The BLM and Sasha Johnson

A bang-bang- you’re not dead yet cunting please for the political wing of BLM (The Initiative Party).

Sasha Johnson, a leading light in the people of color (sic) party – ex Oxford graduate (where else?) goe to a party in that salubrious area of South London, Peckham – home of Del Boy. Sasha gets shot:

I suspect that more than naughty African Woodbines were involved…..

It’s given me an idea though – let’s arm Dame Kweer’s shower of shit with guns, and get Alcoholic Ali Campbell drunk, and who knows, Mandy and his current squeeze might end up like Bonny and Clyde, 86 years ago yesterday…….

A nice thought for a wet Monday morning.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

232 thoughts on “The BLM and Sasha Johnson

  1. They’re saying someone was ‘uncomfortable’ with somebody at the party so they fired a gun in a drive by shooting.


    Fucking hell. I’m ‘uncomfortable’ if the boss is out on the piss in the same bar as me. Or if I walk past an ex in the supermarket.

    I just cringe a bit and carry on. I don’t get a fucking gun out and start shooting cunts.


    Well let’s just thank fuck the cunt wasn’t angry then.

    • Let’s all pray that Ms Johnson makes a full and speedy recovery.

      Or let’s all pray the racist cunt meets her maker and even he tells her to fuck off to hell where cunts like her belong.

      Delete as applicable.

    • Unfortunately, I have the feeling there’s going to be a lot of self loathing, virtue signalling honkies seizing this opportunity to prove what stupid cunts they are.

    • Vigil?
      Will there be free beer an’ fried chiggun?

      Of course “hearts and minds” and “lessons must/will be learned”, to be wheeled out by the usual suspects😂

  2. 3 a.m. out partying on a Sunday night getting shot in drive bys.

    Some fucking mother and role model that is lol.

    • She looks like she fancies herself as Che Guevara in her photographs. She’s a poser.

      • As I said earlier. She’s been playing dress up and thinks she’s some kind of revolutionary.

        Just another fucking soshul meju clown, with a mouth far too fucking big for her own good.

      • Just what the world needs. Another soshul meedja clown.

  3. Perchance a fellow j*gaboo – disappointed by the fact that they can’t have a tyre swing as well – found out she was stealing funds like her thieving chippy transatlantic bredren?
    This rat bitch states she wants white people dead, the police removed and prisons shut – but I bet she would have been the first one on her Iphone to da powliss when the rounds started flying, and I cannot see her refusing the treatment by whitey medical experts which might disappointingly end up saving her life.
    And racist rodent Sasha is a liar about receiving “numerous death threats” – the police have investigated and found no evidence whatsoever to legitimise this allegation.
    Imagine the screeches of joy from the hateful cunts of the loony left if Tommy Robinson or Katie Hopkins had stopped a round?
    I vote we send sulphurous Sasha to Wakanda to take advantage of the advanced medical treatment there – I am sure a few weeks of pavement apes throwing shit about as a witch doctor dances about throwing a handful of bones in the air will be just marvellous.
    I wonder if BLM and the leftwaffe will be quite as voluble about the attempted execution of white 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse?

  4. Some cunting mates of hers are saying the shooter wasn’t aiming for her.

    What was he aiming for then? The fucking chip on her shoulder?

    • So predictable. The accompanying photograph of Flabbot is terrifying. Her gob is bigger than the Channel Tunnel.

      • The teeth resemble something to be found in the mouth of something caught from the deep on TV’s River Monsters.

      • It’s the iconic image of our age is it not,

        …the screeching chippy n1gger bawling for its ‘entitlements’.

        Why did we ever show them a dictionary?

  5. From the BBC News (ha!) website:
    “Police said at this stage there was no evidence the attack was targeted”

    I think they may have been misquoted. I think they meant “properly targeted”. Bloody amateurs with shooters. Derek Chauvin knew how to get the job done.

  6. I have not laughed so much since Ed Balls lost his seat.

    Defund the Police , Black lives Matter – well I hope the Police give this no fucking time or attention, I hope the bruvvas do not co operate with the fuzz and they can change the chant to Black Lives Matter unless someone is ‘ concerned ‘

    Oh and I hope she has to shit in a plastic bag for the rest of her life.

    • I would imagine that normal, sensible people already think she’s a bag of shit.

  7. Be interesting to see the ethnicity of the individual who shot her. Also, a shame she didn’t cop it. Johnson is a cunt and always will be.

    I don’t give a shit. She wanted white people dead and admitted it, so fuck her. She’s a nasty piece of work. Simple fact is if you preach violence, you may find it finding you. Fuck BLM up their own arses.

    • Shame she didn’t have that “Kill Whitey” simian bitch with her at the party, Norm.

  8. I heard that it was just a loose shot, and missed her ear by three inches.
    Got her right between the eyes…..

  9. With a bit of luck this shiny lump of shit will end up with life changing injuries and have to have its arse wiped for the rest of its days, fingers crossed.!!

    • I pity the poor white dooshka who will be wiping that sack of shit’s arse.

  10. So this cunt with a fog horn for a mouth got popped a new arse hole in the middle of her forehead at a house party, while my heart bleeds i wonder how many causations were at aformentioned party and who popper her one in the head, surely not one of her brothers from another mother….
    If that actually is the case even the blacks have had enough of these gobshite cunts who dont know when to have a large glass of shut the fuck up,,,,,gun shot to the head sorts that out….

  11. She’s unlucky that she wasn’t hit by a rhythm stick instead.

    She could’ve been entitled to personal Ian Dury.

    • 😀 Still, we have reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three.

