The American Electorate

Well whaddayaknow. The husband of the little cutie (if you take a time machine back to 1964) that is Nancy Pelosi has made a killing on Tesla shares.

Of course Nancy knew fuck all about her hubby spending $1,000,000 on the shares. No sirreee Bob!

She was probably stuffing her face with another gallon of Ben and Jerry’s wokeness and didn’t notice Mr. Pelosi spending all that money. Or maybe not.

My original thought on this matter was to cunt NP for being, well, a cunt but she is being true to her rapacious self so I will let that lie.

I’m going to cunt the people who put her in a position where she can do what the fuck she wants and will carry on doing so until she draws her last breath.

Note to any members of the CIA reading this cunting:
I am normally out of bed by 6am so please let me finish my ablutions before you kick my front door in.

Nominated by: SimmyJavil

….and in a similar vein here’s one from Smug cunt

Americans are cunts.Its pretty simple In fact its as simple as Americans. Their absurd Presidents with their executive orders and pardons show George III has been in the White House since 1776. Unfortunately the rest of the world has to suffer after their bullshit “elections” ,more corrupt than Indias or even Tower Hamlets.

Liar ,Congress woman Alexandria ocasio Cortez thinks she is oppressed and the dumb as shit American public doesnt know Madrid is only a thousand miles from London and is part of Europe.How does a Hispanic ( Spanish Cortez wiped out the Incas) get to pontificate about white supremacy. 80% of all slaves during the Atlantic slave trade (ended by England) went to South America. Her ancestors just like Ilhan Omar were slave owners. Omar is far nearer to slavery, war and genocide than anyone else in American politics.

So fuck you America. Thanks for your fucking poison. Cunts.

…backed up by Quick Draw McGraw

AOC was recently caught lying about being in danger during the recent “insurrection”. She claimed that a mob had laid siege to her office, with at least one banging on her door. Turns out, her office was some distance away from the trouble, and the guy banging on her door was from the Capitol police. Not surprising really, it’s not the first time she’s been caught lying.

A couple of years back, she put some photos of her and her cronies, all dressed in white for some reason, outside an immigrant detention centre. They showed in several different poses of apparent distress at the depravation she was witnessing. Then the photographer released some photos he took from a different angle, which showed that they were, in fact standing at the fence by the car park. And not a single abused illegal immigrant could be seen.

37 thoughts on “The American Electorate

  1. Skeletor Pislosi’s whole life is ruled by jealousy, which is the main reason she hated Trump! That creepy right hand thing she does when she’s walking, similar to a zombie, is where she has sold her soul to the devil and he has already claimed half.

    Like all of the Democrat party, she is a disgusting, deceitful hypocrite. Burn witch, burn in fucking hell 🧟‍♀️ 🔥

    • I think that to be a fair and measured sentence for the malodorous harridan.

      I can only add “…burn I. hell, for eternity, or the end of time, whichever lasts longer”

  2. “Democrats” are fucking lunatics – the 2021 nazi party.
    We now have a Country, a system and a world so deviant and rotten I cannot see a way forward except armed conflict – I do not wish for war but feel there will soon be little option.
    And Cortez can shut up – the mad evil bitch.
    Not much more to add except to say this will not end well.

    • Vern – are you talking about USA or UK? Armed conflict is the only thing the UK govt will listen to. Do you think the IRA would have got what they wanted without the violence? Unfortunately, in the UK, we cannot be armed with guns, but we can tool up in other ways.

  3. Pelosi is the greatest living member of the political cuntoscenti. Anyone who votes for her is a whopping cuntard. The Donald should kick her in the cunt, he couldn’t miss. The nom is, therefore, supported.

    • The Orange Man should fill her cunt with quick-drying cement. It’s a pity somebody didn’t do so before she reached the menopause.

  4. I bet she squealed when she saw her doppelgangers swede outside her front door:

    A depraved wretch indeed, as hypocritical as the Portland/Seattle whatever, mayor who called for defunding the police then called the same police when her own mansion was threatened.
    And people vote for these cunts?
    Clown world indeed. Honk honk Apu.
    Wimminz shouldn’t be in front line politics, they’re fucking wired up wrong, but I’ll make an exception for Maggie though with hindsight she must have been trans somethingorother.
    As before “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated”?

