer would bounce if it hit them fucking eyebrows of hers. Wonder if she’s got a new age growler downstairs to match?

  10. Fuck me, if Dick Fiddler, her and I were the last three people left alive on this planet, I’d be trying to re-populate it with Sir Dick…..

    • ” left alive”….I wouldn’t let such a minor problem stop me…in fact, I’d have a whale of a time until the smell got a bit too much,I suppose…and then I’d just put a clothes-peg on my snout and keep rooting…Miss Arterton would get bounced until she burst.

  11. The usual identity politics bullshit from the dreary BBC. The reason people don’t like these immos, Wimminz, poofs and BAMES is because they never stop fucking whining. There are plenty of people in those categories who don’t feel the need to cry about their injustice to the commie bastards at the BBC. Probably because it doesn’t exist. The BBC and their whining wokie friends can go fuck themselves.

  12. I think the only things in any remote danger of touching ms Smith are haddock flavoured denim and the vegan stained trotters of a truly repellent Sister fister.
    What sane and reasonably sighted heterosexual would want to go anywhere that hideous floor shaking munter?

  13. Those that ‘touched her up’ were probably well meaning and were just trying to get her back into the sea.

    • Maybe she’s related to Wally the walrus.
      Feel sorry for RNLI if she sunbathes on one of their slipways. Christ knows what her wife looks like…

  14. The way that fat dyke is holding that glass just screams “I wish I could get an invite to an Islington dinner party.”
    Perhaps she thinks whining on the BBC will do the trick?
    As long as she doesn’t try and get through the door at the same time as Lady Nugee.

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