Manchester City FC (2)

(Scheduling of this nom is intentional as Man City could well be the Premier League Champions again in the next couple of hours – DA)

The fact that they are now acting like the Super League backstabbing never happened is diabolical. There has been no protest by their fans to remove their owners, and that utter cunt Pep Fraudiola saying the towelhead cunts have no need to apologise for anything. These cunts have no integrity and these blue bastards would arselick and welcome Hitler if he continued to buy them trophies and hired mercenaries like Sterling.

As for their fans? Well, apart from cunts like Liam Gallagher, how they think air crashes are funny, doing that stupid fucking Poznan shite and those stupid shark hats, this picture sums them up. Utter fucking cunts.

Nominated by: Norman

57 thoughts on “Manchester City FC (2)

  1. Fuck Man City and Saturday night football politcs has made this all the more unsavory! 🙁

    Fuck off!

  2. Top level English football could not give a fuck if every single supporter dropped dead on the way to the ground as long as Charlie Chan and Kev Kebab pay their Sky Sports subscription – Manchester City are just as bad but no worse than all the rest.
    I have supported Manchester United for fifty years, relatives of mine have played for the team, they used to be the club of the people.
    No more – these days I couldn’t care less if they get relegated.
    Take a knee and the yank money lads, you are no longer Manchester United.

  3. There are 1.4 billion Chinese. Thats what they are interested in not 80000 people from Manchester or anywhere else. It amazes me that mongs keep giving the second most boring sport on earth (after formula 1) their hard earned money. They dont give a shit about you.

  4. What got me was the way City, along with Chelsea, were instantly exonerated by certain sections of the media ( the BBCs Phil McNumpty chief among them ) with the argument that they were led astray by those nasty people at Man Utd and Liverpool. Fuck off! If I were charged with armed robbery, would the defence that I didn’t want to miss out on the money see me being acquitted? Like fuck would it.
    All these top level clubs are shit bags regardless of colour and the culture of buying success has destroyed all sporting integrity.

  5. I have no interest in Manchester Arab FC.Smeg off and smeg off again.Bunch of pricks.

  6. It’s one oligarch verses another now. Football as I knew it is fucked.
    I blame Chinny Hill way back. He has a lot to answer for.

  7. The Gorton Globetrotters vs Chelski in the European Cup Final. That’s two of the worlds most illegally financed clubs in the Champions League final.

    Some seem to forget Abu Dhabi City are only in the champions league this season after winning/paying off an appeal after being found guilty under Financial Fair Play. The cunts are only where they are today down to oil money. Financial fair play, my arse.

    Oh yeah, their official match programme once actually referred to United in print as ‘Munichs’. Always have been and never not will be fucking cunts.

    • Yeah how appropriate that these 2 clubs (neither of whom are champions) should be competing in a bloated European (so called) Champions Cup final.
      Abu Dhabi FC v Oligarch FC.

      Fuck modern day wokeball because I struggle to get through 10 minutes of a game nowadays.
      Fucking pile of wank.

  8. Interesting how the other “Big Club” Spuds got their arses handed to them earlier this afternoon by lowly Leeds.

    Spurs play bland uninspiring football and haven’t won jack shit in decades.
    Leeds play exciting attack-minded football, and even though they haven’t won a major trophy since 91/2, they are a big club in terms of trophies and fans. And yet because they’re not owned by some extremely rich cunt they don’t get invited to the ESL.

    Man City can eat shit and die for all I care, as can the other 5 “big” clubs; along with Sky Sports, BT Sports and all the other streaming channels wanting to get a nice slice of the dormant ESL pie.

    Fans are no longer fans but customers. The game is just a product of our times.

  9. I wouldn’t give up on the Super League just yet. The Spanish teams are still up for it.

    • Of course they are Miles!
      They need an army of mugs with money to get it off the ground and pay for their shattered economy.

  10. I know a few proper bluenose cunts who still went to Maine Road even when they were in the old third division and playing like a bunch of mongs.

    They’re ok by me. I’m almost happy to see them loving how good City are.

    But the new lot? Get fucked lol.

    Ask them about Tommy Hutchinson’s goals at both ends in the cup final they’ll say ‘Who?’ (or more likely ‘Ching Chong, bud bud ding ding or innit blud). I know more about City than them and I can’t stand the cunts.

    Chelsea Vs City in the CL Final says it all though.

    Plastic Money FC Vs Plastic Money FC

    I won’t be watching, but I’d prefer Chelsea to win as Tuchel seems a good lad (doesn’t spout woke shite every five minutes like Guardiola) and is an excellent young coach. City also have Sterling, who is a monumental cunt. And De Bruyne, who gave us the pleasure of seeing the first ginger black power salute.

    I’ll say it here.

