Mahatir Mahomed

Following on from Ron Knee’s nomination of Jihadis, I would like to nominate former Malaysian PM Mahatir Mahomed who has stated that it is acceptable for Muslims to want to kill millions of French people because of the French massacres of Muslims in the past.
He’s a cunt anyway, this just endorses it.

Nominated by: mystic maven

68 thoughts on “Mahatir Mahomed

  1. That should make him a legitimate target for French Special Forces or Deuxieme Bureau. It will depend on whether Macron has the balls for it which is doubtful.

  2. Hmm, ive not got a dog in this fight,
    French cunts & mud slimes killing each other?
    I’ll be referee,
    Seconds out…
    Round one!!

  3. Its the truth. Thats what millions of muslims believe.Its what Mo commanded. For the West to be surprised by this just shows up the mongs in charge.

  4. Spoken like a true statesman. With his acumen, wisdom and historical knowledge I’m sure he has the admiration and respect of many world leaders.

  5. Apparently he said his comments were taken out of context.

    So that’s ok then.

    But he did say ‘kill millions of French people’.

    Not hundreds or thousands, no, millions.

    No out of context there.


  6. This cunt has had a grudge against the West, especially Oz for decades despite England, Oz (including my dad) the Kiwis and Singapore saving his shithole backwater from being taken over by the Indons. His pisstake of our accent is rather good, but he’s such a miserable indignant old git (typical Malay) he couldn’t take the compliment. Next war don’t bother calling us for help cunt.

    • Lazy facking native Malays have huge fucking chips on their shoulders about being colonised, could’ve been far facking worse could have been the Dutch or the fucking frogs. Then they go all in and embrace the worst of the colonising religions. Twatts.

  7. I would give any place on earth that was run by this backward religion a wide berth, as it is so easy to offend them for any infraction on their imaginary friend. You can get a hundred lashes there for holding hands with someone you’re not married to, the fucking savages. The religion of peace is favoured by the slowest of witted people on earth, hence no need for a reformation. As western countries populations become more educated, Christianity needed to change to accommodate that, and throughout my life there has been many concessions, from accepting women as something more than chattel, to allowing them higher positions within their organisations. Same with gay people, and probably trans will be next. They can’t change the text, so it becomes ‘metaphorical’. Ok….
    In the same way that I would avoid these maniac religious countries, I’d prefer if the inhabitants stayed where they were too, so they can be happy caning, chopping of limbs, stoning, and whatever Stone Age punishments they meet out for the slightest reason, and I can live somewhere that doesn’t.

  8. Just another example, if one were needed, that muslims are a problem, a major problem.
    Fuck him.

  9. This twerp is admittedly even now in his dotage far more “relevant” in the “grand scheme of things” than Marcus Rashford, Anthony Joshua, Steven Lawrence King (Day?). He was, after all, undeniably the Head of State of Indonesia, a nation state with a population approaching that of Western Europe…. So for that alone, good nom.

    But (as many on here might say, not naming names… or lizards) rather more relevantly to contemporaneous events I think cunters of all stripe would be well-advised to read this puff piece by Marina Hyde. I detest Marina H’s politics, her Knobby know-all style, and much of what she conjectures (and is allowed/encouraged to publish) is utter leftist shite.
    This time, however, she is on the money. Read it twice, thrice or however many times necessary to get the meaning.

    I have not, nor ever will have, any kind of “horse in the race” of the US presidential election or its processes, I actually admit it is more a source of entertainment than anything which lights my fire in any way whatsoever.

    Marina “is a cunt” Hyde outdid herself though. Must have been a ghost writer?

    By the way, is it me or are the noms turning into tedious Leo Tolstoy-esque latter-day Wars and Peaces, but without the insight, literary acumen, or relevance? Answers on the back of an LP sold on eBay!

    • That you think that what happens in US elections is irrelevant to you shows that you are definitely not as smart as you would have people believe, whatever your name is this week.
      If this website bores you so much, and the contributors annoy you so much, why keep coming back? Genuine question.

  10. As a rider to that last comment…

    May I now request that General Cunster (Deceased) now desist from posting on isac?

    His clever, witty and remarkably timely interjections notwithstanding, the dead General is (as he surely was prior to his his timely death two centuries ago) a total cunt, who ipso facto does not have the best outcome for British interests in his well.

    Let him now, with his attendant BS and sophistry, wither on the vine. Quite seriously chaps: the General would sell us down the Swanee with no compunction. This entirely dubious Biden win represents an opportunity for UK to distance itself from the so-called Special Relationship. Get to fk Biden – we fkd up in 2016 maybe, but we’ll not make the same mistake twice.

