Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners are useless cunts.

On 6 May we will be able to vote for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) who will do fuck all for the next four years except get big salaries (there are 41 of the cunts ffs, all with big offices run by highly paid CEOs) and do as they are told by the Chief Constable.

I tried to think of an instance when our PCC had ever done anything to improve policing and reduce crime in our area. Unsurprisingly I could come up with fuck all unless you count making the police fucking invisible whenever there is any crime .

Nobody is fooled by these token elections for faceless cunts that we never hear of from one election to the next. The public fiances have been wiped out by the Covid fiasco and unprecedented levels of austerity are on the way. Surely PCCs are a luxury we can no longer afford? Time to pull the plug on these leeches?


Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

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  1. I bet any money you like that if you wrote a load of “hatred” (their word, NOT mine) on the ballot paper, you’d find that they could trace it back to you…
    At least the leaflet through the door a few days ago suggested bringing your own pencil etc…. I always have done!

  2. Have a look at your council tax statement which may of risen roughly by £250. Extra percent for policing £££, among other increases. Last I checked police numbers had been cut by 20,000+.

    Legalised extortion!

    • 22 Billion extra ( of the taxpayers cash ) paid to councils across the UK to maintain services throughout covid, ( while Council tax was still collected ) and the fuckers are screaming for increases for “lost” revenues! What Lost revenues, and where’s the fucking cash gone ?

    • The contribution to the fuzz is always well above the rate of inflation. The cozzers’ top brass are coining it in.

  3. I struggle to see the purpose of a Police and Crime Commissioner. It seems another level of political control on the levers. Another Yank import perhaps?
    Anyway,. Our local CC is now extinct due to serious allegations of misconduct in Public Office. The story has ( surprise ) gone dead, and nobody seems to know what the fuck is going on. Its a bit like MacMillan & Wife ! ( another crock of shite )

  4. Empty political appointments,of no use whatsoever.
    An enormous added level of bureaucracy and immense waste.

    So nowt new then..
    The Cunts.

  5. Look at how many former chief executives of county councils, end up as high salaried police and crime commissionaire’s-a gravy train of Brussels proportions.

    In fact, it’s criminal!

    • Spot on, General.

      Fatti Patel should offer the PCC cunts as part of her contribution to public sector cuts when Sunak next comes round to colleagues with his begging bowl. But, of course, there are a load of Tory party place-men cunts using the role to line their pockets.

  6. Yet another level of pointless bureaucracy along with devolution and many more fuckwitted ways to spend our money.
    What is the point of a Chief Contstable with these fuckers crowbarred in?

  7. A sinecure (/ˈsɪnɪkjʊər/ or /ˈsaɪnɪkjʊər/; from Latin sine ‘without’ and cura ‘care’) is an office, carrying a salary or otherwise generating income, that requires or involves little or no responsibility, labour, or active service.

    Old word, established centuries ago. What’s different now? More of them about and more easily seen with modern communication.

    The Gravy Train is unstoppable…

    • In the old days a sinecure was often given to allow a talented person time to develop ideas which would prove useful to society. Adam Smith was given one somewhere in the land of the porridge munchers.

  8. Costs keep adding up as do these non-jobs on HUGE salaries.

    Notice that all these “appointments” and rubbish jobs are made up by folk who already have their noses well within the public service trough?

    Jobs for the boys….at NCC where I worked as a consultant many many years ago, they made up a job of reading the papers so some sponging old cunt could retire on full pension instead of just putting up with 95% or something.

    The NHS, councils and local government are FULL of cunts getting paid huge amounts for doing fuck all…I have seen it with my own eyes so fuck off and die if you’re going to argue with me.

    • Some of these parasites actually have deputies/assistants! Why would anyone who does fuck all need an assistant? By the way, the assistant posts are rarely advertised but given to. ‘rising star ‘ from the same political party.

  9. Waste of money, the police will need extra funding for the new thought crime bill 😂

    Hello, hello, hello, I can see what you’re thinking, you’re under arrest.

  10. Just like the health service and local education authorities – too many chiefs, not enough Indians (can I still say that!?)

    Clearly the old idiom “It will all end in tears”, has a new meaning in 21st century Britain, with just a slight tweak to “It will all end in lots and lots of tiers!”

    I’ve said it before, but how police commissioners and CEOs of local council authorities can command bigger salaries than the Prime Minister, even though they’re all part of the same public sector, is beyond my scope of comprehension!

    Boris is a dopey cunt, but he earns a mere £150k pa for running the country, while some fuckwit police commissioner could earn anything up to £200k or more, for just sitting on his arse looking at stats and pretty graphs, and spouting woke bullshit when things get a bit tough.


    • There are more than 2500 UK council workers earning more than
      £100,000 per year.

      There are 32 local authority executives earning more than £250,000 a year.

      The chief executive of Oxfordshire County Council, based at County Hall in Oxford enjoyed a £357,156 pay deal.

      The UK’s biggest package was £615,550 given to the chief officer for health and social care at North Lanarkshire, near Glasgow.

      What fuckin’ obscene figures.

      • “It’s all gravy” Bertie.

        Perhaps Percy could apply for the position of “Avian Liaison Officer”-then he could pay for that Masters degree in “Octogenarian Bowling ball ballistics”, he has been squawking about for years?

  11. We have a plane that flies around having a jolly good time all day. It ponces off to the Humber, then a little jaunt to the Peak district. Look it up on FlightRadar and it says Police commissioner, what the fuck it actually does is beyond me. I get that a helicopter would be a great tool but an fucking plane?? We reckon the pilots and crew just fuck around in it.

  12. I got a letter off the commissioner for my local force warning me about my behaviour in town one evening. A nightclub bouncer pinned my right arm behind my back so I chinned him with my left fist and miraculously he let go. He then called some coppers over and they basically told me to fuck off home, which I did. About a week later I got a letter off a ràghead Chief Constable warning me of my behaviour. It was hard to keep my cool as I read it, Mrs K talked me out of responding to the cunt.

  13. Irrelevant positions for insufferable cunts.
    My PCC (Julia the fat Tory Mulligan) blocked me on social media for asking (not unreasonably IMO) why the police had refused to take any action when a local drug dealer threatened to kill me. (An amusing aside – as I was doing charcoal rubbings of some interesting local monuments this poor fellow received a vigorous kicking by some unknown ruffian, by all accounts he was a “bit of a mess”!)
    I have been making moves to get the fat snide bitch out, hopefully it will work – the best payback is payback.

  14. She looks like a massive cunt, Venron. In another life she would be hoovering up acorns and not hard-pressed taxpayer’s dosh.

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