    I think Tuchel will outwit Guardiola in the final, despite having a shitter squad.

    Lump on and thank me later. I don’t gamble anymore btw (I get carried away if I do), but I think Chelsea will do them (maybe on penalties…just go for the win).

    Fuck off.

    • I know plenty of old school blues myself. Some of them are top lads and even my dad (a totally biased red from Collyhurst) had a respect for Colin Bell, Neil Young (not the singer) and Big Joe Corrigan. But that sort of grudging respect is long gone. The City and United of old perished years ago, and the knobheads that now follow the team are complete wankers. They won’t know who Tommy Hutchinson is. They don’t even know who Georgi Kinkladze and Uwe Rosler are. And ask them about Roy Paul, Ken Barnes or Bert Trautmann, and watch their clueless faces.

    • Hope you’re right CB
      No love in the slightest for either team but the thought of that smug, tight trousered, snowflake, chequebook manager cunt – Fraudiola being hailed as a genius for helping his superiors purchase another trophy is enough to make me have a flutter on Oligarch FC.
      Fuck me- talk about lesser of two evils.

  11. This group of highly-paid mercenaries consists of individuals who are as two-dimensional as players on virtual games. They also have no connection to Manchester. When Celtic won the Europe Cup back in 1967, 10 of the players came from Glasgow and the 11th from Edinburgh. You would never get a situation like that nowadays.

  12. Manchester United also wanted part of the super league? What’s the difference Norman? You make out city’s owners are more mercenary then United’s or any of the other teams involved.

    It’s a long time since any of the clubs involved looked at their fans as anything other than dumb loyal sheep to be fleeced.

    The shit thrown at city by united fans is laughable, united fans are sore because city gained success at the same time as united went into decline. The people who need cunting are the people who throw money at these soulless corporate chess pits that used to be football clubs.

    • Sixdog-

      Norman has already cunted Man Utd for leading the charge towards the ESL.
      I think this cunting is about the fact that whilst lots of Utd fans have condemned Utd’s actions vocally, the response from City has been relatively quiet.

      I hope Chelsea win the Champions league final.


    • I have no illusions about United’s owners Sixdog. The Glazers are complete cunts and I made my own feelings on that clear when I took part in last week’s protests. The difference is while United fans are standing against the Glazers and all they stand for, City fans are making no noises against their owners. They want their owners to stay, even though they have lied to the supporters and staff with this super league. They are in the Champions League final and have the league in the bag, so they will turn a blind eye to the super league corruption. City and United’s owners are both cunts. But at least United supporters are attempting to make a stand. There will be no such protest from the Berties, as long as the trophies and petrodollars keep rolling in.

  13. Fucking arrogant shits. Aguero trying to take the piss out of Mendy with his penalty. Total cunting wank merchant. City are nothing but jumped up dog shit in disguise.

  14. Football. Bored.

    Sorry Norman but fed up with the top flight game. Don’t give a flying fuck anymore.

    • I don’t blame you Willie. I wish it was 1976 and I was still part of Doc’s Red Army.

      • Watched the film Sommeren 92 earlier today on Netflix.

        About the Danish team in the 1992 European Championships.

        A little bit predictable (especially if you know the outcome) and only a 6.9 on IMDB but mildly entertaining and worth watching I think.

      • Good film Willie.

        Interesting how a more workmanlike Danish side ended up winning the 92 Euros when compared to relative failures of the easy on the eye brilliant but slightly flaky Danish side of 84 and 86.

      • The 84-86 Denmark side is more loved than the 92 one in Denmark itself. The 80s team was a great attacking side: with Ekljaer, Lerby, Laudrup, Alan Simonsen and Jesper Olsen. The 92 side had Schmichel in goal though, and he was immense in his prime.

      • Schmeichel was formidable wasn’t he.
        Greatest ever Norman?
        Possibly greatest ever bargain buy.
        Half a million even back then was a relative snip.

      • Schmichel was brilliant. But other goalies who were great were Neville Southall at Everton and Gordon Banks.

    • Couldn’t give a fuck either. It’s all a bag of piss and shit that should be posted through jug ears letterbox.

      Give me the world cup. Just so I can watch England inevitably fail, and some underdog team do better despite their players having day jobs at the local supermarket.

    • @Herman Jelmet

      A fitting tribute to Richard Nielsen. No substitute for hard work and a fantastic team spirit. The big ego Laudrup brothers told to either fit in, work hard and be part of the team or fuck off and be replaced.

      The England team did the total opposite and tried to build the team round the big egos.

  15. What’s football?

    Seriously, football, like everything else in life, is dominated by cunts, woke idiots, and money grubbing turds.

    Football, the sport that produced Gary Linicunt. Although the most entertaining moment in football was when he shat in the in the middle of the pitch. What a tax-dodging, hypocritical cunt.

