Politicising Online Dating

Politicisation on the dating scene is a cunt.

I’m a single chap on the dating scene, single mainly because I won’t take any shit from wimminz who are cunts.

I still ( deluded as I am) use online dating sites in the hope of finding wimminz who might, just might be ok.

I joined Tinder a while back, and started the swiping thingy, left for fuck off, and right if she’s got nice tits, and if she visits your profile and swipes right, then you’re matched and can then message each other.

What I’ve noticed is, when reading profiles, how fucking aggressive some wimminz are. One profile in particular caught my attention. “ if you voted leave, support Israel, vote Tory, like Farage, then swipe left. We wouldn’t get on”.

What the fuckety fuck has politics got to do with how well you could potentially get on with someone. Partners in a relationship should challenge each other’s views, with respect, that’s what being in a relationship is all about, so why make meeting someone ( which is difficult enough) by alienating half of your prospective pool of matches.

It seems that wimminz have a propensity to leaning towards the left, why? Fucked if I know.

In the end I had to write on my profile, “ if you want to live in an echo chamber, then you can get yourself fucked off, because I won’t be tolerating any of that crap “.

It certainly makes the case for fucking off to Thailand or Eastern Europe, and finding a missus, which so many Western women find abhorrent. The cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntington Smythe

69 thoughts on “Politicising Online Dating

  1. She did you a favour mate. I don’t care what she looks like or how massive her tits ten minutes of listening to her whiney, wokie, remoaner bullshit would turn me into a crazed serial killer. That sort are not likely to come across with the goods without a lot of hard work and expense either.
    You’re well out of it in my opinion.

    • more importantly, you need to do the world a favour and help condemn that bint to a life of spinsterhood and cat sanctuaries. Fucking necky bit of skirt, as if you could give a shit what her opinion is whether she agrees with you or not.

  2. Tinder is a dumpster fire of bitter harridans and entitled plastic princesses, plus the spoiled leftovers. Maybe it’s better elsewhere but I doubt it. The mechanics of it favour womens use of it over men (attention, selection of the hottest, etc).. don’t waste your time with it.

    It’s rich that they say what political points they don’t like, yet I fucking bet you they couldn’t explain the difference between the lords and commons, or elucidate on any politics beyond just a frantic emotional yap like an irritated chihuahua.

    • Forgot to add: What these shallow ‘political’ statements actually translate to are, “You can’t challenge any of my world view, including my personality because I am my world. So shut up, kiss my fucking ass, and give me your wallet you sissy faģğot”.

  3. Thailand sounds like a plan. As a fairly frequent visitor (family in BK) I’d settle for a Thai bride. Just got to make sure she can reverse a car as a gender check then that just leaves me my current wife

    Have you considered a singles only holiday? I’m told that sometimes works?

      • My ex wife had no problem reversing an automatic, large, reasonably powerful estate but struggled like fuck with a manual Nissan Micra. She must have been a pre-op transgender, the lack of a sex life (for me, anyway, she was getting plenty apparently) meant I would never had known.

  4. If she has extra big titties and a nice body who cares – shag her once (if you get that far) then move on!

  5. If I was young and single, I’d not give a shite if they said ‘If you are not woke and have voted Tory before, you are not welcome.:

    If they were fit and liked my photo, I’d turn up, give ’em a seeing to (appearing to agree with their woke shite along the way during the evening if needed) and jizz as soon as I could (a minute or two if I wanted I’m sure).

    Then say, “you know what…I’m as right wing as they come. Mop up me jizz luv, I’m off. Mein frauelin, I bid you good day” as I click my heels throw out a Roman salute.

    I don’t think (I could be wrong) you’ll find a keeper on Tinder. Every bird I know who says they’re on it are slappers.

    Want a ‘keeper’? Get to yourself dahn to the local church for a nice lass. Or the local conservative club. No slappers or wokes, and the nice birds are clean and go like the clappers.

    • Nothing like a good old slapper, especially if they are fit, but not the type that’s like a Piaggio who has ridden all around town.

