Siân Berry (2)

Sian Berry, Mayor of Londonistan candidate.

We all know the rat-faced runt son of bus driver, Suckdick Khan is a useless grandstanding cunt and is seeking re-election for mayor of our glorious capital but he has got some competition in the shape of Green Party wacko, Sian Berry.

Berry has set a target of zero murders in London within ten years if she were to be elected. Zero murders, really? How are the aspiring architects, engineers or talented footballers going to get “respekt” on the street if they can’t stab a rival and send a message?

This kale munching wet wipe is as useless as Anne Franks drum kit, she can make whatever Jackanory bullshit promises she likes because she will never have to deliver on them. She also wants zero deaths on London’s roads within ten years too as well as the usual carbon neutral soundbites, no mention on the litter, foreign beggars, third world ghettos or the lack of English identity, alas.

Fuck me, no murders, no road deaths, the only people left dying in London will be cunts of old age waiting to save a deposit to live in a £500,000 shoebox.

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator

54 thoughts on “Siân Berry (2)

  1. Another libtard living in a fantasy world. Shielded by her lovey dovey middle class education and social media. Probably never lived among the dark key gangs.

    She might as well say that if you vote for her she will target making everyone millionaires. 12 inch cocks for the men and size 8 figures, long legs and pert titties for all women. Why not offer eternal life while you’re at it and free 150+ IQs, even for the mongs? And make my hair grow back, you cunt.

    She looks doable on the photo, so I could bring her crashing back to reality after the most disappointing 3 minutes of her life, if she’s up for it?

    (Tbh, doing a Google search for a decent pic of this bint meant a load of overtime! And of course her name uses a circumflex, which makes her extra posh and ergo, extra cuntish – DA)

  2. I’m sure she may change her mind if she was forced to live a few months in Newham or Tower Hamlets on benefits money.

    OK Yah, but where would I park the horse?

    • I know Newham and Tower Hamlets very well – unfortunately. If this Greentard was forced to live in either of these boroughs and possessed a horse then she’d find that some imported fucker would end up eating it on day one.

  3. How will she cope as mayor, she is joint leader of a party with one MP, maybe she would share the job with a courgette (or a cucumber if she wants something more adventurous)

    Stupid fucking smile with a soppy voice that could turn milk sour.

  4. Zero deaths on London’s roads, because her cunning plan is to ban all motor vehicles and implement a permanent lockdown cos the UK is the world’s biggest polluter and is responsible for all global warming and destroying the planet and everythin that’s bad.

  5. I can guarantee you Suckdick will produce zero road deaths by the time he has finished. That’s because there will be no fucking cars on the road except for him and his rich mates.
    Stopping architects stabbing the shit out of each other might be a little more difficult. Peaceful Lives Matter!

  6. She’s an irrelevance. The peaceful community are never going to vote for her, nor the um bongos. Therefore she can promise anything.
    For me, the most intriguing question is….is she doable? I’ve looked on google and can’t make up my mind.

  7. ” Il divert people away from violence before it happens and ill protect potential victims”
    Has she invented wind operated pre crime detectors ? Put everyone in the gulags? What the fuck is the silly cunt talking about?

  8. A brief “Got the horn” moment at the thought of me being the “filling” of a lezza sarnie between this daft bint and the bint in the previous nom – Ratajkowskiskiskiski!

    Obviously both women would have to be ball-gagged first: no talking while on the job, so to speak (or not, as the case may be!)

    Anyway, back to reality. She is clearly out of her depth, and probably just doing it for a few likes on Twatter. If she wants London to go back 200 years and the era of the horse and cart (or carriage, in her case) to get from A to B , then good luck with that!

    She is the perfect example of white privilege on a stick. But of course such things don’t apply when you’re a wimminz living in the leafier/safer parts of London, a Green Liberal, and a complete self-awareness-lacking cunt!

    • She’s a honky Suckdick.

      As my uncle Bob said back in the 1980s: “Scratch a Green and you’ll find it’s Red underneath.”

      She no doubt sees Albania during the Cold War as a perfect role model.

    • A widely overlooked fact is that prior to WW1 there was a crisis in London and other major UK cities because of the hundreds of tons of horse shit deposited on the highways and byways; the Dickensian little crossing sweeper was an absolute necessity to ensure that horse shit was swept off the highway.

      The ultimate disposal of the daily deposits of horse shit had reached a critical point, with no apparent solution. The War solved the problem; millions of horses were killed and very few of those which survived the fighting returned to the U.K. (many became part of the French diet).

      Concurrently thousands of lorries with internal combustion engines became surplus to requirements when the war ended. Many were bought by returning soldiers and a horse shit free haulage system came into existence.

      Now the horse shit largely confined to municipal City Halls. Ms Berry has no chance of success, nor of bringing fresh horse shit back into our daily lives. Deluded CUNT.

