Unchallenged Structural Racism

Bullshit that goes unchallenged.

People from a South Asian background were at even greater risk of infection, hospitalisation and death in the second wave of Covid than the first, compared with other ethnic groups, a study says.
A study published in the Lancet looked at health data from 17 million adults.
It confirmed that nearly all ethnic minority groups were disproportionally affected in the first wave in England.
But those from an Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi background were even more likely to test positive, need hospital treatment and lose their lives.

So far so good.


However, we get this:

Based on their findings, the researchers are calling for more support to tackle what they call the STRUCTURAL RACISM faced by some communities. They said improved access to healthcare could increase the uptake of both testing and vaccination in the future.

This is how the structural racism works round our way.

Despite both mass vaccination centres being in Parking Stanley/Bangladeshi areas it is deemed necessary to send a fucking van round, equipped with vaccines, specialist storage and staffed by doctors and nurses. Banging on fucking doors.
Millions has been spent advertising and reaching out to stop these primitive cunts dying of ignorance.
The local Sikh temple is providing jabs as part of the community. The WHOLE community. Not just their own.
But the poor Parking Stanleys, who are discriminated against at every turn have to suffer having healthcare brought to their doors.

This is the unchallenged bullshit that is structural racism.

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51 thoughts on “Unchallenged Structural Racism

    • They are offered a vaccine same as anyone else.
      Not racism if they choose not to take it!
      Maybe the best way would be to put the vaccine in a 13yr old white girls knickers in Halifax,
      Thatd get a good few of them?

      Oh, any muslim ISAC readers,
      Those vaccines definitely contain pork products.
      Spread the word…

      • Your probably right Infidel.
        Bit ‘highbrow’ eh?😁

        Like the Rupert avatar!👍

      • Oh no you don’t Creampuff. I’m not being paid in ‘collectable’ Rupert Bear coins again, I had to bin the signed Prince Andrew photos you said would appreciate in value.

      • I’d forgotten how to change my image so I kept googling ‘avatar’ and a fucking Disney film kept popping up ffs. Admin helped me out in the end and I then realised it was fucking ‘gravatar’ I was after. Anyhow I’m grateful to him for that but why he wanted all those bank details is beyond me.

        Rupert was great btw.

      • If they remade it, he would not be that colour…..

        Any other older cunters remember the infamous “Oz magazine” schoolkids editition trial?
        Marty Feldman calling the judge a silly old cunt or similar?
        The outrage was about a cartoon of Rupert Bear shagging his granny-drawn by a schoolgirl😳

      • Such appalling ingratitude LL.

        I bet you didn’t bin the piece of coal I generously provided you and your struggling family with at Christmas, did you?

  1. They’ve kept the vaccination centres open late during Ramadan so the cunts that do fuck all during the day can get the jab after dusk. WTF? So, vaccinations are now food? As far as I care, if the cunts can’t be bothered to turn up, and queue, like us white bastards then they can fucking well die. Shame it doesn’t work like that.

    • Yes. We’re such a racist country, that the dark keys and goat shaggers are the only ones who can have nurses sent to their fucking homes at a time convenient to them, based purely on their fucking race.

      Honky man? Get your arse across town when we say so at your own expense and wait like every cunt else.

      Oh I can see racism here alright. Against the downtrodden honkies yet again.

      If you don’t want the jab, I’m cool with that it’s your body. Just stop calling it ‘racist’ if more of you cunts die from it due to not getting vaccinated or not following any guidance.

      Fuck off.

  2. Maybe in line with the above, a certain nation outside the EU tops the scores on the vaccination program (yet strangely enough is not on the green travel list).
    They have a Minister for Roma affairs, their job is to put sanitation/ education into Roma camps and Vaccinate them.
    The country can not achieve “Herd immunity” so the population of around 6.5 million is fucked because an estimated 550,000 residents will not take the vaccine.
    Mind you they have a remarkable average life span (50 years) and early birth ages (15) despite having been offered free access to education and healthcare since 1945.
    So it is definatley a culture thing and the encouragement of their life style that is to blame as opposed to integration and advancement.