  6. I am sure that I would agree with the nomination if I still lived in the U.K.; never used it there.
    I currently live in México and spent the entirety of 2020 in both Colombia and Costa Rica. Las chicas on Tinder in Latin America don’t have any political opinions, they just prefer to get their tits out.

    • ah, Colombia – they will be a woman if you act like a man. You’ll pay for everything, they will look good for you and treat you right. Great memories.

  7. “It seems that wimminz have a propensity to leaning towards the left, why? Fucked if I know.”

    Women are inherently more collectivist in nature, they prefer consensus and are more risk averse. Look at the Brexit polls, age vs sex, young women extremely remoan old chaps hard brexit and a consistent pattern in between (as two points does not a graph make). Why do you think the Pictish devolution campaign orchestrated in Stabistan, run but the pig fucker, was called ‘Project Fear’? But we’re all the same right?

    Also bear in mind that woke shehadists absolutely despise soy types, most secretly preferring alpha males. Might be worth sticking to your guns and be honest, who knows?

    If you go east consider concubinage as a solution, an idea with a long and noble heritage but you’ll need some coin.

    • Large unkempt hairy nazi looking for longterm love
      Likes rock music, beer, and birds who buy their own drinks.
      6ft 8in, large but flaccid cock,
      Dazzling smile and GSOH
      No fat chicks, or vegans

      • Ps midget birds considered.
        Look forward to meeting up.
        Replies to
        Dick Fiddler
        Trauma towers

      • Oh to see the look on his face when confronted by a mob of angry blue haired vegan pansexual fat positivity activists.

      • Afternoon FF.

        Ive always wondered about online dating, not for me I hasten to add!
        Happily married man!
        But what sorts are out there?
        Are they all loons?
        Id make them do a questionnaire to weed out bad eggs!

        1) are you a mental?
        2) have you ever been in prison?
        3) are you able to walk unaided?
        4) anal?
        5) can you touch your toes?
        6) have you got any teeth?
        7) are you a foreigner?
        8 ) do you answer back?

      • Goes without saying.
        Im the Cary Grant of the peak District.😀

      • Having said that, the northern slappers with their tits and arses falling out at “ladies day” Aintree look a lot more fun than the ones at Epsom.

  8. Totally agree. My father was a conservative all his life and my mother, at least until Thatcher came along, supported Labour. They had a brilliant marriage.

    Wimminz with strong woke views should be avoided like the plague. Joyless cunts. You’ll never get a whiff of their fanny anyway.

    You want a wife who’ll vote for what you tell her to vote for.

      • No. But that about the only thing the Mudslimes have got right.

      • My wife asks me what I think. I tell her if God had meant me to think he’d have given me brains. We both have a good laugh and ignore life. She goes to meet her friends and I click on Pornhub/Xhamster/Xvideos etc. Works for me anyway.

      • Me too. Dread to think of the state my balls would be in if she caught me.

  9. “Wanted – bird – must be dirty and not too bright, any commie wimminz shit and you go through the fucking window”.
    Very few takers..

  10. As an Mount Olympus level cocksmith, I am feeling generous today, so will give you younger cunters the keys to the fucking kingdom:

    -The secret to success with women is not being a super rich male model (it probably does help), the secret is NOT trying too hard. I don’t mean be complete aloof-just don’t look desperate. It exudes confidence and wimminz go weak at the knees for a confident chap👍

    -don’t “hunt in packs”. Nothing is more off putting to a NICE lady, than a group of “lads” behaving like rowdy teenagers.

    -remember the golden truth-wimminz like a good shag, just as much as we lads.

    Now, get smartened up and get at it.

    You have not been charged for this advice🤔

    • Unfortunately, I think my wife might object if I take your advice.

      • You right CG.
        Confidence is attractive.
        When younger and single I always pulled.
        Ive confidence coming out my arse, and not shy, plus im brazen.
        Never did chat up lines, fuck that, but did ask their opinion on stuff!
        They like that!
        Didnt really care, was just testing if they was a mentalist but it worked.

      • We have something else in common that attracts the lay-dees Mis: a sense of humour 👍

    • CG I’m seeing you more and more as Robin Askwith in the Confessions series of films.

