Bristol Riots

It is with some degree of satisfaction that I watched the riots in Bristol on March 21st. The week before ,as we know,the Met was hung out to dry by politicians for enforcing laws that those very politicians had introduced. Last year ,Bristol embraced the BLM movement more enthusiastically than any other city. Marvin Rees ( who points out that he is the country’s first black mayor more often than Suckdick tells us that his dad drove a bus), was staunch in his backing for the statue vandals.

Well Bristol, all I can say is that you got what you deserved and the rest of the country is enjoying the mess you find yourself in. As B&WC would say ‘Go fuck yourselves’.

Nominated by: Guzziguy 

and this from Lord Helpuss

It is poetic justice that the right-on city of Bristol is suffering the effects of a “peaceful” protest gone bad.

This lot masquerade as freedom lovers fighting to save our freedoms. In fact they are the same rent-a-mob who pulled down the Colston statue. This time their target was the police, upholders of law and order.

I think a lot of Bristolians will be less than happy this time that a gang of anarchists ran riot in their woke city. Who will they turn on next?

…and more, this time from Sick of it

To Add to the Bristol fiasco nomination, today on Politics live the Nadia Whittome bitch refused to condemn the violence and destruction of property in the peaceful protest against the new legislation police and crime bill.

The protest was aimed at the part of the bill which doesn’t outlaw the right to protest but does aim to stop protesters from preventing the general public from going about their lawful business (blocking bridges, climbing on tube trains and yes violence).

Whittome seemed to think that the police ‘could be partly’ to blame for what happened and wouldn’t be drawn into a statement until a review had taken place even after she saw footage of police vehicles being set alight, windows smashed and police officers injured.

As usual it always kicks off after dark and nothing to do with protesting.

It also makes you wonder what brain dead cunts actually elected this cunt.

76 thoughts on “Bristol Riots

  1. Fuck this supposed one minute’s silence!

    I have Out-Bloody-Rageous by Soft Machine currently blasting out the living room.

    • How strange , i was playing Soft Machines first album earlier today.

      Good evening Ruff

      • 🎶 Hope for happiness, hope for happiness 🎶

        🕺 Evening Fenton. 👍

    • Out-Bloody-Rageous was an outrageously good choice for one minute’s silence discography, RTC. Very respectful & I’m rather surprised tbh¹.

      Not only is it one of my favourite tracks by (The) Soft Machine – and I greatly appreciate Soft in particular and Canterbury-ish stuff in general – but for the first 60+ seconds all you can hear is tape hiss and what you might reasonably suspect to be Terry Riley’s In C played on a tiny Benson 6-transistor radio from under a pillow somewhere.

      When they get in their stride, there are so very many influences apparent – in both directions of travel. With early stuff like this I always find myself pondering such chicken-and-egg teasers as: did Joe Zawinul / Wayne Shorter (ie Weather Report) get there first or ‘tother way round? Similarly, bidirectional resonances with Gong (predictably), Zappa (less so), even Syd – although more subtle – are abundant and these are always succulently enjoyable. Love the Softs.

      ¹ or perhaps, as I suspect it, you played it backwards. That would certainly have made a bit of a racket from the get-go!

      • Evening CS.

        The track was well into its stride (turned up to 11) by the time the one minute’s silence commenced.

        ‘Third’ is a masterpiece in its entirety.

      • Aha, I thought it was an odd choice to shatter the silence if you started playing the track at noon.

        A masterpiece indeed: I think the Softs’ had reached their zenith with Third. That’s from a self-confessed fan of the Canterbury scene and its spinoffs in general.

        Good to be in complete concord for once!

      • Indeed!

        PS: the first Weather Report album was released in 1971, a year after ‘Third’. Gong’s first album ‘Magick Brother’ (1970) bore no relation to Third.

        You’re a lot closer with Zappa, he was definitely a strong influence on Soft Machine. Hugh Hopper commented, “We were going back to the jazz thing, and I was very influenced by Frank Zappa. Our heroes were more jazz men than rock musicians.”

        Hopper also acknowledged an ‘Uncle Meat’ influence on some of his compositions from that era. The way sax players Elton Dean and Lyn Dobson apply themselves appear a dead ringer for the electric experimentation of the Gardner/Underwood horn sound of the 1968-9 Mothers of Invention.

        Recommended further listening:

        Out Of Focus – Four Letter Monday Afternoon (1972)

      • Thanks for that RTC. I love learning stuff – and with total honesty – I have much to learn about the music of the late 60s and early 70s.

        This is a period of a new kind of creative “explosion” and I am genuinely fascinated by it (but ever so slightly too young to personally recall).

