I’ve been largely off ISAC for some time so my recent experience of the posting and moderation process might be somewhat out of date and inaccurate so I’d like to state for the record that this isn’t directed at the admins (who do a superb job with the tools they have).

With that disclaimer out of the way, this is a nomination for WordPress! (at least I think that’s the provider of this forum format).

Basically I’ve noticed that if you happen to reply to posts quite quickly because you type quite quickly (as I do) then you’re greeted with a message telling you that you post too much, too fast and your post is in moderation.

Unfortunately if you click back one page on your browser, you go back to a page with the entire post populating the text box, ready to go……. so you leave it there, go away for a cuppa, a wank and watch a Youtube video (in no particular order) then repost the comment, only to find that it’s at the bottom of the page and not in it’s original position or even in the original thread.

As a result of this, all sorts of confusion ensues, followed by bullshit drama, from which ensues more confusion and more subsequent bullshit drama.

Am I genuinely the only person who this irritates the fuck out of? Responses on a postcard Fellow Cunters.

Nominated by: Two In The Stink

98 thoughts on “WordPress

  1. I am an old fart so I type with one finger. two at best so don’t have your problem. Are you this website’s youth policy? 🙂

  2. It would be nice to sometimes just post:


    But that’s too short,I suppose it encourages creative thinking however.


  3. Its the spam addons which is a choice of the site itself. WordPress is actually amazing. Even Bidens US Shitehouse uses it.

  4. This message brought to you by ISAC’s Minister for Young People Two in the Stink.

  5. I rarely have problems posting, unless I inadvertently use words like:

    Dwârf, wôg, Pâki, yîd, côon, pérvert, gôllywôg, Héinz, paèdôphile, dârkiè, jüdgemént, Shîtcake, excéedîngly, nîg-nôg, nîggér, négro, râghead, fâggot, quèér, nônce, pônce, shîrtlîfter, grîstle, Müzzie, to name but a few…

    • Evening RTC…I’ve managed to use 90% of those words in polite conversation at work today!

      • Let me guess…. you stopped short of using the words:

        Héinz, jüdgemént, excéedîngly and grîstle.

        Am I right?

        Evening Thomas. 👍

      • No,Cunstable. Mr. Pilling was half of the UK’s first Down’s Syndrome couple.

      • Why do I smell a rat here? I’m withholding my congratulations until this is officially announced by Admin!

    • Got a text from the missus.

      Can you stop at Asda on your way back and get three bottles of red and look out for any specials.

      Got home, she said, “Did you manage to get the wine..?”

      I said, “Yeah.”

      She said, “Did they have any specials on today..?”

      I said, “Yeah, they were pushing the trolleys around in the car park.”….

  6. What’s wrong with the word êxçéëdíñgly?
    Does WordPress have a grudge against Mr Kipling*?

    *The brand name for a company (Unilever?) that mass produce cakes. Not to be confused with the author of The Jungle Book, Ruddy Hard Kipling.

      • P.s I’m sure she’d rather I bake instead of buying mass produced cakes. 🙂

        I can just about make rice crispy cakes.
        I think I made flapjacks years ago. They’re probably still in old cadbury roses tin somewhere.

        Dolly is far superior in the baking department.

    • Fuck knows, Spoons.

      You’d have thought Kipling would be a trigger word, considering what an horrific white supremacist waaaaaycist gentleman the cunt was. 😃

      • Ruffy, that has outraged me! I shall not eat Mr Kipling cakes ever again*.

        *Except days ending with the letter Y. 😀

  7. My only grizzle with WordPress is that it seems have have a wayward naughty word discriminatory function when it comes to plucking posts out and throwing them into quarantine.

    I mean, one can type the words, cunt, wank, titwank, ballbags, fuck, bollocks, suck-my-dick, cheesey helmet flakes, rimming, felching and arsehole with gay abandon.

    But type something as innocent as gr1stle and up goes the kite.

