The British Government [6]

The British Government is the government of all the cunts.

For the first time in its history, UNICEF is providing funds to help feed British children.

With billions being pissed up the wall on crap track and trace, crap vaccines, crap PCR testing, absurdly heavy handed policing of anti-lockdown protests, HS2, overseas aid, and cunt-in-the sky environmental fantasies, we are apparently now receiving UNICEF aid to enable us to feed our kids.

Boris Johnson is a cunt. Mat Hancock is a cunt. Rishi Sunak is a cunt. Michael Gove is a cunt, Priti Patel is a cunt. Gavin Williamson is a cunt. Cunts, cunts, fucking cunts.

Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

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  1. They are all utter cunts but just slightly less cuntish and lefty than labour.
    All i hear from that weirdo Hancock is how NHS staff/teachers etc all work INCREDIBLY hard. I’d like to slap the fucking idiot INCREDIBLY hard i can tell you.

    • Fuck teachers. My brother has severe autism and the staff at his special school have put him on half days because they don’t know how to handle him – largely because they scarcely even bother to ask in the first place. By contrast the respite centre he goes to sent a form for us to fill out so they could get an idea of his various needs and difficulties and they’ve had pretty much no problems with him.

      • I’m having similar issues with the mainstream school that my moderately autistic son attends – they haven’t a clue how to handle him.

        Fingers crossed, we will have a space at a special school near home arranged this year – the Deputy Head of this school is on-board with the placement. Apparently they run 2 seperate classes to the main special school (4 and 3 children in each) for bright autistic children who have sensory/communication difficulties (my son) and these places have been termed ‘platinum dust’.

        I just hope 2021 will be better for him. Good look general TSO; I know what you are going through.

      • Cheers Paul – it’s looking like we’ll be sending him to a new school in September but the big question is where. We’re looking at Ringwood up near Bournemouth but because they cater for moderate to severe pupils, and my brother is severe to profound, it might not be right for him. Tbf he’s 15, stocky and already my height so I can see why his teachers are a bit scared of him but he’s really quite easy to manage if you know how to and don’t keep setting off his triggers.

      • It takes an “angel” ( remember them) rather than a funtionary with no interest in the human in front of them to fuck it all up. The NHS has deliberately forced out the angels with absurd “university” qualifications to clear up blood and shit. One of my daughters started aged 16 as a carer in an old people home with the last of the few and Jap prisoners. Its almost impossible for normal girls to become nurses. She is one now and laughs(to me) at doctors and nurses who cannot take blood samples or administer drugs properly as she has been doing it competently since she was 16. The NHS is fucked.

      • That looks like a Younger Version of Ruff Tuff Creampuff on there giving all the cunts a once over. NMC, You’re up. Get the lube out!

  2. Unicef is a cunt. The idea of 1st world “poor” is an embarrassment to the actual poor. UNICEF like the rest of the UN is a woke bunch of bollox. The culture war which is destroying the West without a bullet being fired is well funded .Meanwhile their human rights and womens rights committees are dominated by Saudi Arabia and the other self serving cunts. They have nothing to teach us. If you build food banks otherwise known as free food dont be surprised when its overcrowded. If you cannot feed your children in this country your the biggest cunt on earth or a mong .

  3. Not sure I get this nom.

    For sure the govt had made mistakes and is deluded with regard to some policies. But one thing it can’t be accused of is being mean given the billions it has poured into welfare to keep families – and of course children – going.

    They even gave in to St Marcus of Rashford’s demands. What more could they do?

      • The probably had a walk around south London and mistook it for the Central African Republic (but with more spears, knives and machetes) 😂

      • Very easy to dismiss Moggy’s comments as those of some wealthy MP, who has never had to go without, but there will be some truth in what he has said.

        Also there is some truth/good in what Unicef are doing. Yes, they will be ploughing money into feeding kids whose parents believe that having the latest expensive Apple phone is more important than giving little Johnny a couple of shredded wheat (not Johnny’s fault of course, but that of his brain-dead parent or parents).

        There will be the poor who find themselves in a position of poverty through no fault of their own.

        It boils down to the age old problem of political point scoring at one end and people who believe the state should pay for their existence at the other.

        Enlightenment and politics do not make good bedfellows in the UK.

  4. UNICEF are only giving to Britain as all the children from Africa they used to help now live in it

    • Nearly ten months into Covid and the government is still allowing passengers arriving at Heathrow (and other ports) to enter the country totally unchecked for the virus, and at liberty to continue on their travels (using the London Underground if necessary) to reach their destination. Then relying only on their goodwill to self isolate.

      And at the same time doing fuck all to stop the continual flood of illegals/economic migrants arriving daily at our shores.

      Staggering arrogance, complacency and incompetence from bunch of cunts who between them haven’t got a fucking clue about anything.

