Chadwick Boseman – Who?

Chadwick Boseman didn’t win an Oscar.

People are actually upset that a dead black actor who didn’t really appear in any good films (Black Panther was alright) didn’t win an oscar and they gave it a veteran Welsh man who’s been acting for 45+ years. I’m more surprised they had the balls to give it to Hopkins in this day and age.

But still it’s an inspiring story for all, want to get an award? just die and people will demand you get one despite not achieving anything towards it. I hope when I die I’ll get that egg and spoon race win I was robbed of in Primary school.

Hang on hang on

Jo Brand’s chipped in with her disapproval. Not that anyone cares what her opinion of Oscar winners ever was.

“Chadwick Boseman will remain one of the greatest actors of all time, with or without that Oscar,” a second paid tribute.

A third added: “Damn Oscar or not, Chadwick Boseman will ALWAYS be one of the BEST actors and humans of our generation. He has set a legacy that cannot be competed with.”

What legacy? what did he do? He was in 15 films (including minor roles). 4 of which were fucking superhero films. Donates a bit to charity and now he’s Roger Moore. I know you’re not supposed to add to entries but this pile of shit really annoyed me.

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40 thoughts on “Chadwick Boseman – Who?

  1. And he spent his life pretending to be someone else. Should have got a real job either in the navy SEALS or selling drugs. Fucking Oscar’s, load of cunts. Fuck off to all of them

  2. Black? Check. Starred in blackcentric films? Check. Victim of grim reaper early in life? Check.
    Maybe if he was a phagghut that would have put him over the top.
    Not enough boxes ticked.
    Fuck off!

  3. Well fuck me, this bloke never won an Oscar, what an outrage. He was obviously a better actor than Robert Mitchum or Cary Grant!

  4. Jo fugging Brand? Who the fug?
    Needs a bucket of fuming hyaluronic acid.
    That’ll work wonders on her dog-ugly face.
    #OscarsforWelsh actors!!
    Anything else surely waaay-ciiist??!

  5. Never heard of him,n never seen anything he’s done, and positively no interest in “black” films or TV programmes like Desmonds, Eastenders, or The Fresh Cunt of Bel Air. I think I read somewhere that Denzil Washington paid for him to study at Oxford University for a while. He must’ve got splendid results in his American A’Levels to be allowed into Oxford.


  6. The crack panther comment is not fair.He looked like a crack addict as he was dying from cancer not because he was on drugs.

  7. Had to read up on the cunt, had no idea who he was I don’t do superhero films. Well, not since I was about 10 anyway.

    Poor cunt died of colon cancer at 43 recently it seems. Finding it hard to cunt him to be honest. Poor fucker.

  8. Nothing to do with him being dead.

    Being dead shouldn’t make you more eligible for an award than your living counterparts. Shame he’s dead, not having seen anything he was ever in I don’t know how good an actor he was.

    But let’s be honest. it’s nothing to do with his illness and subsequent death, it’s nothing to do with his acting ability, it’s all to do with the Oscar not recognising he was black and giving him a gong based on that alone.

    Richard Roundtree has 157 acting credits and has made more films than the late Mr Boseman and he also has zero Oscars. Richard Roundtree is black, has been working in the industry for 50 years. What the fuck did Richard Roundtree do wrong?

    • Aye you’re right. I think the cunting is more aimed at the Oscars perhaps?

      Anyway fuck it. They never demand Oscars for dead honkies just because they died do they?

      • It’s aimed at people who think they can whine on social media and change the results of something that has nothing to do with them. You can’t text a vote in to who wins an Oscar.

        Am I happy he’s dead? no. Does he deserve an Oscar for being dead? no.

    • The twats who are all wanking on about Boseman not winning have probably never fucking heard of RR.

  9. If he’s dead how the fuck is he going to accept the award,never mind make a film that might be worthy of a nomination?
    What a set of Cunts.

    Reanimate Sidney Poitier.

    Oh no,wait he’s still alive.
    Just forget it.

  10. If Joe Brand is in favour if it then I’m automatically against it.

    Jo Brand is an obnoxious, fat, ugly, carpet munching, gonorrhoeal, fuck-wit.

    • And what has Brand offered the world of entertainment?

      Just another third rate cunt jumping on the bandwagon in order to show the last reiminance of credibility and attention

  11. Essentially, a mediocre black actor died. Condolences for his fans and family, but ultimately, he never was a good enough actor acting in a good enough film to win anything.

