Ebay China

Ebay cunts based in China!!

Not only did these cunts infect the globe with their dog eating disease but they have taken over Ebay to a point where the site is infected forever.

Order something…..ANYTHING that is “based in UK” and low and behold you just gave your money to fund the next outbreak of live octopus pandemic!

And ofcourse you have to wait weeks for the shit to arrive.
I wonder if they dissinfect all these packages at Heathrow?

Ebay is the new plague spreader.

Nominated by: Kendo Nagasaki

31 thoughts on “Ebay China

  1. I do a lot of business on Ebay – they charge me 16% commission on all sales and include postage in the commission deduction (the thieving fkers) – I try and avoid doing business with the zipper heads – the quality is terrible, the sizes are for little yellow dw*rves not humans, they take forever to send stuff and I find them fundamentally dishonest in every way.
    Just check the business details bit before buying – if it comes back based in China you will be waiting forever and generally get tat.
    Unfortunately the yellow peril have infested Ebay and use sly tricks by putting Union flags and phrases like “UK based business” in the profile.
    If the post time is “estimated” and is a long way in the future, they are Chinese sellers.
    Avoid wherever possible.

    • I have never used ebay a lot but nowadays the first thing I check is the delivery time. If it’s more than a week I don’t even bother looking any further. Checking the UK only box is pointless because they often have a UK presence, probably some business address at a flat over a takeaway.

      • I had one transaction a few weeks ago which from China. I had no choice because I simply couldn’t the bloody stuff from anywhere else. After 6 weeks I complained I hadn’t got the bits and was asked to wait. I said OK and 3 days later got a refund. I never asked for the bastard, I still want the item.

      • Same happened to me, Moggie.
        I ordered a mattress that , because of its unusual size, I couldn’t buy anywhere else.
        Six weeks later, no mattress, no update no delivery.
        Opened a PayPal dispute, 3 days later got a full refund.
        Bless you, PayPal.
        Still trying to find the sodding right sized mattress, though.

      • I have no idea what that is, so I’ll say no. It wasn’t anything really obscure just some cup wire brushes for a Dremel. But I just could not find them anywhere else. Frustrating as fuck. And how the fuck can they sell something for 10p with free delivery when some cunt up the road wants £9.99 and £5 postage for the same thing?

  2. The Industrial revolution was based and succeeded because of English common law and patents. In other words trust in the process. China is 1.5 billion cunts who steal at government level like locusts. Chinas entire history is one of expansion and collapse. Yellow cunts are thieving,wanker cunt fascists. You know when your losing when their “social credit system” is becoming normal in the west with young people walking around outside wearing masks.

    • The Judy Denches infect Ebay like weevils in flour.
      I try not to buy anything off the split links, but admittedly its hard.
      Im going to delete my eBay account, just decided.
      Fuck helping the rice economy to flourish while they spread plague.
      Fuckin dog eaters.

      • MNC@ – Every Pound paid to a Chinese business is another nail in the coffin of UK industry.
        I try and avoid doing business with the sneaky little fkers but it’s hard as we don’t seem to produce much in the UK anymore – a travesty in my opinion.

      • Foxy@
        Agree 💯%
        Economically strangled by the dirty cunts, and greenlit by our greedy political cunts.

  3. I ordered some tiger penis soup, with monkey ears crackers t dip in,but what i received was soup from China was a 2 bottles with chinky writting on, it turns out one bottle was essence of rancid polecat and the other was gypsy tears, when i complained to the seller he offered to swap them for a puffer fish skeleton and some seahorse balls but i wasnt interested and i didnt get a refund….so bad feedback for yellow grasshopper6969696 i wouldnt have used him except he had 300 million good reviews, so from here on in im only going to buy from the Nigerian prince, who ive saved as a trusted ebay seller and given my bank details to. with 800 million 5 star reviews…..

  4. Everything is made in China, so no point fighting it. Tried to order some sheepskin slippers and every fucking item was made in China. For gawd’s sake – don’t we have fucking sheep in Britain? I think it has now gone past the tipping point. The west is so de-skilled, de-industralised and just concerned with wokedom, that th rinky dinks have won. Their quality is improving all the time (c.f. Japanese motorbikes and their impact on the world market back in the 70s) and, to be honest, if no-one else can be bothered to make a widget that I need, I’m prepared to wait 2 weeks for it. I needed some carburettor rubbers for an 80s Honda. Every single manufacturer was in China. The customer service was excellent, the were a good price, and arrived in a week. Unfortunatley, the West has brought this situation on themselves – worrying about the fucking polar bears. Stupid cunts.

    • Always makes me laugh when I see souvenirs from any place in the UK, all made in China.

    • Did you try David Silver Spares? He’s been doing obsolete Honda parts for years and he’s in the UK.

      • way too expensive. The bike was worth fuck all, so wasn’t going to spend 80 quid on original Honda parts. However, the quality of made in Japan parts is excellent. you get what you pay for. Sorry to rant on, but I have a Makita inpact driver. Made in Japan – superb build quality. Worth ever penny. Based on this, I bought a Makita drill. Uber expensive, but a piece of fucking crap. Chuck bearing went after a bit of use. Holes became ovals. Took it apart to see if if could be fixed. Fucking thing made in Romania. Chucked it straight in the bin. Then bought a knock off Makita off ebay for 40 quid. Can’t complain for what I use it for.