  3. I think this is what’s known as gaslighting.

    Propagandising the British public into believing that structural racism works against the very minorities that in reality it actually discriminates in favour of.

    Divisive cuntishness of the highest order.

  4. Their culture is to sit around on their asses all day eating chappatis, making bombs and grooming 13 year old white girls. Vaccination is not high on their list of priorities.

  5. Mien Gott und Liebfraumilch.
    Where ist der Fuhrer when you need him ??

  6. Set up vaccination clinics in Pakistan and Bangladesh and give them all one-way plane tickets to get their jabs.

    This will be much cheaper than providing them with benefits, healthcare on the (inter)NHS and free education for the 4 or 5 mini-Mohammeds and mini-Aishas that the unemployable bin-bags drop out of their fetid cunts.

  7. Fuck the savage ragheaded cunts. I hope covid rips through them like a fox through a hen coop. There is no more bigoted or insular “community” than the followers of the great paedophile in the sky, they believe it is better to die than to live so we should be helping them to achieve their goal and not hinder their progress towards it.

      • Good morning to you sir. It really boils my piss the way we try to accommodate these cunts “needs” when we should do exactly the opposite. It should be fit in or fuck off.

  8. The lancet is a far left rag. Any “scientist” going on about systemic racism is a dunce as it doesn’t exist outside the minds of unelectable loons

  9. Most Muslims believe in Qadar, the predestination decided by Allah.
    The future has already been determined.
    What will be will be.
    So why bother with a vaccination if Allah has already decided on your fate?

    Of course they all look both ways before they cross a road, but let’s not mention that.

    • I would differ.
      having had an oil tanker pull a u turn across the central reservation of a motorway in saudi in front of me.
      I am very certain that they do not look both ways or have regard for their own lives, in fact they are fucking morons!

  10. It is Darwin’s fault, he was a white male supremacist. That’s evolution for you………

  11. All those with Amazon accounts should leave their less than glowing reviews of the Critical Race Theory books on there and those who have brought out similarly themed books such as June Sarpong who support the notion. The fact is there’s a lot of people who have a real financial interest in feeding this narrative. My contempt for these hateful race baiting cunts making money out of sowing lies, stirring up bad feeling (and hatred) and further division knows no bounds.

  12. Can they find and kill the jobless woke commy cunt who blatantly lives on benefits and sits at home inventing this bullshit terminology?

    I have a lefty mate but of the reasonable sort who got really impassioned about institutional racism once. I really pushed him for examples and facts and essentially all there is to it is;

    ‘its just this racism that everyone knows exists but isn’t really quantifiable’.

    Either that or they say things like ‘the Scottish parliament is full of white people’. Well fuck me. In a country with a 98%+ white Scottish demographic i’d have expected 50% BAME representation and a Pakistani first minister.

  13. What wound me up was that for the first round of jabs, here in Lincs, I had to take my mother in law many miles to queue outside in freezing conditions to get her jab. She is 89 and frail. There was no consideration given to bringing the jab to the doors of the elderly. Because they are white. That is structural fucking racism and I am fucking sick of the cunts who hate our country and bring it down at every turn by making false claims of racism.

  14. I’m wondering when these minorities* are finally going to get sick of white wealthy left-tards telling them that they’re being discriminated against. I don’t think it’ll be any time soon as long as it suits them.

    *Yeah right

  15. Good Morning.

    Off topic but great to see the pikey piece of shit Billy Joe Saunders have his eye socket caved in by Saul Canelo Alvarez in the early hours.

    • 👍
      I am sure that the he£££££ty share of the purse he received, will enable him to hire the services of a good “Maxio-facial” specialist.
      With enough left over for a new caravan for his “Ma”.

      “Dint faarget now, Periwinkle Blue!”

  16. Any cunt who believes there is deep seated racism in this country should take a trip to the Kent coast where they can witness first hand, immigrants so desperate to get here they will risk their life clinging to a partially inflated arm band.
    They’ve done their research and it’s fucking obvious that Britain is fucking okay….

