Barry Price

Who’s that I hear you say ? Barry Price was Bedfordshire Police’s ‘Most Wanted’.

I saw this walking sack of shit on ’24 hrs in Police Custody’ – a vile dog turd, an evil remorseless scumbag, an absolute shithole.

Described by police as a “walking crimewave”, the 23 year old pikey shouldn’t reach 24 if there was any justice in the world.

We were first shown footage of the scrote stealing a motorbike (hardly Jeffrey Dalmer I thought) – it then turned out that the fucking turd rode the motorbike on the pavement, knocking down an 8 year old girl, who ended up in hospital with a 5 inch gash torn in her cheek – scarred for life.
Price “dah now nothing- nah comment”
We then saw footage of an elderly woman having her bag snatched as a motorbike tore by, leaving her thrown the pavement seriously hurt.
“Insufficient Evidence” the CPS concluded. Price swaggered out the station, huge grin on his cunt face.
I was by this point, trying to put my hands through the TV to throttle the arrogant fucking cunt.
In the end, the bastard got 18 years (will he serve 9 even?) for 2 rapes – a 15 & 16 yr old. His own dad told Police where to find him – it appears even some Pikey’s have a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Why do we even bother jailing repeat offenders ? This is Price’s 4th time in prison. He has no conscience, no remorse, no limits. He will never change.
Shoot the cunts with a captive bolt gun & toss the bodies in a cesspit where they belong. They are a scourge on society & a waste of good oxygen.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

76 thoughts on “Barry Price

  1. I so hope this turd dies soon, cancer would be nice,or anything that will cause some suffering.!

    • Something slow, gangrenous, malodorous, humiliating, and humiliating, perhaps a cancerous rectal prolapse.

  2. the things the worst of pikes have committed are not even printed, eg there have been cases(many) where they’ve broken into eldery peoples homes in isolated areas of Ireland , then tied them up , beat them and then sexually abuse them in the search for some cash savings.
    they simply lack any empathy for their actions as they are evil
    Intimidation then is also their response if you decide to press charges
    Rehabilitation is not an option. Castration is the only option and soon there will be none.

  3. I would build a Supernick in the middle of the Highlands for Somalis and Pikeys only. The screws would go in there in the morning to deliver the food and then in the evening to take the corpses out. Let them get on with it and sort it out themselves. Anyone who fucked around in normal prison could be threatened with being sent to HMP Cunt. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • The highlands yes, preferably the highlands of Spitsbergen or Tristan Di cunha.

  4. Give him to Harvey Price as a plaything. Ok his not a kitten but a pussy is a pussy.

  5. Whatever this creature is it definitely needs a sjamboking over a sustained period before being lovingly placed in Unkle Terry’s oven, and then 9 minutes under a Bobby’s knee, the utter cunt!!!!

  6. @Hugely talented and dynamic Night Admin.
    Any chance of releasing my moderated post from its incarceration ?
    Much appreciated.
    Good show .

  7. Round from .5 inch M3m straight into his malformed cranium. Aim for the fucking large unnatural space between his too far apart eyes.

  8. Oh, I remember him now. He wanted to become a doctor but his parents couldn’t afford it. Poor bastard.What a waste of potential !

    • A waste of potential, maybe, but only because the best parts of him dribbled down his mum’s arse crack. What an absolute mutant.

  9. Well here’s one cunt that should have had puberty blockers and had a life sentence as a choir boy in one of the Commonwealth’s missionary stations where they hide the priests.

  10. Shite like Price and the utter scum who dragged that policeman to his death are sub-human at best. They are completely lacking in humanity.

    The cops are terrified of them and hate entering their filthy sites. They are not true romanys or travellers who at least have some respect for the land.


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