Pete Doherty (5)

I nominate Pete Doherty for a monumental, full on cunting, the twat.

Now a huge fat bastard, he has the fucking nerve to refer to his partner in coke, sorry I meant crime, Kate Moss, as a ” nasty old rag ”

No, Pete mate, you’re the nasty old rag, your hands weren’t exactly clean, where they?

Tosspot, spitoon & clown.

Nominated by: Jessum Priest

56 thoughts on “Pete Doherty (5)

  1. Doherty? I thought this smacked up shaved rat OD’d and carked it years ago. And the Libertines were shit and all.

    • Pete Doherty always reminds me of Rodney Bewes.
      Whatever happened to the likely lads?

  2. Had happily forgotten all about this Z list nonentity cunt until now!

    Put on a fair few stone because his new love is cheese on toast!

    Deadpool anyone?

      • I’d willingly buy a ticket to see that!

        Pay even more to see Sâtan Bläir , Mandy and Adonis too

  3. It seems that when there is no talent around people have to invent talent.
    This Cunt is a perfect example.
    Should have been sent to fight in some fucking awful Peaceful shit hole.
    You never know it might of turned him into Rambo but i doubt it.

  4. Never been a Moss man. It’d be like doing Salcious Crumb from Return of the Jedi.

    • Norman- I would have banged her senseless, a few years ago.
      I bet she could be a really dirty bitch, with the “right” cunt to teach her.

    • Because it Jwarfist, and the poor ickle gnomes get offended now, just like every other minority cunt.

      • Thankfully Ricky Gervais isn’t afraid to use the D word.

        The Office has gone the way of Till Death and would never get broadcast now though. No spädes in it, women harassed, off-colour jokes etc etc

        And yep Martin Freeman is a veritable Woke cunt now

      • Martin Freeman owes everything to the office.
        All he has done since is dressing up as a hairy footed cunt in that tediously, overlong Hobbit adaptation 👎

    • I’m guessing Snow White will be the next banned film and book burning episode.

      • Yes- it will be joining Dr Seuss and 101 Dalmations. Soon the only approved kids film will be The Little Mermaid, because it’s received the seal of approval from that Mad Meghansaurus Sparkletits cunt.

  5. That picture looks like the son of Frankenstein. What a freak.

  6. I seem to remember a story of him being attacked by a hedgehog some years back. He did get an infection from the spines of one but I think being attacked sounds better. Fat cunt

  7. The same with Keith Richards. They defy logic and science that their still alive.
    Some poor youngsters are dying of Cancer and fuck knows what and yet fuckers like this carry on living. Hopefully not for long.

    • it is only because Keithy could afford “medical grade” drugs, that he is still around. He has, however, looked as rough as fuck for the last 50 years.

      • Indeed he has.

        But I’ve got a theory that the wheezy old cunt hasn’t really touched any genuine smack / whacky baccy/ Es/ whatever since that arrest in Toronto around 5 decades ago. He plays the part, the ‘Jack Daniels‘ is cold tea, and the fags are probably Menthol.

        Bound to be a flunky or two on the payroll to change his diaper and getting him out of bed and wiping his arse for him.

  8. We’ve hit the bottom with this one.
    Just mentioning this cunt in an IsAC nomination is as much fame he could ever hope to achieve in life. Fuck it, someone will be nominating a nice guy like me as a cunt next.

    • I quite liked a bit of the Libertines, nowt earth shattering but a ok band.
      But the PR around them and spin was amazing!
      Totally over hyped, and star fucker Skellington Kate Moss added to it.
      Think Mick Jones from the Clash produced a album?
      Forget now…

    • I actually agree with you, what a scum sucking bottom feeder he is, BUT, he’s hoping to reform the Libertines, so the publicity has to start somewhere.

  9. Pop cockroach, should have followed Winehouse to the mortuary. They should experiment on the cunt, I bet the vaccine for cancer lies within his crusty body.

    • At least two of acquaintances ended up brown bread shortly after being seen in his company. Old Bill never seemed very interested though. There may be some truth in the rumour he was the Met Drug Squad’s pet grass.

      Loathsome piece of shit, high time he OD’ed or caught something nasty from a dirty needle.

  10. Night of the living Pete.
    I think given his predilection for industrial quantities of hard drugs his name will change from “Pete” to “Peat” before too long.

  11. Smackhead.
    Banged Kate “rough as fuck” Moss.
    Do the world a favour and overdose, cunt…

    • I like it when famous people get fat.
      Makes them more human.
      Im sending Pete a £10 voucher for Greggs.

      All this dying of drugs rock stars go in for?
      Zzzz boring.
      Be like Elvis!
      The king had the right idea!
      Fat an sweaty sitting on the khaki squeezing out a 3stone turd.
      Now thats Rock n Roll🤘

      • Im afraid I haven’t CG.
        Was it a bit of a hatchet job?
        Im a Elvis fan really, he came from a poor background, truckdriver and good to his friends and family.
        Feel a bit sorry for him truth be told.
        Surrounded by vultures, Fairweather friends and arselickers.
        Apparently Elvis was very impulsive and very generous,
        Giving people cars and jewelry etc.

      • Fans didn’t like Goldman because he told it like it was. That these idols had feet of clay. The Presley book was an eye opener to some. While his Lennon book upset many Lennon apologists and professional scousers. Yoko Fucking Ono hated the book because old Albert had her sussed and outed her as the cunt she is.

      • I tried to get the Lennon book back in the day-could never find it in book sellers (pre online).

        The Elvia book was a great read.
        I grew up to a soundtrack written by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Neil Sedaka, The Beatles, Elton John-the records Mum played at home when I was a Toddler.

        I rediscovered Buddy as a 12 year d and took up the guitar thanks to him. Pure, powerful riffs and beautiful, simple solos 😀👍

        Rave on, cunters👍

  12. Enjoyed both the Libertines albums in my teenage years. Babyshambles/solo output fairly hit and miss. In fact I’ll stick my neck out here and say that cunt or no cunt, Libertines were one of the better British bands of that period. Up there with Streets, Bloc Party, Doves and the evergreen Radiohead. I’ll probably get a cunting now…

  13. I thought this was going to be a Dead Pool win for someone. Didn’t realise this cunt was still alive.

  14. It’s a pity he never went to Dubai reeking of drugs. They would have sorted him out proper there.

  15. The media are the cunt here for posting photos of this has been and basically saying ‘look how terrible this cunt looks now’. Fucking media.

  16. I thought the media publishing photos of people in states of disrepair was verboten. Oh hang on, that’s only wamyn.

  17. As a few others have mentioned. I thought he’d snuffed it about a decade ago.
    Wasn’t really a fan. It was about the time I’d realised that the music industry is a complete joke.

    I did like Hard-Fi, although they looked a bit chav, they had some catchy songs

  18. The only reason why the Cunt became so popular is because he actually done what “Rockstars” are meant to do which is take drugs and shag about.
    In a sterile music world of plastic pop and preaching bullshit about the planet I thought he made a nice change with his drug addled antics.
    Chuck Kate Moss into the equation and we have some very entertaining stories.
    Instead of save the world he preaches lets get fucked off our faces.
    I can see why he had appeal to certain folk.

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