    OR will we?

    This is no way a “cunting of cunters”, but simply an observation that during the US presidential elections isac has been inundated with Septics. General C, while amusing and compelling, is a danger to the future of isac’s integrity.


      • He does this regularly, and inevitably gets banned. Then pops back up with a new name and some other Walter Mitty pony. He just can’t play nice with the other kids….

      • As for my Walter Mitty pony (tails/tales) Gutstick… You must admit they are remarkably consistent?

        ARCO (85), Jesus Cambridge MML/Philosophy MA (86-92), FCO DS 96-06, PGDL 2001, (bar finals after FCO), OU MSc Pure Maths 2013-15 (proud of that one).

        That’s either a bloody good legend (SIS, Walter Mitty 84—present day, hoho) or perhaps it’s straightforwardly authentic, and I’m a boring cunt who plays the organ and defends cunts in court (and does a spot of Chancery work to pay the bills).

        Not, perhaps, the standard profile of an isac contributor – but it takes all sorts!

        2021 QC, who knows.. Do I look bothered? It’d be nice though and I deserve it. .

  11. Moose Limb so CUNT. Don’t give a fuck about the suit and slicked-back hair.

    Anything Moose Limb in the world = CUNT. If they’re dressed up and being ‘diplomatic’, then it’s their ‘taqqiya’.

    TURDEAU of Canada needs to be enema’d out of his nest at the earliest opportunity. Before he turns that northern hemisphere into the AGE 9 ANAL SEX fantasy that he’s full steam ahead aiming for.

  12. A hard choice, Islam of France?

    I’ll leave them to fight it out.

    Meanwhile I think admin need to get DynoRod to check the drains, that occasionally stench of smug superiority is back, I expect it’s related to a small pox infested cock.

  13. Sounds like a declaration of war to me. I’d be sending over a team of specialist soldiers to ‘pay him a visit’.

  14. Muslims should live in muslim Countries – if they wish to spend the rest of their foul existence hacking and blowing each other to pieces feel free.
    And muslims need to be repatriated to muslim Countries – they are an evil invading force with a non negotiable murderous ideology of conquest and elimination of non muslim areas, nations and people.
    1400 years of toxic barbarity has taught me all I need to know about islam and muslims and I do not want their vile values polluting my Country any more.
    And I believe, without wishing to make assumptions, that the angry silent majority share my opinion.
    And Imran Khan can shut his fkin gob too – he’ll need that cricket bat when I’m chasing pyjama boy around Karachi!

    • ‘Muslims should live in Muslim countries’. I’d vote for that. Sadly I rather think that’s what those already here would like to turn Blighty into.

      • Time for being ‘sadly’ is done Ron Knee. You’re either left knee, right knee or fan-ny – the latter of which the SLIMES want to infibulate into charmlessly reproductive oblivion.

  15. It’s not that the US elections will not affect me at all (they might do, but only marginally so). It is that I don’t have a horse in the race in the sense that it is not my business; I am not an American voter, I cannot make any difference to the outcome – even if I wished to. I don’t – it’s not my race. Or yours I suspect. I agree it is not frivolous, and I think that is your point; it certainly is part of my point.

    This website does not bore me, and nobody here annoys me in the least. If it did, I would not be here. I’d imagine that applies to most (but not all) others. I find your dedication to being a policemen on this site slightly entertaining, but it does seem a bit of a dull pursuit. . You crack on if you enjoy it. I have not had any perorations in your direction – I don’t give a fuck. Neither should you, but you do, don’t you?

    A genuine answer. Isac is not (or shouldn’t be) about genuine questions and genuine answers it is (or should be) a bit of fun. A genuine reply.


      • Hehe, that’s the spirit Mis. How’s tricks? Did you see the tank (sorry, armoured personnel carrier) at Old Lansdowne/Lapwing in Didders?

        It really is beyond me why some cunts on here take themselves so seriously. I’m actually getting close (so I’m told) to taking silk (ie becoming a QC)… but I can really only laugh at the absurdity of life – most of the time, actually.

        Admittedly, my Peter Pan-like predilection of recreational drugs and a much younger girlfriend may play their rôle in my general demeanour. Hope you’re winning 👍🏻

      • Aye, im good thanks.
        QC? Congrats, must of taken some hard work and Study?
        I did see the tank!
        Used to be loads of american army vehicles about when I was younger, they made the film ‘YANKS’in Stockport.
        Glad your well, and your mischievous self!😀👍

        *QC? You didn’t mean the sherry right?

      • Apparently, the tank’s been around West Dids since the Nineties.