      • They’re still allowing flights in from South Africa, despite it having an even more virulent mutant strain of Covid.

        No checks at the airport, travellers simply told to self isolate for 14 days… yeah, as if.

      • They have stopped flights from South Africa, according to some scientist on the news the SA variant has significant changes from the original.
        It should be freight only coming in from anywhere at the moment and if anyone leaves the UK they don’t come back.
        Same with the routes to/from Europe, freight only.

      • Totally agree – these f*ckw1ts couldn’t run a bath never mind the country. Could Liebore have been any worse? Probably, there is no limit to the depth of incompetency the political class is capable of sinking to.

      • No matter how bad the Government is, you can always rely on Liebour to be worse.

  5. Well here we have the continuing story of starving kids in the UK, it’s bullshit.

    The more free stuff is offered the more free stuff is taken and the measure is of ‘kids in poverty’ is the amount of free stuff. What would actually happen if UNICEF didn’t provide funds, absolutely nothing, kids wouldn’t be starving.

  6. Government is a cunt. It doesn’t matter if elected in faux democratic elections or via military coup or revolutionary uprising. However, you get the government you deserve and if you want or expect the government to manage every aspect of your life don’t complain when it falls short.

    Is it a disgrace that UNICEF are feeding British children, yes it is. Where does the blame lay? With the government? Why is the government responsible for who has children? Why is the government responsible for people who don’t take responsibility for ensuring their children are fed?

    If everyone took personal responsibility for their own lives and the wellbeing of any children they produce the genuine cases of need would be far less and the help that could be given would be more generous.

    I’m not saying their isn’t a case for benefits but I am saying reliance on the state should be a last resort.

    The more self reliant and responsible the population is the less likely it is to allow big government to drag them down.

    • And those cunts Witty, Ferguson & JVT or JPS or whatever the rest of those cunts laughingly call the twat.

  7. Sources….the BBC and the fucking Guardian??
    Name of charity…..School Food Matters???

    Nobody smell a rat here? A great big commie rat called UNICEF who get their money from …….. the British fucking Government!!! A branch of the UN who get their money, millions of it, from ……. the British fucking Government!!!
    Ever felt you’ve just been conned?

    • Well, the HMG should stop giving money to UNICEF saying that they will spend it the U.K.

  8. Just looked up Britain’s contribution to UNICEF……..$494 million in 2019, second highest in the world.
    Fuck the BBC and fuck the fucking Guardian.

    • This is probably a kick back for the government deciding to cut the overseas aid budget, maybe by stopping all contributions to UNICEF would be the answer.

  9. I associate UNICEF with poverty in Africa, that is my take on it. Some kid having to walk 10 miles a day for water. Maybe I’m being ignorant but it’s just me, that’s what I saw. The British government now using the charity is possibly down to one thing….that all those kids that walk to get water have now arrived here.

    • The British government is not using the charity. UNICEF is unilaterally attempting to shame the government, Marcus Rashford style, for purely party political purposes.

      UNICEF should stick to helping starving children in the poorest countries in the world, which is its remit.

  10. I wonder what all these softarses would do if there was another Blitz?
    Actually, I can guess. Some cunt would have their phone on during a blackout taking selfies, and the Luftwaffe would have a field day. There would also be some flat earth entitled cunt refusing to wear a gas mask. It would be a cricket score for the Krauts.

    As for Boris in place of Winnie? He’d be rolling out the red carpet for Adolf before the first month was out.

  11. If youve no self respect or sense of pride and allow a charity to feed your kids, maybe you shouldn’t of had kids?
    Ive some great pamphlets on state sterilisation and its benefits if needed,
    Send a unstamped (I’ll pay the postage, if you cant feed your offspring your not likely to buy a stamp) envelope to-

    Miserables cure for feckless spongers.
    The North
    Make sure you state ‘sterilisation’ and not the ‘forced labour’ or ‘health benefits of gassing’ pamphlets.

  12. I visit Cornwall regularly as I have family down there and it is a deprived area for sure. It was recently listed as the poorest County in the whole of western Europe. The only real jobs are agriculture and tourism/hospitality. Well you can kiss goodbye to the last lot with all this Covid wank that is going on.
    There are loads of closed and boarded up shops and businesses in Cambourne and Redruth on the way to my sisters. Loads of shops, a couple of pubs and a bank closed in Helston way before Covid came along.
    It is pretty depressing compared to the 70’s and 80’s when I went there a lot as a kid.
    Charity needs to start at home with places like this and the North of Britian in stead of wasting money on HS2, foreign aid for countries with space programmes and Nightingale hospitals that have remained empty.
    Money wasted on putting illegal immicunts in 5 star hotels would be better spent on our homeless veterans.
    The Tories have been a shower of shit since they won the last election and I can’t see myself voting for them again. Same goes for Labour; bunch of tossers they are as well.
    Arise to the challenge Sir Nigel of Farage.