  9. There are alternatives- isn’t Laurence Fox standing as a candidate for London Mayor?


    • Foxy is well advised to stand down. Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate would make an excellent mayor and might have a chance of winning, if not for Foxy who will split the right-wing vote and allow Suckdick back in with a landslide.

      • I’d be amazed if LF picks up that many votes. Nothing against him, he speaks sense, but in a REAL world, to get rid of the obnoxious little shit that is Khunt, Shaun Bailey is the only possibility.

      • It matters not a bit who stands against ‘Saracen’ Khant, he’s going to get back in and continue to fuck up London because he has the ROPER postal votes, both genuine and fraudulent, all sewn up. Also London Mayoral elections suffer from voter apathy and less than 50% of Londonistan residents could be arsed to turnout last time to vote. Low turn out plus horrifically corrupted voting will ensure that Khant continues to infest City Hall in a similar way to how rats and cockroaches infest sleazy hotels.

  10. Let’s set something straight here. She is not “doable” in any shape or form. She looks positively nalnourised and anaemic. I wager she lives on Brussell sprouts and vegan bread. She won’t have any energy for sack action – at the mere mention of ‘relations’ she’d probably doze off with her snores punctuated with vegan farts.

    Now that’s out the way, the silly bint can promise all she likes, she is never going to be the London Mayor all the time my arse has a hole in it.

    What a cunt.

    • Maybe she’s hoping to split the vote or something.

      Is it possible to have a coalition at local government level as you can at national? Probably not, but I guess she wants her 15 mins of fame before she disappears back with all the other mushrooms in her allotment!

    • As the old man used to say:

      you don’t look at the mantelpiece when you’re poking the fire

  11. Welsh first name coupled with English last name equates to an übercunt, especially if they aren’t even fucking Welsh!!!

  12. The bar for London Mayor has been set so abysmally low by the Khan Cunt that any twat with a box of crayons looks like a good prospect.

  13. If she’s serious about cutting the number of road traffic accidents, the first thing she should do is stop women driving.
    I watched one in the Asda car park on Saturday, it was like watching Frank Bruno perform brain surgery, with his boxing gloves on, absolute carnage.
    She hit the same car twice trying to get out of her parking spot.

      • No I’ll give her credit, after she finally managed to get her car out, she parked up and went back.

  14. I would like to give her a hot meat injection.

    Put under my gentle guidance she would be focusing on more womanly tasks and get these silly political ambitions off her mind.

  15. The least they can do is trace everyone who votes for this commie cunt and send them to see my oven.

  16. She’s just another empty vessel like that other cunt Kweer Starmer. She can spout off the inane shit she likes but there is absolutely no substance to how it’s actually going to work. The only way to get the murder rate down is to send all the cunts back who don’t belong here. Funny enough, I didn’t see that in her ‘manifesto’. She’s a rough old slag as well, she’s got a face like a robber’s dog and I bet her stinky fishy minge is drier than a nun’s nasty.

    • Yes he did-the one where she and her school mates “licked the window”😀

  17. She’s also as useless as Meg White’s drum kit.

    The roll call of cunts for the Captial’s Mayor is pretty impressive.
    Red Ken, Bozza, Saddam Suckdiq, and now possibly this tart.

    But, would anybody be better than Suckdiq Khan? Would even this daft cow be a step up?

    • Ha ha. Meg White – Jesus Christ. All she does is either twat the bass repetitively or the cymbal. And that is about it. Fuck me, I’m a weekend drummer, but I could pull a more exciting drum rhythm out of my hoop.

    • Thompson was a great drummer for Roxy. Another underrated one is Stewart Copeland. Sting is now known as a cunt, but The Police were ace and that was down to Stewart and Andy Summers just as much as it was Sting.

  18. If these cunts were not so dangerous they would be hilarious. Like defund the police and spend it on social care. Won’t need police everyone will be nice to each other…. give me break fuck off and die somewhere.

    • I could reduce the number of road deaths to zero. Impose a speed limit of ten miles an hour. No fucker would get anywhere but they’d all be in one piece. And think what that would save the NHS. I’m a fucking genius. How much does this job pay?

  19. Yes, Copeland and Summers made the Police. Sting has talent but his cuntishness overshadowed his bandmates’ achievements.

  20. London could reduce deaths considerably by not being the third world.
    Berry is just coming out with the Narnia nonsense expected from nutcases like her – what would be funny is a televised debate with someone who knows what they are talking about who will rip her bullshit to bits and make her look like the insane fantasist she is.
    And “Green” is just another word for communist.

  21. Zero murders!! Ha! Yet again people in their hundreds will buy into the untruth that main stream party politicians have access to a “no murders” button and refuse to press it just cos they’re cunts.

  22. Plus, that photo of her like like someone is stood out of shot, and is busily fingering her potty-hole

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