  8. Now in my totaly uneducated opinion.
    Historically and probably currently, the site has been subject to a number of attacks, normally by one “person” armies so certain key words are Verboten!
    That is simply because certain individuals have a bit of a Moriarty trait of signing posts inadvertently with their hidden signature.
    The small person bit, I recall Admin mentioning this a couple of years ago, there was an admin with a penchant for “small person porn” so the boss removed that to stop them up loading small person porn when they were supposed to be working.
    ( mind you I also recall the split cock incident, poor chap was retired).
    So word press has a first defence system, then if you own the platform you can install other defences, I myself have had the “your post could be spam” or the “you are making to many comments” thing pop up.
    What I do know is that admin do a cracking job, unpaid, in a musty old gentleman’s club, with cracked old leather furniture somewhere in London, the last bastions of the Empire.
    God save em all, and long live world press!

    • What a wonderful image, that last paragraph invokes.😀

      I shall now think of Admin as gentlemen in finely taylored attire, akin to John Gielgud, Lawrence Olivier and Richard Harris, a butler bringing in a tray of fine whiskey and a soda syphon. As the slow moving, elderly manservant shuffles out of the room, the admin nod at each other and in sotto voice and in unison, utter: “Cunt!”

    • Apologies for going off nom but Margaret Ferrier has been arrested and charged with culpable and reckless conduct in relation to her train trip from Glasgow to London.
      She should have just flown there on her broomstick! 😃👍

      • Spoons:

        She was seen knocking on the door of seven people of restricted height, in the middle of the woods, offering rosy red apples to young girls.
        (©️The Disney corporation 1936)
        If she knocks on your door, don’t answer

    • There will be a big song and dance and then the CPS will quietly announce it is “not in the public interest to prosecute”.
      Ferrier needs to be whacked with a bottle of Perrier, then taken somewhere to buryer!
      (With apologies to Spoons! 😃)

  9. The Prime Minister is due to make an important announcement at 8pm this evening. Hopefully his resignation.

      • Thing is I go aaaht and abaaaaaht a lot and there are loads of people aaaaht there, it seems not many are following these tiers, lockdowns or whatever the fuck they are calling them now.

      • We’re allowed to go out, B&WC. At least those of us in Tier 4 are, which is where I am.

      • Tier 4 is apparently the highest tier RTCP yet London had been in tier 4 for ages and loads of people are carrying on as normal. I know it allows meeting outdoors or something but does anyone actually understand the ‘rules’?

      • PS: You’ll be alright B&WC – Boris has announced that places of worship will be allowed to stay open! Presumably that includes ladies arseholes.

    • He’ll mutter, mumble and blather on in his own way, hoping that he will get away without the whole of the UK noticing just what an inept, shambolic prick he is, whilst looking forwards to a post-announcement, helmet-scraping, toothy nosh from Princess Nut Nut.

    • Aliens. It’s got to be. Either that, or they’ve said fuck the vaccines, and are making a bit batch of Crazy Jim Jones cool aid, and we’re all having a big street party.

      • I have no doubt this new ‘mutant strain’ from South Africa will be vaccine resistant by the end of winter here. Apparently the more people the virus infects the more it mutates…what a pile of cunt.

      • New variant. New variant. New variant.
        70times more transmissible.
        When that mutates you can catch the new new variant simply by thinking of it.
        Chinas bio weapon.

  10. We’re doomed, doomed I tell ye!


    Cunt, I saw this coming Boris, why didn’t you?

    • He did, hinted at it on the Marr show on Sunday but was still in the denial phase 😂

      • I saw it coming as cases fell in spring and summer, the cunts must of known this would be needed come winter and the only way out until next spring is taking the vaccine.

        Next week the new improved super new variety and on it goes.

  11. On a positive note …..

    Christmas ends tomorrow 👍👍👍

    I think I will celebrate with a trip to Tesco, a bit of exercise and stay at home.

  12. Freedom is now held hostage until enough people take the ‘vaccine’. Notice the way it was worded left the door wide open to this charade continuing on indefinitely, if dear leader wishes so.