        Although it has nought to me, I am nosy. I like to know things, and instinctively realise you have much to convey. (totally lacking in irony)

        Bit smashed now on a nasty and uncalled-for cocktail. Mmm


    • The woman having a piss is probably one those woman complaining the streets aren’t safe 😂

      He family must be very proud

    • It might be preferable for the good people of Bristol to live under Sharia Law.
      At least the Muzzies don’t appear to shit on their own doorstep.
      These anarchists are soon to get a good kicking from right wing extremists who like their lives a little more orderly.

      • It might be preferable for the good people of Bristol to live under Shariá Law.
        At least the Mûzzies don’t appear to shit on their own doorstep.
        These anarchists are soon to get a good kicking from right wing extremists who like their lives a little more orderly.

      • Take a slash, your balls will crash.
        Leave ‘em around, they’ll hit the ground.

    • If I’d been that cop I would have knocked fuck out of her, manky little slut. Kick her cunt in.

    • If any cunt tried that with me, punch them in the back of the neck and tread them into it.

  2. For many years, Bristol has been a magnet for drop outs, druggies, the woke and the unemployable; every facet of Cuntitude the world has to offer. The Police appear to be even less effective than Ms Strapon’s Keystone Cops. Uphold law and order: NO, Bend the knee: YES. Bristol is a concatenation of CUNTS.

  3. Tear gas, water cannon and the gallows: that’s what the good rioters of Bristol need. And so do the upper command levels of the Somerset and Avon Police who allowed this chaos to take place. I feel sorry for the ordinary coppers in most UK police forces who have to work for these overpaid Common Purpose pieces of shit.

  4. The armed wing of the woke libtards. Why didn’t the police tàke the knee to them i’d like to know.

  5. It is always the usual suspects, whether it is Extinction Rebellion, BLM or now the new criminal bill. I am with Cuntator on this, awful as corporal punishment is, it is very effective, quick and cheap. You would only riot once if you had been effectively punished.
    Prepare for a summer of discontent as we come out of lockdown. Please god Boris and Pritti (and yes I would) get some water cannons organised and more importantly deploy them. The vast majority of us are fed up to the back teeth with this sort of crap.
    Nadia Whittome is as thick as two short planks but not as thick as the people who voted for her. What makes her qualified to be an MP? Jesus wept.

    • Becoming an MP must be the only job that doesn’t require any qualifications.
      Most of them are as thick as shit.

  6. I heard the Bristol mayor on the radio. He almost disappeared up his own arse trying to condemn both the bill and the rioters at the same time.
    The rioters are middle class rentamob using daddy’s money to pitch up to this, BLM, whatever the fuck the London one was for, ER and whatever environmental bullshit they espouse.

    • It’s like going to festivals for these wankers. The same anti government anarchist skum are the first to complain if their benefits are late going into the bank.
      Fuck tear gas, use the mustard variety.

      • Rees is a weapons grade thick cunt. Incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Bristol has levels of corruption one would akin to Prohibition Era Chicago, although one assumes Capone and Co gave the punters what they wanted. Rees and his moronic local authority mates just spunk the council tax payers money on endless consultants paid £1000 a day plus expenses, and white elephants like the Bristol Energy Company.

      • Don’t forget, Gorham Homes is his latest venture. He is a undemocratic despot spazdick. Absolute cunt.

  7. Nadia Whittome is deserving of her own cunting. In the meantime, somebody should fill her cunt with quick-drying cement.

  8. Well, this Nadia Whittome has been in Parliament for less than a year and a half and she demonstrates on a regular basis that she is out of depth, very thick and dangerous. Christ only knows what her constituents think of her.

  9. Bunch of Vicky Pollard thickos pretending to be racial warriors. Bristol has been going down the pan for years. They need someone of the calibre of Edward Colston to sort them out.

    • They need a nuclear bomb to sort them out. Zider drinkin cousin shaggin carrot crunchin woke cunts.

      • Bristol is a cunt but cider is the drink of the gods. Especially if it’s Thatchers Haze.

      • That’s Sandford anyway, BS postcode but really Somerset. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to associate with the Bristolian fuckwits and I’m a born and bred Bristolian.

      • Maybe the secret society in Hot Fuzz were actually Bristolians all along?

      • It’s a reference to the fact that the village the film is based in is also called Sandford.

    • They don’t think the police need extra powers and to prove it they attacked a police station, set fire to police vehicles and put policemen in hospital. They’ve convinced me.

      • Trouble with the police is they lack gumption and moral fibre. They allow Extinction Rebellion to take over the capital and block the roads. They take the knee to Marxist scumbags like BLM and hide in their patrol cars eating Greggs pasties when woke parasites desecrate national monuments. The only thing that raises them out of their lethargy is if someone misgenders a tranny. Complete waste of space.