  11. The reason wimminz lean left is because the are emotional creatures and leftist agenda is based on emotions, feelings, bias, etc. Certainly not based on fact!

    Just want a woman who leans forward.

    • “The reason wimminz lean left is because” they have a heavy left tit.

  12. I have a peep at the odd dating site, and on times it can be hilarious. Some baggy old moose stating categorically that she isn’t interested in a one night stand, and all I can think of is she would be lucky to find someone drunk or desperate enough even for that. Here is a list of descriptions that get a fucking big no no from me-
    Kooky – Mental.
    Stay at home mum, or full time mummy – Lazy bitch in other words.
    Wear my heart on my sleeve – Gobby bitch, unlikely to shut up. Ever.
    Curvy – Fat
    Cuddly – Fat.
    Bubbly – Fat.
    A few extra pounds – Fat as fuck.
    Don’t expect a skinny Minnie – Clinically obese.
    No crazy ex – He’s probably dead somewhere.
    My children are my world – No points for stating the obvious. Unless your daughter is called Shannon.
    Then you have the cunts mentioned above. If the subject of politics is mentioned, you can guarantee it’s left wing, and Brexit is another thing the harpie fuckers don’t like. It’s not just the crustie nose ring types either, some of them are definitely worth disappointing. Who the fuck would want anything more than a bunk up from someone that shallow that would dismiss you for a difference of opinion on one subject. Fuck them, they are mental anyway.
    Talking of mental, there is a new category, and I’ve only seen a handful, but it is growing, but there are some with the same extreme opinion on vaccines and masks, as they won’t have nothing to do with you if you have either. And they are usually crusties. You’d probably need a vaccine of some sort coming into contact with the gobby tramps.
    I’ve yet to see one that demands a vaccinated bloke, so it’s only the anti vaxxers that are being picky at the moment.
    I don’t give a fuck. The lady I banged on the weekend wasn’t having a vaccine and I didn’t give a shit, and she didn’t give a shit that I had. And that’s how it should be.

    • Also

      ‘Outgoing’ (slapper)
      ‘Outspoken’ (gobby cunt who will cause barroom brawls every weekend)
      ‘Looking for older man’ (gold digger)
      ‘Looking for my knight in shining armour’ (my mental ex is just out of prison and probably going to try and kill me again)
      ‘Looking for well built man’ (cunt like a wizard’s sleeve)
      ‘Athletic figure’ (fat)
      ‘Try something different’ (tranny)
      ‘Curvy’ (Weighs over 30 stone)
      ‘progressive’ (annoying gobby libtard)
      ‘shy’ (has the clap)
      ‘Broad minded’ (will shag anyone…or anything for that matter – on camera)
      ‘Good sense of humour’ (ugly annoying cunt)
      ‘Intelligent’ (Big headed annoying cunt)
      ‘Sensitive’ (nutcase who might go at you with a knife for no reason)

      • Also a red flag if they have something in their blurb along the lines of “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you definitely don’t deserve me at my best” – avoid.

        Be aware as well that their pictures aren’t always recent and might be 5 years and 5 stone lighter ago.

  13. Wanted: Good woman. Must have good boat with motor. Please send picture of boat and motor.

    If you like pina coladas…

    • Sure I love a piña colada. But –
      🎶 Making love at midnight, on the dunes at the cape. 🎶
      Fuck that. Sand everywhere.
      Rupert Holmes was also a cunt.

  14. Katie Price stood as a candidate at the 2001 General Election – I don’t know what her political platform was. Judging by the number of men she goes through, I doubt she’d filter out blokes on the basis of their political allegiances. Actually, she doesn’t filter out blokes at all.

  15. white label dating controls most sites, look them up and you will understand.
    me and the Mrs had a pause.
    I was on one site (no name mentioned)
    and she was on “Plenty of fish” she dipped into the “Naughty pond” and got a perfect match with me!
    I wont say what site I was on, but it is all a con.
    sub note,
    on the same site was a lady ramming a rampant rabbit up her doo dah, (no objection) but Google suggested we be friends on linked in! although she had a different profile picture there.

