Investigative Journalism (or a lack thereof)

I remember investigative journalism – Paul Foot, John Pilger, Roger Cook etc.

People prepared to put their head above the parapet to get to the truth, sometimes what they covered and exposed was ridiculous, and sometimes it was horrifying – “The Killing Fields” still chills me to the bone even now.

But now we no longer have journalists, we no longer have an honest, balanced, accurate and impartial media, what we have now just repeatedly trot out the same propaganda and lies that the communist mouthpieces such as TASS and Pravda would broadcast, along with some oh so vital gossip about what vacuous non entities have been doing on their hols, LOLS.

Journalism and the media NEED the right to dissent from popular held perceptions, and any that dare (Avi Yemini and Tommy Robinson for example) are demonised, defunded, ridiculed, threatened, hated, victimised and shut down by a system and a mindset determined to smash freedom of speech and, indeed, freedom itself.

This is wrong, and leading us down a very dark path.

This is WRONG.

A dangerous precedent.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

45 thoughts on “Investigative Journalism (or a lack thereof)

    • Journalism nowadays?
      Bag of shite.
      Celebs I’ve never heard of doing mundane shite.
      Woke story lines with bias.
      When I worked for the Daily Bugle J Jonah jameison would screech at me
      ‘Garbage!! Get me pictures of that damn wall crawler!!
      Or your fired kid”.
      And I would!
      At great personal risk.
      Because with great power comes great responsibility.

      • MNC@ – that’s nowt – when I worked at the Daily Planet that Lois Lane was awful to me!
        Luckily I used some of my super powers to hammer the bitch a new one! 😀

  1. It’s telling that the onyl ethical, truth-seeking journos these these days are not on the further left of the political specturm – Tim Pool, Andy Ngo and James O’Keefe for example.

  2. Spot on cunting. This is something that has concerned me for a long time now. Nobody is prepared to speak the truth anymore, even on more trivial matters. They won’t even dare expose Marcus Rashford and his mums bullshit stories of malnutrition, lies about child birth death rates. Let alone the grenfell tower compensation free for all, chicken George and BLM. The list goes on.

    • Tommy Robinson has done more investigative journalism into Islam and child rape than any other person in this country. He went to prison for his findings. Peter Cook would have done the same, with the same methods confronting the cunts. Thats all out. And thats how you know we dont live in a free country with a free press, free expression, free association, you know all the thing millions fought and died to make possible and protect.

      • Rubbish Tommy Robinson has done naff all about the vaccines ape hangs they were already on trial, he went to trial for nearly wrecking cases that were ongoing.

        Robinson is as bad as other cunts for trying to get in country’s under false pretences if you look the cunt up.

  3. That was WRONG indeed Vernon.

    Have you had a gander at Craig Murray’s blog lately? I’d forgotten about it until you mentioned John Pilger.


  4. If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood
    who’re you gonna call

    I ain’t afraid of no woke

    I could be on to something there…

    • She could investigate my tackle anytime 👍

      (A definite example of investigation under the microscope, ha! – DA)

    • I watched one of her programmes last year, about children in pornography. I knew the Japanese are a bit fucked when it came to sex, but a few of the details were astonishing. They only outlawed child porno less than ten years ago, and the industry that supplies this massive home market has taken steps to keep their despicable trade alive, such as hiring actresses that look underage, some using puberty blockers to stay looking like children, all dressed up in children’s clothes. All, perfectly legal. Sick fuckers.
      And, let’s not forget her arguing with the peaceful cunts at anti British rallies. Surprised she ever worked again.

      • Agreed.
        Stacey Dooley is a brave lass no doubt about it.
        And I like her attitude.
        Dont like her accent though!
        She sounds like that mitmot in the advert ‘perf wiv serf’.
        Fuckin Eliza Doolittle cunt.

      • Indeed. Dooley is very Lorraine Chase ‘Luton Airport’. But I definitely would, although ginger fannies never look great close up in my experience.

        The BBC started going downhill by not insisting on received pronunciation. Now we’ve got all sorts of gobbledegook, even efnik shite.

        Give it five years and this is how the six o’clock news will start:

        “Dis MC Jazzy Jizz wiv da big bad storeeez from da streets blud. Innit fam. I can’t lie bruv. Safe. Here me nooooow! Bumbaclaaaaaarrrt!”

        Expect teeth sucking too after another anti white news story.

        Bag of shite.

    • Stacey Dooley wouldn’t be able to walk straight after i’ve finished with her.
      Whoooar 🤪🤪🤪
      Afternoon Ruff 👍

  5. We seem to be bombarded with reports on what the Wokerati said on Twitter and slebs in sizzling in a bikini. Its never going away.