    Dont want to cunt him so much as the fucking idiots who want him given an oscar just because he was black. You cant give him an oscar as an act of remembrance or by pretending he was suddenly an amazing best ever actor. They play that remembrance video of everyone whos died every year he can go on that. If he was white its a non starter. Fucking BAME twats

  12. Didn’t hear any of this when Paul Walker died. He’s white. His acting was on a par with this blokes. Not Oscar worthy, just entertainment acting. I’m sick of it. In the words of Dave Courtney ‘Stop the ride, I want to get off’.

  13. I think that they should replace that hideously patriarchal Oscar statuette…perhaps one of Whoopi Goldberg seductively using both her feet to stuff a Fyffe’s banana up her throbbing minge?

    #HarveyWinestein won the erection.
    #No peace ’til Harvey spaffs

  14. I dont want to sound rude or tendentious but….that film The Father is rather ace.
    Silver linings and all that.

  15. Tbf he seemed like a decent guy when he was alive. Never got into any scandals and wasn’t obnoxiously opinionated like a lot of his ilk (saying that, he’d probably be singing the praises of fellow ‘brotha’ Fentanyl Floyd). But people acting as if the acting world has lost a Daniel Day Lewis figure need to fuck right off. He’s an adequate actor, nothing more nothing less. Black Panther? Give me Blade any day of the week, I’ve never seen such overpraised superhero wank. It’s basically Lion King with extra chicken grease and spear chucking.

  16. Chadwick Boseman will be voting Biden from now on then.
    Sad to see the poor fker die of cancer, but awarding Oscars due to quality of blackness just shows why less and less people are watching the shitfest.

  17. Cunts like Jo Brand get right on my tits. Fuck off you fat slag, what do you know about films, or comedy to be honest?
    The Oscars are cunts as well. If actors are great then they deserve a nomination, not because they are black, lesbian, trannies or dead.
    Get to fuck.

  18. Why the fuck are the Oscars held up as one of the great accolades in our CULTure? They mean fuck all outside of the self-serving movie industry. No one really “earns” or “deserves” an award in showbiz. It’s not like sport trophies or Nobel Prizes where you win on pure merit. It”s just your peers voting for what they enjoyed most in that 12 month period, big deal. People will vote for what they think was a great piece of work by an actor, director, cinematographer, composer, etc based on THE WORK. When Forest Whitaker killed it as Idi Amin, most people in the industry voted for him and he won. Whoever “kills it” that year usually gets the statue, sometimes someone who kills it gets overlooked and it’s a wee bit sad, but that’s life and it’s what people talk about as being amazing in 20+ years time that should bring the most satisfaction.

    People should just shut the fuck up about the Oscars and just enjoy or not enjoy the movies. Not everything need to be politicized. But there seems to be a lot of currency in doing this these days. I envy folk who moved to Japan 20 years ago, learned the language and fitted in. Western world is a 見世物 now.

  19. Chadwick Boseman was a talentless actor. Black panther was a shit film and the beginning of the end fo marvel studios. Now all they have is PC angst crap about how hard done by they are. DC are the new Marvel. I would never disrespect the dead, but if ever there was a posthumous oscar more worthy, It is Heath Ledger, and he got it and deserved it, not because he was black but because he earned it

  20. Never heard of the geezer till I read the nom. Never seen any films he was in. Shall get his name tattooed on my forehead in honour of a saint who’s passed on to greater things. My arse. This woke shite is getting beyond any joke.

  21. Is this the film set in a fictional African country-wakonda or something?
    All I remember reading is that after the film came out, thousands of Dark-Key Yanks were going into travel agents to try and book holidays there…


    The fucking stupid, sub-Saharan intelligence cunts😂

    • Lol. There’s nothing dumber than a Yank confronted with the world. They know nothing of geography. I was brought up not that far from High Wycombe. When I was a kid some Yank stopped his car and asked the way to Higgi Wikombe. Sounds a bit like Wakonda. Maybe it was the same Yank.

  22. Someone should have told him to “fuck off you bl@k deygo shit!”
    Why can’t these primitive sub-human under-achievers accept that they are inferior?
    Have a nice chiggun ch1mpout!

  23. Blacks are mainly fuckin wank actors unless it’s reconstructing some criminal activitiy on crimewatch,also the Males seem to be well represented in Porn.!

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