    • Apart from being a colossal liar, Johnson’s other USP is spaffing taxpayers money up the wall as if there is no tomorrow.

      Which there probably isn’t.

  13. The mistake the government is making is they insist on pussyfooting around because they’re scared of making themselves unpopular. What they should do, and should have done from the start, is close all borders and move the whole country into tier 6, mobilize the military and have armed patrols on the streets. If any cunts open their door and look out they should have their heads blown off. This way at least some of us will still be alive when the vaccine arrives.
    This comment is made purely in the interests of public safety.

    • Far too soft, round up all the sponging EU cunts living on benefits and ship them back to the EU, put all the asylum seekers back on their fucking rubber boats and point them back to France.

    • Lockdowns do not work – they are as useless as the Government and MSM propaganda machines.
      All it is doing is pissing the people off.
      And given that people are dropping like flies not due to a hoax pandemic but the very real situation that people are dying of treatable conditions the NHS will not treat them for there will soon be no need for a vaccine as half of us will be dead from negligence soon enough.

      • Neither do masks fucking work either.
        (Lewis Hamilton)
        Neither does social distancing.
        It’s not like living through the blitz either.
        The Luftwaffe actually bombed towns and cities with actual bombs turning homes to rubble making people homeless overnight.
        Hardly the same as running and hiding from a cold virus.

        Yet more total fucking bollocks.

        Why don’t government health advisors advise people to breathe through the nose to better protect the lungs naturally?
        Instead, they advise social isolation, and of course, don’t leave the house for 9 months while probably compromising the immune system plus all the rest of the misery inflicted on the public. Combine that with the braindead morons wearing their face nappies (whilst driving or shopping, sneering at or grassing up people who dare not muzzle up) gasping for air, breathing microscopic fibres directly into the lungs on a daily basis and there’s your second, third, fourth waves and various mutations and variants of a load of fucking balony.

    • Allan

      Its been handled ineptly and without any form of common sense from day one. Even now, many of those breaching the Covid guidelines are receiving only a caution which by implication means it is not been taking seriously.

      As mentioned in an earlier post I saw several customers (and uniformed store staff) strolling about in a local supermarket recently NOT wearing face masks and NOT respecting the 2m distancing.

      Wrote to the supermarket in question. Here is their response (in part):

      “I am extremely sorry about the experience you and your wife had at the store it should not have made you felt in such a way.

      I have informed the store manager of this who will ensure more changes are brought about to ensure safety of our customers.

      As far as the face coverings are concerned as you may appreciate XXXXXX or any other supermarket staff are not in a position to enforce such rules upon colleagues and customers, I can confirm we are currently following the government guidelines.


      •Face coverings will be mandatory in additional enclosed public spaces from Friday 24 July 2020– including shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and transport hubs
      •New measure an important step in lifting lockdown, as the public are encouraged to play their part
      •Venues such as restaurants, pubs and gyms will be exempt

      Under the new regulations laid today, members of the public will need to wear face coverings – for example, a fabric covering, scarf or bandana – that covers the nose and mouth in additional enclosed public spaces, as well as frequent hand washing and careful social distancing.

      It will be compulsory to wear a face covering when buying food and drink to take away from cafes and shops. If you are in a premises where you are able to sit down and consume food or drink that you have bought, then you can remove your face covering in order to eat and drink on-site.

      Face coverings will not be mandatory for:
      •anyone under the age of 11
      •those with disabilities or certain health conditions, such as respiratory or cognitive impairments that make it difficult for them to wear a face covering

      There is evidence to suggest that, when used correctly, face coverings may reduce the likelihood of someone with the infection passing it on to others, particularly if they are asymptomatic.

      The government is telling the public to play their part and wear face coverings in order to help fight the spread of the virus, enabling further easing of national restrictions. The responsibility for wearing a face covering sits with individuals. Businesses are encouraged to take reasonable steps to encourage customers to follow the law, including through signs and providing other information in store.

      Does NOT restricting the numbers of shoppers into a store (on New Years eve) by not having ANY members of staff on the entrance/exit counting customers in and out thereby resulting in crowds in certain areas AND not stopping customers from entering who are not wearing masks AND allowing their own staff on the shop floor “taking reasonable steps to encourage customers to follow the law, including through signs and providing other information in store? Is the wearing of masks fucking mandatory or not? Either it is or it isn’t FFS.

      “Everyone must play their part in fighting this virus by following this new guidance. I also want to thank the British public for all the sacrifices they are making to help keep this country safe.”

