The BBC (50)

Al-Beeb haven’t been cunted for a few days so I’m going for a yes-I-have-read-1984-and-I-am-aware-of-the-concept-of-newspeak-and-you-cunts-think-we-don’t-know-what-you-cunts-are-up-to cunting for Tim Ravy Gravy Davie’s latest stunt.

Dear BBC, you and I both know Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tuffnell are not ‘leaving’ or ‘departing’ the show but are being kicked out due to them having all their arms and legs and a skin colour akin to a multi-pack of Mini Milks.

My moms for future presenters and captains are:
Raspberry: Tanni Grey-Thompson. She might have a problem taking the knee though.
Peaceful: Mo Salah
Gay and Non-white: Nicola Adams. Two for the price of one.

I’m sure they will all get along famously.

Nominated by: SimmyJavill

(Congratulations to Auntie Beeb on 50 cuntings! Here’s to 50 more – DA)

67 thoughts on “The BBC (50)

  1. And now on BBC1, a new series for our most valued customers:

    A Question Of Race

    Dame Alex Scott Mbe Obe W.og hosts our revised format.
    Team captains Marcus Rashford and Anthony Joshua with their special guests, Dame Kelly Holmes, Lord Mo Farrah, Baroness Tessa Sanderson and His Royal Highness Prince Raheem Stirling.
    Now before our first round, we ask our viewers at home to join us all in “Taking a knee” in solidarity to the Black Broadcasting Corporation, whilst we play our new national anthem “Dis Whitey done finished, innit!”, performed by the poet laureate, Dizzi Rascal……

    • And that hilarious but pig ugly funster, Sophie Duker will be on hand to spread mirth with a sprinkling of ‘Kill Whitey’ jokes.

  2. I’ll never forgive them for what they did to David Bellamy either.

    I didn’t agree with all of his anti-climate change rhetoric, but he made a valid point about how much money is being made out by companies taking advantage of the situation.
    He was an activist for decades abaaaaaht climate change and conservation, but was also a realist.
    They never talk about the problems caused by consumption or consumer attitudes and demand for new products year after year. The latest upgrades on this and that, etc.

    He might have got it wrong about some things, but he was treated like a pariah. People were writing to him and emailing him, telling him he was the reason children were dying and acting like he was a murderer.

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