Mike Craven-Todd

An urgent, XXXJug-eared cunting for Mike Craven-Todd, whose auricular flaps would make St. Gary jealous. This psycho-eyed, with more than a slight hint of the diddler about him twat keeps popping up bemoaning the fact that he has to go to shitehole cuntries to watch the appalling sights – kiddies drinking polluted water; this natuwally makes him vewy angwy. Vewy vewy angwy indeed. Apparently every two minutes we don’t send dosh to WaterAid, some junior aspiring architect dies. In this season of goodwill, I persuade fellow cunters to do as I have done – namely to sit back, make obscene gestures at the screen, and put £2- in my own Christmas box, towards a bottle or three of Balfour’s sparkling white from the Coop.
(nb: Lady HBelinda does not sit on the Coop board. Nor does she sit on any of their faces)

Nominated by: HBelindaHubbard

45 thoughts on “Mike Craven-Todd

  1. Never ceases to amaze me that despite having no energy to breathe due to lack of food and water, that they soon find enough calories, moisture and the stamina to create another mouth to feed. I am now educated enough not to throw any more cash in the direction of these ‘problems’. Any charity that leaves BendyDick Mansions these days is reserved for the local Cancer care hospice or forces veterans, the other parasitic tin rattlers with £250k CEOs can fuck off, and that includes the twat in the nom.

    • Or how they can travel thousands of miles to the top of Africa, then pay thousands of pounds to people smugglers, then make their way to the UK. Sick to the back teeth of them with their hand out. Enough is enough.

    • Too true, Bendy.There’s an avalanche of these twats, encouraging folk to give money to people, who, though starving, diseased,drought ridden and displaced, still manage to breed like demented rabbits.
      There should be a huge de – knackering programme, before they overrun the world, or a Darkie myxomatosis. Thin the buggers out.
      The dirty bastards.
      Good morning.

      • To be fair, most of the women have no choice, as rape doesn’t seem to be a crime there.
        Bill Gates was accused of trying to sterilise these regions with phoney vaccines. They must be as effective as windows 10.

      • That’s exactly what the Arabs on the east African slave route did. 40 million and no African Diaspora in the middle East or Turkey.

  2. With all these charity adverts there ought to be a little box at the side telling you how much their chief executive earns and how many employees are on more than £75K (or whatever) a year.

    • Well said Wanksock.

      What people don’t see is that these charities have huge advertising budgets.

      According to their annual report, Wateraid spent just over £21 Million on fundraising ‘activities’ which includes advertising, accosting people in the street, cold calling and harassing old ladies at their front door.

      But it’s all in the name of ‘charity’.

  3. Another of the hideous “white saviours” that Mr.Lammy told us were neither wanted or needed… our dreadfully racist behaviour must stop…no more sending aid and cash, da “bruvvers” find it patronising and offensive.

    Fine by me.

      • They’ve been culturally enriching themselves for 3,000,000 years I understand? Omo valley or something? It’s only a couple of thousand since Roman aqueducts kicked off and as for the London sewers .. .. [I just looked this up] “after the Great Stink of 1858, Parliament realised the urgency of the problem and resolved to create a modern sewerage system.”

        source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_sewerage_system

        I have no idea when the stink began, Roman plumbing still in use (under the old Londinium walls) .. ..

        map: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/19/Map_Londinium_400_AD-en.svg

        works OK I gather. But allowing the most absurd interpretation of these facts, it took 1,458 years to get sick of it and do something. Dying of thirst is somewhat more immediate. Problem not solved in 3 million? Obviously capitalism.

        (read before posting — yes, looks ok)

  4. OT. So the BAME BLF cunt who tried to torch the union flag on the cenotaph gets 2 year conditional discharge and £340 costs. I give up, meanwhile in the real world the pigs are checking scotch eggs in London pubs.

  5. I said to my wife, ‘Treasure’ – I always call her Treasure, she reminds me of something that’s just been dug up.


  6. Tens of billions in overseas aid each year is pissed up the wall while kids are not getting fresh water. If he wanted to make a difference this mong cunt should be advertising that scandal, not trying to get two quid from hard pressed granny. Nothing but a stooge for money grubbing charities. That fat cunt Jo Brand is another professional whinger. Give us all a Christmas present and fuck off you ugly bastards.