    • Gary Linekunt didged accepting the biggest democratic decision in British history then dodged housing any Dinghy Illegals despite endlessly carping on about them. Now he’s been dodging his taxes.

      Dodgy kunt.

      • The fact that he “dodged” ever getting booked in his career, indicate that he “dodged” being a true team player.

        Goal hanging, crisp flogging, nurse fucking, CUNT👎

  16. We are in danger of becoming as fuckin’ useless as the BBC for repeating ourselves.
    However, I do take great pleasure in an age of the decline in football that women’s football will never flourish in this climate.

  17. Whenever they receive fines they must be guffawing in their Dubai tower offices. £35,000 for this, £50,000 for that. It’s akin to being caught drunk driving and having to pay twopence.

    Sheik YerMunni: Emir, we kjave been fined again by those English sons of camels at the F A.
    Sheikh Mansour:Kjow much ees eet this time?
    Sheik YerMunni: Kjabout ten million of their pounds.
    Sheik Mansour: .I thought they kjwould really punish us this time. Take it from petty cash and sack a kjundred construction workers.
    Sheik YerMunni: Alláh be praised.

      • “Please don’t sack me, I have four wives and 16 kids to support!”

      • “Take your kids down the market and sell their arses like everyone else.”

  18. The nom pic looks like a typical pre covid sellout at the Emptyhad.

    Manchester City are a bog standard yoyo club with recently acquired Arab oil money and fuck all else.
    Chelsea another bunch of Johny come lately cunts bankrolled by the foreign ill gotten gains of a Russian cunt.
    The ever growing greed of the post 92 premier league enabled the billionaire takeovers of these cunt clubs (and others) and their subsequent to rise by dubious financial means only, from complete mediocrity.
    At least Jack Walker at Blackburn was a successful businessman who bankrolled his local club.
    Can’t say the same about Abu Dhabi FC.

    Fuck them.

  19. Off topic, but heavens knows it’s probably well needed!

    Labours Angela (I left school with more children than exam results) Rayner, sacked as party chair and removed as campaign coordinator! Rumour has it she will be allowed to stay on as party bike!

    I think she is the personification of labour today with the perfect credentials. An angry overconfident historic teenage single mother who left school with no exam results! She has a fat tongue and a thin brain, a hatred of tut’rich and who believes her and her ilk should be handed something for nothing because she couldn’t keep her legs shut o deserves to be bailed out of her poor life choices by people with more money than her!

    I would’ve made this nomination but the glamour of a begrudged shoe-in hour slot is too prestigious for me!

    Fuck off!

    • Starmey Weather needs to fall on his sword, the gutless cunt👍

      • Sir With Hindsight! Oh he’s fucking next, make no mistake! 😉

  20. Premier League football is the spunk of Satan. Taking a fucking knee, Linecunt, Hypocrisy everywhere you look. Fuck every last one of ‘em. Cunts. Best just follow your local lower division side.

  21. Oh my anonymity is in jeaoirdy Admin. Don’t release the posts in moderation please. Thanks.

    (No worries. Your particular comments have been deleted – DA)

  22. Ah the Champions League Final, can’t wait.

    Dirty Ruski money vs Dirty Peaceful money.

    Obviously all the multi millionaires will take the knee in support of the poor and oppressed while the poor and oppressed in the Far and Middle East go……what the fuck is all that about? Hopefully one of the expert pundits will be Alex Scott , we don’t see enough of her on the telly………said no cunt, ever!
    And of course it must be introduced by Saint Gary Jugears, another champion of the poor and oppressed. As soon as the camera is off him he’ll be adding up the money he has stolen from the taxpayer, converting it into Wokecoin and sending it off to the Cayman Islands.
    After you with the sickbucket Ladies and Gentlemen. (and gender neutrals obviously)

  23. In other news:

    Royal Navy ships and French Military vessels have been dispatched to Jersey due to rising tension regarding fishing rights

    Mai oui, bein sur – not a mention of it on the BBC or mainstream media.

    Likewise, lots of protests in Columbia due to tax reforms and the unemployment rate being above 14% but barely mentioned by MSM.

    To summarise – I have to go to an Australian news website to find out what’s going on in the rest of the world because the British media is preoccupied with the SNP and Nicola S. Turd-gun.

  24. I can’t think of anything more boring than football. It can fuck itself. That is all.

  25. Try being a Sheffield United fan. We’re owned by an Arab Prince who’s skint. It could only happen to us. Football is wank nowadays, that taking the knee and raising the arm fucking shit is the last straw for me. To me it’s only the same as doing a sieg heil, can you imagine the shit storm if that happened??

  26. So, the blue cunts have got another league title.
    Well played. Oops sorry, I meant well payed.
    Now the fuckers will try and buy the european cup.


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