      It ain’t happening- many don’t give a fuck and nothing is being done about it. Have written to my local MP about it.

      And why the fuck are the U11’s exempt when they are just as likely to harbour the virus?

      This country is well and truly fucked.

      • My local Tesco did put in Perspex screens at the checkouts and all the click and collect/deliver staff do wear masks, there are several hygiene stations at the entrance and they even have hand sanitiser on the way out.
        I always go when it’s quiet so cant comment on how it works when it’s busty.
        It’s probably as Covid safe as it can be.

  14. What a load of shit.
    All these fancy international organisations are riddled with communists.
    Get the fucking begging bowl out.
    Soft weak cunts.

  15. I think Johnson and his cabal of bastards should worry more about getting lynched by a baying mob than Unicef nonsense – economy fucked, so much sovereign debt we are now officially owned by China, a furious and increasingly voluble people, the pandemic exposed for the bullshit it always was and the increasingly hysterical screams about how many are infected today like it’s the black death when in reality it is just a cold and flu virus, one of many thousands.
    Virtue signalling “Charities” are the last of the worries at the moment – there is (finally) rebellion in the air and despite all the bullshit we have been fed for a year the people are waking up.
    Time for revolution, because I would now rather die fighting than live like this anymore.

  16. These lot in Westminster have to face an independent investigation regarding “Covid” lies.I suspect a cover up.Dark forces at hand I foresee riots ahead

  17. My friend who has a nurse for a wife says there are no cases in the Enfield hospital where she works. Considering Enfield is supposed to be the worst borough in London with a 75% increase in cases totally baffles me.
    Isreal has also vaccinated over a million people in 12 days. We have managed 600,000 since 8th December. This looks like another one of Boris’s World beating systems that is turning into a pile of shite.
    Supposedly, retired doctors and health workers are facing loads of woke ethnicity, fire and anti radicalisation online training before they can be allowed to inject anyone.
    This country has gone to the dogs!

    • Enfield is in the news today

      Can’t post the Link I get the spam warning –
      My London, first jab of AZ vaccine at Chase Farm Hospital

  18. Expect to see white, top of the range Landcruisers, UNICEF vehicle of choice in turd world countries, coming to a street near you, bringing hot meals to the cheeldren.

  19. Well that is an odd one!
    I recall when I was unemployed being sent on a course, unfortunately I got a job before the course started but I recall the twat at the job centre telling me that it was going to be paid for by tax payers money.
    Well as it stood, no it was a EU shite thing, but funded indirectly by the Tax payer.
    So UNICEF is dishing out food to the UK? have you any idea how much the UK gives the UN? so a bit of cash back there I think.
    Now you make think I am heartless and insensitive, (to an extent I am) but I found myself eating out of rubbish bins in 1986 ( before it was fashionable to put dog shit in them) .
    so a bit of cash back there. I would also not recommend the Guardian or any news paper as a source of information, only opinion on released events.
    Anything important is, Top secret, Classified, Restricted (and does not involve aliens)

  20. May I just say, do not ask me about aliens!, that was the most piss me off subject ever!
    at a low level the UK has no plans in pace for an alien landing, and I am not just saying that, there are no plans!
    So fuck off!

  21. britain doesn’t have a government, a parliament or MPs (other than in name only) anymore – it is a DICTATORSHIP and police state

  22. If unicef was really about ending child poverty, it would be all about prevention, meaning birth control and contraception. It’s like having a leaky roof, and spending all your money on buckets to catch the water, instead of fixing the roof, because with the leak stopped, you have no reason to moan.
    Obviously that is simplistic, as you have human nature, greed and stupidity to deal with. Try telling some cunt in the Middle East that it probably isn’t a good idea to have three wives, and not fill them all up. Or backwards countries closer to home like Ireland, where contraception is a sin to a lot of people. Always found that funny, you can commit genocide, blow a load of kids up, say a few Hail Marys and your good to go, but chuck a rubber on? That withered old witch Mother Teresa had wanking as the same as abortion which to her was worse than anything Hitler did.
    Can’t cure poverty anyway, what would all the charities do for a living?

  23. Far too many ‘ Poor ‘ have iphones , full sky package , 50” 4k TV and fake tan , nails ect. If I ran a food bank you would have to bring a bank statement – if I see any payments to Sky , Apple , Costa ect – I would tell ’em to fuck off.

    This will never happen as too many twats think it is impossible to be poor because you are a cunt, you must be a victim.

    Remember the TV show ‘ Benefits Street ‘ ? – It started with an eviction over non payment of rent. The female was on her iphone messaging people about her predicament. in the background was a Samsung Red wall mounted flatscreen TV and her fucking nails were longer than an MEPs expenses claim. Couldn’t afford rent though – the cunt. Fuck her, those like her and UNICUNT.

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