  17. It’s because the dakis didn’t follow any fucking guidance and decided to have fifteen kids to get bigger council houses. Mass gatherings at the mosques every week, which the rozzers ignored of course.

    I’m not sure what they fucking think can be done.

    1. Give them all mansions with 20 bedrooms and a large garden, the size of a medium sized farm?

    2. Sterilise the cunts so they can’t have more kids on the dole or those tax credits which they rip the piss out of?

    Can’t see those being realistic options so let’s go the default setting of…

    …blame de honky man thank you please!


    You had 20 kids. You crammed then into your council houses. You didn’t follow any guidance to avoid spreading the Rona.

    It’s on YOU Abdul.
    Get to fuck.

  18. I see this shit all the time from BBC look north Leeds, ‘hard to reach communities’, fucking vans popping round to give the Stanley cunts a jab while every fucker else has to get their arse to a vaccine centre.
    The only structural racism is to the poor cunts who happen to have a ‘white’ skin.

    They bang on about levels of mistrust for authority, that is because the fucking imams and ‘community leaders’ are telling the thick cunts that there is only one law, the sharia law.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing good to say about the followers of Islam and in particular the fucking Stanleys.


  19. What I’ve seen with the porkistanis and other carpet kissers for that matter is, they are thick as fuck and don’t listen. They also have tons of underlying health issues probably because their family tree more resembles a stump than a tree. Racism my arse it’s the thick cunts.

  20. If they’d stopped shagging their sisters 500 years ago they might have healthy genetic diversity.
    But the thick as shit filthy savages didn’t and still haven’t so they are fucked.

    • You’d have thought that if the NHS was such a priority in this country that the cultural practice of inbreeding would have been long since outlawed.
      Birth defects from these communities (of which they are over represented) must surely be a huge longterm burden on the UK state.

      • The NHS will collapse anyway within 30 years, due to too many non contributing gimmigrant cunts.

        But remember, ‘they built the NHS’ lol.

  21. Glad to see Covid is finally doing its job.
    The best manufactured pest control concoction, since DDT👍

  22. We can thank them, and the high proportion of black people who refuse to have a vaccine for frustrating any notion of a vaccine passport in the U.K., as fear of being labelled racist, however misinformed, is a far bigger problem to political will than herd immunity.
    And let’s face it, they aren’t shy of using the NHS for any other reason, particularly because of the shallow gene pool mentioned above, and of course the disproportionate reliance on the maternity services, and the getting prescription medication not for themselves, but to send it home to the mother country where such things are not available.

  23. Access to the corona vaccine is racist now?! Even though everyone is eligible for it and they get it driven directly to them lol hahaha wtf

  24. I heard on the radio yesterday that nearly 1/3 of new mothers were born overseas. I can’t say that surprises me. The wokies are working hard to turn the native young into lezzas and benders while the peacefuls are popping out mini bombers left right and centre. Corbyn 19, or something similar, is the only thing that can save this country from becoming a land of carpet kissers.

  25. It’s a known fact that the vaccines contain pork, alcohol and a microchip which renders you sterile and turns you into an atheist.

  26. There you go, a new angle.

    I blame the Americans!

    During the search for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan the CIA infiltrated the WHO and took DNA samples from children in the hope that they could use this to track him down.
    This was leaked by some clever do gooder fucker and the regional take up of vaccine dropped (and a certain disease is now rife again) obviously this smarts with certain groups so the roll out of the Covid Jab……..well what happens to your documented needle?
    will the government know that you are not who you say you are? RUN RUN RUN dont take the jab!

    Not bad for a conspiracy theory as it is based on fact.

    • Truly, I am massively impressed by your perspicacity lord benny. The scenario you describe had never occurred to me.

  27. The naivety of these cunts who think up these programs to engage ethnic communities is beyond measurement The biggest reason for some groups not being vaccinated was their own choice. Fuck all to do with racism structural, integral, metaphysical or mr cunt the unicorn sellers. If some cunt living here does not want a jab so what, they take their chance. Could not give a fuck but wish large numbers would fuck off.

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