The Gays (2)


OK, I accept that you are gay.
The fact that you have sex with other men is a bit of a clue, but being gay is not a fucking competition.
You don’t have to try to be ‘more gay’, there are no prizes for being ‘the gayest’.

You want equality but you live your life as if you are in a Carry On film.
You take your inspiration from stereo type gays like John Inman, Larry Greyson and Julian Clarey.

You have decided to adopt a lisp, you now walk like you are chewing a toffee with your arse and you collapse into girlish laughter at the slightest innuendo.

You are now more than equal because if a heterosexual man were to act in such an overtly sexual manner he would be arrested as a pervert.

Stop holding hands with your boyfriend and kissing him in public at every opportunity.
Normal couples don’t act like that, so why the fuck do you?

Nobody gives a flying fuck about your sexual preferences, so behave yourself and stop annoying the fuck out of me.

Nominated by: The Artful Cunter 

122 thoughts on “The Gays (2)

  1. I am sickened at the amount of homophobia on this nomination. You’re all disgraceful and should be ashamed of yourselves!

    Fuck off!

    • I am ashamed.
      Every timed I nailed some tail, making her squawk like a Bontempi organ at the hand(s)😉 of a blind thalidomide, in the back of my mind was the thought:

      “Am I depriving gay men, the pleasure of a feeling like a house brick has been rammed up theirs arseholes with a 14llb sledgehammer, wielded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, circa 1985?”


      • Funny, how anything that is now seen to be sacredly woke, untouchable and beyond criticism now has ‘phobia’ attached to it.

        I do see a chocolate commercial that kids can see and has an impersonation of blokes swapping spunk from their goibs as disgusting and corrupt.

  2. Should never have been allowed out of the closet. Caused nothing but trouble since bumfucking was made legal.
    Another symptom of Western Decline.
    ” In fifteen or twenty years, the gay man will have the whip hand over the straight man ”
    There’ll be lots of sore bottoms.
    That’s my political career finished.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha😂

      You are Enoch Pussy-eater and I claim my £5 Membership to the Kitty-kat club😀👍

  3. Another gay favourite in the news again. Ariana Grande shares photos of her private and intimate wedding,

    Ah, the private and intimate wedding the whole world and his dog knows about and has had in their face? Tell you what, if there’s a terrorist bomb in her honeymoon suite, she can always fuck off sharpish, get on a private jet with no thought other than her own safety, and leave the dying and injured as the emergency services tend to the mess – again.

    • Oh, and come back when it’s all over and died down. To cry crocodile tears, claim fake kinship, milk the publicity, and claim ‘PTSD’ for a disaster she wasn’t even there for.

      The cunt.

    • The days following the manchester arena bombing were followed by a cynical PR exercise to promote Grande’s career. The kids killed were still lying on a mortuary slab when a ‘concert’ was arranged featuring Grande and other low life scum. Not to be outdone, the utter jackass known as Liam Gallagher then exploited the situation to call for an Oasis reunion and claimed the ‘ normal service has been resumed’ within days of the atrocity. Tell that to the grieving parents you utter stupid cunt.

      • Dead right, Jack. Normal service? That Gallagher cunt hasn’t lived in Manchester since 1993. The bluenose fanny has been a Primrose Hill ponce for years now. And Grande as we know would sell her grandmother for publicity.

        One thing I hated was when I witnessed the funeral of one of the Arena victims, me and this Polish lad were the only passers by who stood in silence as a mark of respect as the coffin and grieving relatives passed us. Eveyone else there (in Bury town centre and mainly Peacefuls and P@k!s) didn’t give a fuck and still waltzed around like they owned the place. Basatards.

      • If Liam Gallagher lost a brain cell, the other brain cell would die of loneliness.
        Normal service resumed…. What a thick cunt.

      • Oasis-a Beatles covers band from Manchester.
        Look at most of their singles-they openly name the “artist” who’s riff they have plaigerised.
        Gallagher is a completely overrated guitarist. It was Liams “look” that sold them.

        Fucking cunts who arrived at a moment when British music had hit rock bottom.
        They are both complete wankers👎

      • I suppose it’s unfair to her but she does get me angry the bullshit she comes out with after what happened. The news link I saw related to her wedding was ”Ariane Grande ‘channels’ Audrey Hepburn”
        I didn’t click on it.

      • Another thought about her I was listening to one of the Liverpool players who were there at Hillsborough…can’t remember who it was…but anyway he said they had to go to a lot of funerals..’it was very hard to take…I was only young’

        Has Ms Grande even been to one? I haven’t heard of her going.

        Has she even been back there?

        Has she written any letters of condolence?

        Does she even know the names of any of the fans that died?

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the nomination. Nice darts there fella.
    However- the header pic says. “I support your gayness.”
    Never; not a fuckin’ chance. I would never ‘support’ this sphincter stabbing weirdness.
    I tolerate the ‘gayetivity’ of these types, it is now part of everyday life, we all have to accept it; no choice. But I would never ‘support’ it. Do as you must. Lust is a powerful force. Just keep this fuckbuggery to yourselves. Just don’t share it with me.
    And never (ever) tell me it’s normal.

  5. You’re safe with me. I tend to keep myself to myself as I hate everyone of all stripes equally. Seems axiomatic to say, but I find precious little value in cunts 😁

  6. I’ve had gays round at parties but I draw the line at trans-mutants, they can fuck off!

  7. Dont get it. Its not normal. If it was then bye bye human race.

    To me they are just in a box with other oddballs I ignore and dont care about – Climate people, hollow earthers, tinfoilers, vegans. Wont actively persecute them just not interested. I dont interfere with your box (though you do interfere with other mens shitboxes).

    Stop trying to ram it and the pronouns and all that shit down my throat and stay in the box. Everyones happy then.

  8. As some wise man said years ago “I don’t care as long as the gayness is optional”. the rate of official sanction for every kind of deviancy means that soon gayness will be compulsory.

  9. My main problem with gay cunts is their hypocrisy; they throw baby tantrums if a Christian looks at them wrong….yet these poo-pushers fanatically defend the most fag-publicly-executing, fag-torturing, fag bloodbath in the cunting history of mankind: Pisslam.

    Besides killing gays by defenestration off tall buildings (to giant cheering crowds) in some muslim countries they like to seal a fag’s asshole shut with superglue, shove a high-pressure garden down their throat and let fly until the abdomen fatally ruptures. Or they force a bunch of gasoline down a fag’s throat and light a match. Even the NICEST Pisslam, asshole-in-the-air countries punish fags with a public whipping and a very copious prison sentence. I’ve studied that ultimate CUNT hate ideology for over a dozen years and my conclusion: muslim cunts are a walking disease; they are an abomination to all of humanity. That religion is so jaw-droppingly repellent to me that if America were to set up death camps for muslim human detritus, this cunt would personally volunteer to throw the switch on the poison gas showers. There is NOTHING on this planet this Americunt seppo finds more evil.

  10. Oops, typing error: I mean to say “garden hose” not just garden. I’ve had enough Stella-Cunting-Atrois I sometimes randomly forget to type a certain word. But at least my spelling isn’t too bad for a drunken-cunt, yes?

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