  7. I have been to Africa. Awful poverty and terrible living conditions in the slums. Would I donate ? Not a fucking chance. Millions sent in charity and foreign aid and it all ends up in the Caymen Islands , Mercedes dealership ect.

    A charity worker once told me ”The problem with Africa , is the Africans ”

    As white saviours offend the looney left – I will do my donating to the British Beer industry , just as soon as the floppy haired cunt lets the pubs open again.

  8. In wankburys doing the food shop last nigh:

    -bing “ladies and gentlemen, you can purchase and donate goods in store today, for our chosen charity, Sainsbury’s will match donations up to £24m.”
    Cunts-I bet like me, you can guess the clout of the recipients 👎

    The only cure for Afrika and Africunts is not water. It’s fire👍

    As said above, I will only support local hospices or veteran charities.

    • I was at Luton airport late one night after a delayed flight. I went into the M&S by the arrivals exit to get a sandwich and drink to keep me going. I get to the automatic checkout and a voice from the machine says would you like to donate £1 towards some bloody charity. Unfortunately I said Fuck Off somewhat louder than I might have intended. The bloke standing next to me said that was done with feeling.

    • I recently read that a quarter of a billion umbongos are in danger of starving to death in Africa.

      As I found a stray £10 note in my wallet earlier in the week I thought I would donate it somewhere it would do some good.
      So thats a case of 12 Kronenborg in the fridge for me later then.

      Wouldn’t want to upset Lammy and Henry.

  9. On foreign charities:

    I used to do bits and pieces to help out a grand old lady. She had no children and her nephew who was himself late sixties and a retired accountant was great at managing her financial affairs, but not her practical.

    One day, whilst visiting to cut up a fallen tree in her garden, we had tea in her dining room.
    The huge 12 seater table was covered, literally covered in folders.
    I asked politely what they were.
    Every single one, was a charity that she supported. £10 a month here, £20 a month there-she must have been donating thousands a year to Africunts and Indicunts😢.
    The elderly are continually bombarded by charities👎👎👎

  10. Another do-gooder wanker telling everybody to do what he won’t. Strike him from your baby-sitting list. The weirdo shitbubble is seeking attention. Have a cunty Christmas, Lineker Lite.

    • And flys business class along with his production crew.
      Tip for the spear chuckers:don’t shit in your only water supply.
      Oops, too late.
      Fuck off

  11. In KwazuluNatal in the 90s some sugar cane farms were given over to the locals. Within a year the crop had reverted to bush and the machinery etc wrecked and scrapped. Sugar is a valuable cash crop. Wrecking and robbing is easier though.
    Regarding water. Much the same thing happens. That money which isnt acquired by the politicians and civil service and actually reaches the poor to put in wells etc is wasted within a year or so as the installations fall into disrepair or are stolen.
    Twas ever thus and isnt going to change.

    • CC – they do it with everything.
      St least the Indians take pride in the Victorian heritage and many machines still operate there.

      The only cure for that diseased, ravaged shit hole is fire.
      The only living things to get my sympathy are some of the magnificent animals.

  12. Hasn’t Namibia just elected a guy called Adolf Hitler?
    You really couldn’t make it up.

  13. You would think these umbongo governments would be able to provide the very basics, I expect clean drinking water to be right at the top of the list, if unmbogos need US to provide water then they need to start thinking about a different government.
    In reality the more fucking water we provide the more they breed then needing more water, the chain has to be be broken.
    This cunt should go to Africa and film the women with hordes of kids and appeal for sterilisation

  14. As per the annoying advert cunting recently, this falls into the catagory of things i no longer give a fuck about due to the endless tidal wave of begging adds these days….

  15. I remember my mate’s dad ranting at the TV when the whole live aid Ethiopia was on every five minutes. He said we should be sending rat poison not grain. Seeing as the population there has doubled, he was probably right.

  16. Dearest admin, I clicked on the picture at the top of this nomination thinking it was a video.

  17. We have sent the cunts trillions and it has done fuck all good.
    Fuck off scroungers and do some work to improve your shit hole continent.

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