  5. That bug-eyed wetback Cortez, looks like Ren Hoek from the cartoon Ren and Stimpy, was her father called Hernando by any chance?
    An Intercontinental bullshitter, a fucking barmaid getting into politics, at least BoZo was a journalist so he’s got the credentials for bullshittery down pat.

    Still, Trump’s gone so everything will be alright.

  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if many if not most or all of these cunts weren’t just troughers (especially PeloXi, Mc Connell, Kamal Harridan and Another Ostereich Clone) but enemy agents tasked with inciting discord and effecting the demise of the US whether it be for China, the Reich, Russia, Iran or the space lizards.

  7. AOC is a mental case. Why doesn’t this wetback just move to Venezuela.

    Who-ee, what a cunt.

    • Feel bit sorry for the yanks,
      But anyway, its a communist country and luckily im a Englishman!🇬🇧🇬🇧
      Sure theyll work something out.

  8. I always get the impression that American politicians are the earthly manifestation of Satan’s Minions.
    Nice clothes,white teeth and always a smile.
    But the eyes are dead.
    Just like a sharks.

    • “you know Chief thing about a sharks eyes , black eyes, lifeless eyes, like a doll’s eyes,
      Doesnt seem to be livin…
      Till he bites ya!
      Then those black eyes roll over white……

      Donald J Trump.
      Address to the house of representatives.

  9. Omar= CUNT
    Cortez = Bigger CUNT
    Pelosi = Undead CUNT. A result of centuries of half arsed embalming.

    i could weep for America now the demonrats have got in. 2nd civil war anyone?

  10. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill (racist and persona non grata in the UK)

    “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the American electorate.”

    • There are indeed a lot of cunts amongst the American electorate, over seventy four million at the last count 🙂
      But very few of them are bigger cunts than the ones they’re voting for.

      • Thousands of them probably are bigger cunts, but thankfully too thick and stupid to make it into positions of influence. They appeared in droves early January.

  11. If you headshot that ghoul on sneak attack with your VATS in Fallout New Vegas you get a bonus 35% critical hit damage… Oh wait nevermind thats nancy pelosi my apologies cunters got them confused Carry on

  12. Sirs:

    In my state Democrats are almost automatically elected to federal and state office. My state senator has been in the legislature for 20-odd years and has never gotten a whiff of being in the majority.

    Yet the same people complain about how poorly the state is run. About insane policies that encourage illegal immigrants to come here and receive free stuff. About why their taxes continue to climb, yet the state can’t even pave the roads. About how their businesses are regulated to the vanishing point. And so on.

    But they continue to vote for Democrats.

    I’ve concluded it’s not a conscious choice, but a conditioned response. Yes, I’m calling my fellow citizens lab rats.

  13. American politics are totally corrupt. Been over there many times, real good yank mates. But they are fucked. Est get friendly with Vlad.

    • Putin is a narcissistic, psychopathic, homicidal, multi-billionaire, kleptocratic, dictatorial cunt who has been grinding (even pre-Covid) the Russian economy (smaller than that of Italy or South Korea, ffs!) into the dirt.

      You’d choose that? Might as well go the whole hog and chummy up with CHYNA.

      • You forgot to mention that Vlad is not, in any way, now or in the past, is/was a member of the festive community. No Sir, he’s all man, and those many photos of him with his shirt off that he likes to release? They’re just to show how manly and un-festive he is.

        Been nice knowing you cunts, the FSB, or KGB in it’s former iteration, have just pulled up outside……

    • Cum dumpster? Fucking hell 3S, you’d need a cast iron stomach, and then some, to be able to get fired up over Skeletor.

      The only thing that needs dumping on her is a metric tonne of bricks…from a height.

      A shocking excuse for a human being she is.

  14. The most frightening thing of all is that lunatics like AOC can never be criticised or questioned. The liberal (nazi) left will make sure the ‘aggressor’ is deplatformed, called a nazi (oh the irony) and silenced. The biased social media platforms will support the liberal left and ensure the ‘aggressor’ has no platform for recourse and churn out more left wing bile to support the ‘deplatforming’. In this country it is the absolute responsibility of entities such as the BBC to produce a balanced and questioning counter argument. No chance of that course whilst they follow their own snowflake, left wing agenda. The govt of this country needs to make a stand now and put a stop to this wave of left wing indoctrination and show up the US administration and media for what it is. Defund the BBC and strip out the twats that run the organisation. Grow some balls and do it. The majority of the country is tired of the left wing bullshit peddled by the US and our own media.

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