      • The police are already able to harrass little old ladies for having a socially distanced cup of tea in their private garden, what more power do they need?

      • I quite agree Ruff Tuff. The only thing that strikes fear into their hearts is a mob of Millie Taints.

  10. Well, it has to be said that the Somerset Cozzers got what they deserved.
    If they hadn’t stood by like big girls and let a load of Antifa and BLM filth run riot last year. If they hadn’t ‘decided to do nothing’ when scum wrecked Colston’s monument. If they had done their job the first time around, and put the boot into these cunts. This riot happened because the shite that did it knew they would get away with it. They feared no reprisals or retribution from the law, because they got none last time. The Somerset Bogeys have made their bed…

    When initially asked why they let scum trash the Colston statue and did nothing, the police (the fucking police force, mind you) said they stood by because they feared there would be a riot. The police?! Scared of a riot?! For fuck’s sake. Thing is, the daft cunts got one anyway. Absolutely laughable and pathetic. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

    And as for Marvin Rees? He wants people living in fear in his own city? He wants disorder and violence? He wants looting and arson? This cunt missed his calling. He should have been the first Sambeau who was in the Waffen SS. Fucking goosestepping treeswinger.

    • And the hilarious bit is that the Somerset Dibble weren’t scared of a riot by the IRA, the NF, the Moss Side Black Cats, or Millwall hooligans.

      The police were scared of provoking pimple encrusted daddy’s boy student virgin cunts like Jake Skuse and Sage Willoughby. Is that what Blighty’s boys in blue have come to?

      Fucking priceless.

  11. Fucking minute’s silence! Fuck off. Fuck’s sake. Fucking fed up with the Government’s fucking self righteous cunt.

    • Be sure to hold a lighted candle on your doorstep this evening at 8pm… 😂 🙄

    • I only do two silences a year. Remembrance Sunday and the anniversary of the Munich Air Crash.

      The rest can fuck off.

      • A bit fucking late to remember covid victims, isn’t it?
        When many poor cunts were dying like flies this time last year, who was being eulogised then? Chicken Floyd Fucking George, that’s who. Tonight will mostly be crocodile tears from self serving cunts who put the death of a scumbag and an American career criminal first. Shameful.

  12. This rioting and anarchy was arranged on the BLM website and with help from their partners in grime Antifa some time ago – they were going to try it at the London protest last Saturday but the sheer weight of numbers and the fact the decent people marching for their rights would have dragged them off and handed them over to the police stopped them so they rearranged it for Bristol.
    And I noted on the Saturday protest that the police, who were massively outnumbered and to be frank absolutely shitting themselves, did nothing as the protestors gathered but then when they thought they were off camera surrounded stragglers mob handed and then tried to hide behind a wall of shields in an attempt to obscure single protesters getting a fucking good hiding – the obvious hateful pleasure of the police as they were beating people senseless made my blood boil.
    Fast forward to Bristol where the rioters were seen colluding with the police prior to it going off and a police vehicle without an MOT being trashed and set on fire and I have serious suspicions that this may have been a put up job so Patel could bring even more draconian rules to stop the vast majority making their feelings known, the only thing missing was Patsy Stephenson posing for the cameras for her prearranged arrest.
    And retarded cabbage patch kid Nadia Whittome appeared to condone the riots before very hastily backtracking an hour later – no such problem for Dawn Butler though, who made some (no pun intended) very incendiary comments in clear support of the riots.
    This is what happens when fascists are given free reign by traitor politicians and weak, politicised police, the doors of Knightsbridge and Kensington will be getting knocked on today as the children of the rich and privileged are being arrested for their part and the vast majority of the decent people will suffer for the actions of these bastards.
    Setting an example and giving those involved prison sentences of between ten and twenty years depending on level of involvement would stop this overnight, but this will not happen because liberal lefty Judges will give the perpetrators a pat on the head and a 100 quid fine which Daddy the Barrister will pay.
    We need new Governance – what we have is failing the people every day.
    Four years and counting – the politicians will not change things so the people must, and if we don’t we have nobody but ourselves to blame.

  13. BST hasn’t even kicked in yet and the cunts have started.

    This year, unless the plod get or are allowed to get their shit together, we can certainly expect to see fuck-wittery on an even grander scale than last year from the Woke Taliban.

    We can also expect the once popular monuments of Churchill and Nelson to be finally torn down and replaced with statues of Serena Williams and St George of Floyd in an attempt at appeasement to the mob.
    Don’t expect any opposition to this because that would be racist.

  14. No sympathy from me. The woke cunts bring it on themselves. Give the entitled leftie fuckers an inch eg BLM and XR outrages, and they think it is okay to piss on the police. Surprised it has not been blamed on UKIP. Fuck off.