    • fuck wrong email hence moderation! .. fix it please

  16. I had one woman calling me a Tory from get go, didn’t have heart to tell her I’m much more right wing

  17. I did have a woman calling me fat, that was when I was at my prime running half marathons weekly and slim as hell, she was calling me fat. It’s all bullshit.

  18. I gave up on Tinder. The massive shopping lists of essential qualities and traits they were looking for was very intimidating
    They were incredibly picky about height – 3 quarters of them would be saying if you’re under 6 foot don’t bother
    I’m 5’10” and most of my life I thought of myself as average height but Tinder taught me I’m a midget
    Silly bitches didn’t get to see how handsome and chiseled I am, my toned physique, my world class arse etc ,just because I’m 2 inches under target.
    I’ve extra inches elsewhere as well
    Still, I’m sure they know what they’re doing

    • You could just do what I did and lie.

      I’m 5’11” and I caught on quick. For the sake of one inch.
      Also – without wanting to sound sexist/misogynist, women aren’t particularly great a judging distance/height, etc.

      They aren’t going to turn up with a tape measure.

      Most women I’ve met with a few exceptions are no taller than 5’7”

      • No doubt you’re right. I wish I’d learned when Id been taught as a kid that dishonesty is the best policy because it always fucking is.
        You’re also right about their spatial awareness, I once accurately estimated by sight the dimensions of an object and accurately predicted that it wouldn’t fit in an area in which a group of young women wished to place it. They acted like I was an evil wizard.

  19. Why not put your politics up front? if you’re going to bang a lefty a few times ok, but what if you want to take it further into an actual relationship? Vegan, woke shit 24/7 is going to do your head in when you stop banging and start talking. Might as well know from the start,

    • Its bound to play out the other way too. Would a right leaning or conservative not date a wokie because of their politics? I suppose it depends on how extreme you are on either position.

  20. As a seasoned campaigner on Tinder, on 5 continents.
    (Never got laid in Australia though, but maybe a blessing, the women are feckin rough there).
    I am 6 feet tall.
    No strong political views.
    Love animals.
    A good listener.
    You believe that shit?
    It works….

    • Well, as someone smarter than me once said.
      “Why pay for a professional service when there are so many willing amateurs who will provide it for free?”

  21. Thinking of women and gramophone records, who remembers Jean Metcalfe with Two Way Family Favourites?. Her and Bill Crozier playing The Beverley DSisters and Anne Shelton live at midday on Sundays, assuring Lance Corporal Smith in BFPO 40 that his girlfriend says “it isn’t long till September 1962” – in fucking 1958.

    David Jacobs like Sam Costa and Alan Dell were BBC staffers and when they weren’t doing Pick of the Pops or Midday Spin, they would be i8ntroducing the LIght Programme Music Festival from the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday night, or back announcing Edmundo Ros or Max Jaffa. The pop bit was just another gig. I think, were they alive still, Alan Freeman and Desmond Carrington would be dear friends of Elton, if you know what I mean……

  22. Online dating is a con. Highly unbalanced ratio of men to women and the women on there are highly unbalanced in the head.
    If you want to look at some real nutobs try Okcupid. They’re all highly politicised vegan feminazi blue-haired swamp donkeys.
    I keep telling my mate he’s wasting his time in there, even if it is free.

    • That site would surely be subscription for the lasses and 2 quid per swipe made by them is paid to the lads.

  23. I’ve noticed this a lot too.

    “Won’t date anyone who voted Tory or Brexit”.

    Funny how you never see anyone post, “If you’re a Labour voting, right-on wokist who voted to remain in the EU, fuck off.”

    And they call anyone on the right “intolerant”.


  24. Don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread but I have just this minute stumbled on an absolute pearler.

    Team Manager

    I had to Google the last one. It apparently is a way for twats to confirm their hated of Trump. Who knew!

  25. Be like Lawrence Fox and steer clear of woke witches. Fuck trouble they are.

  26. Just to correct the OP on one point. By wimminz saying if you voted leave, then swipe left, they are alienating more than half, because we won that vote, let alone whatever is left of their woke agenda 🙂

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