The “Movies”

The word “Movies”

I fucking hate this word and i’m afraid it has become almost universal in this country.
Fair enough, when I am in Yankland I use words like “sidewalk” , “restroom” and “gas station “ because I need to make myself understood. I remember asking some Yank where the nearest petrol station was and he looked at me like I was talking Russian or something before I realised my mistake.

But in my own country I go to “ the pictures” or “the cinema”. I don’t go to the fucking “movies” because i’m not a fucking Yank. I don’t talk to “guys” I talk to blokes or geezers. Nothing wrong with being a Yank but if you ain’t one stop talking like you are……you just make yourself look like a cunt.

Or you could just fuck off to America…….. they would probably suss you as a wanker ( or “jerk”) though.

Just my thoughts.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

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      • Hare hare¹, London bus.

        ¹ I think it was «hare hare” and not «hurry, hurry». Is there a definitive transcription of these lyrics, RTC?

      • Not heard of them before but that sounds right up my street. Thanks for the recommendation 👍🏻🙂

        I’m very much a musical dilettante and my formal scholarship is largely limited to music for the pipe organ (although that is quite extensive; I was awarded ARCO in my early twenties). I knew someone quite well from College days, who shared your encyclopedic knowledge of music of this type. Tez Burke was his name and the last I heard of him was when he had a Wednesday evening slot on BCB¹ radio called “Fast and Bulbous”.

        A proud Yorkshireman who latterly lived in Baildon, BCB is Bradford Community Broadcasting. Long since lost personal contact

      • ”Fast and bulbous!”
        “That’s right, the mascara snake, fast and bulbous”
        “Bulbous also tapered”
        “Yeah, but you’ve gotta wait until I say: also, a tin teardrop”
        “Again, beginning”
        “Fast and bulbous!”
        “That’s right, the mascara snake, fast and bulbous. Also, a tin teardrop”
        “Bulbous also tapered”
        “That’s right!”

  1. Americans are entitled to say whatever they want, however they want,
    But the ones that drive me doolaly are
    Madagascar-they say Madaga..SCAR
    Like its two words, emphasis on the ‘scar’.
    And Stonehenge.
    They say Stone Henge.
    Its one word yankee doodle.
    Its not important,
    Hardly world shattering,
    But it certainly niggles me.

  2. “Hey Buddy”
    “Time out”
    “Hey you guys”

    All Murkinisms guaranteed to make my front upper teeth itch.

  3. Can I get a pint please. No you cunt I will get it!!!
    How are you today? Good! No you cunt I asked about your health not behaviour.
    Still when I was over there a asked where the lift was, look of total bemusement.

    • Anyone using said word when I was younger would have got a kicking from both sets of fans. And rightly so.

      Can you imagine some twat turning up to a football match in the 70s/80s wearing a half-and-half scarf?

    • The word ‘soccer’ actually originated in 19th century England as an abbreviation of association football. I think it originated as public school slang like ‘rugger’ for rugby.

  4. Has Miserable Northern Cunt, aka MNC, been “taken” rather as a Liam Neeson film/movie/motion picture/cinématique production (in Knutsford).

    He is, abnormally, quite quiet.

    • Naw CS, sorry!
      Im mithered and distracted.
      Im snowed under with work and customer enquiries and my vans acting up.
      Cant summon the venom to cunt stuff, unless its council housing officers who cant pick up the right keys to a vunerable persons property.
      The thick twats.

      Was working in Didsbury today,
      Off Wilmslow road.

  5. England v San Marino tonight, official World Cup qualifying game. Cunts “took the knee” ( Yank expression) and I switched off. Sorry, i’m not having thick as fuck, millionaire virtue signallers lecturing me about Marxist politics. Wokegate should be sacked and those cunts should never play for England again. They don’t represent the country I want to live in so fuck ‘em. Hope they fucking get their legs broken tonight. Not interested anymore.

      • Quite right Sick of it.
        They also inexplicably managed to set the record for the fastest ever international goal against England once.

    • Didn’t watch it Freddie.
      Can only imagine the piss boiling levels of annoyance.

      When exactly are they going to be questioned or challenged on their allegiance to a Marxist cause. Has any spineless piece of shit within the media or the game itself (with any real clout anyway) got the minerals to call this out.
      Any chance of handing all of your inflated wages over you thick bastards?
      Didn’t think so.

      • Saw bits of it. The cunts are wetting themselves because they’ve beat a team that would lose to Prestwich Heys.

        All I saw was the usual array of fairies with stupid hair and scores of obligatory BAMEs. An utter borefest, and they can shove their eulogies and knee taking for Chicken Floyd Scum up their arses.

        But, that’s the modern England set up for you: dull, soulless, mechanical, inauthentic and sickeningly woke. Fuck them all.

      • When the original Wembley stadium was demolished, a part of the game died with it that we will never come close to getting back.

        Was a time I looked forward with genuine interest to what could be considered a meaningless Wednesday night international friendly at the old twin towers or the prospect of the Saturday 3pm kick off FA cup final (once the biggest game in the football calendar once over) being played there.

  6. And this is a bad’un.

    When a graphic novel between Batman and The Avengers (the real and original Avengers) was published, they had to call it Batman with Steed and Mrs Peel. Because those Disney cunts use the title The Avengers for their CGI celbricunt woke Hollweird shite.

  7. The madness of king George was apparently going to be called George the third but changed because the yanks would have wanted to watch George 1 and George 2

  8. Oh and k9 boils my piss, it’s a dog you yankee cunts, stop fucking your sisters on porn hub too you fucked up twats

    • Leela on Dr Who was my first crush. Outstanding. In recent years she has been reduced to appearing as a granny on Eastenders. What a come down (literally).

  9. Con to flight f15, do you copy . Yes Con loud and clear. Ok This is Con take flight path 465 bearing 398. Copy Con over . This is Con over and out.
    For fucksake for years I thought every cunt in the military Air Force was called Conrad.

    • Woke is agenda driven politic doctrine and it’s the ultimate red herring , created by some very crazy but serious lineage to just fuck things that we cannot understand

  10. Talking of new Yank phrases “It’s Golden” is a cunt. Have you heard this?

    “Yeah, turn right at Dickhead Street, second left onto Fuckwit Road, then, third left and you’re Golden.”
    “Yeah mate, I’m golden.”

    I hope this is a short-lived one.

  11. I am a stanch “Pictures” man myself unless the movies are blue then I have no qualms about watching them.
    There is always exceptions to the rule.

  12. Apparently, Americans can’t pronounce “Bernard”

    Instead, they seem to phonetically say “Berr…narrd”. Or at least that’s my experience after watching Fargo, The Wire, Breaking Bad and one or two other TV shows.

  13. The following were all logged during a cruise we took that was plagued by Americans. It should serve as a warning not to go on a cruise:
    That’s really something
    I need my Meds
    I slept goood
    I could just go a bagel
    You’re welcome

    Worse was when that Icelandic volcano went up whilst we were in Mexico. It was announced that all transatlantic flights were cancelled, and an American asked if that included First Class…

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