HM Coastguard [2]

HM Coastguard service needs a finger wagging at….

They have issued advice about the dangers of camping close to a cliff edge, to a family camping right on a cliff edge, a cliff edge that has had previous subsidence problems, I may add.

The family concerned, a man 30, women 27 and child (age not given) have now been given a fine by plod for breaching lockdown rules too, for
travelling a fair distance to go camping on this cliff edge in the first place.

Why am I finger wagging in the general direction of HM Coastguard you ask? Well firstly, take a look at the pictures of this tent and its actual position on the cliff edge! Then secondly, because they should have left this stupid fucking family there and let nature take its course. Sounds harsh? Because of the child? Well yes but the cynical side of me thinks the poor child growing up with such halfwitted parents probably doesn’t stand much of a chance anyway.

If plod used their imagination there are probably some sort of child endangerment charges they could use to give these clueless ‘parents’ a dose of suck on that too, for good measure as well! However the cynical side of me doubts they’ll bother, probably too much paperwork,

Fuck off!

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28 thoughts on “HM Coastguard [2]

  1. Fucking unbelievable! How thick do you have to be to pull off a stunt like this? As for HM Coastguard they should be out on the sea turning back the dinghy armada sent to us by granny shagger Macron.
    In short we need grown ups running this country, not a bunch of soft as shit wankers.

  2. Coast guard helicopters should have torpedoes mounted on them, and patrol the kent coast, and take out any peaceful on a dinghy bound for blighty, thatvwill keep the fuckers out….morning cunters

    • Torpedoes are expensive – a Browning M2 would do the trick just as well and at a fraction of the cost👍

      • I am a superb shot and be willing to offer my services, on a fully voluntary nature👍

  3. Typical of the fucking nanny state we now live in. Like all the covidvshit – you can’t be trusted to make your own assessment of risk, government cunts do it for you.

    • These sorts of cunts think of everything as a photo opportunity for social media.
      They have zero awareness of their surroundings.
      Which I’m glad about when they fall off into over and down things.

  4. I take it entries for the Darwin Awards are still open for this year. Maybe other campsites were full due to the trannies and q*eers fighting over where to shove the pop up tent.

    • All cliffs are dangerous!
      From the white cliffs of Dover to Cliff Richard dont fall asleep around them!
      Asking for trouble!

      This family were big fans of Whil E Coyote, and if the cliff gave way planned to sigh heavily suspended in the air holding up a sigh saying ‘HELP!’
      Before plummeting to the rocks below.
      Im all for idiots camping in dangerous places.

      • The sign they hold up should say “Yikes”…I love those old cartoons but I always wished he would catch the Road Runner.

      • I feel fucking rough today, bad headache, back pain etc but when I read your comment about cliffs I laughed out loud. Thanks for cheering me up.
        This is a good site, I enjoy my daily read even if I don’t always agree with the comments.

      • Conkcord-don’t sit in the shadows-join in👍

        If you have strongly opposing views, then express them. Robust debate will keep things interesting😀👍

  5. Well at least they had the child with them. The McCann’s would have camped on the cliff edge and left their child unattended.

    • The McCanns would have let the kids camp on the beach, with the tide coming in…..

      Then blame a mysterious figure seen hanging about, earlier in the day.

      The McCanns-sponsored by Domestos: removes 99.9% of all DNA!

  6. HM Coastguard as a professional service barely exists. Most of it was shut down several years ago (many stations) with mass redundancies. It is now largely manned by volunteers (NB not decrying their efforts). Like most of our once proud institutions it has been all but destroyed by our own government. Why? To ensure open access for the dinghy pilots? To save the NHS? EU policy? Fuck knows. It was there, probably a vestige of white colonialism, it had to be destroyed. Cunts.

  7. They should just let the dumb cunts fall into the sea. A shame about the kid but when your parents are that thick your life expectancy is fairly limited anyway. Fuck ‘em.

  8. On the am I bothered meter this doesn’t even register. This family does a boy of clifftop camping and you’d think they’d endangered the who country.

    Armadas of illegals head over here on bicycle inner tubes and they are hero’s for undertaking such a perilous journey on such unsuitable craft to escape the living hell tyranny otherwise known as France.

    All about media presentation setting the tone for the public court.

    • I agree – the MSM are the common denominator with this sort of thing.

      They are still pushing their propaganda about that piece of filth Markle after a week FFS. Do they ever get nominated on here (just for their agenda and not any particular story)?

      • It’s ALL about the “narrative”.

        We knew it would ramp up, if Donald didn’t win.

        Oprah Winfrey (paid $7m for that interview), never pushed for evidence or facts, just hinting and insinuating was sufficient for these two actresses 😉

  9. no doubt these fuckers are the usually hippy, outdoorsy type wearing their Berghuas kit, wooly hats and VW camper and electric car at home, should have let natural selection sort these fuckmonkeys out, kid and all, probably called myles or India or something just as pretentious…..hope the fine was fucking huge….cunts

    • Leccy cars – yes, a great idea. Last year a whopping 20% (average) of our electricity came from wind. And we think that wind is going to power everyone having an electric car. The reality will be that the majority of people will no longer have access to personal transport. Of course, the elite will still have cars, just not the plebs.

  10. We camped on a cliff once, pissed up young’uns. “Ok everybody, remember not to take a piss behind the tent alright!?” anyway, few hours later “where’s Gavos!?”
    “Fuck knows, last he said was he’s going to take a piss”
    Anyway, found the bastard half way down the cliff, a good 40ft, passed out in a drunken stupor, someone managed to climb down, eventually we got him up, broken leg and two broken ribs, doc said if he wasn’t as drunk as he was he probably would’ve died. Ahh those were the days! 🙂

  11. “Don’t go out unless you’ve had training to cope with air and sunshine, we strongly advise against using knives and forks which represent racist toxic masculinity”..
    Crock of fucking shite.
    And shouldn’t this bollocks have had the cliff guard issuing the nanny orders, not the coastguard – the coastguard should have better things to do like escorting 500 invaders a week for their new life of destroying ours.

  12. Banging in the tent pegs was taking a chance.
    Young people these days have never seen Roadrunner.
    Probably sexist, racist, or contains too much violence.

  13. Should have removed that tent, after the family left 12 Nigerians moved in and started claiming housing benefit, they sub-let one of the sleepingbags

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