    • Yes LC the chinks have won. The returns are still coming in though and will continue to. The westerners stopped focusing on strength and now embrace all that is weak. Meanwhile the slit-eyed little easterners are creating, building, and taking over everything so fast that one day we will literally be owned by them. We are owned now but haven’t actually signed any papers to make it official. One day we’ll have to.
      Our balls are in their hand but so far they haven’t squeezed hard enough to make us drop to our knees.

  5. Don’t get me started about ChinkEbay.

    My wife bought an ‘activity paddling pool’ centre for the kids last year and it cost £60. 6 weeks later a plastic ring turned up with a consignment note written in chinky.

    On said ring there was a price tag of $180 and a badly written note that said:

    Sorry, we run out so send you gift ring which is worth $180 to say sorry.

    Now, I ain’t no master jeweller but these dirty cunts took our cash and sent some piece of plastic tat – clearly a scam. The box the ring also came in smelt like it had been hiding up some chinky’s ring-piece during the journey to the UK – dirty cunts.

    It took 8 months for her to get a full refund.

  6. Have never used ebay, will never use ebay. Would not want anything to do with the slit eyed pangolin fuckers. No ting wong with that

  7. Buy British. Well if you can find anything made here. We grow some good strawberries and raspberries and we’ve got fish, beef, whiskey and gin but all the rest we out sourced. How fucking thick were our superiors for doing that in the past? Very.

    • I have one of the last made in Hinkley Triumphs, of which I am very proud (fucking things all made in Thailand now, so would never buy another). I also buy Avon tyres as they are made in UK. I do try and buy British, but it is getting so hard (see my post above).

      • Ah Lord C, i remember the old Avon high side tyres,lasted 10k and made every ride interesting…..

      • @ Fuglyucker … good old Avon SM ( Safety Mileage ) because they would last longer than the bike. You could chuck away your centre stand as the bike would sit upright on it’s own …

        I smile now when the ‘cafe racers’ are ‘hip’ by having them on the rear AND front. Next stop … in a fucking ditch at the first slight curve on the road.

  8. Ebay are shit heads no question. They now favour the big companies and the Chinese over small sellers to a ridiculous degree. Once it was possible to start and run a flourishing micro business using Ebay and PayPal but no longer. They can destroy you in a flash and often do.

    Royal Mail also deliver parcels from China at vastly reduced rates due to some outdated international convention designed to help “developing” nations. Does anyone really see them as anything other than a superpower and a sinister force now?

    • They protect their economies in the east, even if they’re not well off.

      They levy huge export taxes on things like cars. For example, check out how much a Range Rover would cost in a country like Thailand. Over double what you’d pay in Blighty. Or try buying property in their countries. No fucking chance for the most part.

      The Chinese also make it practically impossible to send money to a UK bank account (repatriation of earnings). Had a mate work there as a vice principal of a school. He was on about £4,000 a month with a rent free apartment. But wanted to save at least half of it in a UK account for when he returned (otherwise, what’s the fucking point?). He had to get tax documents from one office (took all day) then go to the bank twice (no online shit for foreigners to do this) to fill out loads of forms. Took hours on each occasion. Then, they could send it and it took about 2 weeks (and large fees) to clear. The banks shut weekends and at about 4pm he was saying (where he was anyway). A lot of employers (unbeknownst to foreign employees) don’t pay the income tax. So they can’t send their earrings to a UK account as they can’t get tax clearance. Employees usually find this out for the first time when they try to get a tax certificate. In a lot of cases, they’ve spent thousands on the move there so they’re stuck in the job for a bit. Therer a loads of unscrupulous employees out in China. Be careful.

      My mate’s job meant it was really difficult to find days to do send money home.

      Basically, protectionism from the bat bunchers.

      But we roll the carpet out for the fuckers and make it easy for them.

      Fucking piss take.

      Our cunt ‘leaders’ sold our country years ago, sadly, for a few quick quids and a nice pension. ‘I’m alright Jack’ cunts.

  9. Feebay.
    The bigger they’ve got the shitter they’ve become.
    It was fairly decent to buy and sell on there 20 years ago but no more.
    Unfortunately they sell stuff it’s nigh on impossible to source elsewhere.
    If you intend to sell on there it might be a better to invite a gypsy to live in your back bedroom.
    Mega Corporate Cunts.

  10. EBay full stop is full of money laundering cunts and should be shut down on the basis of national security? Selling Air anyone? I’ll take it for 100 quid.

  11. Ebay have their tongue up chinese arseholes giving them a right rimjob.

    The amount of shit they send out. My top tips are : They give me nonstop refunds when i complain, usually because they seem to think metric and imperial measurements are open to interpretation, and secondly if its even a day over delivery date i complain to ebay it never arrived and get a refund. It then arrives two weeks later and i get it free, though usually goes in the bin anyway.

    Dont know why ebay stands for it, they always lie about stock locations and sell shite. It Wont be long before they create a user agreement which allows china to sell unwanted people on there.

    Be like a thai bride catalogue but one click ordering and ugly mongs looking nothing like you bought turning up.

  12. Amazon is the same, delve into the seller information and you’ll be met with an address in Wuhan almost every time, still refuse to send a single penny to those plague spreading commie cunts. Sadly most people will accept a commie boot on their neck in the near future, provided they get a cheap bargain beforehand.

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