        Emva Cream all the way for me, Mis. That and a sniff of Highland Mist does the job

  16. Errm, well, errm, hmmm, brrrbrrbb, can’t play nicely, brrrbbllb, mmmm. I can feel myself actually morphing into a real troll, before my very own eyes.

    I imagine you, Gutstick, as resembling the indecisive customer in the Comic Strip film, Eat the Rich, where Alan Pellay, whom the chubby gay waiter, berates: “Hurry up, fatty!” A most amusing scene, early in the film.

    Now, while I grant you that represents something of a non sequitur devoid of background explanations (which I can’t be bottied to furnish or otherwise expand upon)… Don’t know why, but somehow I imagine you (Gutstick Japseye) to closely resemble the procrastinating diner in that segment.

    I do applaud, however, your ability to describe – and with a staggering degree of accuracy and compactness – the precise nature of my ongoing presence on this blog. Bloody hell, you’re sharp!

    Strangely, İ remain remarkably compliant, congenial and generally well accepted until someone (usually Gutstick, Bertie, RTC, Kimono et al) proudly identify me & kick off \ kickoff & proudly identify me (delete to taste). I have myself have never once kicked off first¹. As observed before, and pretty divertingly, in my case the troll is in fact the trollee.

    Curiously, Terry-Thomas has a longer pedigree on isac (links available on request) than CS himself. Think about that (for those sad enough to have an interest)!

    ¹my observation about General Cunster (Deceased) is well-made. He popped up shortly before the US elections, and has spent a truly inordinate, almost unprecedented amount of time posting on isac since. With remarkable effectiveness too – he has well-nigh usurped Dick Fiddler for adulation in the space of a few weeks. Think about that, too!

    Bit worrying that you guys are so easily played, I’d say.

    • Sorry Walt, I had nothing to do with Eat the Rich, but I was actually in two episodes of the Comic Strip, Strike, and More Bad News.

      • Now I wonder, do I actually know you? Walter Mitty aside, and you wouldn’t be the only isac-er that I have known off site.

        Either way, and not meaning to be rude, by the time of Strike and More Bad News, Comic Strip was (Michael White himself admitted the third series was a load of cock) a spent force.

        Meaning to be rude: I couldn’t give a toss. I don’t come on here either to make friends or to revisit auld acquaintances. Just being honest. Sorry

      • Strike won the golden rose at the Montreux film festival that year so your opinion isn’t universal.
        Not that it matters, I had a great time.

      • Nor is White’s opinion universal, but he was a shrewd chap.

        I stopped watching around the time of Consuela. A revisitation around ten years ago on 4player, made me feel mildly embarrassed about my enthusiasm of even the earlier series, with the exception of Beat Generation perhaps. It was good at the time, and Alexei was funny then. Ade Edmondson in particular should be put humanely to sleep these days.

        Still I can imagine you had a whale of a time with that lot. It must have been especially hard to keep a straight face on Eat the Rich – although that too has worn about as well as Casino Royale with Peter Sellers.

      • We have the DVD boxed set of ‘Comic Strip’.

        I have a feeling some of the episodes have been bowdlerised….

      • Unsurprisingly, N⁰6: indeed the surprise would be, mutatis mutandis, had it not been.

        This is an increasingly persuasive argument for archiving stuff correctly in my opinion. In the sense of having copies of CDs, LPs and if your boat is this floated even 78 shellacs.

        I draw the line at the microgroove variant myself, although I have the wherewithal to play 78s – and some of them are superb. The musicality and fabulously rhythmic accuracy of eg Jack Hylton, Pee Wee Hunt et hoc genus omne, for example, are still a tremendously enjoyable foot-tapping listen, despite the massive shortcomings of the format.

      • I know RTC. I’m referring to his “reincarnation” (ie the “Deceased” tag) in the context of my comment about his remarkable vigour.

        Since rising from the dead, his approbation on here has been disturbingly meteoric – especially in view of his writing style.

        I suggest he has been extremely manipulative by playing to the crowd, and is certainly not quite what he seems. (is anyone? See my reply to Gutstick ibid)

        As chief archivist RTC you will I’m sure be aware of examples where he has raised a few eyebrows about his bona fides (largely quibbles about
        his location in US, examples on request)… but he got away with it.

        Quite amusing, but horribly overexposed. Now Trump is going to have to start Biden his time, I fancy a ramping down of the General’s input will likely obtain.

        We’ll see.

      • My dry cleaner’s best friend, N⁰6. I think he’s an aficionado of “The Sale of the Century” and a personal friend of Peter Denn, the organist.

      • Not sure what your dry cleaner’s best friend has got to do with our conversation above, or in fact the price of fish, but No.2 may find the information of interest.

        BSY 😉

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