  6. Spineless gutless cunts. Look at the shit Roger Cook used get thrown at him. Now they prefer to follow utter cunt celebs, who themselves are fuck all. Fuck me, the sun is shining and it feels warm. Fuck em all.

  7. Journalism is a bit of a minefield, say or write the wrong thing it’s racist or homophobic.
    Just try questioning that someone with meat and two veg isn’t a woman if said cunt says ‘I am a woman’, everyone and is dog can see that someone with meat and two veg is a man, (2+2=5)
    Saying that all lives matter is racist, what?
    Telling the truth is one thing but leaving out the whole truth and nothing but truth is another altogether.

    • Exactly, Sir Sickie. Who would’ve thought we’d have journalists too frightened to upset anybody.

      Good nomination, Vernon.

  8. The Lotus Eaters on YouTube (Carl Benjamin-formerly Sargon) is a good starting place for dissecting the news.
    There are plenty of journalists trying to expose cuntishness, they just get shut down, constantly 👎

    • DF@ – I have heard of this tinfoil conspiracy nutcase before but just cannot bring myself to go anywhere the sh*te he puts out – it would raise my temperature somewhat!
      Real, balanced, impartial journalists are now either “de-platformed” with a worrying level of hatred and vitriol or are forced underground with virtually nothing in the way of coverage whereas liars, cranks and out and out nutcases are lauded as sages.
      The world slides faster and faster into madness.

  9. No need to investigate anything when the news is given to them prepackaged.

    Some of you have maybe seen this but if it doesn’t expose the sham news media I don’t know what will

    The CIA have people inside American news outlets, that’s acknowledged.

  10. Examples of subjects barely touched.
    Rashford and his tax affairs.
    Badly Drawn Boy (fuck knows?) and his, despite calling for govt money.
    BLM and what it actually is, here and in the States.
    Black criminality.
    Tranny bullshit.
    The slavery and empire subtexts – no rational counterpoints.
    Washington corruption.
    Any in depth look at grooming gangs and similar attitudes.

  11. I dare say you need a backbone to be a successful investigative journalist.
    So that’s fucked it more or less.

  12. Indeed.

    BLM riots – many dead and injured. Cops murdered. Young cops ambushed and killed. Shops looted. Cities burning. Town taken over. Murder and chaos ensues. White people, including young women, harrassed and beaten by black mobs.

    Journalists report this as ‘mostly peaceful protests’

    Republican Protests against possible voting irregularities – One dead (on the Republican’s side – an unarmed woman shot by a cop). A handful injured (almost all on the republican side). Over in hours, not weeks.

    Journalists report this as ‘deadly riots/insurrection/coup attempt/ far right terrorism’. Followed by attempts to jail the President, which these ‘journalists’ (more like activists), almost to a man, were all pushing for.

    You’d have to be a fucking idiot not to see that the media, (with one or two exceptions) are all bought and paid for toe the line cunts.

    And a lot of modern ‘journalism’ now means trawling Twitter for headlines and comments.

    Fucking useless cunts. I’m overjoyed that newspapers are dying a death and these cunts are losing their jobs left right and centre.

    Fuck these cunts right off.

    • ‘Mostly peaceful’ suggests a few minor injuries or altercations, didn’t quite fit with the reality

  13. At 15.15%, a relatively low percentage of comments by the late General Cunster on that thread.
    Once he got going, Autie usually managed to dominate to the tune of at least 20%, and in “BLM shit” he regularly exceeded 50% of all daily comments.

  14. There are no more ‘journalists’. For instance, when Sir Marcus of Rashford, patron saint of the breadless, whined about how his family went without vittles simply because of his skin colour, there was not one single dozy journalist there to ask the two obvious questions:
    1) Where was your father?
    2) What was your mother spending your child allowance on?
    I know it’s hard to comprehend, but we are now, officially living in a totalitarian regime. You racists.

  15. Good nom Vern

    The media fucking lie – all the time, the cunts use these lies to spread fear and the cunts allow only one version of the truth.
    Any journalist who dares to stray from that version of the truth, if they’re lucky will only have to look for a new career and not face total ruination.
    The recent US election debacle and inauguration shitfest was an example of the how low any form of journalism and news coverage has sank.
    The media actually have the back of Creepy Joe and no matter what the senile doddering old cunt does, they’ll cover for him.

  16. A really most excellent Nomination Mr fox correct in all areas. Todays journalists just rehash shit off buzz feed twatter etc. lazy woke cunts.

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