  15. A) Are there any police women who arnt lesbians
    B) Are there any Bristol rioters who havnt got a trust fund.

    • Oh there are I know one and she should be a model, not a on the beat copper. She could beat me off any day of the week.

  16. Bristol has fallen a long way down since the main interests of the Brizzle folk were zider and incest. Shame.

  17. I couldn’t give a fuck.
    Once the police kneel before criminals or run away from a fight then let the cunts suffer.
    Watered down soft wankers everywhere.
    Bring back the Special Patrol Group and instill fear into all vermin by cracking skulls open.
    Until that point,just Fuck Off and have a good cry.

  18. Total cunts round them up
    Put them through the system
    Jail them & Throw Away The Key 👍👍

  19. The filthy shitty arsed slag who pissed in front of the coppers should be named and her ugly face displayed everywhere. But, of course, she won’t be. Protected for legal reasons an all that turd.

    Yet, somebody tells a ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ joke on Twatter ten years ago or has a banner flown over a football ground and they get named, shamed, arrested, sacked, the lot.

    Britain is shit. It’s official.

  20. One can imagine the Bristol version of The Sweeney in 2021:

    ‘We ‘ave to be on our toes with this lot, boys. We’re talkin ‘eavy duty villains. Real slags, this lot’.

    ‘Who’s in the frame, Guv? Charlie Bronson? Ronnie and Reggie? Frankie Fraser? John McVicar?’

    ‘No, it’s Milo Ponsford, Jake Skuse and ver guv’nor imself (gulp) Sage Willoughby’.

    ‘Fuckin ell! D’yer think we can andle ’em, Guv?’

    ‘Ere! Is this a comedy? Are you taking the piss?’

    • “Roit you slaags”!
      Regan immediately sacked by Commissioner Dick for toxic white Male misogyny..
      Instead of the police could I suggest a bit of whacking practice for that august body of chaps the Paras at the next riot?
      Highly acceptable!

      • Incompetent policing is the cause that allows these crimes to grow. The Police seem to spend too much time on non crimes like perceived race hate, or some woke snowflake feeling agreived that someone doesn’t agree with them rather than patrolling the streets and nicking scumbags.
        This could be seen on the streets of Bristol during the summer. If Plod had arrested people and cracked some heads back then when statues were thrown in the harbour instead of standing by and letting it happen, then maybe the scum might have thought twice about trying to burn down a Police station.

  21. I had a bird at Bristol University in the 90s and she was properly dirty. Goodness me, what an education. She absolutely loved the cock. Wanted my pole in every hole, so she did. I even fucked her flatmate although she painted both sides of the fence. We used to go to a pub called Cadbury’s. What larks.

    Nonetheless, Bristol is a shit-hole. Even then it was full of lefties, darkîes, pakîs, and pc loonies.

  22. Lap it up you silly cunts. I’m loving stuff like this.

    Kneel to filth and then stand and watch as they throw statues in the river, and this is what happens.

    You need to shoot one of the cunts (rioters, not protesters) in the face and the rest will fuck off and never try this shite in again.

    They’re lucky I’m not in charge. I’d be running them over in tanks. If they ran away I’d keep chasing the cunts too.

  23. It’s our fault that this shit is happening.
    We were supposed to vote Labour.
    I suspect even Boris wanted us to.
    Now we must be punished for keeping the red cunts away from all that lovely power yet again.
    EvenTony “Antichrist” Blair was well mannered enough to wait until he was elected before starting to demolish the whole country…

  24. As much as i hate these lefty anarchists cunts it was very pleasing to hear the filth got a bit of a kicking and a few of the cunts were hospitalised the useless bent cunts have had this coming, especially in the last 12 months for their two tier policing.
    The whole woke Police Farce needs reforming
    Fuck them ACAB

  25. As soon as you show weakness in the face of the enemy then you will have riots on your hands.

    No time for either side here, shit eating shit.

  26. Birmingham did the same as regards BLM.. 6,000+ ‘protestors” descended on the city despite the lockdown and the police scrambled to praise (source: Chief of WMP) them in next to no time. The local rags did the same, including the Birmingham Mail; you could see them going out of their way to heap praise. Meanwhile a few people peacefully protest lockdowns and the police threaten them all with arrest before they even turn up..the likes of the aformentioned Mail as well as METRO, using derogatory language to try and brandish the protestors as evil and violent, including cherry-picked imagery. They won’t touch the BLM criminals but will go out of their way to tar anyone who dsiagrees with or questions the status quo. These garbage media outlets, impotent politicians and corrupt law enforces are all complicit here.

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