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I’ve never really watched the channel before, but out of curiosity I started watching the trail of Derek Chauvin over the death of Saint George his most holy Floyd.

I was pleasantly surprised over the first week as the coverage was completed unbiased. The experts they had just went over how they thought the lawyers would present their cases, and explained court room procedure and language. Which is exactly what you’d want from unbiased coverage.

However, during the second week it seems they’ve been ‘got to’. There has been a plethora of ‘experts’ brought into the studio when there is a break in proceedings. And they’re pretty much all BLM types. I turned off when one frizzy haired chippy dark key bird was asked about the presentation of Chauvin’s case, and her ‘expert’ reply (she was a defence lawyer by trade)? Something like “We all saw what he did. It doesn’t matter how his lawyer tries to spin it. We all saw it.’

Why bother asking the cunt if that’s her response? I would’ve stuck with their coverage had the rather smouldering Chanley Painter (yes, until her head went through the headboard) pushed her into actually offering some ‘expert’ insight instead of going full Chiggun BLM.

She let it slide (I’ve got something she can slide down an’ all) and that was me done. Every cunt they’d had on in the second week had been a chippy BLM-er.

Court TV are a bunch of soft cunts, who’ve let the usual suspects scare them into biased coverage.

Well I’m not watching anymore. Unless Chanley Painter gets them out.

Fuck off.

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33 thoughts on “Court TV

  1. I think I’ll stick to Judge Judy. She says it like it is.
    I’d love to see her doing the Chiggin George trial.

    • I’m much more interested in that Maxwell woman and the royal who’s (allegedly) been shanking little girls.

      Much more interesting than a common criminal.

  2. I’d love a British Court TV, and watch Gaylords Adonis and Mandleson, not to mention half the shadow cabinet on trial for buggery and acts of gross indecency. I’d pay good money fort hat.

  3. Derek is going daaaaaaan! This is a show trial, reminiscent of the Soviet Union and it’s satellites. There is no death penalty in Minnesota so, whatever the sentence, it won’t be enough. All the big cities in America will be burning in a few weeks……..burn baby burn!
    To our American correspondents…….could you get me a pair of blue Addidas, size 9? Cheers.

    • Can I have a vulgar 80 inch tv and a watch with a face the same size as a church clock ? I don’t see why they would have to riot and loot as the annual Black Friday sale is the same thing. Maybe an extra riot per year is just practice for the November ‘Sale’. Loads of unrest, more deaths they’re pretty clued up people.

  4. I have no idea why they are going through the pantomime of a trial.
    The dozy copper has to be made an example of.
    Otherwise it’s Rodney King Race Riot spectacular all over again.
    I’d let him off with a stern word about only knocking fuck out of those criminal types in the back of a van or in a cell.
    The unruly Blek Mob could be run over by tanks and such.

  5. Based on all the factual evidence, not only should Officer Chauvin walk free, he should be awarded a medal for valorious conduct👍

    Justice? Just isn’t 👎

  6. It’s just a show trial for the wokes and dark keys, St George of da chiggun shack will come out of this unscathed, and Derek the pig will be just another dark key hate figure!!!!, a real cunt indeed CB!

  7. God, the government must be desperate to wheel out Matt “Dracula” Hancock to reassure people that the experimental drug is safe….like asking Dr Shipman to write you a prescription or Fred West to look after your children.

    Matt, in the words of the great Duke Nukem…my balls, your face.

    • My favourite Duke Nukem saying was: “I’m gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck”. Sheer brilliance! What the fuck has happened to America?!

      • I can remember when Forever came out in 2010 and everyone was disgusted at the humour…we have moved on and all that.

        Fuck that, Hail to the King Baby…..

        Duke Nukem and Ash Williams, roll models for all kids everywhere.

        (Loved Ash in the Evil Dead franchise. Definitely non-pc and didn’t give a shit. Groovy! – DA)

  8. Never let the facts get in the way of a good show trial – the wokes will be delighted when matey gets a life sentence (won’t do much for helping police recruitment though).

  9. I saw a YouTube video about this “autonomous zone” in Minneapolis. The spot where he snuffed it is now called George Floyd Square, that Cup Foods place is now boarded up, covered in flowers and there’s a big mural of Saint George the heavenly martyr. They have barricaded the roads for 6 blocks around and it is a no go zone for coppers. The cunts in charge, ordering people about, are all white Antifa cunts. This is the black area of town where you would not normally see a white face. How long will it take them to realise that whitey is running the place and telling them what to do? Just a different brand of whitey that’s all.

    • I read on some blog that white people sunbathing on the beach are not only racists but also doing the whole cultural appropriation gig by wanting to have dark skin – which to this blogger’s mind is the preserve of natural dark skinned people in the first place!

      As for these token white-Antifa cunts pretending that they’re identifying as black in Minneapolis, well yes, they will be in a big fucking shock when black people start to challenge them about what the fuck they’re doing on their turf!

      It will all end in tears

  10. Havent watched but there will be no winner here. Not Guilty will lead to world wide looting by the fuckers. Guilty will lead to slightly less looting. depending on sentence. Are they allowing Chiggun George’s character to be aired in court? That might make things interesting. I would be willing to bet that the state will line up an array of experts to testify that : (according to the PM)
    Heart disease and hypertension, fentanyl intoxication, methamphetamine use and SARS-CoV-2 infection are all harmless conditions that could in no way affect his health or behaviour.

  11. The rozzer is writing 20 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica during the trial by the looks of things too.

    Or he’s just writing ‘I’m fucked. I’m fucked’ over and over.

      • I thought the same but they were saying we won’t see what he’s made of until he starts his defence. It’s all the prosecution’s case and witnesses for now.

        If he grills a tearful Chiggun fan, it’ll piss the jury off. Although he’s been a bit shite cross examining the coppers trying to stitch Chauvin up. I agree he’s been utterly useless there.

        But I do agree that it’s not looking good for him. If he starts his defence poorly Chauvin might fuck him off. He can’t defend himself though lol. That’ll go down very badly for him.

        He’s fucked though. The jury will be too scared to say not guilty (the BLM mob will be outside the court intimidating the court on the day of judgement, just you watch!). The jury would be attacked leaving the court (or attacked if a mob charge the court). The judge will be too scared not to dish out the maximum punishments for similar reasons (and for not wanting the city burning).

        That’s where we are now. The ones who kick off and cause bother get what they want.

        Fuck the legal process.

  12. I enjoyed the OJ Simpson trial back in the 90s, though the ending spoiled it, being to far fetched.
    I can see this going the same way.

  13. Talking of Judge Judy, half the fun is seeing what ridiculous names the African Americans are saddled with. Though there was a white defendant on today who’s called Richard Stiff. Bet his friends call him Dick.
    Chauvin’s got the next thirty years in segregation to look forward to. Being an ex-cop, it won’t just be the brothers who’ll want a piece of him for a memento.

  14. Slightly off topic, but the hell are the American police putting a knee on anyone’s neck anymore, especially after all this? If that is part of their training they need to un-train it right now. I would not want to be arrested in the USA, nor in some other countries. They don’t do it here in the UK as far as I know; very few people die in custody or during arrest in the UK.

  15. I would love to have seen the whole Chiggun Floyd George circus being discussed on Granada Up Front with the late great Tony Wilson (RIP).

    I’m surprised the MSM haven’t had a choir to sing the black criminal cunt’s name glowingly every time he’s mentioned. Like when they mention Randolph Scott in Blazing Saddles.

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