Emily Ratajkowski

(Thought you’d like to wake up to this nomination – NA)

Emily Ratajkowski is a cunt, isn’t she.

Who’s this London-born model and why is she being nominated?
Is it because:

• she said last year that she fears giving birth to a “white male.”

• she supports the BLM racists and wants to defund the police.

• she said, “I’ve known far too many white men who move through the world unaware of their privilege, and I’ve been traumatized by many of my experiences with them.”

• she said while pregnant that the child will, “choose its own gender when it reaches the age of eighteen.”

• she said while pregnant, “Whatever genitalia our child might be born with….. we ultimately have no idea who is growing inside my belly.”

It was a surprise to many of this woke lefty’s woke lefty followers when, after giving birth, she announced, “It’s a beautiful boy.” Funny how quickly human nature kicks in, isn’t it? Bypassing all the abstruse woke “facts” on gender and the labyrinth of nonsense through which you have navigate.

If she were going out with me I’d insist I wasn’t her “boy”-friend, nor her sugar “daddy”. They’re crude and offensive. I’d insist I was her Fuck Buddy.

If she didn’t like it, she could boycott me.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

61 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski

  1. All she needs is a bit of discipline, once she had been taught her place and knew when to keep her mouth shut, she would be right as rain.
    I suppose the only downside is, you would have to buy her a cookbook. She doesn’t look the most practical of bints.

  2. My response to her inane drivel would be ,“Shut your pie hole you thick cum-dumpster “

  3. Scared of having a white baby?! Well thats easy fixings you burnt bimbo cunt go racemix and have a mixed raced baby who grows up to hate itself because it isn’t white and isn’t black It’s very trendy to be have a black mans baby and be a single mother for life. At least Angelina Jolie and Charlie Theron had the sense to adopt their kids from africa…

    I swear these libtards are going get their wish oneday of no white people and its going be fucking hell on earth! You stupid evil dumb pieces of libtard shit literal demons in human form of this shit world we call earth

  4. I wonder if God sometimes looks down on this nonsense and says to himself “I tried not to make it complicated, male or female, it’s not rocket science you gormless twats”.

  5. Now, if the Markle Snake was as good looking as Emily Ratathingyski, I just might understand Harry’s capitulation for a piece of fanny like that.

    But the Markle Creature is a low rent minger, so I don’t understand it and I never will.

  6. Why is it so difficult for a woman to say “I like black cock”? “It makes me feel dirty and I always come”? Why do they have to look for excuses? You like what you like and you don’t make the decision, it’s made for you. You find yourself liking something so you go with it. There’s no need to apologize to anyone.

    • I recall Kunty Perry saying she liked black cocks and there was an uproar. If she said she didn’t like them she’d have been called racist.

  7. Move to n*gger land then love – I am sure you will still feel the same after your first gang r*pe by the locals.

  8. The only time Id like to see her open her ultra-woke piehole is when she’s taking a thick load. Wonder if she gags or has an anxiety attack when she realises it’s white even if she’s taking it from Kaseem behind the back of the welfare office?

  9. And footballers and politicians (mostly) and actors and social medja influencers and “journalists” and analysts and commentators and anyone else in this world who does not actually produce anything of value in this world, and merely tells us how bad we are when we just carry on building the world, making it a better place for these wasters who do nothing, and blame it on us. The wankers

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