Dead Pool [214]

Congratulations to Lord biryani who correctly predicted that veteran actor Norman Lloyd would be next to conk out at the ripe old age of 106.Lloyd enjoyed a career lasting over 90 years and was known for collaborating with Alfred Hitchcock.He is also remembered for his roles in St Elsewhere The Age of Innocence and the Dead Poets Society amongst many others.

On to Dead Pool 214


1) Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next. It is first come first served. You can always be a cunt and steal other cunters’ nominations from previous pools.

2) Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3) It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4) If your pick has already been taken, tough titty. Pick someone else because we can’t be arsed to check.

5) New Rule: Nominations can only be changed if some cunt has beaten you to it and your nomination is invalidated. Otherwise, stick with your five until the next round.

58 thoughts on “Dead Pool [214]

  1. George Soros
    James Abbott Thompson (Suicide)
    Vince Cable
    Rupert Murdoch
    Paul Gadd

    • James Abbott Thompson is a good shout. I’d put a tenner on it. He’s the sort who screams at buses.

  2. Sepp Blatter
    Michel Platini
    Jerome Valcke
    Jack Warner
    Geoff Hurst

  3. John Carpenter
    Al Leong
    Tom Atkins
    Derren Nesbitt
    Chrissy Hynde

    Good shot, Lord B…

  4. Arthur Scargill
    Mark Weber
    Ken Livingstone
    Cardinal George Pell
    Imelda Marcos

    • I wonder what’s happened to your earlier nom where you had claimed David Irving (before GJ) then switched to Weber in contravention of rule 5?
      Has the running of the DP been subcontracted to the Peterborough postal votes team?

  5. Emperor Akihito
    Sheila Hancock
    Jacques Delors
    Harry Belafonte
    Shane MacGowan

  6. Michael Aspel
    Frank Ifield
    Bill Roache ( Ken Barlow)
    Michael Fish
    Terrance Stamp

  7. In there, Lord Biryani.

    Frank O’ Farrell
    Patsy King
    Henry Woolf
    Jean Luc Godard
    Anna Karen

  8. Leonard Fenton (dr legg)
    Barbara Knox
    Stan Bowles
    Julie Goodyear
    Ratko Mladic

  9. Glynis Johns
    Group Captain John Hemingway DFC
    Mohamed Al-Fayed
    Ted Dexter
    Barry Cryer

    Good Darts Lord Biryani

  10. Freddie Foreman
    Eddie Richardson
    Sammy Gravano
    Paul Sorvino
    Gene Gotti

  11. Peter Blake.
    Peter Cellier.
    John Clegg.
    Patricia Routledge.
    Tuesday Weld.

  12. Extra chicken tikka for Lord Biryani.

    Douglas Hurd
    William Daniels (the voice of KITT)
    Peter Higgs (of the boson)
    Charlie Dimmock
    Brian Blessed

  13. Sarah Harding
    David Attenborough
    John Prescott
    Joe Biden
    Princess Michael of Kent

  14. Eleanor Rosalynn Carter
    Gudrun Ure
    Sonny Barger
    Bert Baccarah
    Sidney Poitier.
    Many thanks for the wonderful messages you fine and dandy fellows.

  15. Mark Thatcher
    Norman Fowler
    Duke of Norfolk
    Micky Dolenz
    King Constantine of Greece

  16. Janet Jackson
    Jesse Jackson
    Latoya Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Glenda Jackson

  17. Geoffrey Chater
    Joss Ackland
    Sidney Cooke
    Clarissa Eden
    Doreen Mantel

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