    Bet you a rusty 20p coin that between now and April some new deadly variant will emerge out of thin fucking air, or the vaccines will be ineffective against it, just as the seasonal FLU starts to recede, so that the lockdowns can continue and the charade keeps going over summer until the FLU season starts again.

    This is a scam and you fucking know it.

    • I’m wondering when a lot of people put out of business and work are going to say ‘fuck this’ and break the ‘rules’. This whole saga isn’t over for a ping time yet and as you say a new strain will cancel out the vaccines and we start all over again. What a pile of cunt.

  13. Off topic:

    Just watching a YouTube video by creator “Resistance GB”, showing hundreds / thousands of protestors, including Piers Corbyn.
    Now the odd thing is, they are all congregating under / near the London Eye at midnight, the time stamp on his video confirms this, they start to cheer and shout “Happy New Year”-not a single , bang, crack or firework going off-anywhere🤔

    Did it happen? Was it created by BBC studios.
    The plot thickens………

    • Having spent some time search the net, I could not find one single user uploaded piece of footage of the 2021 London fireworks-only various “profiles” re-uploading the BBC footage.

      Something smells fishy and today ain’t Friday😉

    • Harking back to my comments on a previous thread re: New Year:

      I switched on Itv just before midnight-when Big Ben hut midnight, there were no chimes.
      I switched to BBC 1and they showed a closeup if the clock face and loud chimes.

      This could be significant :

      If people realised they lied on New Year’s Eve, perhaps more people will start to “question” the validity of other contebt👍

  14. Ducky keir stormer on telly,
    Face red as fuck,
    Tie squeue whif, looks like hes been crying?
    Is he a piss pot? Looks bladdered?
    Talks like hes got a serious cold or blocked nose,
    Needs a lemsip, a hanky, and some lockets.
    Give the pink gin a miss for a while you pisspot.

    • Flip flop cunt will be saying they went too far next week, as he’s done for the last fucking year. Sweaty top lip bellend.

  15. I’ve just watched Farage respond to this, he suggested that there should be a unity government and Tony Blair should be put in charge of the vaccination programme.

    Now that’s something I didn’t expect.

  16. Ferrier arrested and charged !
    Obv still on full pay since September- wee krankie advised her to resign – she refused so ……… krankie hit her “ police Scotland “ pals to lift her
    Smoke and mirrors my friends as in 19/1 Fat Alex Salmond gives evidence at his own enquiry followed by ms krankie herself the week later
    Front row seats and popcorn

  17. From my long experience of formerly running this site :

    WordPress does sometimes do strange things for no apparent reason. From example, classifying a post as moderated when there was no reason to do so. On occasions I checked against the words in the post against what I myself had set up in the list of moderated words and found absolutely no reason for moderation.

    Ditto the spam filter. It has certain parameters. For example if a comment contains too many links, which seems reasonable. Or if it is too long – also, reasonable. But sometimes it does it because it feels like it and if you copy the text to the clipboard (always advisable on a long comment) you can paste it back in a second time and it will accept it.

    Sometimes you get odd messages preventing you posting at all. This always seems to be temporary and clears up on its own..

    I get into the habit if I’m posting something lengthy of creating it in notepad and then copy/pasting it onto the site. That way if it fucks up, I can just paste it in again.

    For all its little foibles all I can say is that it’s a damn site site better than Google Blogger. I migrated my blog off that crock of shit some time ago.

    I would also like to say – and this won’t be popular but what the fuck – the vast majority of problems that get referred to as in are usually a problem at the user end, not the site. Sorry. But it’s true.

    My personal favourite was one user who contacted me via the contact page to say that he couldn’t access the site. So how the fuck did he get to the contact page? See what I mean?…

    • Dio. I am unable to read your post about WordPress. What should I do? Am I a cunt?

  18. One thing I have identified WP as throwing a wobbly over is using a VPN. Presumably because your now-faked MAC appears to be the property of a hostile nation, you can look but you cannot post. If you try, it tells you that it’s having bandwidth problems, come back later, so god alone knows what’s happening there.

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