      • MMCM – I think we can safely assume that at the time of the incident she was engaging in sex and drugs and rock and roll.
        Quite possibly simultaneously..

      • 😉 How many Ian Drury references can we get into one post?

      • If she croaks they’ll lament, “She was only 27…

        …what a waste.”

      • 😊 Lol. Still, she’s as common as muck.

        6 and counting.

    • If she does end up in a vegetative state, Meghan & Harry can have a visit and feed her Banana.
      Meghan will say, wait for it:

      “Mash It up Harry”

      If Suckdick Khant visits, he can get his dad to give her a “Bus Drivers Prayer”

      • Meghan and Harry better not give her prawns if they visit. There might be poo poo in the prawn.


  12. Fuck the poisonous shit coloured cunt. I look forwards to watching her dribble and spaz out at future Black’s Love Murdering rallies.

  13. The disgraceful BBC are kissing her fucking arse of course. As are our shitbag political class. Enoch would’ve declared a national holiday.

    ‘Anti racism campaigner?’

    Really? Not racist for the leader of a political party to call for honkies to be wiped out, or to say that they should be enslaved by blacks?

    Fuck right off. Fucking cunts.

  14. I was thinking about her being shot and the hullabaloo surrounding the event when reality struck in the shape of today’s date.
    80 years since 1300 matelots caught it on HMS Hood.
    Cliché I know but for her right to spout all that shite.
    Fucking obnoxious cunt.

  15. 186 replies, for an early nom. Everyone in unity. No bundle. Some form of record surely?

    This is the sort of heartwarming White English Blitz spirit I fully expect from every man jack of you when the Civil War comes!

      • If the Black Nazi slag does cop it, the Beeb and the Grauniad will make the coverage of Prince Philip’s funeral look like chicken feed.

        What annoys me is the cunts at the football and other events will now take the knee for the Sasha Slag. The Chicken Floyd George shit was bad enough, but now they’ll do it for this bitch. It’s never going to fucking end. Not ever.

      • We’ve let down all the old soldiers from two world wars. The sacrifices they made have all been in vain with the creeping advancement of Fascism through the back door.
        Sorry dad, you deserved better.

      • Too true Bertie. They might just as well have handed the country over to the Nazis. The last of a great generation.

  16. The Twatter feed of Baboons Love Moaning still refuses to acknowledge that the attack came from their community and refers to the “numerous death threats as a result of her activism”.

  17. Latest just in….MeGain ‘grifter’ MarkUp and Madoga are beyond heartbroken and inconsolable about the attack on a pillar of the community and racial justice advocate ‘so long Johnson’ 🙁

    • Didn’t turn up for Prince Phillip’s send off, but will fly over and be right at the front if (hopefully when) Johnson has her funeral? That’s the Markle Locust to a tee.

      As for Madogga? That has been slag would lick a dog turd to gain publicity and stay relevant.

      • Pathetic isn’t it.

        Apparently, Meghan & Harry have claimed that Archies first words were, drum roll:

        brr rrrr rrrr rrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr

        “Gwanny Di-an-aa”


      • What a pile of Cunt. There are only 2 possibilities-

        1. They are lying.
        2. They’ve spent months saying nothing to the poor sprog except “grandma Dianna”.

        Either way it’s sickening.


      • I wish that Hewitt and his pet marmoset would go and insert nitro-glycerine suppositories in their cornholes.

        The pair of publicity ravenous cunts.

  18. What a despicable sunglasses-wearing walking turd. Hope it hurt like hell. (Gunshot injuries are notoriously painful.)
    Anyone put the hideous fucking ape in the deadpool?

  19. Can only hope next time the shooter has a bazzoka,then he wont miss the loud mouth whore.

    • It has been observed that these things can take a bazooka round to the noggin and still get up and rob a convenience store.

  20. Such a heartwarming shooting. I pray for this cunts quick demise as to not waste any more of the White Mans taxpayer money to keep this scumbag breathing. I can’t be upset that a jogger survived a shot to the head though, that’s like trying to shoot a grain of sand from 50 meters away. Not so easy. Another violent activist getting exactly what it deserves. My hope for White culture is rekindling itself.
    Then soon we’ll find the shooter, most likely another jogger she owed drug money to, or denied muhdik and he’ll be thrown in the slammer too! Two apes off the street!

  21. Freedom for Peckham! She’s a female Wolfie Smith. If you’re under 40 look it up.

    Of course she was shot by another Sooty, so no riots. Maybe she stole someone’s chiggun nuggets. At 3am in the morning.

  22. Boo boo Sasha …wishing you a speedy recovery etc…
    No,,,,,! Fuckyou you evil hatred-filled j1ggab00 !
    In many ways I wish that the shooting was targeted.
    There are plenty of wealthy redneck Texans who would love to have a dark glasses-wearing gorilla’s head mounted on a shield in their living room.
    If it wasn’t for Whitey savages like you would still be sitting under trees walllowing in your own diarrhoea squashing cockroaches with a stick encrusted with your own shit.

  23. Hopefully the vile cunt will do us all a favour a just fuckin die. Save the waste of money being spent by the nhs looking after her. When this hopefully happens just watch the looney left and media worship and praise her like that drug taking, thieving, gun toting piece of shit from accros the pond.

  24. Somewhere in this tragic chain of events a white supremacist (which is strange as I have lived around ‘white’ people – as a ‘white’ person – and have yet to actually meet someone that would identify as one) will no doubt be lurking, enabling the event to have taken place.
    I’m glad my fellow Brits aren’t falling for this divisive racial gaslighting anymore.

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