Tattoos on women (5)

They just look fucking horrible. Too masculine, even if it’s a ‘cute’ tatoo.

It just puts me right off. One could imagine (but I would know nothing about such things) looking at a porn thumbnail and finding the lass attractive, only to find her covered in tattoos on the video itself. I could imagine your member would deflate quicker than the Zeppelin, but I would know nothing about such things.

Tattoos on women. Worse than genocide and men who like women covered in tats are probably secret ‘interior designers’.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

105 thoughts on “Tattoos on women (5)

  1. Apart from those who work on the sea, military types, and those whose cultures have a history of tattooing, anyone else with a tattoo nowadays is a cunt.

  2. Subtle tattoo on the foot gives me the horn.
    Anything more than that is a turn off.

    Done some work once for a woman who had a love heart with ‘Dave’ written through it on her forearm.
    That’s probably what put me off.

  3. Got 5 tats on mi legs. My right leg is my ethnic (not effnik) leg. An oom sign ( I also wear one on my neck chain) representing my Hindu heritage and an Ashoka’s wheel (the wheel on the Indian flag). On my left leg I have an Arsenal cannon (the old cannon) with Victoria Concordia Crescit (victory through harmony) and a Leicester Tigers’ motif.

    • Are you applying for something?

      “Section 5. LIst any DIstinguishing Marks, Scars and Tattoos”

  4. I once knew a bloke who’d lost one of his fingers. He had ‘Love’ on one hand and ‘Hat’ on another.

  5. I bet Britain’s chaviest mum, whom I observed letting her little cunt run riot in Sainsbury’s tonight has a lot of tattoos.
    To be fair, for once “it” was not a morbidly obese cunt.
    Stick thin, a council facelift (hair scraped back so tightly she has a “hairy chest😉).
    She had on black leggings and a black coat. It was the fruit of her loins that receives this counting:

    About 8 or 9, dresses in a red tracksuit with a matching baseball cap, worn reversed, with a massive goody-looking-chain with medallion around his neck. He would have looked more in place in Watts in the late 80’s.☹️
    His behaviour was shocking- running around like a hyperactive pikey-grabbing, shouting, pushing.
    His mum-did-nothing👎


  6. I think individual tattoos can look good, but not keen on women.

    Tribal tattoos are wank and common ,unless you are some sort of Maori.

    • Me too, me too, all the artwork would add an additional level interest and some fun investigation to.

  7. My local tattoo parlour is offering free tattoos for ladies who turn up topless.
    It’s a tit for tat offer.

  8. Tattoos should be reserved for pirates and prisoners. Which one would you shagging?

  9. Can anyone show me a tattoo that makes someone look better, more fashionable etc. Have a look at a photo of yourself at 20. Are you still wearing the same stylish revealing clothes at 30, 40, 50, 60 . No of course not, but if you have got them you will still be wearing the same tattoos. Fuck me some of them sleeves are going to look so so shit.

  10. It’s the same with piercings, especially those truly disgusting snot-hanger-nose-rings and worse, septum rings hanging out of these idiots noses like a big metal bogey. Turns my stomach.

  11. Plus, tattoos like these just look grubby and unkempt. That vile “Black Opium” advert is a classic example of selling a product to the sleazy and unkempt.

  12. I find tattoos quite interesting. Some are like paintings abstract like Picasso and Dali etc. Some are very realistic looking.

    On paper or cloth canvas etc they last much longer than the canvas of human skin which breaks down over time causing the image to blur, fade etc. Also skin is shed over time eventually getting down to all the layers of tattooed skin. All those tiny details merging with the surrounding different coloured ink turning a once beautiful tattoo into an unrecognisable mess.

    I do like these

  13. Art in the name of art. I like the quote about wearing the same style of clothes decades on decade. Ever seen a nunns tattoo.
    Why oh why would you what to gilide a lily?

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